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MoD Harrier eBay blunder

Ministry of Defence officials were putting on a brave face today after the National Audit Office highlighted failings in cost-cutting projects. 74 Harrier Jump Jets have been sold on eBay to the US...

Patrick Tobin 17.11.11 7:22am
Hague backs plans to restrict discussions that could reveal MPs' intelligence

William Hague has backed plans to prevent intelligence being discussed in open conversation, particularly when it makes MPs look stupid. "As Secretary of Two Big, Important Things, I am ideally...

Runestone Cowboy 17.11.11 7:16am
Santorum Informs Des Moines First Graders That Classmate Gino is Deformed

Des Moines, Ia. For someone who has never set foot in a school, Rick Santorum seemed to be in his element in Miss Hess’s first grade classroom. Friday’s visit to Miss Hess’s first grade...

bobo lutz 17.11.11 1:10am
bobo lutz
Resignation letter of ex-European IMF director found in St James’s Park bin

Oliver Letwin MP was today unavailable for comment following the discovery of the damning resignation letter of Antonio Borges, until recently the head for Europe at International Monetary Fund...

fernandomando 17.11.11 12:41am
Ernest Jones to design "Royal Vajazzle"

In a move described by a Buckingham Palace spokesperson as "putting a regal finger on the pulse of the the nation", The Queen today awarded high street jeweller Ernest Jones the honour of designing...

grumblechops 17.11.11 12:18am
BBC resurrects Jim'll Fix It for Christmas

Dear Jim/BBC/Shane, now then, now then, now then I am a recently deceased national treasure (sic) can you please fix it for me to be brought back from the dead. James (Scarborough / Leeds)...

simonjmr 16.11.11 11:56pm
Def Leppard "Extinct in the wild" claim experts 2
bonjonelson 16.11.11 11:21pm
Unemployed turned away from The Iron Lady : "No DSS, Irish" 0
Drylaw 16.11.11 8:58pm
Tesco shopper complains of dead bird in chicken and bacon pasta salad

After hearing news reports of a Somerset man finding the carcass of a dead bird in a pre-prepared Tesco salad, Paul Byrne from Leicester checked his own purchase, and was horrified by what he found....

Vertically Challenged Giant 16.11.11 8:17pm
Lorry driver drops acid outside Buckingham Palace. Harry denies involvement. 0
Monkeycustard 16.11.11 7:35pm
Sepp Blatter announces, 'minor disputes should be resolved with racism' 0
Perks 16.11.11 7:33pm
UKuncut latest: still no sign of a Linux user 0
ronseal 16.11.11 7:01pm
UK Economic outlook downgraded to "a quick peek". More soon. 0
Al OPecia 16.11.11 6:58pm
Al OPecia
Smoking only to be allowed in empty cars

Doctors are asking for a ban on smoking in cars that contain any people...

apepper 16.11.11 6:27pm
Shock as Sir Cliff appears on 'Loose Women' and still goes home alone.

SAGA Magazine seal deal for aftershow party pics...

Bryan with a Y 16.11.11 6:17pm
Bryan with a Y
"Now, that's more like it !" says Thatcher as youth unemployment tops 1 million 0
dvo4fun 16.11.11 5:42pm
ITV to introduce 'Tesco Direct' bushtucker trial 2
Screenie 16.11.11 5:10pm
Ryanair to charge passengers for breathing

Thrifty airline Ryanair have stunned travellers with their latest announcement that use of oxygen on all flights will be charged at £50 per 100 litres. Ryanair will ensure mandatory use of their...

Shandy 16.11.11 4:11pm
Al OPecia
Doctors call for car smoking ban

Is this what they meant ;-)

Sinnick 16.11.11 4:01pm
Al OPecia
Racism claim as John Terry only captains England against white/blonde players. 0
MADJEZ 16.11.11 2:27pm
Ryanair to introduce new 'slave class' seating to save money spent on fuel

The seating comes equipped with pedals and a 'personal motivator' with whip and drums...

Screenie 16.11.11 2:25pm
Shampoo industry faces “epidemic” of normal hair

Most people’s hair has become normal, according to an extensive study by a hair care industry body. As a result, shampoo manufacturers and advertisers are now facing a crisis in marketing.,...

nickb 16.11.11 2:24pm
Theresa May refuses to take the blame for X Factor's "lapsed entry controls"

Theresa May issued a firm denial of responsibility for the lapsed quality controls on this summer's X factor entrants that saw Frankie Cocozza avoid detection. Home Secretary May speaking on the...

hansens-scar 16.11.11 1:44pm
Yahoo to investigate after claim it failed to provide "sufficient sex pop-ups"

Yahoo are to launch a full investigation after it emerged yesterday that users of its browser "were being given insufficient opportunities to find on-line sex". One angry surfer, Hans O'Hare,...

hansens-scar 16.11.11 1:25pm
Leveson inquiry to investigate phone tapping of inquiry panel

more to follow...

hansens-scar 16.11.11 1:18pm
Mumsnet " brought to its knees by dildo storm"

The website Mumsnet was taken offline yesterday after a mum used its message boards to declare her "male equivalent of MILF", leading to thousands of complaints.  'Well, I saw the "M" term...

NewSuburbanDad 16.11.11 12:34pm
Last remaining female without 'sensitive skin' discovered 0
Screenie 16.11.11 12:26pm
Johnners quits to join "Hampers and Champers" Party Planners 0
Drylaw 16.11.11 12:06pm
"Binary system is too simple" says Ofsted

Education experts and politicians have been surprised by the conclusions of an Ofsted enquiry. Sir Michael Wilshire, Ofsted's Chief Inspector, outlined the key findings of their fifteen year...

dvo4fun 16.11.11 12:04pm
Scientists disprove ‘first smelt it dealt it’ theorem

Scientists at Bristol University have succeeded in disproving Newton’s Fourth Law of Motion, commonly known as the ‘first smelt it dealt it’ theory. ‘This theory has split the global...

ianslat 16.11.11 12:01pm