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Sue decides to skip Labour's post election party. 0
Stan Laurel 3 years
Ropemakers go into overtime to supply Hung Parliament 0
Mrblacker 3 years
Michael Caine explains Tory affiliation - "I was just acting" 0
TerribleTim 3 years
Direct mail sector to announce heavy redundancies on May 6th 0
TerribleTim 3 years
Unborn baby is served an ASBO in landmark judgement 1
Duff 3 years

In what's believed to be the first incident of its kind, it's been announced that an unborn baby has been served with an ASBO. The London Borough of Greenwich, following an unprecedented course of...

Brown denies elections getting easier 0
antharrison 3 years
Labour campaign "going through the gears" - result is going from first to third 0
brownpaperreporter 3 years
Swing-o-meter to be relocated post-election to secluded lay-by near Stroud 1
Rorschach 3 years
Expected increase in numbers using election as excuse for lie-in in the morning. 0
AdrianJ 3 years

Employers have been told to expect a drop in productivity tomorrow morning, due to a dramatic increase in the number of employees planning to sleep in, by claiming to be busy exercising their...

Voters to sue politicians for Post Election Stress Disorder 0
Mrblacker 3 years

Politicians from all parties are facing huge compensation bills from their potential constituents for the stress caused over the last 6 weeks of campaigning. A group action's being put together by...

Volcanoe erupts causing massive oil tanker to break up on Noosa Beach 1
edward hack 3 years

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Classic voting system 'outmoded' says Clegg, advocates use of PR 'clap-o-meter' 0
QorbeQ 3 years
Labour defends its use of 'Muslim youths with rucksacks' as exit pollsters in SE 0
Rorschach 3 years
Election campaign to go into extra time and be decided by a 'Golden Gaffe' 5
Ludicity 3 years
NASA branded the dirty man of the heavens 0
Duff 3 years

NASA has today been branded the 'dirty man' of outer space. In a withering attack pop-eyed, wild-haired astronomer, Sir Patrick Moore, has dubbed the agency a total disgrace. Moore, speaking from his...

Isle Of Wight Tory claims political bias in issuing of Yellow Pages 0
simonjmr 3 years
Blue skies thinking deemed impossible in Wales 0
PluckyMunky 3 years
Labour Manifesto just Chance and Community Chest cards claim Tories 0
simonjmr 3 years
Dour Scotsman gearing up for third in popularity contest 0
simonjmr 3 years
David Blaine faces his biggest challenge to date 0
Duff 3 years

Weirdo street magician, David Blaine, has announced his latest stunt to be entitled 'Sod all' And it does just what it says it does on the tin. The card-trickster cum street levitator is intending...

Top Boxer pays £3.5 million for kennel 0
PluckyMunky 3 years
Liberals chase dogging vote 1
virtuallywill 3 years

Exit polls reveal a mysterious Mr Fukov as likely winner in most constituencies. 5
Ostsee 3 years
Lives 'poorly represented' by east Africans, movie makers, say UK pirates 0
QorbeQ 3 years

After a spate of high-profile ransom demands from Somalians, traditional British pirates have spoken up in defence of their lifestyle. 'I really can't condone the tanker-stealing thing that the...

Higgins Rigging? 0
Doctor Moptop 3 years

British journalism was thrown into disarray after top snooker star, John Higgins, alleged that the News of The World employed members of the Russian Mafia to write articles. “I feared for my...

Grimsby man going to local chippy ends up in Canada. 0
Duff 3 years

Jim Fletcher from Grimsby got more than he bargained for when he used his new sat nav unit for the first time. For instead of being taken to his local chippy in the high street to get tea for him and...

Mandelsson evokes Lib Decimation plan 0
simonjmr 3 years

200 hundred Conservative, Liberal safe seats and key marginals have been identified as where Labour will win or lose this years election. As a last ditch effort 1 in 10 voters in these...

Lord Judge Judge to judge judges. 0
PluckyMunky 3 years
7 May 2010: Post-mortem declares election result "stranglewank" 0
DrTurmoil 3 years

The British nation, excited by an election it wasn't entirely sure what to do with, drew the curtain behind it in the privacy of the voting booth on Thursday and heady with a cocktail of talk of...

Ryde IOW aghast at increase in "extreme dogging" cases 0
simonjmr 3 years

Ryde IOW has recently experienced the development of a new phenomenon - "Extreme Dogging". For the past few weeks a small coterie of Ryde's female residents have gathered in the local park to indulge...