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Yorkshire Snowman to sue God

Snowy the Scarborough snowman today revealed a family grudge he's been bottling up for, oooooh, days, since he was built in fact. "I 'ate it when it snows! I'm not simply shivering, I'm shekkin'...

BewsNiscuit 24.03.13 10:54pm
Escape To Victory, Bend It Like Beckham and Goal! top Netflix charts 0
custard cream 24.03.13 10:48pm
custard cream
Mark Webber keys Vettel car 0
custard cream 24.03.13 9:26pm
custard cream
Marriage Breakup Tension Completely Relieved With "Its Not You, Its Me" Line

A tense stand-off in the relationship negotiations between Paul and Hilary Jones of Surbiton was relieved this afternoon after Paul revealed that he was seeking to end the six year marriage not...

thisisall1word 24.03.13 7:09pm
Cyprus to Introduce New Mattress Stash Tax

Following the failure of the plan to tax savings in Cyprus, the Cyprus Government has just announced it latest tax the Mattress Stash Tax. Under the proposal tax investigators will visit every home...

rosege 24.03.13 4:43pm
Freezing Weather, Up To The Rooftops In Durham...

"Can't find an effing Tory MP these days to put on the fire when you want one."...

Jesse Bigg 24.03.13 4:42pm
Jesse Bigg
Authorities condemn figure-of-eight M25 prank

The Highways Agency has condemned pranksters, who last night reconfigured the M25 in to a giant figure-of-eight, and branded their actions as being, “short-sighted, potentially dangerous and...

AdrianJ 24.03.13 4:06pm
Qui invenit duplici Helix formula pro DNA? 6
Ironduke 24.03.13 3:45pm
Too Shallow to Swim with the Current

Psychologists have known for some years now that successful relationships depend on each partner perceiving the other as significantly worse that them, as a way of not feeling guilty whilst having...

Big Ben 24.03.13 3:34pm
Big Ben
President Putin welcomes success of Operation Radox

"Now Boris swims with the yellow rubber ducks"...

Ironduke 24.03.13 3:27pm
Man embarrassed after giving himself stars, with blow-job to head. 1
Big Ben 24.03.13 3:23pm
Big Ben
Boris claims East End gang's acquisition of new home 'was not extortion'

London mayor Boris Johnson has defended the sale of the Olympic Stadium for the price of a plate of jellied eels to a couple of dodgy East End porn barons. Describing the deal as 'in keeping with ...

Midfield Diamond 24.03.13 2:24pm
'It's just not Cricket' says Pinocchio at police line-up 5
Dick Everyman 24.03.13 1:50pm
Teletext social networking takes Isle of Wight by storm 0
sydalg 24.03.13 1:19pm
Huhne's recent U-turn on gay marriage "was a painful decision" 0
sydalg 24.03.13 1:18pm
Career Women Leave Glass Ceiling Sparkling Clean

"Our husbands could eat their dinner straight off of that" say proud trailblazers...

thisisall1word 24.03.13 11:31am
Royal baby "to be sold on Ebay to reduce the deficit"

The government has announced that when the Duchess of Cambridge gives birth, the baby is to be sold to raise money for the nation. A spokesman explained; "We've already had some interest from Madonna...

apepper 24.03.13 11:29am
Kids rush to buy new Kit Kat Chunky Lego flavour 0
Boutros 24.03.13 11:19am
Ecstasy coated chewing gum to be sold in Yorkshire as Ebygum 8
custard cream 24.03.13 11:17am
Russian exile Ollie Gark found dead at his Surrey mansion. 0
MADJEZ 24.03.13 10:27am
F5 takes caravan parks by storm.

Despite worries that roofs, high-sided vehicles, and caravans, are at risk of getting taken aside by the strong arm of the weather, it was learned today that children in caravan parks up and down the...

Big Ben 24.03.13 10:20am
Big Ben
BBC wasted £2m on porn filter for Ceefax 3
sydalg 24.03.13 10:13am
Big Ben
Benefits cheat Richard III only pretended to be a hunchback

Richard III, the most famous hunchback in British history, was a brazen fraud who fought three major battles while claiming disability allowance, it has been revealed. Historian Dr Jason Green, of...

sydalg 24.03.13 10:10am
Big Ben
Koreain’ towards End of Daewoos. (2)

Christian Ministers have made full use of the fear-appeal of nuclear Armageddon to get people to church, and keep them there, entertained with sermons of multiple-headed beasts that will come across...

Big Ben 24.03.13 10:05am
Big Ben
Former Scots Guard cheated taxpayers of thousands of pounds

A former Scots Guard who claimed tens of thousands of pounds of taxpayers' money for doing 'phantom' jobs was guilty of fraud, a tribunal has ruled. 'This claimant,purporting to be employed as a MP...

roybland 24.03.13 7:38am
Man dies of heart attack during game of charades. More soon. 4
Al OPecia 23.03.13 11:51pm
Abramovich 1 Berezovsky 0, Putin scores 0
Dick Everyman 23.03.13 11:17pm
Dick Everyman
Nestle confirm Kit Kat Chunky is a bar not a term of abuse 0
custard cream 23.03.13 10:41pm
custard cream
Berezovsky dead: Polonium KitKat Chunky bars recalled 0
Iscariot 23.03.13 10:30pm
Queen does rough draft of telegram to Philip for 2021 0
sydalg 23.03.13 9:50pm