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Sarkozy: "France has too many French people"

French President Nicolas Sarkozy has controversially claimed that France has too many French people...

apepper 08.03.12 9:00am
Origami tent manufacturer folds under pressure - more soon. 0
08.03.12 8:51am
Sun interfering with mobile phones, admits bemused astronomer at Leveson 0
nostra da mouse 08.03.12 8:42am
nostra da mouse
Thunderbirds remake hampered by "no strings" contract. More soon... 1
ianrbland 08.03.12 6:21am
Victor Meldrew gets own app - iDon'tbelieveit 2
ianrbland 08.03.12 5:29am
International Women's Day reaction "That's nice. Did you keep the receipt?"

Other comments include "Flowers would be nice", "Just try putting the seat down once in a while", and "Are you saying I'm so big that I need a whole day?". Next month Google will be highlighting...

Quaz 08.03.12 1:16am
Apple launch a french complete scaffolding set- introducing the iFulltower

Now lets all stop...

Perks 08.03.12 12:34am
Apple to launch new dating app - iCandy

Sorry, sorry., I couldn't stop myself...

The All New Jeni B 08.03.12 12:32am
Apple to present the Queen with a one-off Diamond Jubilee onePod 3
bonjonelson 08.03.12 12:22am
Newschunks - Bitesized clods of News

• Korean manned Space flight programme stalls grounded after Canine test-pilot disappears in mysterious circumstances. • Prince Harry warned by His Grandmother’s Revenue & Customs he WILL...

Newsquelch 07.03.12 11:19pm
The All New Jeni B
Butler on Butler violence on increase in Mayfair 1
paddyparkinson 07.03.12 11:05pm
Southport Raided by Vikings

The smoke could be seen as far as Liverpool. One by one along the Northwest coast, torches were lit on high hills, to signal to everyone that the once feared and mighty Vikings had finally returned...

paddyparkinson 07.03.12 10:59pm
Serial Killer upset after asterisk put next to body count.

"I could have killed just as many people without the use of steroids" shouted Tate O'Brien before being escorted out of the court room. Since most of the victims died of blunt force injuries, the...

Brian Malloy 07.03.12 10:29pm
John Ffitch-Rucker
Bleak picture for future of Syria painted by UN secretary Banksy Moon 1
nostra da mouse 07.03.12 10:17pm
Saudi homeopath faces a public flossing under Sharia law 5
cinquecento 07.03.12 9:49pm
Exoplanet discovered in orbit around Simon Cowell's ego.

The Society of British Astronomers in association with exoplanet hunting website Zooniverse will announce the discovery of a new exoplanet tomorrow. In a press release the Society explains how the...

ianrbland 07.03.12 9:42pm
Gorilla genome could hold clue to BNP

Researchers in Cambridge who have deciphered the genetic code of the gorilla, say they can now explain why members of the British National Party have failed to evolve beyond the Great Ape family....

roybland 07.03.12 9:17pm
Porn star told to keep up the good work 0
Dumbnews 07.03.12 8:31pm
View from platform 5 Willesden Junction to get its own app - iSore 3
ronseal 07.03.12 7:53pm
Blender manufacturer goes into liquidation

alternatively Fruit juice company goes into liquidation, etc....

Immunis 07.03.12 5:47pm
New alternate universe arachnophobic Spiderman series fails miserably.

More to come...

Brian Malloy 07.03.12 5:32pm
Brian Malloy
France has too many French people, say foreigners

Following controversial comments on immigrants made by French President Nicolas Sarkozy, people who live in other counties have found common ground in agreeing that the problem with France is that it...

Long Distance Clara 07.03.12 5:18pm
nostra da mouse
Oil prices rocket following Israeli attack on Iran nuclear facilities 0
nostra da mouse 07.03.12 5:03pm
nostra da mouse
Apple enter the piracy market with the launch of the iPatch 5
Psycadelic Squirrel 07.03.12 4:53pm
Psycadelic Squirrel
Porn industry welcomes new 'touchy-feely' iPad

I'm writing this before someone else does...

hughesroland 07.03.12 4:51pm
Remploy redundancies hailed by Tories as a return to traditional Tory values 0
Duncan Biscuit 07.03.12 3:02pm
Duncan Biscuit
11m Greeks win Euro millions without even buying tickets 0
Duncan Biscuit 07.03.12 3:01pm
Duncan Biscuit
Taxation fears force God to reconsider his ownership of many mansions 0
Duncan Biscuit 07.03.12 3:01pm
Duncan Biscuit
Apple enter Madagascan primate market with launch of the ii

.. enough igags already...

cinquecento 07.03.12 2:59pm
"Iran could develop nuclear weapons within 45 minutes" - Cameron 1
bonjonelson 07.03.12 2:46pm