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Chaos after Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn appear on All Star Mr & Mrs

There was uproar in the studios of ITV last week following the botched recording of an appearance by Henry Tudor and his wife of three years Anne Boleyn on All Star Mr & Mrs. Fears are now...

Oxbridge 29.07.11 9:06am
Nuclear test veterans win Supreme Court appeal bid

virtuallywill 28.07.11 8:55pm
Sarah Payne "I feel like I've been Tangoed". More soon.

Al OPecia 28.07.11 7:47pm
Al OPecia
eBay to introduce new buyer feedback rating of “Robbing Cunt”

“Only submit if you know the article is genuine” one of eBay’s many flaccid attempts to prevent fake goods being sold – to no avail. In recent years the rights of the seller to leave poor...

brownpaperreporter 29.07.11 8:27am
Cheering crowds celebrate first orgasm since 1993

Cheering crowds gathered in St Peter’s Square last night as the world joined in celebrating Mrs Bridget O’Reilly’s first orgasm since 1993., Smoke rose from the Sistine Chapel and bells rang...

FraserWords 29.07.11 6:59pm
New Age Stimulants; Startling Results in Mock Olympics

The world of athletics was given a glimpse into a potential nightmare future today as Sports Science researchers staged a mock "Olympics" in a closed-doors Wembley Stadium to demonstrate the power of...

Drylaw 28.07.11 7:32pm
David Haye retires from boxing citing workplace bullying.

True to his word that he would retire before his 31st birthday in September, having already accomplished all he set out to do, former WBA heavy-weight champion David Haye announced today that he has...

Corrigan 28.07.11 7:28pm
Rebekah Brooks branded a 'Payne in the arse' 0
Christopher Frost 28.07.11 7:03pm
Christopher Frost
Jaques Tati revealed as Scottish potato grower

Mare later...

virtuallywill 28.07.11 6:29pm
Police admit 'pen mightier than sword' as National Biro Amnesty begins

People up and down the country were last night urged to hand in their pens to UK police stations as part of a nationwide Biro Amnesty, operating a no-questions-asked policy. The crackdown comes as a...

dicky37 27.09.11 5:14pm
Tennis store offers no strings attached coupon for free racket stringing 1
Dumbnews 28.07.11 7:43pm
Al OPecia
Miliband 'crestfallen' after failed operation to remove Balls

Labour leader Ed Miliband is said to be ‘disappointed’ after waking up in hospital to find that doctors have been unable to remove his Balls. 'I'm crestfallen,' admitted Mr Miliband. 'My...

The Paper Ostrich 29.07.11 4:13am
New TurboSmeg-Xtra gives men 148 hour odour protection!

TurboSmeg-Xtra for Men Platinum Protect Dynamic Power spray is part of the award winning TurboSmeg Platinum Protect range. Its antibacterial formula, with platinum ions fights bacteria and body odour...

Dick Everyman 28.07.11 8:01pm
Dick Everyman
Apple to launch electronic thought-generator: the i-Dea

(with thanks to Mr Blackanddecker for prompting the idea)...

Son of Barnabas 28.07.11 6:30pm
Parents to bail out children once again

In a scene all too familiar, parents are dipping into their nest-eggs to bail out their kids. In a report that will have cost the NHS the price of 100 hospital beds, a survey reveals that as children...

Flashman 28.07.11 1:04pm
Amy Winehouse Foundation announced, for heroin addled complexions. 0
MADJEZ 28.07.11 12:36pm
Green group attempts to block out the sun (working title)

Washington DC: Supporters of alternative energy lobby group Americans For Long Term Renewable Energy have flocked to the nation’s capital this week, calling on congress to introduce legislation...

snorkyadams 28.07.11 12:36pm
Duchess of York’s finances revived by bottled tears deal

In a final move to stave off complete bankruptcy and to reverse her financial fortunes, Sarah Ferguson has struck a deal with an American fragrance company to bottle and sell her own tears. Chip...

Milo Shame 28.07.11 12:33pm
Milo Shame
Ed Milliband's nose operation has unfortunate consequences

Son of Barnabas 28.07.11 12:28pm
Son of Barnabas
Berlusconi evicted from Presidential Palace - moves to a bunga bungalow 1
Son of Barnabas 28.07.11 12:25pm
Dracula Towers reopens after £47 million revamp 1
Son of Barnabas 28.07.11 12:23pm
Liam Gallagher: "Noel's a ****ing **** and he ****s ****ing *****ers in ****ery"

Answers on a postcard to:, Noel's House party, Crinkly Bottom, IOW...

Son of Barnabas 28.07.11 12:14pm
Son of Barnabas
WD & HO Wills to sponsor new Tobaccalaureate exams 0
Son of Barnabas 28.07.11 12:05pm
Son of Barnabas
Marvel Comics Announces Death Of Stan Lee

Superhero comic veterans have experienced the deaths of all sorts of key characters such as Superman, Batman, Captain America and recently the Human Torch. Invariably the shock of these storylines is...

Textbook 28.07.11 1:47pm
Son of Barnabas
Ally McCoist concedes defeat in Scottish title race as Celtic take 2 point lead

Football in July?...

grottymonty 29.07.11 8:21am
Experimental rejuvenation treatment still trying to iron out the wrinkles 3
beau-jolly 28.07.11 12:28pm
Dick Everyman
George W Bush to advise Norwegians on Anti-Terrorism strategy

From a spokesman for the Prime Minister, "We have spoken to the President and he has made some valuable suggestions, based on his impressive success rate in fighting terrorism post 9/11. Suspending...

Tom55 28.07.11 9:31am
Research: smacking naughty children makes behaviour worse...

Smacking their parents far more rewarding...

be reasonable 28.07.11 8:57am
be reasonable
"Big Brother" banned from Google Plus for pseudonym

Privacy advocates were celebrating today when it was announced that the notorious spy "Big Brother" had been banned from Google's new social network for using a pseudonym. Google initially changed...

Andrew 28.07.11 8:30am
Belgrade newspaper claims Winehouse died a week before, on stage 0
brownpaperreporter 28.07.11 8:12am