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Middle class benefits review could mean end to hummus allowance 0
Ludicity 4 years
Guardian latest:UN Secretary General Anck Su Namun visits Pakistan floods 8
virtuallywill 4 years

Gordon Brown to embark on lucrative stuttering tour 0
jp1885 4 years
Edward VIII still officially King of Great Britain 6
jp1885 4 years

A routine catalogue of official paperwork at Buckingham Palace has left the British monarchy in disarray today; after archivists discovered that the abdication of King Edward VIII in 1936 was not...

Plumber's iPod selection changes housewife's entire musical outlook 4
allmyownstunts 4 years

"Thank God he played that thing so loud," gushed Penny Kelly (37), from Hounslow, "and for so many weeks!", Jobbing plumber Kevin Harrison had no idea,when he embarked on extensive soil pipe work at...

Government Acronym department axed for writing too many IOU's 0
Trini 4 years
FA announce twenty per cent rise in the size of players shirts. 0
mrlemoncurry 4 years

In a statement today the FA announced the loosening of limits on sponsorship deals ., The plan involves making the size of shirts twenty per cent larger by the start of the 2011/12 season to allow...

Millions of Americans excited to learn another superbowl is around the corner 2
Dumbnews 4 years
ASBOs to be replaced with community-treadmill service, providing green energy 0
Trini 4 years

[size=4]ASBOs to be replaced with community-treadmill service, providing green energy. [/size] [size=3]Northamptonshire Police are working in partnership with the local Borough Council to replace...

Lone Catholic priest comes forward claiming never to have molested children 3
Dumbnews 4 years
Australian aboriginal gazes into sky and nods as white friend rants on migrants 3
la maga 4 years
'Universe far more boring than we expected' admit scientists at LHC 0
la maga 4 years
Stalkers are becoming lazy home-alone losers 0
BlackAndroid 4 years

Stalkers nationwide are hanging up their raincoats and putting the binoculars and ski mask’s away. With the explosion of communication social network sites they are no longer required to be in tip...

No. 10 denies impending return to Dark Ages as Tory MPs re-fortify their castles 0
la maga 4 years

The Prime Minister has been forced to deny that Britain is on the verge of returning to the Dark Ages after news has leaked out that Tory MPs are re-fortifying their castles [i]en masse[/i]. Most of...

The Bens 1
nicluc 4 years

Terrible child actors Blake O’Leary and Charlie Jones have confirmed that they will be starring in a new show together since both announcing they are quitting playing the character of Ben in their...

Some cats are ginger. 1
FormerlyAlOPecia 4 years

Just thought I'd join in...

Economist predicts consumer spending from analyzing credit card usasge 3
Dumbnews 4 years
MOD reveals soliders 'blast pants' to be tested during Prime Ministers Questions 0
AJT 4 years

More to follow...

A-Team face internal inquiry after Murdoch gives $1million to the Republicans. 0
SingingHinny 4 years
Bank clients with small checking accounts to be charged underdraft fees 2
Dumbnews 4 years
New study finds picking mutual funds is riskier than picking stocks 1
Dumbnews 4 years
Michael Douglas looking to relaunch silent movies 3
simonjmr 4 years
Health Service cuts to boost the Nation's fitness 0
hero2zero 4 years

Professor of health policy at Durham university, David Hunter suggests that facing up to and paying to remedy the results of an unhealthy lifestyle will set people on the right track, or as the rest...

Clegg to improve social mobility by making Middle and Working Class Underclass. 0
FormerlyAlOPecia 4 years
HMRC staff sacked over race abuse 0
uddertucker 4 years

There was shock today as it revealed that several members of staff at HM Revenue and Customs were complete and utter bastards. Last January a complaint was lodged by someone complaining that their...

Government to review ‘middle class’ benefits payments 3
uddertucker 4 years

The coalition government today announced it is looking at possible ways of making the way benefits are paid fairer to all. Currently certain benefits, such as the winter fuel allowance and child...

Outrage as BBC use last year's footage of A-level students getting results 7
Ludicity 4 years

A-level students have expressed shock and disappointment after being denied the chance to excitedly jump up and down live on TV as they receive their results, following a BBC decision to broadcast...

Audi and BMW shares dip on news of middle-class benefit cuts 0
brownpaperreporter 4 years

In a rare joint statement the car manufacturers fear for their sales as the Government close in on a benefits review for the middle class "While we full support the removal of frivilous and...

Deformed Jelly Babies nothing to do with cloned beef gelatine - Haribo! 4
Sharpehunter 4 years

The increase in jelly babies with no heads, 1 arm and 4 legs has raised concerns about the effect of cloned beef gelatine and even in some quarters points to early indications of the possible impact...

Research shows most online ads are clicked by mistake or spambots 0
Dumbnews 4 years