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Cutbacks to Greenwich clock funding make pips 'squeak' 0
pinxit 26.10.12 9:34am
Nick Griffin backs racism t-shirt campaign

Following on from the ineffective ‘Kick Racism Out Of Football’ t-shirt campaign, BNP leader Nick Griffin is to launch a t-shirt campaign of his own, it emerged today. Insider sources, who did...

Reg Herring 26.10.12 9:22am
Reg Herring
Teaching standards leaving students unprepared for new teacher trainee tests 1
charlies_hat 26.10.12 9:21am
custard cream
Teacher Training Tests Toughened for alliterate teaching students 0
charlies_hat 26.10.12 9:17am
Football supporters to form breakaway 'Black Supporters Association' 0
custard cream 26.10.12 9:12am
custard cream
Russell Grant predicted to replace head of Italian Serious Risks Commission. 3
weematt 26.10.12 9:11am
Premiership stars boycott anti-homophobia campaign

Football was thrown into controversy yet again when all but five players in the Premiership refused to wear Football Association 'Nutmeg Homophobia Out Of The Game' T-shirts during warm-ups,...

pinxit 26.10.12 9:02am
ITV, HM Government, and ECHR agree on prisoners being given the vote in X Factor 0
Not Amused 26.10.12 9:00am
Not Amused
Ambivalent Marmite tweeter causes stocks to fall

Marmite’s manufacturers are said to be ‘extremely anxious’ to track down the person who said on Twitter that he was entirely ambivalent about their yeast extract spread. Since the...

Stan 26.10.12 8:28am
Savile shafted me too, says Louis Theroux 0
ronseal 26.10.12 8:26am
Jason Roberts would 'offer to shake John Terry's neck' in new pitch welcome 0
custard cream 26.10.12 8:25am
custard cream
Italian League : Seismologists 1, Horologists 0 0
Cinders 26.10.12 7:53am
Cheers! Osborne orders a gottle o geer over economic good news

Ventriloquist dummy lookalike George Osborne was jubilant today as the economy stopped going down the pan quite so fast and hopes his family’s experience in the wallpaper business will be...

Reg Herring 26.10.12 6:42am
Reg Herring
Trading Standards warn "It's not just dodgy car dealers putting the clocks back"

while sales soar for Black & Decker drills with the special attachment...

DorsetBoy 26.10.12 6:27am
Eastenders actress runs out of fags

Chain-smoking Eastenders character Dot Branning says she is ready to return to the long running soap after finally running out of fags., Back in February Branning had told executive producer...

Uncle Bertie 26.10.12 6:01am
City traders warn of ‘Jehad-Virgin’ shortage

Commodity brokers are concerned that the world’s stock of suitable martyr virgins is being used unsustainably. “Every business has to deal with the challenges of the market and the...

dvo4fun 26.10.12 6:00am
Riot police mobilised as protestors call for nationalisation of accountants

Riot police were deployed on the streets of London as the so-called 'Accountancy Riots' entered their third day. A group of protestors- thought to include the poor- converged on the pavement outside...

grumblechops 26.10.12 2:33am
Ford workers spend whole day at pub "toasting UK's return to growth" 0
grumblechops 25.10.12 10:57pm
Italian seismologists blamed for decades of knee tremblings in Shepherds Bush 3
Dick Everyman 25.10.12 10:54pm
O-taeN 0
Iscariot 25.10.12 8:46pm
Jimmy Savile to star in remake of "300"

Iscariot 25.10.12 8:38pm
Incontinent dyslexic launches this year's Poopy Appeal 1
Nails UK 25.10.12 7:53pm
Cameron Puts His Thick Makeup On Latest Economic Statistics.....

"Gee, Osborne, you're right, it's become a fat 1%."...

Jesse Bigg 25.10.12 6:39pm
Jesse Bigg
Pudsey arrested for making touching children's films. 0
wallster 25.10.12 5:22pm
Suspicions aroused by First Great Western weekend timetable

The Department of Transport has launched an investigation into First Great Western following allegations that they are attempting to massage their performance figures this weekend. A close...

Not Amused 25.10.12 4:40pm
Not Amused
Cher to be the face of 'the end of British Summer Time' 2
simonjmr 25.10.12 4:16pm
custard cream
iPad mini prototype ‘lost’ due to infinitesimal size

Embarrassed Apple executives have confessed that the only prototype of the iPad mini in existence has been misplaced, and can’t be found. Experts believe that because the tablet is the thinnest...

Connews 25.10.12 3:56pm
Cher anthem to close out British Summer Time 2012

The song is - 'If I Could Turn Back Time'...

custard cream 25.10.12 3:56pm
custard cream
Bus drivers demand £500 bonus for putting the clocks back

Bus chiefs and unions were locked in last-ditch talks today after they failed to agree a nationwide £500 package deal for drivers as compensation for putting the clocks back an hour this weekend. A...

25.10.12 3:22pm
Dr Raj Persaud claims rights to 7 Le Tour victories after Armstrong doping case 0
simonjmr 25.10.12 3:22pm