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Scientists name a new species of talking primate – the Articulated Loris 3
Sinnick 22.05.12 7:18pm
NICE guidance recommends 'having sex' as most effective infertility treatment 0
Mandy Lifeboat 22.05.12 6:44pm
Mandy Lifeboat
Tesco launch 'space home delivery' service

With the first commercial cargo ship heading for the International Space Station (ISS), Tesco has announced the launch of it’s own ‘space home delivery service’. This will allow the crew aboard...

Perks 22.05.12 6:28pm
Roman Abramovich sacks Roman Abramovich

Following Chelsea's Champions League success, Roman Abramovich has fired himself. "It has become something of a tradition that someone gets sacked when our Champions League campaign comes to an end....

seymour totti 22.05.12 6:20pm
Clare Ellen
Obama tells Cameron to "give him 3 rings" to say he's home safely

At the recent G8 summit, Britain’s 'special relationship' with America rose to new levels when Barack Obama told David Cameron to "give him 3 rings" to say he'd made it back to the hotel safely....

seymour totti 22.05.12 6:17pm
Clare Ellen
Cat left homeless after metal thieves steal hot tin roof 0
Underconstruction 22.05.12 6:10pm
Camera crews threaten to televise Diamond Jubilee in sick pay dispute stunt 1
Skylarking 22.05.12 6:09pm
Clare Ellen
Community trigger plans in chaos after six people complain about Theresa May 0
Underconstruction 22.05.12 6:05pm
New Chelsea home shirt will incorporate sown-on winners medal

Chelsea Football Club have unveiled the latest weapon in their quest for global domination, in the form of a shirt which already has a winners medal attached., Fans have been snapping up the...

Underconstruction 22.05.12 5:47pm
Trucker Barry Wilson completes day 35 of the Olympic Breakfast relay.

Barry Wilson from Rotherham has just completed day 35 of his London 2012 Olympic Breakfast relay. The 43 year old delivery driver is on a 70 day tour of the UK, stopping at every Little Chef en...

wallster 22.05.12 5:20pm
BBC ‘Fountain Pen’ story proves skiving workers will “literally read anything"

Currently at number three on the ‘Most Read’ list, the BBC’s piece on the rising popularity of fountain pens is being quoted by commentators as conclusive evidence that UK workers are prepared...

grumblechops 22.05.12 3:36pm
‘Community trigger’ to be used to fire ‘community rubber bullets’ 0
ianslat 22.05.12 2:34pm
I miss Kim greatly but must move on - Korean leader's widow speaks 1
Drylaw 22.05.12 1:44pm
Tunbridge Wells fuels first ever whinge-turbines with record levels of outrage

The Coalition Government has hailed the country’s first ever ‘whinge-farm’ a huge success. The first four whinge-generation turbines are currently being trialled just outside Tunbridge Wells in...

Skylarking 22.05.12 1:33pm
Des Custard
2013 Grammy's Obituary list nearing dangerous levels and still 8 months to go

"2013 's Grammy Awards are looking to be completely consumed by the Obituaries Montage, there have been so many deaths in recent months that we are in danger of the Obituary section taking over...

simonjmr 22.05.12 12:51pm
Trident Submarines to be used to provide nuclear energy. Quickly. More soon. 0
Al OPecia 22.05.12 12:47pm
Al OPecia
Daily Mail: Anti-cancer drugs can prevent cancer

Doctors have revealed that anti-cancer treatments can be effective against cancer. One doctor explained; "For years, I've been following sensible Daily Mail advice and told patients to simultaneously...

apepper 22.05.12 12:44pm
Just William carries the Olympic torch through Taunton. 0
Ian Searle 22.05.12 12:39pm
Ian Searle
Bakery apprenticeships now operating on a "know to knead" basis 0
seymour totti 22.05.12 11:46am
seymour totti
Lord Coe denies cashing in after bottled "Olympic dreams" go on sale 0
simonjmr 22.05.12 11:18am
Royal family upset with Government's "Fire at Will" proposals

More later...

dvo4fun 22.05.12 11:00am
ESRD: The day drought ceased to exist. An insider reveals why and how.

As a former senior member of the Climate Department of the Environment Agency I can reveal the reason behind the renaming of drought and the process we followed in choosing a new name. Environmental...

weematt 22.05.12 9:35am
Mistakenly sold a claim for mis-sold payment protection insurance? Call now! 0
Boarfunkel 22.05.12 9:22am
Crimbo due December 0
medici2471 22.05.12 8:41am
Abu Hamza 'changes name to escape past'

Now known as Osama Bin Laden...

riesler 22.05.12 8:34am
Classless society encourages truancy, report shows. 0
Not Amused 22.05.12 8:28am
Not Amused
Govt. flooded with calls trying to switch provider for their draft energy bill 0
charlies_hat 22.05.12 7:41am
Zuckerberg off his facebook. 0
Maverick 22.05.12 2:48am
UN declares global crisis for people with access to slow and unreliable Internet 0
Dumbnews 21.05.12 11:37pm
Nobel prize to be awarded to whoever can make Internet fast and reliable 0
Dumbnews 21.05.12 11:35pm