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Sharon says Send Failed Singer to Zimbabwe to be Shot but Dannii refuses to Go 0
IABP 4 years

In other related news, Gamu won't be shot unless she's a gun-toting drunken moody lawyer say police...

Assault course unveiled as new disability test - failures to be shown on YouTube 0
brownpaperreporter 4 years
Pretentious poseur admits he can't tell good coffee from Starbucks slop 0
Nick McCarr 4 years
NHS pioneers nano-technology with new generation of sub-atomic physios. 0
be reasonable 4 years
Costa coffee raided by RSPCA for allowing monkeys to use boiling hot machinery. 3
MADJEZ 4 years

Animal welfare experts have criticized the chain for allowing an infinite number of monkeys to try to make the perfect cup of coffee. Numerous animals were scalded by boiling hot water and steam...

Anne Widdecombe Horrifically Exposed! 0
Kazytc 4 years

Anne Widdecombe MP, who last week, was disqualified, from "Strictly Cum Dancing", and who managed to bribe her way back into the contest, has been left exposed and rumbled tonight, after a disaster...

Lagos bid for 2018 Commonwealth Games in doubt. 0
Nick McCarr 4 years

Said a Nigerian Games bid spokesman: "There's just no way we can live up to the debacle of Delhi so why bother?"...

Australia to "start taking Commonwealth Games seriously" in future. 0
Nick McCarr 4 years
Poll of people who don't do polls achieves record non-participation rate. 0
Nick McCarr 4 years

Poll of people who answer "don't know" to all polls fails to get meaningful result...

Will Michael Palin break his silence about his involvement in Monty Python 1
StoopyDeGunt 4 years

Michael Palin could break silence over his Monty Python career, bringing to an end decades in which he's barely mentioned his involvement in the nostalgia industry's favourite comedy show., Friends...

New source for world energy discovered at local KFC 0
Dumbnews 4 years
ECB Drones Annihilate Pakistan Cricket Headquarters 1
mugwump 4 years
Kim Jong-Un Toppled ... By Weight of Medals 2
mugwump 4 years
Wife of Nobel peaceprize winner vists him in Jail and gives him the good news 0
arrghgarry 4 years

followed by the bad news...

Nobel prize committee advises Bush not to hold his breath 2
Dumbnews 4 years
Far East Countries Now Inventing More Gadgets 0
Jesse Bigg 4 years

as opposed to mere copying in the past, due to the advent of the use of western toilets in place of the traditional 'crouch-down' type...

Cigar guy identified ,he was fingered by his girlfriend , 0
arrghgarry 4 years

Monica Lewinsky...

Leaders wayward son Kim Wrong-Un passed over for Korean succession. 1
MADJEZ 4 years
coalition to axe citizen advice bureau in favour of ring wing neighbours 0
thisisall1word 4 years

see 4ty2 sub for the idea for this one The Coalition has highlighted potential savings of £15m by replacing the outdated Citizens Advice Bureau services with an increase in over the garden wall...

Pirate site lets you listen to any song for free, called YouTube 0
Dumbnews 4 years
coalition to axe citizen advice bureau in favour of big society 1
4ty2 4 years

to advise consumers about their rights. To look at every complaint from the public has proven far to costly. Instead a "triage" based system should be set up to determine if there is money in the...

Julian calendar devotees rush to get married on todays special date : 27/9/10. 1
MADJEZ 4 years

They were joined by many Jewish couples who picked todays magic date of 2nd of Cheshvan 5771 for their ceremony., The lucky day was also celebrated by Muslims for whom 2nd Dhu l-Qa'da 1471 is...

Dead Soul legend Solomon Grundy to be buried on a Sunday. 0
MADJEZ 4 years

The well known singer was born on a Monday and later christened on a Tuesday., He married his first wife on a Wednesday at a glitzy showbiz celebration. He died yesterday after taking ill on...

Marriage Guidance Survey Suggests... 0
Jesse Bigg 4 years

in the main, stud welders turn out to be good husbands rather than oxymorons...

Cattle rustlers served with noise abatement order... 0
be reasonable 4 years

moo-re soon...

Indian Soothsayer Says... 1
Jesse Bigg 4 years

An Indian soothsayer says that the world's ills could be caused by rod fishermen regularly opening a can of worms...

Canadians realise they have nothing to be thankful for, 1
the coarse whisperer 4 years
Blair delighted that he will get state funeral but less pleased it's next week. 1
dominic_mcg 4 years
Schiphol Airport Departures : Solomon Burke 0
saltire 4 years

Now boarding at Pearly Gate No1. Last call for Mr Solomon Burke...

Why don't you just fuck off, then, Nobel Prize committee tells China 5
rickwestwell 4 years