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redacted 0
Squudge 30.10.12 11:16am
Typing error means West Coast Mainline now controlled by Branston. More soon. 1
dominic_mcg 30.10.12 11:13am
Romney promises Man in the moon to be hunted down in War on Weather pledge 0
Nowherefast 30.10.12 11:00am
Wiggins could still win 2009 Tour de France 1
antharrison 30.10.12 10:57am
custard cream
Storm Sandy fears subside - 'Flooded London Underground' is actually a sewer 0
Perks 30.10.12 10:24am
Savile to be stripped of Papal knighthood...

A Vatican spokesman, Father Federico Lombardi, has announced that Jimmy Savile will be stripped of his Papal knighthood, awarded to him by Pope John Paul II in 1990 for his charity work. “The...

Tripod 30.10.12 9:52am
Cumbrian residents unimpressed by New York flooding 0
Stan 30.10.12 8:42am
BMW ahead on road privatisation scheme.

Within the framework of the UK Government’s declared aim of privatising ‘everything’, Transport Minister Patrick McLoughlin’s announcement this week to sell off Britain’s entire road...

malgor 30.10.12 7:54am
Chelsea: Ref. used inappropriate language: "Red card, kindly leave the pitch"

more later...

dvo4fun 30.10.12 7:30am
Mitt Romney to enter sea and begin punching hurricane

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney has unveiled an audacious plan to strip to the waist, wade into the sea off New Jersey and begin beating Hurricane Sandy with this bare fists. “This...

Darkbill 2.0 30.10.12 7:28am
Garry Glitter admits he was in Jimmy`s gang. 0
burnmybridges 30.10.12 7:27am
Bill Clinton denies "having sex with that hurricane" 1
Squudge 30.10.12 7:11am
Howard Webb to fight for his Manchester United place

Howard Webb is not ready to stand down as Manchester United’s top referee and is ready to fight for his place he stated in an interview last night “Yeah, obviously Mark Clattenburg has put in a...

BigBish 29.10.12 11:39pm
Hurricane Sandy Beaches a Possible Sea Cow

[url=[URL=][/URL]][/url] Marine biologists were called to New York City to investigate reports of a beached manatee that may have been washed ashore...

29.10.12 11:12pm
Torres: “Ref questioned my personal hygiene by recommending 'an early bath'”... 0
Tripod 29.10.12 11:06pm
Lettering found embedded in Ayers Rock 0
Dick Everyman 29.10.12 10:34pm
Dick Everyman
Rolf Harris regrets catchphrase "Can you tell what it is yet?" 0
Dick Everyman 29.10.12 10:24pm
Dick Everyman
John McCririck’s sacking from Channel 4 Racing “not ageist, just twat-ist”... 1
Tripod 29.10.12 9:49pm
Kate Middleton’s as yet unborn child in lucrative publishing deal

Hot on the heels of Pippa Middleton’s latest book launch the as yet unborn child of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge has secured a lucrative deal with children’s book publisher, Usborne Books. ...

Dick Everyman 29.10.12 9:42pm
Dick Everyman
Osborne latest victim of Derren Brown "apocalypse" stunt

George Osborne admitted yesterday that his recent threats of a "double dip" recession were fictional and entirely due to the machinations of brain wrangler Derren Brown. "It all seemed so real,"...

butagirl 29.10.12 9:32pm
Dagenham's Debenhams Doomed 0
nickb 29.10.12 8:34pm
Mayor of New York regrets asking for trick instead of treat 0
Nowherefast 29.10.12 6:39pm
Referees' Union to be re-branded "The Black Shirts". More soon. 0
dominic_mcg 29.10.12 5:24pm
New Yorkers on high alert as Hurricane Sandy lashes Donald Trump's hair 0
exigo 29.10.12 4:53pm
Local man purchasing mattress actually gets a good deal 0
Dumbnews 29.10.12 4:50pm
Investigation into 'culture inside the BBC' sees Yakult supplier go into hiding 2
Perks 29.10.12 4:40pm
Medicine man's anti wrinkle cream transforms rhino into hippo 0
Dick Everyman 29.10.12 4:17pm
Dick Everyman
BBC Trust to be rebranded BBC Doubt 2
Scroat 29.10.12 4:09pm
Patten fights on with £500m anti-paedo defence review

Beleaguered chairman, Chris Patten, faced down his critics today and launched a £500m package of measures, promising to revolutionise the BBC's entire approach to anti-paedophile broadcasting....

29.10.12 4:04pm
The Jim’ll Fix It letter that didn’t make it on air.

Dear Jim I love the work Esther Rantzen is doing with those poor children who suffer abuse on a regular basis. Therefore please could you fix it for me to visit the Childline offices? Thanks ...

Sheepback 29.10.12 2:46pm