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Luis Suarez Racist Attitude Typical of Those Shifty Uruguayans Claim FA 0
thisisall1word 22.12.11 4:43pm
BNP Council Member Sacked After Dressing as Lib Dem During Stag Do 0
thisisall1word 22.12.11 4:41pm
Kraft launch a white chocolate version of its famous Chocolate Orange for Xmas. 2
reforse 22.12.11 3:26pm
City of Newcastle credit rating downgraded from BB to YI 0
cinquecento 22.12.11 2:56pm
Cameron Having A Moody.......

.His AAA lifestyle under threat...

Jesse Bigg 22.12.11 2:46pm
Jesse Bigg
Milliband to be questioned about ’Stalin-themed’ party. 0
John Ffitch-Rucker 22.12.11 2:11pm
John Ffitch-Rucker
Gorden Kaye sacked from Allo Allo, for being pictured with man in Nazi Uniform

to reword Dominic's excellent idea...

Immunis 22.12.11 2:00pm
Cast of Allo Allo to face questions about "Nazi themed" TV show. More soon. 0
dominic_mcg 22.12.11 1:55pm
France’s war of words ‘is over’ says Alain Juppe.

'Now we must just negotiate our surrender terms’ he added...

John Ffitch-Rucker 22.12.11 12:38pm
John Ffitch-Rucker
Pearly Gate modernisation programme announced

Following a time and motion study by secure access consultants, entry to the kingdom of heaven is to be modernised. The Pearly Gates are to be replaced by Pearly Turnstiles, equipped with iris,...

Midfield Diamond 22.12.11 12:34pm
Midfield Diamond
Red-faced Hansen somewhat blue, but too yellow to apologise to 'coloured' people 3
Username 22.12.11 12:33pm
Would love to see Nick Clegg /James Cameron's pre-nup crib sheet... PS Did wayland have a hand in writing the note?...

Username 22.12.11 12:07pm
Shepherds complain after missing out in Bethlehem Secret Santa draw yet again

Flock watching shepherds were cursing their luck after leaving empty handed once again from the annual Secret Santa draw which was held at Bethlehem’s Premier No Room Inn. ‘I felt sure this was...

Stan 22.12.11 10:22am
Wolves to strengthen back four by signing Bob Crow in January transfer window 0
Duncan Biscuit 22.12.11 10:09am
Duncan Biscuit
Disbelief as new Spanish PM omits Barcelona players from his cabinet 0
Duncan Biscuit 22.12.11 10:07am
Duncan Biscuit
Lancashire toilet paper warehouse fire wipes business park off the map 0
Duncan Biscuit 22.12.11 10:06am
Duncan Biscuit
National Statistics confirms Eric Pickles’ waist grew 0.6% in the last quarter 0
Duncan Biscuit 22.12.11 10:05am
Duncan Biscuit
Axis of Evil to strengthen squad in January transfer window

The Axis of Evil will need to act quickly to strengthen their squad when the transfer window opens again in January if they are to compete on the global stage in 2012, according to TV pundit Alan...

ianslat 22.12.11 9:42am
Midfield Diamond
Celebrities endorse the Photoshop diet

The latest diet craze to be endorsed by hundreds of celebrities is the photoshop diet in which hi-tech software is used to make images of the celebrity look like they are up to 100 pounds lighter...

Immunis 22.12.11 9:37am
AIG buy BMI to improve Scrabble hand

It's been revealed that the main purpose behind AIG's purchase of ailing airline BMI is to improve AIG's Scrabble hand; "At last, we have some more consonants and with good scores as well."...

apepper 22.12.11 9:10am
New Earth like planets are "roasted remains" - named "Croydon" and "Tripoli 1
Al OPecia 22.12.11 8:08am
Piers Morgan too thick to hack phones

Former Daily Mirror editor, Piers Morgan has admitted that he struggles to use his answering machine, let alone knowing how to hack into anyone else's phone. "I didn't know it was even possible.", he...

apepper 22.12.11 1:14am
Vertically Challenged Giant
Liverpool players show support for Suarez by wearing white T-shirts

Did they think that through at all? 'He might be a racist, but he's our racist. And the rest of us are shit, so we need him.'...

Vertically Challenged Giant 22.12.11 1:08am
Vertically Challenged Giant
Suarez hits out at Griffen as Terry is welcomed into the BNP with open arms 0
irregular apple 22.12.11 1:03am
irregular apple
Clegg targets 'lifeless' Earth like planets as Lib Dem safe seats 0
irregular apple 22.12.11 12:51am
irregular apple
"Bucking the property market trend" TV property market shows are on-the-up.

Bit of a re-work after consideration The state of the UK economy has dictated a re-think of Channel 4's flagship property programme 'Relocation, Relocation', which becomes 'Repossession,...

dvo4fun 22.12.11 12:36am
Vertically Challenged Giant
You must take people 'on a Journey', top motivational speaker tells bus drivers

Staff at South Croydon garage have foregone their bonuses and Xmas money. Instead, it was spent on a motivational speaker who could help them reach their potential, seize the day and follow their...

ronseal 22.12.11 12:35am
Golf world in mourning at passing of world's greatest golfer. 7
bonjonelson 21.12.11 9:05pm
North Korea's sense of humour 'preserved'

The Young North Korean ‘minister for the preservation of the ‘Dear Leader’s’ body’ has been left red-faced today following a misunderstanding of Kim Jong-Il’s final requests. The mistake...

Perks 21.12.11 8:16pm
New Channel 4 show to look back at the look back shows of yesteryear

well it was bound to happen sooner or later...

Immunis 21.12.11 6:24pm