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New poll in – “Britain still a nation of small shopkeepers” 0
Yikes 07.10.12 7:51am
Wonga sponsored Newcastle players expected to put 4214% effort into winning 0
Lucy4 07.10.12 7:01am

A Polish man, by the name Yougov, has gone on record as saying he is sick of everyone asking him what he thinks. In recent years he has been asked his opinion on politics, policing and whatever else...

george.scofield 07.10.12 3:42am
Man writes ticker as avoidance tactic for going to bed on Saturday night 0
SpankyMonkey 07.10.12 12:29am
Man dies of shock after getting David Blaine’s electric bill by mistake... 0
Tripod 07.10.12 12:08am
Midget Shop Keeper Caught Selling Goods Under The Counter

Doesn't work with midget. Only works with 'small', because 'small shop keeper' is a recognised phrase, whereas 'midget shop keeper' isn't...

06.10.12 10:51pm
Dick Everyman
Vince Cabal forms secret alliance 3
nickb 06.10.12 10:46pm
Dick Everyman
Midget Iranian Shop Keeper Caught Selling Gourds Under The Counter

Hat tip to Damien Cockshuffle ;0)...

Dick Everyman 06.10.12 10:39pm
Dick Everyman
Jimmy Somerville denies abusing middle aged women 9
Dick Everyman 06.10.12 10:30pm
Dick Everyman
Jimmy Saville cleared - 2

All those rumours that he was gay have now been proven false...

Rootin Tootin 06.10.12 9:53pm
Vatican butler gets 18 month jail term, eternity in hell - to run concurrently 5
Idiot 06.10.12 8:40pm
Corrupt referees concerned about whistle blowers 0
Smart Alex 06.10.12 7:45pm
Smart Alex
Owner of small sex shop says size doesn’t matter 2
Yikes 06.10.12 7:16pm
Dick Everyman
Mob lynches Noel Edmonds "just to be on the safe side"

Former TV and radio hosts deemed a bit odd and/or creepy by Facebook groups to be systematically strung up to avoid risk of posthumous accusations. Travis, Stilgoe, and assorted Blue Peter...

DrTurmoil 06.10.12 7:03pm
BBC deny Savile cover up - 'We always allowed him to get his knob out'

Damn. I laughed and now I feel dirty. Have to give stars...

06.10.12 6:34pm
Small Shopkeepers Shun Top Shelf Reading Matter 3
Martin Shuttlecock 06.10.12 5:38pm
Hot air balloonist apologises for exaggerated claims 0
Dick Everyman 06.10.12 5:11pm
Dick Everyman
M&S 'Light control' panties to include dimmer switch for blondes.

Still can't find the 'on' switch in my wife's...

riesler 06.10.12 4:38pm
Off-duty ambulance driver ‘used portable siren to queue-jump’.

An ambulance driver from Southend who wore his vehicle siren like a hat has been roundly criticised by the NHS. Shoppers were left feeling ‘ripped off’ after stepping aside to let pedestrian...

malgor 06.10.12 4:23pm
The Secret Cabal
Giant supermarket chains too big for masochistic small shop-keepers.

No, I’m not entering myself (Snigger)...

sigmund 06.10.12 1:21pm
S&M businesses strapped for cash 1
weematt 06.10.12 11:12am
Blacksmiths' statue-building contest - leader forges ahead 6
Idiot 06.10.12 10:49am
Tesco CEO on recent losses. "We're on target to become a small shopkeeper again"

Neat - O bid. No more soon...

dvo4fun 06.10.12 10:21am
New laughing gas safety campaign urges kids to "Just say N2O" 0
LittleSpender 06.10.12 9:47am
Cameron Outed!

He finally admits that the recession was just a ploy to force the unemployed to work at his uncle's chain of theme parks...

Jesse Bigg 06.10.12 9:33am
Jesse Bigg
Hunt to be subject of "Very Late Stage Abortion" - Nation celebrates 1
Drylaw 06.10.12 9:18am
Jesse Bigg
Small shopkeeper expands to Medium to include new range of spirits  0
charlies_hat 06.10.12 9:15am
Vegetarians main cause of global warming.

Experts have warned that increasing vegetarianism is threatening the planet through global warming., "Everyone knows that cows produce high levels of methane that damage the ozone layer", said a...

philthefunk 06.10.12 9:04am
Jesse Bigg
Happy, Grumpy and Sleepy open a store and join Association of Small Shopkeepers 1
Perks 06.10.12 9:02am
Cycle path arrested following unprovoked attack on bus lane 2
SpankyMonkey 06.10.12 8:22am