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Absolutely NO royal baby news whatsoever.... blanket coverage to ensue. 0
MADJEZ 19.06.13 9:26pm
Jewish Mediterranean restaurant refuses to serve Hammas 0
Dumbnews 19.06.13 8:54pm
Obama wows Berlin with 'ich bin ein bullshitter' speech 0
Mandy Lifeboat 19.06.13 7:55pm
Mandy Lifeboat
Dolce and Gabbana model new orange suit with arrows design 0
custard cream 19.06.13 7:42pm
custard cream
Dolce and Gabbana to model new prison uniforms. More soon. 0
dominic_mcg 19.06.13 5:55pm
Contenders for Zombie of the Year Award said to be oozing with confidence. 0
sredni vashta 19.06.13 5:31pm
sredni vashta
Cover-up Quality Commission failed to cover up Care Quality Commission failure.

Once again the Cover-up Quality Commission has failed to cover up the Care Quality Commission's failure to cover up their failures, it was reported today, as news leaked out about how a report...

Boutros 19.06.13 5:28pm
'Gee-Up' Formed To Expedite G8 Proposals 0
Titus 19.06.13 4:50pm
New Reality Nature Programme To Feature Big Brother Badger Sett

- where trapped badgers will wind each other up until they are either voted to be shot, or beg to be gassed. [Note to TV companies: My idea, and I demand my share of the royaties.]...

Titus 19.06.13 4:48pm
Government hopes to sweeten badger cull with Big Brother cull

The Department of the Environment is planning to win over humanitarian activists opposed to killing badgers by launching a parallel cull of contestants in Big Brother and other reality TV programmes....

sydalg 19.06.13 4:31pm
Kanye West to open Kanye East 0
virtuallywill 19.06.13 4:24pm
British Army to replace "Snatch Land Rover" with "Clunge Mercedes". More soon. 0
Al OPecia 19.06.13 4:21pm
Al OPecia
G8 to re-brand as Gr8 in attempt to connect with student protest groups 3
Bertrand Twisted 19.06.13 3:59pm
‘Buckaroo, Twister and Guitar Hero’ found on leaked G8 Summit agenda

The G8 Summit, a gathering of the world’s most influential leaders, brought together to pool ideas on the resolution of critical global issues, like civil war in Syria and aid pledges to the poor,...

NorthernGravy 19.06.13 3:51pm
Government to demonise literary badgers to reduce cull opposition

DEFRA minister Owen Paterson has announced a widespread rewriting of all literary works that contain favourable references to badgers in an attempt to persuade the public that badgers should be shot...

ianslat 19.06.13 3:03pm
Saatchi to promote "playful tiffs" round UK town halls

The man who revolutionised advertising and modern art collecting has a new creative string to his bow. Playful tiffs, broken down into heavyweight, welterweight and lightweight sectors will take...

nickb 19.06.13 2:56pm
Andy Carroll signs 6 year deal....that's 60 games then? 0
irreverendJ 19.06.13 2:30pm
Utterly pointless TV series launched: Should Scientists Get A Life?

Following the success of television programmes such as The Swarm, in which we learned that sales of soup increase during cold weather, and The Private Lives of Cats, which taught us that cats go out...

Midfield Diamond 19.06.13 2:10pm
Lindy Moone
Snowden caught in ‘Bedroom Tax’ Scam

According to sources, the diplomatic community is about to be rocked by a new scandal. The Department for Work and Pensions claim Embassy officials in London have been avoiding the "under-occupancy...

Wrenfoe 19.06.13 2:03pm
Archangel Gabriel denies historic abuse allegation 0
Coco 19.06.13 1:53pm
Charles Saatchi asks for his chicken "golden brown" 0
sydalg 19.06.13 1:45pm
Top T.V licence excuses published: We need it for quality programming

More repeated later, on Dave...

virtuallywill 19.06.13 1:37pm
Kitty Porn: Concern Expressed Over Internet Access to Pictures Of Under-Age Cats 0
Titus 19.06.13 1:22pm
G8 summit reaches agreement to arm G8 protesters

In a move designed to parallel the arming of the Free Syrian Army in their struggle against oppressive government, it was agreed today to provide small arms to the international gathering of...

NewBiscuit 19.06.13 12:58pm
Cat Deeley Suspected of being Alien Queen

Miaow news later...

victimms 19.06.13 12:32pm
Extra Terrestial sex is out of this world says Labour Politician 0
victimms 19.06.13 12:28pm
Bashar Al-Assad dismisses gassing of civilians as a "playful tiff"

Hopefully no more...

NewBiscuit 19.06.13 11:31am
Government to open talks with badgers

The agriculture minister has said that the government is to start talking to the badgers as "the first step on the long road to peace." An unnamed source admitted that, "There's been fault on both...

apepper 19.06.13 11:19am
Unanswered prayers went into junk mail, says God

The Creator of the Universe has announced that the inability to answer people's prayers is down to “simple administrative errors” and should in no way compromise their faith in Him or stop them...

sydalg 19.06.13 10:24am
Lindy Moone
The shafters shafted : E-Wing prepare 'special' welcome for jailed bankers 1
FlashArry 19.06.13 10:17am