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Agoraphobics Society cancels open day 0
Smart Alex 01.06.12 11:33am
Smart Alex
Historic Jubilee Flotilla to feature 'whaling demonstration'

Nautical history fans are celebrating yet another U-turn by the government, as the Home Secretary caved in to pressure to issue a one-off whaling permit. Thousands are expected to gather along the...

01.06.12 11:32am
Overworked bunting hangers admit they're flagging 2
Midfield Diamond 01.06.12 10:48am
Glasgow Rangers to be replaced in Scottish Premier League

Following the recent liquidation of Glasgow Rangers FC , the Scottish Premier League has announced that they will be replaced next season by Govan Orange Athletic Lodge FC. The League management...

weeb52 01.06.12 9:24am
Glasgow Rangers to be replaced in Scottish Premier League

Following the recent liquidation of Glasgow Rangers FC , the Scottish Premier League has announced that they will be replaced next season by Govan Orange Athletic Lodge FC. The League management...

weeb52 01.06.12 9:24am
BREAKING NEWS: Being able to complete a rubik's cube does NOT make you smart

Research has confirmed that due to the numerous sequential possibilities available to complete the Rubik's cube, it is no longer to be considered as a symbol of greater intellect. Although...

idlebanter 01.06.12 9:22am
The Sun To Begin Printing In ALL CAPS

The Sun has long been known as the newspaper for those who wish to feel like they are being shouted at by a crazy person. Now the paper is going to enhance this vibe by beginning to print all of its...

Textbook 01.06.12 9:10am
Kevin Spacey to direct and Kevin Costner to star in Yellow Pages the movie

"It's a sprawling and dense, loosely plotted book, that suits Kevin and myself to a tee" said Kevin Spacey yesterday - "The characterisation of it blew me away". More soon...

simonjmr 01.06.12 8:40am
Doctors find that smoked salmon is healthier than B&H 0
Sinnick 01.06.12 8:40am
Frank Lampard & Christine Bleakley to host Spainsh TV Euro 2012 "Juan Show" 2
Scronnyglonkle 01.06.12 8:39am
Usain Bolt is morbidly obese

The recent branding of British heptathlete of Jessica Ennis as ‘fat’, days before she broke a UK record, has sparked criticism of other sports stars. Jeremy Clarkson, not known for his...

Mark Gregory 01.06.12 8:38am
England squad to take ukes to Ukraine

It’s the ukulele capital of the world. They love them so much that after the visit of their favourite film star George Formby in 1958, they actually put the “uke” in Ukraine by changing the...

nickb 01.06.12 8:22am
Isle of Wight to celebrate Victoria’s diamond Jubilee this weekend.

Cowes residents hoping to see sail-past of Dreadnoughts...

Thor 01.06.12 7:28am
Hodgson loses another player 'too embarrassed to play for England'

Frank Lampard has become the latest England player too embarrassed to play for his country at this summer’s Euros. He joins a long list of players that have opted to keep the little dignity they...

Perks 01.06.12 5:08am
Jubilee cancelled after Philip admits Queen isn't the original

The Duke of Edinburgh has sensationally admitted that the current 'Queen' is actually a replacement he hired to "keep the kids happy" when the original Elizabeth tragically passed away whilst they...

kga6 31.05.12 9:55pm
Greece to declare broken plates as legal tender in place of Euro 0
TheNewsWalrus 31.05.12 8:16pm
Japanese Workers Praised for 'Kendo' Attitude

More to follow...

Iggy Pop-Barker 31.05.12 7:23pm
Iggy Pop-Barker
George Osborne changes his mind about being Chancellor. 0
Tomfinger 31.05.12 5:45pm
Jeremy Hunt enters Cockney Rhyming Slang lexicon 0
roybland 31.05.12 5:02pm
John Terry Not worried by racist chants at Euro Championship 1
Scronnyglonkle 31.05.12 4:25pm
New "London Greek" Rugby team formed

With the success of Rugby Union's London Irish and London Scottish teams, plus the rise of London Welsh, the RFU is encouraging more ethnically based teams to be created. The first of these is the...

seymour totti 31.05.12 4:10pm
Doctors plan 'Day of Golf' in protest at pension changes 9
Mandy Lifeboat 31.05.12 1:11pm
Motorists delighted after Osborne U-turn on U-turn tax. 0
bonjonelson 31.05.12 12:40pm
Supper hopes 'slim' for lost Isle of Wight adventurers

Three intrepid pensionsers who set off to climb Shanklin Chine, a notorious natural gorge in the Isle of Wight, have not been sighted in the best part of two hours. According to experts, the chances...

Oxbridge 31.05.12 11:53am
Ayatollah Khomeini clinches nomination in Texas primary

Grand Ayatollah Ruhollah Musavi Khomeini has secured his place as the Republican challenger to Barack Obama in November’s US presidential election, following a decisive primary in Texas. “I am...

Old Hat 31.05.12 11:22am
Old Hat
Doctors strike, & play Golf, which is better than looking at 18 holes a day 0
Rowly 31.05.12 10:31am
Nations embarrassing illnesses to go untreated as Dr Christian and Pixie strike 0
simonjmr 31.05.12 10:28am
Queen to stay at home due to increased Diamond Jubilee and Bank Holiday traffic 1
thackaray 31.05.12 10:15am
Man Excused From Appearing at Leveson

Bob Simpson was overjoyed today to learn he will be the only person in Britain excused from appearing at the Leveson inquiry. The inquiry, due to finish in May 2042, has come in for criticism for...

daneade 31.05.12 10:13am
China Tells World ‘Call that a massacre?’

China has told the international community to stop being such big girls’ blouses when it comes to a bit of massacre-ing. Pressed for action against Syria after the Houla massacre China responded...

daneade 31.05.12 9:41am