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'Sling yer 'ook Scotland' remark ill-advised, admits Cameron 0
jp1885 16.01.12 12:31pm
Fat Top Cat

Clegg intervened in the fat cats debate saying "too many hide behind impenetrable texts which are obscuring rather than illuminating". This follows after Cameron and Miliband tried to portray...

Hugh Nose 16.01.12 12:29pm
Hugh Nose
New all-inclusive language book announced: Beginning Finnish 3
Smart Alex 16.01.12 12:26pm
Italian ship captain didn't know his aft from his elbow 0
charlies_hat 16.01.12 12:21pm
Ghost of Bob Holness haunts Blockbuster tunnel. 2
JETFAB 16.01.12 12:11pm
Major Clanger
Broom manufacturer announces sweeping cutbacks 2
bonjonelson 16.01.12 12:05pm
Major Clanger
Ah, so you saw THAT one did you Wenger? says everyone 0
Oxbridge 16.01.12 11:49am
Jury's axed in favour of Magistrates

A new government white paper suggests axing jury's on some 70.000 trails per year could help cover NHS losses in a number of specialist areas...

Hugh Nose 16.01.12 11:38am
Hugh Nose
Costa Concordia to be new Royal Yacht. 1
Tammy Flugh 16.01.12 11:27am
Top half of cruise ship conjurer's assistant still missing 1
yussle 16.01.12 11:16am
Midfield Diamond
Government puts offer on ex Italian cruise liner for new Royal Yacht. 1
bonjonelson 16.01.12 11:15am
Tammy Flugh
PM: new 'adopt an abandoned Christmas tree' scheme was "a complete failure" 0
hughesroland 16.01.12 10:59am
UK technically in recession as stitch in time savings index drops to 'seven' 0
cinquecento 16.01.12 10:55am
Cruise captain's career is on the rocks 0
Sinnick 16.01.12 10:22am
Greengrocers follow in Waterstones footsteps by removing unnecessary apostrophes

Say goodbye to potato's and apple's...

kimllfixit 16.01.12 10:19am
Shoplifter who stole diary gets twelve months 3
Major Clanger 16.01.12 10:09am
"Gove earning to pay for Royal Yacht.."

Gove due to return to education following confidential letter...

Hugh Nose 16.01.12 10:05am
Hugh Nose
Mother's horror as man sells iPad to buy kidney

The mother of a Chinese man has spoken of her horror after finding out that her son, identified only as 'Big Zheng', had arranged the sale of one of his iPads to fund the purchase of a kidney in a...

rickwestwell 16.01.12 9:57am
Rohypnol shares soar as Russell Brand single again.

More potential law suits soon...

kimllfixit 16.01.12 9:37am
UK dips into recession due to excessive think tank fees.. more soon no doubt 0
Iamthestig 16.01.12 9:30am
Power cut thwarts rise of the machines 0
simonjmr 16.01.12 9:03am
Santorum Evades Fire and Brimstone for Now But Faces Christ's Wrath Via Lawsuit

[i]Editor’s Note: When I couldn’t nail Jesus Christ down for an interview about his lawsuit, I asked him to provide commentary . On Monday, Jesus Christ filed a lawsuit against “Jesus...

bobo lutz 16.01.12 9:02am
Thieves who dug tunnel to get to ATM escape with miner charges

More to follow...

apepper 16.01.12 9:00am
Man Utd says "If your good enough your young enough".

In a shock move today Sir Alex Ferguson confirmed that after successfully recalling the retired Paul Scholes, he plans to replace most of his existing squad from the greats of Man Utd. Ferguson told...

MikeKent 16.01.12 8:59am
Drunk crane driver suspended 5
Psycadelic Squirrel 16.01.12 8:58am
Teachers 'up in arms' after kids state school is 'interesting and relevant.'

The National Union of Teachers has issued a statement condemning kids who enjoy school. , 'It's our turf,' said an NUT spokesperson who refused to be named, 'They can't just waltz in here liking it...

Samasaea 16.01.12 8:02am
'I was just following the TomTom' claims cruise ship captain 0
Immunis 16.01.12 7:40am
Celine Dion concert on Costa Concordia postponed 'indefinitely'

but her heart will go on and on and on and on...

Nick McCarr 16.01.12 7:37am
Nick McCarr
Automated voice response revealed as cyberman invasion plot

The automated voice services used by many companies to answer customer service enquiries were revealed today to be the precursor to a Cyberman invasion. , Many will be familiar with the cold,...

Samasaea 16.01.12 7:37am
Julius Caesar admits to planting uncharted reef, blames Vesuvius. 0
Griffin 16.01.12 7:30am