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One Nation Labour discovered to be the wrong nation. 2
the coarse whisperer 01.03.13 5:32pm
sponge finger
Wessex Regionalists Suffer New Election Thrashing at Hands of Labour Party

A refreshed Labour Party has once again trounced the Wessex Regionalists in a by-election. Wessex Regionalists leader Dave Yarwood admitted that “the electorate has clearly given a message to us...

thisisall1word 01.03.13 5:09pm
Satan 'Ready for Power'

Dressed in an Armani suit with gold cufflinks and MCC tie, the Ruler of the Darkness looked every inch the modern business executive. I entered his massive penthouse suite apprehensively, but he...

shaggy 01.03.13 4:29pm
Chris Grayling defends child buggering

The justice secretary, Chris Grayling, has defended parents' right to bugger their children and admitted he did it to his own, it has emerged. Grayling says he buggered his own children when they...

fink 01.03.13 4:23pm
Slante Dangle
US court finds British housewife responsible for global economic crisis

In a shock decision the US Congressional Court in Delaware has granted the extradition request made by the plaintiffs, Golden Sachs Limited, against British housewife Mrs Edith Moorbridge. In their...

shaggy 01.03.13 4:15pm
Pope expected to return after 3 days

The Vatican has issued a press release assuring followers that the former Pope Benedict will be restored on the 2nd March. "All the previous popes have obviously had the option of coming back after...

apepper 01.03.13 4:03pm
Benedict's final act - appoints self 'papal leg-it Apostolic Noncio' 0
Idiot 01.03.13 3:50pm
Pope Emeritus Top Gear special for Easter

The BBC are delighted to advertise (every hour on the hour for the next 4 weeks), a blockbuster Top Gear 'special' for Easter, to be screened on Good Friday. During an action-packed hour and a half...

Squudge 01.03.13 3:32pm
Eastleigh: 'I told him to "go forth" not "come fourth"' says Milliband 3
DustyBinLaden 01.03.13 2:31pm
Death of Great Train Robber leaves field open to train operators

The death of Bruce Reynolds, the man who planned the £2.6m Great Train Robbery in 1963, has left the field wide open to the train operators, say the British Transport Police. The boss of the...

roybland 01.03.13 2:12pm
Huhne thought they were Tesco points; Eastleigh bi-election a mistake 0
sydalg 01.03.13 2:04pm
Ex pontiff to star in new mountineering TV show "Pope on rope" 0
Scronnyglonkle 01.03.13 1:49pm
Joseph Ratzinger settling in on his first day as Anti-Christ 0
medici2471 01.03.13 1:31pm
Ex-Pope joins Salvation Army 0
Loundshay 01.03.13 11:42am
Osborne: "Bail-out Banks will return to private sector as soon as losses end"

more later...

dvo4fun 01.03.13 11:35am
"What goes around, comes around", say Choristers as Pope gets ring smashed.

too graphic?...

pbramwell 01.03.13 11:30am
Slante Dangle
Clowns still more popular than comedians in Eastleigh 0
Nowherefast 01.03.13 11:14am
Saville County of Main Residence To Be Destroyed

Yorkshire, the county where disgraced child molester and TV personality Jimmy Saville lived for most of his life, is to be demolished later this month. The demolition process will act as a...

thisisall1word 01.03.13 11:10am
Cardinals blamed as drunk Benedict appears at Eastleigh count as Christian Party 0
Not Amused 01.03.13 10:55am
Not Amused
Don't look at me, says Mary Evans, as O'Farrell loses deposit 0
Oxbridge 01.03.13 10:27am
Embarrassment in Vatican as Pope turns up for work as usual 0
sydalg 01.03.13 10:15am
Eastleigh: UKIP halts march of Elvis Loves Pets Party

UKIP was this morning being blamed for the failure of the Elvis Loves Pets Party (ELPP) to win the Eastleigh by-election. The party's leader David Bishop said that without the intervention of UKIP,...

roybland 01.03.13 9:47am
Benedict comments on loss of infallibility; 'I think I've made a mistake...' 1
charlies_hat 01.03.13 9:39am
Eastleigh by-election result - Grillo "gutted". More soon. 0
Al OPecia 01.03.13 9:33am
Al OPecia
Eastleigh Labour candidate to 'spend more time with his website' 1
DustyBinLaden 01.03.13 9:15am
Ewe Tube

New porn site about sheep established...

Quaz 01.03.13 9:08am
Government to introduce compulsory driving tests for all back seat drivers. 0
flossie mcjava 01.03.13 8:56am
flossie mcjava
Porn industry watchdog claimed £47 000 in Kleenex expenses 1
sydalg 01.03.13 8:55am
South African Police Advised to Replace Death Penalty With Parking Fines 0
Titus 01.03.13 8:32am
Swivel-Eyed Party Comes Fourth at Eastleigh; UKIP Come Second. 0
Titus 01.03.13 8:30am