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Impoverished porn star tired of hand to mouth existence 1
Ironduke 31.08.12 10:50pm
British Chambers of Commerce and Industry downgrade 2012 forecast to "Oh fuck"

More economics news later...

grottymonty 31.08.12 8:57pm
Thieving Russian less credible witness than thieving Russian claims judge. 2
MADJEZ 31.08.12 7:53pm
Incompetent public schoolboys still ruining UK economy

Voters are perplexed as to why they voted in incompetent public schoolboys to ruin the UK economy, then they realised it was to get rid of Gordon Brown, so now don’t feel quite so bad. Onto...

Reg Herring 31.08.12 7:12pm
Reg Herring
Poorer Indian women advised to keep a painting of their vagina in the attic

charlies_hat 31.08.12 6:25pm
Government fears able-bodied backlash in wake of Paralympics

There were Government fears today that increased publicity given to Paralympians and others with disabilities will leave able-bodied people feeling persecuted and marginalised. The Paralympic...

Scroat 31.08.12 5:53pm
Strauss and Pietersen hold 'chillaxed' talks.

England captain Andrew Strauss held ‘pipe of peace’ talks with Kevin Pietersen at a secret location today to try and resolve the current dispute between the pair....

pinxit 31.08.12 5:36pm
Paralympic partially sighted archery contest 'not selling well' 4
Oxbridge 31.08.12 4:25pm
BBC's 'Spanish firefighters battle blaze' headline tops 'well, yeah' list 0
Screenie 31.08.12 4:00pm
Clint Eastwood to star in 'A Few Dollars Short (of a a Fistful)' 0
Skylarking 31.08.12 3:53pm
QPR sign two doctors to clear backlog of medicals before transfer window closes 0
grottymonty 31.08.12 2:33pm
Judge in Berezovsky trial complains of 'funny aftertaste' in post trial tea. 0
MADJEZ 31.08.12 12:42pm
Media frenzy ensues as some English teams are drawn against foreign teams

Man City to play a Spanish team and a German team, who'd have thought it...

grottymonty 31.08.12 12:27pm
Dole job blow

Following his success rooting out dole cheats and saving taxpayers about £5 billion a year, Chris Gaylinger has now been appointed overseer of corporate business fraud, where he is expected to...

Reg Herring 31.08.12 12:16pm
Reg Herring
Football fan refuses fiancée's unreasonable wedding vows

Committed Man United fan, Wayne Dodge, has spoken out after his long term girlfriend, Jade Wainwright, asked him to promise to be as faithful to her as he is to his team at their civil wedding next...

Queen of Tarts 31.08.12 11:49am
Queen of Tarts
George Osborne revealed as early test subject for '18 again' cream 0
Screenie 31.08.12 11:43am
Personal Trainers advise people not to panic after squats are banned 0
bonjonelson 31.08.12 11:08am
Top secret Equadorian state documents published on Wikileaks - source unknown 0
charlies_hat 31.08.12 10:48am
Female festival goers horrified by squatting ban

More soon....

Screenie 31.08.12 10:28am
Abu Hamza denies teaching his son 'five fingered discount' 1
Squudge 31.08.12 10:22am
Nick Clegg furious at anti sparkler legislation

“I’m fucking fed up with these tory right wingers scuppering every agreed policy. We have to vote for all their policies, but they never vote for any of ours. Having said that, I quite like my...

Reg Herring 31.08.12 10:18am
Reg Herring
Wettest August on record sees Thames Water enforce 'compulsory hosepipe use'

After the MET Office announcement that August was the wettest for 100 years, Thames Water have declared a ’compulsory hosepipe use’. The moves comes just weeks after lifting a hosepipe ban that...

Perks 31.08.12 10:02am
Midfield Diamond
Ecuadorian ambassador gets legal backing to evict squatter. More soon. 0
dominic_mcg 31.08.12 9:27am
'Were you planning on washing those cups any time soon'? ambassador asks Assange 2
Haywood Manley 31.08.12 9:05am
Romney: 'I can rebuild America'; receives cash in hand quote from Polish builder 0
thackaray 31.08.12 8:28am
Researchers find Eczema link to 'picking a bad spot' 0
dvo4fun 31.08.12 7:32am
Clint Eastwood makes Obama's day. More soon. 0
Al OPecia 31.08.12 7:08am
Al OPecia
Fat woman rejected by bed fitted with memory mattress 5
Sinnick 31.08.12 6:21am
Vertically Challenged Giant
Fat Brits will cope better than Euro rivals in winter claims Tory good news Csar 0
ronseal 31.08.12 6:06am
Paralympics update : blind sprinters to get greyhounds 0
FlashArry 30.08.12 11:19pm