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Legal clarity anyone ?

Hopefully, dvo or Jeni can help I'm under the impression that DLT has been arrested and held on suspicion of sexual offences. That's what the BBC says. I have seen nothing to confirm these...

Sinnick 16.11.12 4:01pm
Entwhistle denies all knowledge of Newsnight, wants bigger payout

In a sensational new development, former BBC Director General George Entwistle said he didn’t even know there was a programme called Newsnight: “It’s news to me.” he said. Rumours also...

Reg Herring 16.11.12 3:33pm
Reg Herring
Newnight uncovers "Record Playing' scandal from the 70s

Fresh controversy continues to dog the BBC when Edna Sand (age 130), a senior producer from Radio One, admitted to Newsnight that she saw DJs 'playing records' back in the 70s. Here is the...

beagle 16.11.12 3:20pm
Tory’s lost deposit “may have been found in seedy area of Manchester”

Police forensic teams examining a “deposit” found at an undisclosed location in South Manchester - described by officers as "seedy" - are using DNA techniques to discover whether it belongs to...

CulchaVulcha 16.11.12 2:54pm
Dick Everyman
Holy Toast!

Jim Warburton was surprised on a visit to the Norwich Art Museum this week when he was observing a portrait of Jesus and spotted something out of the ordinary. Because there on the right cheek of...

Sheepback 16.11.12 2:34pm
Mumsnet rant ends with no reference to Nazi Germany

A forum on ‘The benefits on vegetarianism for the under-fives’ on the popular social network Mumsnet has ended with no references to Nazi German, Hitler or The Third Reich. The thread which was...

Dick Everyman 16.11.12 2:18pm
Dick Everyman
Paul Scholes Hits Out At Society Of Ginger Lawyers

Veteran Manchester United midfielder Paul Scholes has slammed the recently formed Society Of Ginger lawyers whose militant and outspoken stance against "gingerism" both on the terraces and the field...

Jonny Shlep 16.11.12 1:19pm
Jonny Shlep
Norfolk horticulturalist found in "persistent vegetable state" 0
AReader 16.11.12 1:14pm
Teenagers Can't Read

GCSE Exams...

victimms 16.11.12 1:12pm
“Blame me for Corby”, say Mensch, like we need a fucking invitation... 0
Tripod 16.11.12 12:44pm
Apathy convincingly trounces opposition in regional Police Commissioner vote 0
Nowherefast 16.11.12 12:32pm
Mars Rover Sucked off by Dust Devils 0
victimms 16.11.12 11:36am
Okra Winfrey “not in a persistent vegetative state” says agent.

It’s a name that conjures up developments in modern Indian cookery and the art of the TV interview. But Okra Winfrey, whose famous TV “Aloo Chat!” show is as successful among African...

CulchaVulcha 16.11.12 11:24am
Children In Need to focus on not putting children in need

In a break with tradition, the BBC will this year use the annual Children In Need appeal to help children who are already in need rather than putting children in need thanks to the behaviour of their...

johnnydobbo 16.11.12 10:11am
East German Prisoners Made Ikea Furniture In Cold War....

"We had vays of making you sit," said an ex-Stazi officer...

Jesse Bigg 16.11.12 9:56am
Queen and Prince Philip sportingly participate in 'Children in Need Mufti Day'

pinxit 16.11.12 9:29am
Unemployment amongst toy-making elves reaches 11 month low

There were more positive signs for the economy today as latest figures showed that the number of unemployed elves in the toy-making business is the lowest it has been in almost a year. Chancellor...

Vertically Challenged Giant 16.11.12 9:26am
Outbreak of mindless, cheerful zombies 'traced to infectious new archbishop'

A terrifying outbreak of irritating, happy zombies has been traced back by scientists to a single Alpha archbishop. The young and the elderly are thought to be particularly at risk, as well as the...

16.11.12 9:20am
Rising fuel costs see horse sanctuary go public

A horse sanctuary based in Budleigh Salterton in Devon is the first to go public following massive interest in horse power in the wake of increased fuel costs. Happy Valley Horse Sanctuary has...

Dick Everyman 16.11.12 9:14am
Dick Everyman
DLT arrest prompts BBC Christmas tribute programme

The BBC has announced it's Christmas schedule with a tribute show to Dave Lee-Travis as the centre piece to be broadcast at 7pm of Christmas day...

apepper 16.11.12 7:13am
BP: "$4.5 billion for polluting US coast is money well spent"

Oil company BP has stirred-up controversy by saying that the record fine for polluting the American coastline was actually good value for money. "Who doesn't want to annoy the yanks?", said a...

apepper 16.11.12 6:07am
Dog sends owner to obedience school 0
Dumbnews 16.11.12 3:54am
... - 2 41
moanygit 16.11.12 12:45am
David Icke and Tina Turner sell out Wembley Arena

One is a highly respected soul singer with a list of hits going back 50 years. The other is a former sports journalist with a compellingly bizarre vision of the world’s future. Together, they...

CulchaVulcha 15.11.12 11:55pm
Artistes trade union Equity launches Equipaed

Equity, the UK trade union that represents performers and other artistes working across the live and recorded entertainment industry, has opened its doors for people who perform exclusively with...

Dick Everyman 15.11.12 11:24pm
Dick Everyman
Dave Nice & Mike Smash taken in by paedo cops.

More poptastic allegations soon...

MADJEZ 15.11.12 10:39pm
New erotic trend fails to catch on, masturbexting 1
Dumbnews 15.11.12 9:38pm
“BP and BBC to be renamed”, says spokesmen for P and BC... 0
Tripod 15.11.12 6:10pm
"Junior Choice" wasn't a lifestyle declaration, says Ed "Stewpot" Stewart..

More soon....

misterjingles 15.11.12 5:49pm
Sex abuse latest: children to be warned about "manger danger" at nativity plays 0
Nails UK 15.11.12 4:58pm
Nails UK