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Red Arrows admit: 'it's just the one plane, held together with perspex rods' 4
allmyownstunts 24.07.11 5:34pm
Drug companies can't recall Alzheimers medicine. 16
the coarse whisperer 29.07.11 12:36pm
Liquid nitrogen pooper scooper will make job twice as hard, says council 5
f0zz 23.07.11 6:56pm
Thomas and the Naughty Fat Controller's Panzer Lokomotiv

The sun was shining on Sodor Island and Thomas had just finished rolling in late to his last station of the day. "Peep Peep!" said Thomas. "Another adequate day's work done. I'm off to my shed to get...

24.07.11 7:17am
Voyeurs upset as President Obama gets a Boehner that quits 0
guffaw 23.07.11 12:42pm
Singer to release entire works to avoid second album trouble

In what's been described as a unique and bizarre move, a hitherto unpublished singer-songwriter is to release everything he's ever written in one collection, to avoid the pressure of creating a...

Mrblacker 23.07.11 12:40pm
Carbon dating leads to heavy petting say scientists. More Soon 0
nickb 23.07.11 11:31am
Rebekah and Fergie release new version of “Toxic”

The UK’s two most famous disgraced redheads are to release a duet version of the Britney Spears classic: “The words could have been written for us”, said Rebekah Brooks in an interview with...

nickb 30.07.11 4:03pm
Giles Coren may not inherit his father’s humour empire.

As News International slides deeper and deeper into crisis, it emerged that Giles Coren may not inherit his father Alan’s powerful humour empire. The late Alan Coren is fondly remembered for his...

nickb 25.07.11 1:00pm
Tour de France Latest: Only 15mg of Clenbuterol separate leading riders.

More soon....

Concerned of Tawa 23.07.11 12:12pm
Cherie Blair admits it was her fellatio skills that won over Tony Blair and

forgives her dad for his harsh life lessons...

guffaw 23.07.11 7:59am
Virgin Galactic to charge space tourists extra for fiery crash 0
Dumbnews 23.07.11 1:44am
In 2015 China will be poised to take over from America as the worlds Asshole AKA 0
guffaw 23.07.11 1:41am
New scandal rocks Fleet Street: Daily Mail might be biased against foreigners.

In the wake of the phone hacking scandal, new accusations are being made against pseudo-tabloid The Daily Mail that their stories could be interpreted as having an anti-foreigner slant. After...

Corrigan 23.07.11 1:32am
Critical reassessment says: Van Gogh was crap.

After recent reappraisal of the work of Dutch Post-Impressionist painter Vincent Van Gough, senior figures in the word of art criticism and academia have concluded that his work was not as...

Corrigan 23.07.11 3:02pm
Unable to find "the one", single man settles for the "one third" 0
Dumbnews 22.07.11 11:49pm
Dyslexic director to remake stephen King classic, The Shindig. 3
guffaw 23.07.11 11:26am
Kate's dress goes on display. Miraculous healing claimed by hem-toucher.

More later...

dvo4fun 22.07.11 9:37pm
NB contributor finds nothing amusing about the bombings and shootings in Norway

No more to say...

JohnA 22.07.11 9:29pm
Rich Harvard dropout seeks tidy UK cell mate. No 'A' levels, French or Greek

James Murdoch could be considering an advert in "Inside Times"...

thesnug 22.07.11 9:03pm
Health Boss Lansley:- "Will only fund 10 out of '12 Step rehab'. treatment."

"10 steps must surely be enough for anyone" claimed Health Secretary and M.P. for South Cambridgeshire Andrew Lansly in a Radio 4 'Today interview this morning. He signalled 'significant changes' to...

dvo4fun 23.07.11 7:36pm
Irony 'not lost' as most recent handler of Tiger's balls accused of disloyalty. 0
f0zz 22.07.11 5:52pm
Hess's graves actually relocated to Scotland "a boost for tourist industry"

Today Alex Salmond, Scotland's First Minister, announced that far from being burned and destroyed, Rudolf Hess's remains will be placed on display in Scotland. Alex Salmond said that Hess has had a...

steve_l 22.07.11 6:05pm
Entire Fake China discovered in Far East

Elaborate counterfeit schemes are nothing new within the far east, but the latest scam to be uncovered has amazed many at it's sheer brazen audacity - an entirely fake version of the country China...

bonjonelson 22.07.11 10:48pm
R Patts: Twilight star hospitalised after pouting injury.

News has emerged that tween idol Robert Pattinson suffered a serious pouting injury on the set of his new film ‘Cosmopolis.’ The incident was apparently hidden from the press at the time so as...

Corrigan 22.07.11 5:13pm
Lapland on terror alert after Al Qaeda threaten attacks against The Great Santa 0
bonjonelson 22.07.11 4:28pm
News Corporation scandal engulfs Big Issue seller

 ,  , The scandal engulfing Rupert Murdoch's newspaper empire has reached as far as Jeb 'Digger' Murdoch who sells the Big Issue outside Truro's M&S store.  ,  , Mr Murdoch, 25, says that...

roybland 22.07.11 4:22pm
Pilot whales grounded in shallows have licenses revoked 0
pere floza 22.07.11 3:21pm
pere floza
Virgin Trains launches Inflatable Buddies service

Virgin Trains has launched a new service for commuters on the West Coast line. ‘Inflatable Buddies’ has been developed in response to passenger’s requests for ‘someone nice to sit next...

Dick Everyman 25.07.11 8:03am
Dick Everyman
Southern England rocked by unpredicted sunshine

Warnings were issued yesterday as freak weather tragically struck a small area of north Dorset. At about 1:30 GMT heavy clouds temporarily separated allowing a shaft of summer sunshine to scorch an...

beau-jolly 24.07.11 6:58pm