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Assad orders thorough cleaning of entire Damascus sewer system 0
Qoxiivi 21.10.11 12:48pm
Rat in sewer distracts hounds from Fox on the run 0
Gary Baldy 21.10.11 12:38pm
Gary Baldy
Gaddafi regime goes down the drain. 0
beau-jolly 21.10.11 12:37pm
Gaddafi killed in cross fire. “Cross? We were livid,” says NTC 0
beau-jolly 21.10.11 12:35pm
Leader's death was misunderstanding - Supporters regret shouting "Gaddafi duck" 0
liamkane 21.10.11 12:16pm
Postman Pat shocked at sudden population rise at Greendale farm 0
charlies_hat 21.10.11 11:59am
Dale Farm residents charged over car battery discovery 0
liamkane 21.10.11 11:56am
Fancy dress shops sell out of ETA costumes ahead of Halloween. 0
Boutros 21.10.11 11:47am
Cameron sees Gaddafi news as "opportunity for more military redundancies" 0
Ian Searle 21.10.11 11:46am
Ian Searle
Radio ad car purchase terms to be replaced with sound of galloping hooves 1
allmyownstunts 21.10.11 11:42am
Dale farm protesters move on to fight planned new housing development 0
greg various 21.10.11 11:02am
greg various
Dale Farm neighbours remember when "it was all caravans round 'ere" 0
greg various 21.10.11 10:56am
greg various
As it happened: Minute by minute coverage of the death of Col Gaddafi

One minute alive, Next minute dead...

button 21.10.11 10:29am
Europe criticised after video reveals Greece left for dead. 0
brd888 21.10.11 10:19am
Daily Mail website reports sensational story of Gaddafi’s escape

While every other news agency in the world had been reporting sketchy details of Col Muammar Gaddafi’s death as they became available, the Daily Mail website was running a detailed account of his...

Vertically Challenged Giant 21.10.11 9:36am
Contestant Regrets Entering Gaddafi Look-Alike Contest

Last night contestants on a Libyan TV celebrity challenge game show were breathing a sigh of relief at not winning the Muammar Gaddafi look-alike section of the competition. The game show has long...

Deimos 21.10.11 9:27am
“Hitler definitely survived the war” claims new book The Grey Wolf

The new book claims Hitler not only survived war but shockingly also spent his remaining days living in a spare room in Churchill’s Kent home at Chartwell. He is alleged to have escaped using the...

Newsquelch 21.10.11 9:11am
"Most crime is committed by undercover police"

In a shock revelation, it appears that the majority of crime in 2010 was actually committed by undercover police officers. "We were acting from the best of motives.", explained a police spokesman,...

apepper 21.10.11 8:40am
Vertically Challenged Giant
Royal Mail stamp price rise enrages online community.

There has been widespread condemnation from the online community in response to Royal Mail's proposed increase in the 1st class stamp. If the postal service gets it's way, the price of the stamp...

Perks 21.10.11 8:34am
Vertically Challenged Giant
'Cunt' is no longer offensive

The often offensively used word 'cunt' is no longer deemed as offensive if used under certain circumstances. To lose it's offensive nature, cunt must be prefixed with the word 'fat' and be aimed in...

Perks 21.10.11 8:16am
36 year old scores 100 points to complete "I Spy" book of dead dictators 0
Iamthestig 21.10.11 8:07am
Surprise late entry from Libya for Turner Prize revealed.

Libyan artist Muhammed Al-Souk has made a surprise late entry for the Turner Prize: "Here I am trying to capture the essence of the re-birth of Libya, escaping the tyranny of the confines of the...

Al OPecia 21.10.11 8:02am
Battle for Dale Farm

was meant to be stuntshow for the new film "Lord of the ***". Some Pro might fix the roles for Frodo, Sam etc. Farmageddon came to the inhabitants of Dale Farm timely to prepare for the end of the...

4ty2 21.10.11 7:46am
According to Libyan TNC - man who shot Gaddafi "was very cross". More soon. 0
Al OPecia 21.10.11 7:03am
Al OPecia
Gaddafi to ask "What's new Arafat?". More soon. 0
Al OPecia 21.10.11 7:01am
Al OPecia
Gaddafi still alive. Tom Jones reported missing

More soon....

Mathna 21.10.11 7:00am
Al OPecia
Postcode Lottery couple “disappointed” with win

“We’ve won SH73 6PN, which is in Barnsley. And frankly, it’s a dump, and I don’t mean any disrespect to people who live in Barnsley.” So says Frank Shepherd, this week’s postcode...

nickb 21.10.11 6:37am
Tributes pour in for Muammar Gaddafi who has died suddenly at the age of 69.

Many world leaders described him as the life and soul of international politics over the past 30 years. Several of the more dubious ones said he was great at sticking his head over the parapet while...

MADJEZ 21.10.11 6:05am
Gary Baldy
Cameron's visit to Dale Farm marred by "Up yer feckin' arse ye!" remark 0
Drylaw 21.10.11 3:55am
Gadaffi, gadaffah,,la,lah,la life goes on

no more soon...

Ironduke 21.10.11 12:46am