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Perrier shipped to developing world 2
Boarfunkel 4 years

Thousands of litres of perrier water have been shipped to areas of the world where there are water shortages as people in the affluent west realise that YOU CAN GET WATER OUT OF THE TAP!!! EVEN IF...

Couple finally understand "Inception" after 10 attempts 1
trial 4 years

Jack and Susan have finally pieced together the movie "Inception" after numerous attempts to do so prior to this failed. The couple, aged 32 and 28, thought they were really close to getting it...

Watching Weakest Link 'improves intelligence' according to survey. 0
Griffin 4 years
Hiroshima party goers 'bombed out' 0
Griffin 4 years
Amy Winehouse to be new youth Czzzzzaarrrrr, I shed yuff Czzzarrr. Ye cun 0
StoopyDeGunt 4 years
Kate Moss offered bag of coal by former boss of Harrods 3
Gary Stanton 4 years

Supermodel Kate Moss is to appear in court later this week to answer charges that she accepted a bag of coal from millionaire tycoon and former Harrods owner Mohammed Al Fayad . Back in 2008 Kate...

Clarkson to verify basic principles of physics and philosophy 0
4ty2 4 years

In the most recent part of the series Clarkson discovered the uncertainty principle of Heisenberg in the display of the Ferrari that shows either how fast you go or where you are, but never both...

Arriving at prom night in dad's Vauxhall Vectra was 'post-modern irony' 5
jp1885 4 years

16 year-old school leaver Darren Morgan has insisted that turning up at his high school prom night in his father's 2003 Vauxhall Vectra was an ironic post-modern protest against today's trend for...

'Shit' keeps car running 1
pinxit 4 years

(pic of Clarkson at wheel here)...

Police more of a nuisance than seagulls says seaside Mcdonald’s 0
BlackAndroid 4 years

Police officers are fast becoming public enemy No.1 at Mcdonald’s fast food outlets in coastal towns in the south east. Brighton Mcdonald’s restaurant manager ‘Andrew Pickering’ said , “...

Everything your stalker does, he does for you. More soon. 1
la maga 4 years
Charles Taylor says war crimes could have been avoided if id known about bloody 0
BlackAndroid 4 years

Cubic Zirconia...

Gordon Brown refused career development loan 0
BlackAndroid 4 years
Cloned Cow to star in "Blade of Grass Runner". More soon. 0
FormerlyAlOPecia 4 years

Starring Rutger Heifer as Roy Buttery,, Here Ford as as Hayrick Deckard., with Dairyl Hanna,, Prion James as Leon Cowalski...

Natascha Kampusch's kidnapper wanted an 'untouched virgin for wedding 0
arrghgarry 4 years

police forces in Britain don`t foresee any similar cases ...

David Cameron to star in "Drop Dead Clegg" 0
BlackAndroid 4 years

The story of an imaginery friend, Nick Clegg to provide a cameo role !...

Liily Allen pregnant ,but promises this will be the last you will hear of her 2
arrghgarry 4 years

or her "husband or kid or piles or pain or sickness or house " Promise ?...

Devastated milk cow 'didn't know she was a clone'. 7
SingingHinny 4 years

[Probably going to write this one up later]...

Cambell given 'dirty stones'. Jagger seemed to be marginally cleaner 0
PluckyMunky 4 years
PR industry finally fire their PR consultant after years of bad press 0
la maga 4 years
Latest word from the playground:superfoods not that super, sugary goo way better 0
la maga 4 years
Pakistan to call floods 'natural terrorism' in hopes of more US aid 0
la maga 4 years
Harrods introduce new, £2500 food chain, for evening wear 0
PluckyMunky 4 years

'It has special markings', said buyer, Royston Marley, 'which will stop its being cloned'...

Naomi Campbell relieved dirty stones bag didnt include a Mars bar 0
brownpaperreporter 4 years
"Return tickets don't mention anything about getting off anywhere" -Eurostar 1
Mr.3374 4 years
Bankers finding it 'difficut to cope' on their incomes 0
PluckyMunky 4 years

General public to be asked for suggestions about how to help then. 'This is part of the Big Society,' said PM Cameron. 'The public will feel their pain and will want to help.'...

widespread panic 0
arthurminnit 4 years

as clowned meat enters the food chain...

Do you still listen to Chris Evans? Ring this number and see if we can help you. 3
Griffin 4 years

Whitehall 1212...

Reputation of Tony Hayward now ‘almost totally disintegrated,’ say US officials 0
Boarfunkel 4 years

Experts believe that the reputation of the most politically embarrassing figure to come out of the UK in years, former BP Chief Tony Hayward, has almost entirely disintegrated. Many believe that...

Poo-power car goes like stink. 0
Stan Laurel 4 years

Poo-power car goes like shit off a Teflon shovel. Many more soon...