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New more powerful stealth technology based on car keys and odd socks developed

A crack team of scientists from the UK have announced the creation of a more effective form of stealth technology for aircraft and even marine and land based artillary that uses properties taken from...

gregle 17.09.12 2:16pm
Royal outrage as French magazine publishes pictures of the Queen on the throne 5
charlies_hat 17.09.12 2:15pm
'Accent addict' confesses to history of murdering Chinese at takeaways

Twenty four year old John Richards from Harrow shocked friends at a class re-union last year, by reading out a Chinese Restaurant’s takeaway menu without deviating from his own whiney outer-London...

dvo4fun 17.09.12 1:39pm
Nick Clegg announces reforms to 'swimming certification'

In the biggest shake up of water based examinations in a generation, Nick Clegg has announced reforms to the swimming certificate. The changes come after years of people complaining the 10m...

Perks 17.09.12 1:10pm
West Ham supporters drafted in to spice up Muslim rioters chants

Fresh controversy has erupted in the Middle East with news that English football supporters have been brought in as consultants to help Muslim rioters develop better chants to use while protesting...

Yikes 17.09.12 1:10pm
Midfield Diamond
Worldwide police news: South Yorks. acclaims Afghani's Green on Blue strike-rate 1
dvo4fun 17.09.12 1:07pm
Stella’s Iranian ‘wifebeater’ launch “a theological dilemma” for hard-line Imams 0
dvo4fun 17.09.12 1:07pm
YouTube introduces new guidelines for its not-for-prophet channel 3
medici2471 17.09.12 12:58pm
Caribbean revealed as piracy hot spot 0
Ian Searle 17.09.12 12:33pm
Ian Searle
Kate Middleton's new swimwear range for children slammed

But on the bright side it is 50% off!...

Ian Searle 17.09.12 12:31pm
Ian Searle
GCSE shake up revealed, it's SEGC 0
Ian Searle 17.09.12 12:29pm
Ian Searle
Mars Rover surly after discovering remains of previous Mars Rovers

NASA has confirmed that its billion dollar Mars exploration programme was in jeopardy last night after the 'Curiousity' Rover began behaving unpredictably, moments after discovering the scattered...

Kuifje 17.09.12 12:06pm
Meals on Wheels says delivering Sir Ranulph Fiennes' lunch could be a challenge 5
DustyBinLaden 17.09.12 11:54am
Piers Morgan raffle win; newly discovered poisonous fungi named in his honour

Piers Morgan was the winner last night of a charity dinner raffle, in aid of Rainforest Awareness, to have a newly discovered species named after him. Naturalists this morning revealed the exciting...

thisisall1word 17.09.12 11:53am
Kate's Tits, Pippa's Arse: "They got them from me" says proud mum Carole 0
Nowherefast 17.09.12 11:42am
Thousands of Somali ships seen heading up the Manchester ship canal 0
simonjmr 17.09.12 11:09am
Report published in Manchester suggests Exeter is the piracy capital of the UK 0
simonjmr 17.09.12 11:08am
Chinese hack into Stephen Hawking

It has long been warned by security experts and disability charities that a new generation of hackers from the Far East pose a threat to us in Britain. MI5 and GCHQ recently discovered that the...

thogg 17.09.12 10:05am
A new vegetatative state

calling all Newsbiscuiters,got money problems?want to be free of the worry of having to pay your morgage off,Ive got the answer man,this will blow you away baby.I was sitting in my easy chair and...

psychedelic drip 17.09.12 9:53am

more soon hmm what do you think?...

dvo4fun 17.09.12 9:42am
Terror as Afghan soldier 'turns on criminals'

Afghanistan's criminal underworld was reported to be 'deeply disappointed' when it was revealed last night that an Afghan police officer had apparently arrested several Afghan citizens in broad...

Bravenewmalden 17.09.12 9:41am
Violent protests outside French Embassies after Middleton pictures published

Violent protests outside French Embassies after Middleton pictures published, The French Embassy in South Kensington was in flames last night after being over-run by English protesters unhappy...

willedwards 17.09.12 9:30am
Unification Church reveal that Moon had a Dark Side 6
Sinnick 17.09.12 8:51am
Wenlock and Mandeville remains identified in batch of Pedigree Chum 0
cinquecento 17.09.12 8:23am
Disgraced Prince Harry banished to Afghanistan to play with his chopper 0
godly1966 17.09.12 8:20am
Reshuffles ditched as cabinet members sit new end of year exam to stay in. 0
DustyBinLaden 17.09.12 7:14am
Cynical baker produces wry bread. More soon. 2
dominic_mcg 17.09.12 6:55am
Daily Star shuts Irish paper over Catherine's erect nipple photos and videos

Richard Desmond, owner of the UK's Daily Express, has expressed his wish to close-down the Irish newspaper he co-owns which published a photograph the Duchess of Cambridge's erect nipples which,...

antharrison 16.09.12 10:47pm
Man with 987 really narrow teeth launches BookFace website

Snore soon...

antharrison 16.09.12 10:03pm
Advertisment Feature - Get your commemorative 'Invasion of Privacy' pair of jugs

We are delighted to be able to offer you these Duchess of Cambridge, invasion of privacy, commemorative jugs. These jugs come in a pair and will help you remember the duchesses first invasion of...

Perks 16.09.12 9:52pm
Martin Shuttlecock