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Health Minister Sets Record Straight, 1
4 years

"I was actually talking about those NHS Cu*ts"...

Japan to build replacement nuclear power station 1
Sinnick 4 years

In response to the potentially catastrophic failure of it's Fukushima nuclear plant, the Japanese PM has today announced an emergency plan to build another, larger nuclear plant to replace it. The...

Public sympathise with cops on pay but there's not much we can do about it sorry 4
ronseal 4 years
The Government's Secret Weapons Centre at Porton Down has released papers 0
4 years

from the 1950's under the Freedom Of Information Act. These confirm they were actively involved in sinister "Population Control" research from 1952 onwards. These were for use on the UK...

Prince Charles denies he swapped his kingdom for a horse. 0
martin2381 4 years

In a rare interview yesterday, HRH The Prince of Wales has denied reports that he promised his son William and the Queen that he would give up the throne if he could marry Camilla. At the same...

Self harmers ready to accept NHS cuts. More soon. 0
dominic_mcg 4 years

hat tip to "be reasonable"'s story last week...

"Failing Hague" To Get Back To Basics 0
Jesse Bigg 4 years

"If I can deliver bottles of pop on time in Wath-on-Dearne, South Yorkshire, without wearing a baseball cap, I can deliver anything...

4 years

Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle. Throughout the main body of his original 1927 paper, written in German, Heisenberg used the word "Unbestimmtheit" ("indeterminacy") to describe the basic...

French Culture Minister Censured over 'The Voice of The Young'. 3
4 years

Frederic Mitterrand, the already beleaguered "Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication" was rounded upon by friends and opponents alike after shock news that Johnny Hallyday, national icon and...

Spinal surgeons express support for cut-backs... 8
be reasonable 4 years
Facebook to introduce 'Sympathize with the victims of this tragedy' button 0
Grover 4 years

Following a recent series of horrific world events including earthquakes in New Zealand and Japan, tsunamis, nuclear power plant leaks, and the on-going humanitarian crisis in Libya, world-renowned...

Party manifestos to be displayed in plain packets with government health warning 4
Ludicity 4 years

New election rules mean that all political manifestos will be required by law to be displayed inside plain white packets with a prominent health warning. Politicians will no longer be able to...

Tories accused of cutting too far with shorter nights. 0
OldThingy 4 years

When the clocks go forward for daylight saving time Animal Activists have protested this is a cut too far. Not only will we lose an hour in the morning we also lose an hour of darkeness in the...

James Nesbitt to play James Nesbitt in major new TV series 4
Des and Stan 4 years

Popular actor James Nesbitt is to play James Nesbitt in a major new six-part thriller on BBC 2. James Nesbitt is an irascible, wisecracking, straight talking Ulsterman who doesn’t suffer fools...

"Charlie Sheen Snorted My Hamster" 0
SP Faz 4 years
Japanese Radiation Leak: Godzilla fears creation of new enemy mutations 0
nilbymouse 4 years
Japan praised over tsunami footage 0
nilbymouse 4 years

Lessons have been learnt since the 2005 tsunami when footage was 'amateur at best'...

James Nesbitt to play Sean Connery in Biopic. More shoon. 0
FormerlyAlOPecia 4 years
Hurricane latest: Interpol raids series of butterfly lairs, dozens arrested 0
ronseal 4 years
Up and coming artist refused U.S. Visa for not being outstanding enough 0
markmypaper 4 years

stage name "Withered Hand" insists he is not a wanker...

Public sector unions reject plan to make their members work until 5 9
Duncan Biscuit 4 years
If tsunami hits Hawaii, it's because God's angry about Obama lying about being 8
Oxbridge 4 years

born there. Or something like that. Say Republicans...

LA Clinic customizes Fit or Fugly IPhone App for baby scans. 0
SP Faz 4 years

Abortions are increasing at an alarming rate as the application Fit or Fugly is being used at 20 month pregnancy scans. DR Carl Steiner from the California baby unit says' ‘with the latest 3D...

Government to target 20% reduction in employment by 2012 0
Sinnick 4 years
Libya Latest- UK to Send Mary Poppins DVDs 0
Dun Dunkin 4 years

but not anti tank missiles...

Dante B 4 years

It is being reported that the recent tsunami off the north east coast of Japan was not caused by an earthquake but was, in fact, created by a vengeful group of whales and dolphins. From his cave,...

Teletubbies Move Into International Space Station 0
Q William Bacon 4 years

Po is hungry. He is getting some Tubby Custard. But he forget to turn on the centrifuge! Silly Po. Now custard is floating all over the galley! There are so many things to learn when you move...

Guardian website sacks poof-reader 7
pinxit 4 years
Bespectacled man bisected in pen verses sword showdown. 0
Worth 4 years
Season 7 of Lost with cast in snorkels and aqualungs 'much easier to understand' 1
Hurrumph 4 years