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Tourettes Sufferers With Swear Boxes, To Link Up With Savings Bank......

'It's effing logical, in it!'...

Jesse Bigg 14.11.12 3:48pm
FA announces referees to be issued with black card to tackle racism 0
custard cream 14.11.12 3:35pm
custard cream
Sugar lumps not performance enhancing insists Dettori 0
Drylaw 14.11.12 3:21pm
Paris announces Marchelib' - new shoe sharing scheme

The mayor of Paris, Bertrand Delanoë, is at it again in his campaign to clean up the city. Back in 2007, he [url=]gave[/url] Parisians Vélib', the...

bavardage 14.11.12 3:18pm
Frankie Dettori qualifies for Tour De France 2013. 1
Zen 14.11.12 3:03pm
custard cream
US invades itself to bring democracy to Florida

Less than a week after his re-election, Barack Obama announced today that the US army is to invade the United States of America early next week in an effort to bring 'western-style democracy' to the...

Andrew 14.11.12 3:02pm
custard cream
BBC to mark 90 years of Damon Albarn dabbling in tiresome solo projects

With the last Blur album Think Tank (1908) a distant memory, the BBC is set to celebrate the 90th anniversary of Damon Albarn's first first tediously worthwhile solo project. All BBC Radio stations...

Skylarking 14.11.12 2:59pm
custard cream
Frankie Dettorie 'thought ketamine was for me not the horse' claim

more soon....

custard cream 14.11.12 2:58pm
custard cream
Galaxy extension ‘ruined by rogue planet’, claims The Sun. 0
malgor 14.11.12 2:25pm
Newsnight editor refuses to name Dettori

maybe this needs to said in an Irish accent ?...

charlies_hat 14.11.12 2:24pm
Irish doctors blame faulty batch of leeches for woman's death 0
Lucy4 14.11.12 2:00pm
Dettori tests positive for Velcro 1
14.11.12 1:08pm
New Chinese leader selected because of his mastery of 321 gesture

custard cream 14.11.12 12:23pm
custard cream
Damon Albarn marks 90 uncontroversial minutes of BBC broadcasting

A composition by Blur frontman Damon Albarn will be played to on Wednesday to mark 90 uncontroversial minutes of BBC broadcasting More soon...

simonjmr 14.11.12 12:20pm
'Not much shock and hardly any awe' reveals Petraeus' mistress 1
custard cream 14.11.12 12:17pm
Dyslexic executive blamed for renewing Toyota Recall franchise 0
Not Amused 14.11.12 11:16am
Not Amused
Strategic failures blamed on US general’s failure to think ‘outside the box’ 0
medici2471 14.11.12 10:49am
Bank of England accurately forecasts it's forecasts are wrong 0
medici2471 14.11.12 10:47am
Report into schizophrenia care leaves patients in two minds 0
Mark66 14.11.12 7:55am
Emails show Petraeus used the codename Mr Fluffywumbles

Disgraced CIA Director David Petraeus and his lover Paula Broadwell tried to hide their affair using a variety of code words and aliases, according to investigators. Gen Petraeus become Mr...

Darkbill 2.0 14.11.12 7:19am
No 10 attacks BBC for ambushing Cameron with 'lager lout' list

The government has accused the BBC of bad journalistic practice today after an internet-sourced list of suspected lager-drinkers was presented to Prime Minister David Cameron by presenter Susanna...

Midfield Diamond 14.11.12 7:08am
Head of Cbeebies steps down

The head of cbeebies, Mark Smith has stood down after shocking revelations about journalistic malpractice at the BBC continue to be uncovered. The latest incident to come to the fore reveals that...

knownothingbozo 14.11.12 6:51am
Soap manufacturer launches revolutionary, "Not anti-bacterial" soap 0
Dumbnews 14.11.12 4:36am
Tory MP in Corby: "I dropped a bollock!"... Tory MP in Jungle..." I ate one!"

Kill me now!

Jammydodgers 14.11.12 12:38am
Priceless old bat turns up on BBC's Antiques Roadshow 0
Dick Everyman 13.11.12 10:26pm
Dick Everyman
Improved deer hunting rifle gives more bang for your buck 1
Smart Alex 13.11.12 10:08pm
custard cream
Nick Clegg vows to wave his cock in Parliament after Cameron's wardrobe mishap

Not to be upstaged by David Cameron's wardrobe malfunction at a dinner in the Guidhall last night. Often overlooked Deputy Nick Clegg has vowed that he will retain the limelight from the flabby and...

simonjmr 13.11.12 9:51pm
'He touched me here and here and here' doll set to become Christmas best-seller.

A £9.99 doll is predicted to top the present list as the most sought after gift this Christmas, seeing off competition from the newly launched Call Of Duty 5 'Celebrity Jungle Warfare' and the John...

Underconstruction 13.11.12 9:45pm
Former SS Officer says Hitler was a Nazi piece of work 0
Underconstruction 13.11.12 8:40pm
"We tried to fix prices but couldn't" admits British Gas engineer

A British Gas repair man from Dudley has admitted that attempts to fix gas prices failed after a team of engineers were instructed to provide a false reading in February of 2011., The whistle-blower...

Underconstruction 13.11.12 8:01pm