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CAMRA to sponsor 'Beer Idol' a new Real-ale-ity TV show. 1
JETFAB 11.11.12 7:37pm
Mr Gideon upset that, yet again, wife accidentally leaves bible in hotel room 5
Smart Alex 11.11.12 7:31pm
New BBC drama “tackles BBC drama”, says stand-in BBC boss...

Tim Davie, acting Director General of the BBC, is determined to “hit the ground running”, as he announces some of the new programmes that will be soon be hitting our screens. “Anyone who thinks...

Tripod 11.11.12 7:29pm
Favourites for European Pub Champions League - Real Ale Madrid 3
weematt 11.11.12 7:18pm
custard cream
No China crisis at BBC insists Patten

unlike when I was Hong Kong Governor...

custard cream 11.11.12 7:17pm
custard cream
BBC broadcast to remember the fallen: John Entwistle, Newsnight, journalism... 1
AReader 11.11.12 7:13pm
custard cream
Zeitgeist Publishing launches new mag for style stalinists - Totally Tarianism 1
ronseal 11.11.12 7:13pm
custard cream
BBC canteen staff resign after "one joke too many" 0
Drylaw 11.11.12 7:07pm
Intentionally left blank 0
deskpilot3 11.11.12 5:28pm
BBC Boss resigns for not running story that wasn't true. More soon. 0
deskpilot3 11.11.12 5:26pm
Falkirk man to auction family Poppy

A 62 year-old man from Scotland, seen proudly wearing the UKs oldest working Poppy at a Remembrance Day Parade in Falkirk earlier today says the little red flower has been in his family for three...

Gerontius 11.11.12 5:03pm
Dismal reviews of Hot and Horny V beg the question: is this a sequel too far? 0
ronseal 11.11.12 4:37pm
CAMRA de-list mead saying it tastes like sweet fake ale. 0
weematt 11.11.12 4:27pm
Newsnight factual inaccuracies blamed on 'recent lack of Ceefax'

The BBC have admitted today that the reason for the complete lack of facts during recent Newsnight investigations is the loss of Ceefax. 'We have been using Ceefax for our news stories for years'...

Perks 11.11.12 3:42pm
Head of ITV resigns over shoddy journalism

ITV's Director General George Aintgotnowhistletoblow has resigned following the airing of a documentary which falsely implicated a former Tory peer in a sex scandal which has rocked the organisation...

Underconstruction 11.11.12 1:42pm
Archbishop Welby urges gamblers who bet on him to invest winnings in Shell Uk 0
Underconstruction 11.11.12 1:07pm
Remembrance Sunday to commemorate World of Warcraft combatants...

The scope of Remembrance Sunday will be broadened this year, to include people whose exploits are too often overlooked. Bill Rogers, a spokesman for the Royal British Legion, made special mention of...

Tripod 11.11.12 12:47pm
BBC backpaedoling

more soon....

Dick Everyman 11.11.12 12:16pm
'McAlpine's Knobbler' only 4.7% proof 5
Dick Everyman 11.11.12 11:59am
Dick Everyman
‘Three Turkeys Roast’ tops BBC food recipes

The ‘Three Turkeys Roast’ has been voted the top BBC food recipe of all time. The dish consists of a sacked producer stuffed into the gastric passage of a senior editorial and policy director,...

Dick Everyman 11.11.12 11:51am
Dick Everyman
ALE condemn drinking habits of dissident group 'Real ALE' 1
charlies_hat 11.11.12 11:31am
John Entwistle resigns posthumously from The Who

Won't get fooled again...

virtuallywill 11.11.12 11:20am
Chris Patten agrees to hand BBC over to china. 1
godly1966 11.11.12 11:05am
CAMRA-sponsored cycling team all suspended after testing positive for lager 0
AReader 11.11.12 10:16am
Army called in to fill empty seat at BBC 0
PeterB 11.11.12 9:45am
Birmingham Mullah sacked after being caught enjoying Bishops Finger. 1
godly1966 11.11.12 7:45am
HM Queen blogs whilst on throne, but refuses to answer incoming calls

Her majesty Queeen Elizabeth II has revealed that she often uses her mobile phone whilst 'Expelling a foreigner' to view internet sites such as Twitter, Facebook and John Lewis, but would never...

antharrison 11.11.12 7:39am
David Axelrod just wants rid of that damn tashe.

David Axelrod, Senior Advisor to President Obama during his successful reelection bid, had admitted today that the offer to shave off his moustache if Romney won Pennsylvania, Michigan or Minnesota,...

Sammy 11.11.12 7:36am
Pete Doherty rules-out adopting a SuBo or JLo style nickname

More soon, also Alan Coren works nicely...

antharrison 11.11.12 3:25am
BBC’s Newsnight to stick with cat stories until further notice

The BBC has announced that for the rest of the year at least, flagship current affairs program Newsnight will solely run stories on politicians’ cats. The feline marathon will kick off with an...

Yikes 11.11.12 3:14am