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Calls For BBC Not To Play "Don't Cry For Me Argentia" During Funeral Week 5
Titus 13.04.13 12:29am
Celestial Singing, Harp Playing And Gate-Keeping To Be Contracted Out

Recently deceased prime minister announces cost-saving re-structuring and elimination of "inefficiency and waste"; angels protest at compulsory redundancies...

Titus 12.04.13 11:09pm
Huhne likens himself to Thatcher, "We were both conviction politicians". 0
Smart Alex 12.04.13 10:32pm
Smart Alex
UN breaks into song "What do you do you do with a problem like Korea" 9
Smart Alex 12.04.13 9:32pm
Baroness Thatcher 'anthracite' says geologist

A buried Baroness Thatcher will, in a million years, most probably be mined as a lump of anthracite. Dr John Gormley of Oxford University's Department of Geology and an expert on recycled deceased...

roybland 12.04.13 9:24pm
BBC to ban pictures of Sir Edward Heath

The BBC has agreed to screen only fragments of pictures of Sir Edward Heath in the days leading up to the funeral of Lady Thatcher after complaints of bad taste by Thatcher supporters. Tens of...

roybland 12.04.13 8:27pm
Tornadoes hit US Midwest and Ding Dong goes to number one.... Coincidence?

Just asking...

Ian Searle 12.04.13 6:59pm
Ian Searle
BBC decide not to play Ding Dong, Ding Dong, but ITN go ahead with Nina Nana 0
Ian Searle 12.04.13 6:35pm
Ian Searle
BBCs coverage of Thatcher funeral offensive to Scousers andYorkshiremen 0
simonjmr 12.04.13 6:21pm
Thatcher still dead. More news, as we get it. 2
Squudge 12.04.13 5:45pm
Graveyards to charge "fat tax" on larger occupants 1
sydalg 12.04.13 5:44pm
sponge finger
Funeral Latest: Clarkson to fight Archer for the prize of Shirley Bassey

It promises to be the clash of former titans. A diminutive perjurer and a lanky litigious xenophobe, both millionaires, both Thatcher favourites, both Tory stalwarts will slug it out naked for the...

nickb 12.04.13 5:43pm
Darth Vader 'unlikely' to feature in The Voice final 0
custard cream 12.04.13 5:23pm
custard cream
Thatcher: "We have become a worm snack" 2
sydalg 12.04.13 4:47pm
Iron Lady was an 'ore, say protestors 1
Squudge 12.04.13 4:42pm
sponge finger
Radio 1 to bleep the word "Dong" so nobody will be offended 1
charlies_hat 12.04.13 4:41pm
sponge finger
Hollywood actress loses case against IMDB after her sex revealed on internet

Actress Amanda Watson has lost her court case against the internet movie database IMDB after it published photo's of her clearly showing that she was a woman, had listed her as a female actor, and...

thisisall1word 12.04.13 4:29pm
Gurn control faces change

Controversy is raging in the gurning world over the kinds of gurns that should be allowed and which should be banned. The rules of gurning, which started out as speed dating for ugly people, were...

Not Amused 12.04.13 4:29pm
Not Amused
North Korean missile threat timing slammed as 'insensitive'

Political leaders around the world have today unified in their condemnation of the current agressive stance by North Korea. The timing is being censured as both tasteless and inconsiderate, when most...

Squudge 12.04.13 4:26pm
sponge finger
Rory McIlroy confident '3% of form' will return once Santander campaign ends

more soon....

custard cream 12.04.13 4:17pm
custard cream
ATOS work assessment clears Mrs Thatcher to return to work 7
custard cream 12.04.13 3:11pm
custard cream
Lord Sugar will 'beat the daylights' out of anyone accusing him of bullying

After a former Apprentice winner lost her court case against for constructive dismissal, a jubilant Lord Sugar said 'I knew the stupid little cow was gonna lose. When she told me about the case I got...

John Wiltshire 12.04.13 3:00pm
John Wiltshire
Ding Dong, we got the wrong song. Munchkin music hate-fest mixes East with West

Red faced Media Munchkins are to hold an inquiry after playing the wrong song at their organised hate festival. As Marxist misanthropes and mockney misogynists put on an exhibition of all the worst...

ronseal 12.04.13 2:11pm
Don't do a Thatcher, Operation Yewtree warns suspects

Officers on the Yewtree investigation are keeping a close watch on those under suspicion lest they use the fuss over the former PM's death to slip unnoticed off the mortal coil themselves. Detective...

sydalg 12.04.13 1:57pm
Real reason behind Kim Jong-un’s bellicose bravado revealed

US and UK intelligence agencies today released humiliating transcripts of intercepted communications showing the real reason behind the North Korean leader’s recent bellicose bravado. Kim Jong-un,...

Reg Herring 12.04.13 1:54pm
Cheeky bone marrow thief "just taking the pith" 0
sydalg 12.04.13 1:49pm
Dog Stuck in Pipe For Four Days Still Manages to Crap On Neighbour's Lawn 2
sredni vashta 12.04.13 1:30pm
Oscar Pistorius selected to lead gun salute at Thatcher funeral 0
custard cream 12.04.13 1:29pm
custard cream
Court rules Stella's not sweet enough with Sugar...a storm in a Tea cup 0
irreverendJ 12.04.13 1:19pm
Thatcher to be buried not cremated - the lady's not for burning 3
ianslat 12.04.13 1:17pm