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Climate change groups observe that Ramadan is occurring "later than last year" 3
Nick McCarr 04.08.11 8:20pm
Al OPecia
HM Queen embarks on grand state tour using Eurail pass

Following the decision of members of the royal family to return from the wedding of Zara Phillips on budget airlines, Buckingham Palace has announced that HM Queen has bought a Eurail pass in advance...

antharrison 02.08.11 11:15pm
Richard Branson to feature in Channel 4's 'Undercover boss' 1
antharrison 02.08.11 9:13pm
Apparently, It's Cheaper To Watch Crap Football Teams Than Decent Ones

thesplodge 02.08.11 8:18pm
Minister for Spotting Obvious Flaws quits as charities face crisis over cuts

The coalition government was rocked last night by the resignation of the Minister for Spotting Obvious Flaws in Arguments., Calls for the resignation of Amelia Hatstand had been mounting since she...

FraserWords 02.08.11 8:17pm
US to slash defecit by adopting the English billion 2
bonjonelson 03.08.11 10:41am
Postmen to be allowed to open your mail if you aren't in.

The Royal Mail today unveiled plans to allow its delivery staff to open parcels or post which needs to be signed for if a householder is not at home. The postmen will be allowed to open any items...

bonjonelson 02.08.11 9:44pm
Che Guevara T-shirt wearers to be forced to learn the concept of irony.

The Government announced today that people who wear T-shirts adorned with the image of Argentinean rabble-rouser Ernesto‘Che’Guevara will be compelled, by law, to attend a ‘re-education‘...

Corrigan 03.08.11 1:28pm
Anagram arrested in phone hacking scandal. more soon 0
Mrblacker 02.08.11 7:50pm
Sun website users stolen data reveals that all victims were using IE6 1
charlies_hat 02.08.11 8:49pm
Government to power Whitehall with 'Pickles on a treadmill'

The Energy Secretary Chris Huhne's confirmed a radical plan to cut the Government's carbon emissions and it involves a cabinet colleague. In a statement, Mr Huhne says all lighting in Whitehall will...

Mrblacker 02.08.11 7:40pm
Awkward start for new 'Dragon' Hilary Devey - "£50,000 to break someone's arms?

"I'm out". Possibly more to follow later - depends if inspiration strikes during risotto Anyone else is more than welcome to write something along these lines though, natch! If only I could get my...

Le Creuset Fiend 02.08.11 7:26pm
Ian Bell ordered out of Indian restaurant

England cricketer Ian Bell will not be allowed back in to his local Indian restaurant following an unfortunate incident last night. He was ordered out of the Taj Mahal restaurant in Dudley, West...

Midfield Diamond 02.08.11 6:23pm
Midfield Diamond
May-Bowles gets custardial sentence. More soon. 3
Al OPecia 02.08.11 8:50pm
George W Bush switches from Firefox to Internet Explorer 0
antharrison 02.08.11 5:09pm
Royals Shock Passengers After Bizarre Behaviour On Flight From Wedding

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge surprised many passengers on board a FlyBe plane when they boarded the flight in Edinburgh on their way home after the wedding of Zara Philips and Mike Tindall....

tezza 02.08.11 4:38pm
US Handball team suffers defeat at the hands of Japan 0
Dumbnews 02.08.11 4:30pm
Liz Jones returns from Somalia 'feeling fat' 1
Christopher Frost 02.08.11 7:25pm
Both May-Bowles and Gilmour in prison for defacing an old monument. More soon. 0
Al OPecia 02.08.11 3:55pm
Al OPecia
El Bulli to re-open as more accessable Bulli4U

More? You want MORE!...

beau-jolly 03.08.11 11:13pm
Pie-thrower jailed. Paedophile fined. 0
Christopher Frost 02.08.11 3:35pm
Christopher Frost
Murdoch foam pie thrower jail sentence "fucking overkill" admits Magistrate 0
The Return of DroleNoel 02.08.11 3:04pm
The Return of DroleNoel
'Heartless' man allowed to rejoin society 0
Christopher Frost 02.08.11 2:42pm
Christopher Frost
Hollywood exec "we're not running out ideas"; Aliens vs Balamory script approved 0
thackaray 02.08.11 1:51pm
'Total Whiteout' voted top TV gameshow by Inuit viewers 3
jp1885 03.08.11 10:31am
Britain poised to celebrate POETS day

This week’s POETS (Piss Off Early, Tomorrow’s Saturday) extravaganza is set to be the biggest ever say experts, with a staggering nine-tenths of the population of Great Britain planning to finish...

jp1885 03.08.11 9:22am
Sun chiefs realise web site had been breached after story praised boffins 0
ronseal 02.08.11 12:57pm
New Software Deletes Browsing History Automatically

when the comouter detects your wife's car arriving home...

Textbook 12.09.11 6:51pm
Brian Sewell surprise victim of Sun website hack 5
MrChigleysAunt 03.08.11 3:12pm
Over a third of school pupils in the bottom 50% says government. More soon. 1
dominic_mcg 02.08.11 1:50pm