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Queen creates "Diamond geezer" honour

More follows...

apepper 03.06.12 4:17pm
Queen invites Duchess of York to join royal pageant on the Marchioness. 0
dominic_mcg 03.06.12 3:12pm
Government Denies Climb Down over New Ladder Tax

More to folow...

GillsImp 03.06.12 3:00pm
LOCOG insists re-using Jubilee flags at Olympics 'would be act of treason'

LOCOG has warned patriotic members of the public about the dangers of re-using Jubilee flags. Devoid of sponsorship logos and sometimes home-made, Lord Coe insisted the wilful use of a non-Olympic...

03.06.12 2:42pm
"Further ado" delays wedding reception speeches. 2
nickb 03.06.12 2:26pm
Benefit cheats urged to becomes baronesses to escape prosecution

Benefit cheats may be able to argue that they 'overlooked' payments they shouldn't have claimed if they have a title such as 'baroness', according to a Tory think tank. 'Single mothers who are...

roybland 03.06.12 1:32pm
Phew! Sunshine threat to Jubilee celebrations lifted

Fears that wall-to-wall sunshine might dampen the Queen's Diamond Jubilee celebrations have been lifted with the Met Office forecasting plenty of good Bank Holiday rain until Tuesday. Millions of...

roybland 03.06.12 11:58am
Major League Baseball blame UK for bunting shortage. 0
weematt 03.06.12 11:33am
Man reads Chinese Takeaway menu out loud without parody of Chinese accent 9
dvo4fun 03.06.12 10:06am
"Testosterone fuelled fuel" to go on sale in UK petrol stations

The world's first automotive fuel to have a testosterone additive will go on sale on British forecourts this Autumn. "This isn't just a gimmick," said Mike Adams of the Fuel Retailers Association. ...

nickb 03.06.12 9:57am
Mr Target
German family from Windsor enjoy 4 day holiday of a lifetime with Royalty Card

Elizabeth Saxe-Coburg and her husband Philip are enjoying the ultimate holiday, a four day national celebration with flybys, floatillas and fawning on an unprecedented level - after amassing sixty...

ronseal 03.06.12 8:49am
God shown saving Queen in royal home movie. C of E claims heavenly endorsement

BBC releases "holy" video shot by Prince Charles. Palace claims: God really did save the Queen. News that the Britain’s official deity intervened to save the life of the head of His church...

nickb 03.06.12 7:29am
Doctor of Homeopathy cures patients with just 2 words

[from University of Rufford, perhaps ?]...

Sinnick 03.06.12 6:54am
Nazi ban is Political Correctness Gone Mad say callers to Radio Ukraine phone in

"Monkey noise is just harmless joke, some of my best friends are blackies," complained Igor, from Kharkiv, as the switchboard lit up during the Ivan and Katya breakfast hour on Radio Ukraine...

ronseal 03.06.12 6:40am
Whether outlook - continued reign. 1
Maverick 03.06.12 5:59am
Alliteration Association appoints administrators after accountants advise action 10
bonjonelson 03.06.12 12:19am
Tetley's looking forward to Double Diamond Jubilee. 0
Maverick 03.06.12 12:13am
Shock as Memo leaked

The Westminster village was reeling today after the shock leaking of a government memo warning that "They could not keep the fact that Michael Gove is a waxwork from the British public indefinitely."...

Bismarck 03.06.12 12:03am
Man found Alive on Eastbourne Beach

Police were today investigating the discovery of a live man on Eastbourne Beach. One resident of the town who did not want to be named said "It's not the sort of thing we expect to happen here."...

Bismarck 02.06.12 11:52pm
Nation celebrates 60 years since King's death 0
Mandy Lifeboat 02.06.12 7:46pm
Mandy Lifeboat
86-year-old Windsor woman 'forced to work over Bank Holiday' claim

An 86-year-old Windsor woman is being forced to work over the long Bank Holiday - sometimes late at night - according to Age UK. The charity says the woman had to report for duty at Epsom racecourse...

roybland 02.06.12 6:17pm
Doctors fear Justin Bieber may never regain use of his left eyebrow 0
bonjonelson 02.06.12 5:13pm
Homoeopathic doctor submits doctorate with single letter

The validity of homoeopathic qualifications has been raised into question after it was revealed that it was possible to obtain a doctorate by submitting a thesis consisting of a single letter;...

apepper 02.06.12 4:52pm
Charles upset after 21 cannons fired and all of them missed 2
Perks 02.06.12 4:14pm
DFS in red alert as Olympic Torch nears Croydon 0
bonjonelson 02.06.12 2:24pm
Industrial action escalates as doctors withhold sick notes

There has been an outcry from skiving workers all over Britain as doctors took the unprecedented step of refusing to supply medical certificates as part of their campaign to retain pension benefits....

Yikes 02.06.12 1:31pm
Ken Loach announced as new director of Transformers 4: Looking For Optimus Prime 0
paddyparkinson 02.06.12 11:15am
Charles Taylor seeks "blood diamond" sentence increase to 60 years “for Queen”

In one of the more unusual tributes to the Queen on her Jubilee weekend, convicted war criminal and blood diamond hoarder Charles Taylor asked for his “insultingly inadequate” 50 year sentence to...

Yikes 02.06.12 10:47am
Jubilee Flotilla ready to roll as Thames cleared of dead tramps and hookers 0
Yikes 02.06.12 9:54am
Cameron makes embarrassing gaff on EU Referendum

In another gaff to rival the recent LOL debacle, David Cameron today admits being confused by 'gullible' and 'grey'. He stated "We'll offer to give the electorate a Referendum on Europe to gain the...

Mart1054 02.06.12 9:06am