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Amnesty slams plans to tag ants

Amnesty International has come out strongly against plans by the University of York to tag 1,000 Northern Hairy Ants at the National Trust's Longshaw Estate in Derbyshire. A spokesman for the action...

Scroat 24.08.12 11:28pm
Are You Being Served? You Shouldn't Be

The BBC was forced into making a humiliating apology yesterday after a number of jokes accidentally found their way into a new Friday night sitcom. By the end of the programme the average viewer...

ricky33 24.08.12 10:08pm
USADA Proves Lance Armstrong had Meat and One Veg

The USADA is claiming victory against Lance Armstrong. A jubilant spokesperson announced:, [quote]For many years, we have had suspicions that he has been cheating by using artificial aids. Now, we...

Only Me 24.08.12 9:22pm
Only Me
Students with grade D GCSEs are to be classified as "house-elves"

In a controversial plan to reduce unemployment, the government is reclassifying any 16 year old who scores below grade C GCSEs as house-elves. Critics have attacked the plan as "slavery by the...

apepper 24.08.12 8:31pm
Echo in Newsbiscuit Writer's Room, claims MrQ

Prince Harry pubic interest gag reverberates...

MrQ 24.08.12 6:00pm
Lance Percival stripped of Tour de Farce titles. More soon. 0
dominic_mcg 24.08.12 4:32pm
Breivik ‘a very naughty boy’ say Norwegian courts

Mass murderer Anders Breivik has declared the Norwegian courts completely insane after they sentenced him to a paltry 21 years for the killing of 77 innocent young people in July of last year.,...

Gerontius 24.08.12 4:00pm
Post-Olympic bike sales increase see wheelchair manufacturers bracing themselves

Following on from the large increase in bike sales instigated by Team GB’s Cycling success at the Olympics, wheelchair manufacturers are bracing themselves for increased production should British...

Perks 24.08.12 3:10pm
Norwegian Court declares Breivik is "a complete cunt"

After lengthy deliberations, a panel of five senior judges at a Norwegian court have declared that Anders Breivik, who murdered 77 people in a killing spree last year, is "a complete cunt". The...

bonjonelson 24.08.12 12:32pm
Blue Badge holders to get pride of place

Charity watchdog AgeUK have criticised a decision by Waitrose to turn their all-inclusive disabled parking spaces into elitist parking bays for middle-class shoppers only., As from September 2012...

Gerontius 24.08.12 12:18pm
Prince Harry 'just wanted to detract from poor GCSEs' claim 0
custard cream 24.08.12 12:14pm
custard cream
Julian Assange digitized and emailed to 202 countries.

In an embarrassing slip-up by British police Wikileaks founder Julian Assange has escaped their cordon by being digitized and copies of him emailed to over 200 countries worldwide, with the real...

ClaretCharlie 24.08.12 10:45am
Publication of Harry pics is "in the pubic interest" claims The Sun 0
grumblechops 24.08.12 10:37am
He doesn't need two hands, claims Chelsy 0
medici2471 24.08.12 9:20am
Sun publishes 'Special Crown Jewels' edition today 0
custard cream 24.08.12 9:18am
custard cream
Crookback King Richard III finally wins disabled car park space

Check this link for the story:,

custard cream 24.08.12 9:18am
Crookback King Richard II finally wins disabled car park space

check the link:,

custard cream 24.08.12 9:11am
custard cream
Mo Farah thanked for couple's £2m Lottery win

An Aberdeenshire couple who scooped more than £2m in the National Lottery have thanked a chance encounter with double Olympic gold medal winner Mo Farah for their good fortune. Libby and Alisdair...

simonjmr 24.08.12 9:08am
Totally fucked UK economy 0.2% less fucked than originally announced 0
medici2471 24.08.12 8:58am
Harry: collar matches cuffs, pictures confirm.

In the pubic [sic] interest, Sun claims...

MrQ 24.08.12 8:48am
Gove accused of fiddling with youngster's

Exam results. More soon...

simonjmr 24.08.12 8:09am
Lance Armstrong refusing to fight dope allegations shows he has no balls 0
Hooch 24.08.12 8:05am
Spammers turn Newsbiscuit Writer's Room into a laughing stock

More Louis Vuitton handbags at dangerously low prices soon...

JohnA 24.08.12 7:45am
Sun photographers ready as Armstrong is stripped 0
charlies_hat 24.08.12 7:12am
An Internet Message Board Poster Reaches Human Perfection

An internet user called ‘longandhard69’ is the greatest person to have ever lived, he has revealed. The list of his accomplishments is enough to make Dale Winton feel like he has wasted his...

Hooch 24.08.12 12:17am
Money fountain discovery 'could prove Nadir's innocence'.

A money spring, which over years has gushed millions of pounds into the air, has been discovered in Northern Cyprus. If the source of it can be traced back to the UK it could be the evidence troubled...

Boutros 23.08.12 11:43pm
Your Guide to Selling Your Home

With all the Olympics commotion, thousands of would-be sellers have taken their eye of the ball. The number of houses I’ve seen recently that lack a small amount of time and effort that could earn...

quango 23.08.12 11:09pm
Smart Alex
Troops withdrawn from Afghanistan now Paralympic Squads full

Prime Minister David Cameron made a joint announcement with Lord Coe today, setting out timetables for withdrawl of British troops from Afghanistan. Lord Coe followed this announcement by naming the...

Ironduke 23.08.12 11:00pm
Why ‘rape’ isn’t always wrong: A guide to sexual etiquette, by George Galloway

After the backlash from my recent comments regarding the allegations against Julian Assange, it has become clear that a lot of people do not fully understand sexual etiquette. So I’m here to tell...

Vertically Challenged Giant 23.08.12 10:59pm
Leaflet relief for Syrian rebels

The British Government has announced today that a huge package of aid has recently been sent to rebels desperately fighting against the oppressive regime of President Assad in Syria. The huge package...

Lucy4 23.08.12 10:52pm