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Al Gore denies he is dead, Vidal Sassoon keeps quiet 0
Quaz 01.08.12 10:29pm
Philips Idowu to miss Olympics because of sponsor infringement claim Panasonic

More soon Explanation:, Philips is an athlete and an electrical company - geddit?...

custard cream 01.08.12 10:04pm
Reclaim the Phones claim major success in India

An anonymous spokesman claimed a major success in cutting power to call centres over two days. A celebration is planned with an impromptu performance of John Cage's 4'33"...

middenview 01.08.12 9:42pm
Traces of silver found in Zara Phillips' saliva

More to follow...

apepper 01.08.12 9:00pm
nostra da mouse
Agile Boris wows crowds with reverse double flag & twin half-mast ariel display 2
ginty 01.08.12 8:02pm
Bradley Wiggins looks like Daman Albarn claims couch potato

Dolly Parton wannabee Claire Nixon from Derby, who has had her breasts enlarged at the cost of £4,500, paid for by her scrap metal dealer father is the first person to notice bradley wiggins and his...

Reg Herring 01.08.12 7:35pm
Reg Herring
European Court of Human Rights award Abu Qatada same rights as ZZ Top 0
The Masked Frog 01.08.12 6:59pm
The Masked Frog
Disqualified badminton players admit being inspired by Blackburn Rovers

More soon....

custard cream 01.08.12 6:23pm
custard cream
Osborne Disqualified For "Not Trying" 0
Mike Turbine-Hamilton 01.08.12 5:12pm
Mike Turbine-Hamilton
Olympic angling team delighted with double pike 0
Smart Alex 01.08.12 4:38pm
Smart Alex
Syria to Become More Newsworthy by Awarding Medals for Massacres, Atrocities 0
thisisall1word 01.08.12 3:25pm
Koreans disqualified for bringing a 10m Air Rifle to the 10m Air Rifle event

They're blaming the Chinese...

Rootin Tootin 01.08.12 3:20pm
Rootin Tootin
Eight sports thrown out of Olympics for 'being a bit shit'

I'm sure this has potential but the mojo has gone. Anyone want to take it up?...

Oxbridge 01.08.12 2:42pm
Cyclists expecting to be pushed all the way to the line. Investigation underway

More soon....

Not Amused 01.08.12 2:06pm
Not Amused
Olympic Fencing to be made more exciting by use of props

In a bid to make Olympic fencing more accessible to spectators, officials have announced a trial in which theatre-style props are to be introduced into the arena. Initially these props will include...

Smart Alex 01.08.12 1:29pm
Actual Size
Decline in newspaper sales blamed on giving them away for free

A new study by the London School of Economics has found strong evidence for the decline in newspaper sales. Professor Delman reported that, ‘It may not be obvious to the layman but if you sell...

Actual Size 01.08.12 1:20pm
Actual Size
Public Outcry as Opening Ceremony 'Fails to Reflect British Culture'

ForumThe NewsBiscuit Community, Welcome, Totty | Log Out | Private Messages, Search: Quick links: NewsBiscuit Home • Chat Room • Writers' Room • Top Ten Public Outcry as Opening...

Totty 01.08.12 12:28pm
Badminton "just a bit boring" admits S. Korean

South Korea's Kim Min-Jung admitted that Tuesday's badminton debacle arose because none of the remaining pairs could be bothered to play any better. Ms Kim told state media "None of us are really...

BAJDixon 01.08.12 12:20pm
Do Ping is innocent. More soon. 0
dominic_mcg 01.08.12 11:35am
Argumentative pair win rowing gold medal 0
charlies_hat 01.08.12 11:31am
Chinese and Koreans looking forward to throwing events in athletics 2
charlies_hat 01.08.12 9:34am
Dorset police warn badminton chiefs for saying players did not use best efforts 0
Duncan Biscuit 01.08.12 9:22am
Duncan Biscuit
Women's beach volleyball spectators disappointed at lack of shirt swapping

More letching soon...

seymour totti 01.08.12 8:59am
seymour totti
Women's football attendees disappointed by lack of heavy rain 0
antharrison 01.08.12 8:42am
E. Coli rebrands itself "Eco. Li"

E.Coli, a leading bacterium in the food poisoning industry, has confirmed it is renaming all 400 trillion of itself as "Eco. Li" with immediate effect. 'Host organisms should  recognise the...

NewSuburbanDad 01.08.12 8:39am
Mitt Romney: Aleppo was my least favourite Marx Brother. More soon. 1
dominic_mcg 01.08.12 8:18am
Actual Size
Cyclists 'cull' given green light

In scenes reminiscent of the euphoria over London's successful Olympic bid, motoring group members danced with joy in Trafalgar Square this morning as the government finally accepted that a cull was...

Bobsgoodeye 01.08.12 8:03am
Glastonbury fans 'very disappointed' with London's alternative 3-Day Event 0
dvo4fun 01.08.12 8:01am
Paralympic Revamp To Include Paralytics

In an attempt to boost stadium ticket sales for the London 2012 Paralympics, LOCOG have announced that in addition to the traditional T and F competition categories, a new K category will be added....

George Harvey Bone 31.07.12 10:58pm
Double dip recession disqualified from Olympic swimming final

More to follow...

apepper 31.07.12 10:01pm