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Chocolate bar shortage fear as dyslexics Picnic buy 0
Ian Searle 13.04.12 5:55pm
Ian Searle
Britain applies for Panic Buying to become new event at the Olympics 0
Ian Searle 13.04.12 5:53pm
Ian Searle
Run on stamps prompts fear of saliva shortage

Ronald Dart of Sussex realised that he could save a considerable amount by posting the invitations to his daughter’s wedding early. With stamps going up by 15p at the end of the month, and two...

nickb 13.04.12 5:35pm
Launch Failure Sees Many Question Nth Koreas Dedication to Cause

North Korea has reacted apologetically to the rest of the world after its recent rocket testing failed to launch., "This has never happened before" Kim Jong-Un reticently stated to gathered state...

thisisall1word 13.04.12 5:30pm
Book of First Class Stamps sets record price at Stanley Gibbons auction 0
Scronnyglonkle 13.04.12 4:36pm
Rogue BBC cameraman shooting passers-by at Salford’s MediaCityUK 0
Nails UK 13.04.12 4:06pm
Nails UK
Man Jailed for Stockpiling Stamps

It is reported that a man was given a 12 month sentence for treading heavily on a victim's foot several times. His defence lawyer said that he had been stockpiling stamps...

GillsImp 13.04.12 3:22pm
Gloria Gaynor in head on car collision shock.

The popular 70's singer Gloria Gaynor was recovering in hospital last night from a car collision. Gaynor was said to be comfortable. Her relatives left the hospital early this morning and spoke with...

wilkieone 13.04.12 3:05pm
Kim Jong-un first man on the moon

Our beloved government is proud to announce our successful rocket launch, and that our beloved leader Kim Jong-un has safely landed on the moon. Today North Korea has made history, as Kim Jong-un is...

Mr_Johno 13.04.12 2:18pm
Charity begins at HMRC 1
13.04.12 2:18pm
Resurgence of blue hedgehog as UK experiences sonic boom 0
beau-jolly 13.04.12 2:13pm
Apple Creates New Dessert

Taking as their motto “every problem is an opportunity”, culinary-minded boffins at Apple have used the latest iPad’s notorious tendency to overheat to create a new product: the iPud. In the...

Iggy Pop-Barker 13.04.12 1:38pm
Plane crash kills all 377 on board, including everyone in Row 13 0
Oxbridge 13.04.12 1:06pm
North Korean Top Brass desperately seek ZX81 owner

North Korean Minister of Defense, Kim Ho Lau has blamed the wobbly bit that connects the external RAM drive to the ZX81 for the catastrophic failure of the long range missile trial earlier today. ...

Crippen 13.04.12 12:40pm
Prime Minister's visit to Burma sparks off more panic buying of fuel

. thankyou for setting me thinking custard cream...

Scronnyglonkle 13.04.12 11:59am
Prime Minister Visit to Burma - Et cetra, et cetra, et cetra!

[i]Reuters - 13 April 2012. Rangoon.[/i] David Cameron, on a visit to Burma, spoke to the press after a meeting with pro-democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi in Rangoon. "When I sit, you sit. When I...

custard cream 13.04.12 11:54am
custard cream
Scotland Yard to seek devolution from Metropolitan Police Force 0
Scronnyglonkle 13.04.12 11:50am
North Korea blame foreign milk bottle for rocket failure

More to follow...

apepper 13.04.12 11:36am
Some people are gay. Run over them.

An advert encouraging London buses to run over gay people waiting at bus stops and using zebra crossings has been pulled by TfL., Core Issues Trust, the organisation behind the advert say that...

Gerontius 13.04.12 11:20am
1st class stamps rationed to one book per full tank of petrol

says Royal Mail who have placed restrictions on the sale of 1st Class to beat price rises...

Laughingstock 13.04.12 11:12am
North Korean scientists 'given a rocket' after unsuccessful test. 0
MADJEZ 13.04.12 11:06am
Everest windows set to relocate to UK

After a long battle trying to find a suitable property, Everest windows are set to move their operation from base camp Nepal to the Ben Nevis Industrial Estate, Fort William. The move has been...

Iamthestig 13.04.12 10:48am
Local tax payers riot at influx of foreign duty in British Virgin Isles

The tranquility of an idyllic corporate tax haven has been shattered after local rioted in protest at the influx of foreign tax payers. Local complain they can't make a contribution to schools and...

ronseal 13.04.12 10:39am
Gay cure posters removed from London Buses, after protest from Miserable people 0
Iamthestig 13.04.12 10:37am
New suburban housing trend identifed as Mock Solar

If you can't afford the investment of a 28 metre photo-voltaic generator and don't understand feed-in tariffs, there's an exciting new option. New Mock Solar solar panels add thousands to your house...

ronseal 13.04.12 10:27am
Daily Mail sales suffer due to bricklash 0
simonjmr 13.04.12 10:16am
German incest couple lose appeal: To seek asylum in Norfolk 2
weematt 13.04.12 10:15am
Jealous middle-aged Frenchman shoots Brick-layer 1
Yikes 13.04.12 10:13am
North Korea blames reliance on UK technology for rocket failure 0
simonjmr 13.04.12 10:04am
PHD students to investigate Sarah Jessica Parker syndrome

PHD students from Bristol university today have applied for funding to formally investigate "Sarah Jessica Parker syndrome" - a medical condition that is known to afflict at least on woman, but may...

simonjmr 13.04.12 10:03am