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The economy: Panic merchants defy recession 0
weematt 29.03.12 6:48pm
Post Office admits confusion after government announced Stamp Duty rise. 5
bonjonelson 29.03.12 6:12pm
MOD "We don't have enough soldiers to fill all our tanks." 0
weematt 29.03.12 6:12pm
Prime Minister fuels panic. 0
MADJEZ 29.03.12 6:09pm
A man in Dorset revealed he used to be Indecisive

He's not not so sure now...

GillsImp 29.03.12 5:59pm
Gerry McCann avoiding forecourts after panic filling incident 2
cinquecento 29.03.12 5:59pm
Upper Crust Pies From Fortnum and Mason

Fortnum and Mason's are to launch a range of Upper Crust Pies . This follows hot (with added VAT) on the successful product placement in most newpapers by David Cameron " Once the PM was seen with...

Otis B Driftwood 29.03.12 5:55pm
Tories beg tanker drivers "please strke asap" and get us out of this awful hole

In a few short hours the conservatives created strike conditions from a totally strike free situation,a bumbling maude wittering about jerrycans advising everyone to break the law and turn the garage...

29.03.12 5:50pm
Ed Miliband attempts 'record breaking' publicity stunt.

In his latest attempt to appear in touch with the ‘common man’, Ed Miliband has unveiled his latest daring publicity stunt. The stunt is the biggest attempt at a dangerous feat since Ed Balls...

Perks 29.03.12 5:46pm
Countdown lexicographer sacked after refusing to define ‘esoteric’

Countdown’s long-standing lexicographer Susie Dent was today given her marching orders after refusing to explain the meaning of the word ‘esoteric’ during yesterday’s show. Reigning champion...

grumblechops 29.03.12 5:44pm
Cameron insists he's familiar with 'corniche parsties'

David Cameron has fought back against claims he’s out of touch with the common man, by insisting his most recent 'parsty' was ‘delicious, and packed full of nutritious swan meat’. Cameron was...

29.03.12 5:40pm
Garages run out of 'brown paper bags' as panic buyers start hyperventilating 3
Perks 29.03.12 5:38pm
The past, the present and the future walked into a bar...... it was tense 5
grumblechops 29.03.12 4:55pm
Cabinet Ministers "better at causing disruption" striking tanker drivers concede

Tanker drivers have called off their proposed strike amid fears that any disruption they could cause would pale into insignificance alongside the chaos that cabinet ministers have created with a few...

bonjonelson 29.03.12 4:54pm
UK - Rumours of ham and egg shortage causing panic frying. 2
weematt 29.03.12 4:52pm
Seabird population under threat due to panic buying of petrels

Hat tip to dragonman...

Smart Alex 29.03.12 4:51pm
Petrol station representative denies media reports of mass 'picnic buying'

"There are ample supplies of barbeques, brickettes, sandwiches, baguettes, Ginsters Pasties, Mr Kipling cakes, blankets, hampers and bottles of chilled Liebfraumilch." said the spokesman. "I don't...

pinxit 29.03.12 4:48pm
HMRC announcement of cold case review of hot food tax dodges gets tepid response

or something like that...

Underconstruction 29.03.12 4:29pm
Buy milk now! Cows consider possibly giving 7 day warning that they might strike 1
Mr_Johno 29.03.12 4:22pm
Tory donors face paying VAT on hot meals with Cameron 0
cinquecento 29.03.12 4:21pm
"Reet Petite" is surprise number one after death of dart player 2
Nails UK 29.03.12 3:18pm
Cornwall facing economic ruin after pastie ruling

Cornwall has withdrawn its claim for independence, after fears of a Greek-style economic melt-down, following the announcement of the so-called 'pastie tax' by Chancellor George Osborne., The major...

Underconstruction 29.03.12 2:57pm
Burlesque dancers bemused by shortage of pasties 0
Dragonman 29.03.12 2:52pm
Nation's top brass criticized for unpolished comments 0
Dumbnews 29.03.12 2:30pm
Entrepreneur launches new dating concept, "Speed Rejection" 0
Dumbnews 29.03.12 2:28pm
Buggy top microwaves sell out as single mums flock to Greggs cold pasty counters 0
medici2471 29.03.12 2:12pm
Motorist attempting to fill unsuitable container at pump called "potty" 0
Nails UK 29.03.12 2:06pm
Nails UK
Greggs to sell uncooked pasties, food poisoning cases expected to fall 0
simonjmr 29.03.12 2:01pm
Fire service apologises for mix-up after storming Jerry McCann's garage...

Red-faced fire officers have apologised 'unreservedly' after a raid on the home of Kate and Gerry McCann in which they expected to find stockpiles of unleaded-ultra petrol., Speaking from the...

Underconstruction 29.03.12 1:48pm
Fuel strike threat hits central London as commuters panic-buy Oyster cards

Londoners travelling to work today have been finding long queues at Oyster card top-up points, after threatened fuel strikes sparked a wave of panic-buying amongst commuters. With many of the...

Vertically Challenged Giant 29.03.12 1:42pm