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Man who launched pooper-scoop company says "Business is picking up" 2
seymour totti 25.07.12 7:04pm
Field for sale; slightly soiled 0
Perks 25.07.12 5:55pm
Olympic opening ceremony to feature Prince Philip shooting wildlife

Rumours that Prince Philip is to feature in the spectacular Opening Ceremony of the Olympic Games have been confirmed by Buckingham Palace insiders. When faced with the prospect of having to endure...

Stan 25.07.12 4:43pm
Vertically Challenged Giant
Scottish government to allow two Jocks to marry 0
charlies_hat 25.07.12 4:25pm
Beckham awarded Hi-Viz steward status for Olympic games 0
simonjmr 25.07.12 3:57pm
Manchester airport to adopt "A Roaming we will go" as new anthem 0
simonjmr 25.07.12 3:53pm
Macaulay Culkin to star in new movie 'Flown Alone' 0
Psycadelic Squirrel 25.07.12 2:23pm
Psycadelic Squirrel
Ipswich Man Wins Right To Eat Cat

An East Anglian man has been given the all clear by the High Court in London to eat his pet cat paving the way for more Britons to cook, fry, boil and roast their pets. The landmark decision is seen...

HIGNFY 25.07.12 1:14pm
Argentina Steal Falkalnd Islands

The British Government is holding emergency talks with Argentina after the Argentine navy stole the Falkland Islands and moved it to within just 1 mile of the Argentine mainland. The daring raid...

HIGNFY 25.07.12 1:11pm
Cameron defends 'cash in hand' payment after Clegg washed his bike 3
25.07.12 1:10pm
Lord Green responds to HSBC Money Laundering accusations: "My hands are clean" 1
dvo4fun 25.07.12 1:07pm
Manc boards plane to Italy

A 28-year-old Man from Manchester has boarded a plane to Rome, on his own, with a passport, ticket and boarding pass. The man got through a security screen by mingling with families, young...

Old Hat 25.07.12 1:06pm
"Olympian Only" Breathing Zones announced

In a frankly predictable move, LOCOG have identified that there will be specific breathing areas set aside in London's parks for Olympic Officials and competitors. A spokesman said "It is risible...

FlashArry 25.07.12 1:05pm
PANIC AS OLYMPIC ATHLETICS TRACK MEASURES IN AT 375 METRES Panic gripped East London today as final measurements of the landmark athletics track revealed it to be a full 25 metres too...

Peter749400 25.07.12 1:05pm
Olympic terror threat level reduced after al-Qaeda outsource terrorism to G4S

There were large sighs of relief today following news that security firm G4S have been put in charge of organising all of al-Qaeda’s terrorist activities for the 2012 Olympics. ‘It just makes...

Ludicity 25.07.12 1:04pm
Unaided flight may be possible with right combination of real ale & Stagg chilli 0
simonjmr 25.07.12 12:50pm
Images from new Superman movie released of Superman with a capon 0
simonjmr 25.07.12 12:47pm
Legalisation of gay marriage in Scotland not due to ugliness of Scottish women. 0
dominic_mcg 25.07.12 12:33pm
Tesco agrees to re-imburse 'Fifty Shades' customer who cannot find her clitoris

A 49 year old Wakefield woman has spoken publicly for the first time, after supermarket giant Tesco reluctantly agreed to refund her following her purchase of the steamy sex trilogy 'Fifty Shades if...

Underconstruction 25.07.12 12:23pm
Marathon runners face disqualification if they fail to eat Happy Meals during...

race, London 2012 organisers, have warned marathon runners, that their finishing positions will be 'null and void', if they fail to consume Happy Meals given to them at feeding stations during the...

Underconstruction 25.07.12 12:03pm
Airport security introduce compulsory clear plastic bag for all 11 year old boys 3
charlies_hat 25.07.12 10:58am
Vertically Challenged Giant
Trashy sex novels blamed for decline in writing standards.

The rise in popularity of novels such as 50 Shades of Grey and its sequels is being blamed for a disturbing slip in the quality of mainstream standards of writing, according to a study by a media...

wallster 25.07.12 8:53am
Police arrest man for obscene gesture at torch relay...

A London man, Gerald Drayton, 36 has been arrested for an obscene gesture as the Olympic Torch made its way from Kingston to Hillingdon on Day 1,878. A Police Spokesman said “Mr Drayton was...

hardev 25.07.12 8:45am
Love Cats by the Cure cited in Cardiff University study.

Scientists decided on kittens as an appropriate model organism for the 2010 experiment on lazy eye syndrome after listening to the methodical lyrics of Robert Smith. Children who suffer from a lazy...

scottishbird 25.07.12 7:39am
Father discovers hallway closed for 2 months for Summer Playtime

After a council of 8 year olds voted to spend the summer playing at Martin's house, Martin's dad Pete has been informed his hallway will be out of action for the next two months. Despite Pete's...

kga6 25.07.12 7:33am
British public ‘elated but exhausted’ after trying to watch cycling for a week

Thousands of Brits have expressed their delight at Bradley Wiggins’ Tour de France win, but also admitted that they are ‘mentally and physically drained’ after pretending to be interested in...

Vertically Challenged Giant 25.07.12 7:33am
Tom Daly forced to compete in his pants after forgetting kit yet again

British Olympic medal hopeful Tom Daly has been forced to compete in a warm up event wearing only his pants, as the diver forgot his kit for the 138th consecutive time. ‘I’m really quite...

Vertically Challenged Giant 25.07.12 7:30am
Isle of Wight visit-residents 'amazed' by Queen Victoria's youthful appearance. 0
writinginbsl 25.07.12 7:28am
Prostitutes who declare earnings "Immorally right" says Cameron 1
Drylaw 25.07.12 4:59am
Entrepreneur sentenced to death penalty for abortion of unborn corporation

A man was sentenced to death today for the murder of an unborn corporation. Kurtis Drehmer had conceived a business plan to aid companies in complying with environmental and safety regulations. He...

Archibald Chesley 25.07.12 2:40am
Archibald Chesley