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New paywall announced for access to dinner at Downing Street on SamCam 0
ronseal 27.03.12 6:43am
‘Government is central plank in dementia research’ says Cameron

Ed Miliband has attacked the proposed Government increase in funding for dementia research saying that money for all medical research should be spread more evenly across the board and not be targeted...

Earl Van Dyke 27.03.12 6:41am
Earl Van Dyke
Naked French prostitutes to hold employment contract between their knees. 0
Ostsee 27.03.12 6:21am
More button teasing tuition for 'The Voice' judges

"Stroke it, now fumble it, now shy away, now press it with an unexpected part of your anatomy." It sounded simple, but to some of the judges on the latest BBC talent show it was asking too much of...

Boutros 26.03.12 11:22pm
TV Doctor admits to finding "Embarrassing Bodies" funny too

Dr Christian Jesson has admitted that he finds it hard not to laugh when confronted with flaky scrotums and other such challenged genitalia on hit reality TV show, Embarrassing Bodies. "I do not wish...

deluca 26.03.12 9:40pm
Cameron "sold donor kebabs" 0
nickb 26.03.12 9:29pm
Tories reveal £500k gets you dinner then a massage and hand job.

Eric Pickles and a bottle of baby oil...

wallster 26.03.12 8:22pm
Dementia UK told they have already had the money 9
beau-jolly 26.03.12 8:18pm
Cameron in very deep water 3
pere floza 26.03.12 8:13pm
Cameron appoints Bernard Madoff new party treasurer

In a surprise move, PM David Cameron has appointed Bernard Madoff party treasurer to replace Peter Cruddas. "I haven't met Mr Madoff personally, but Jonathan Aitken shared a cell with him and he...

apepper 26.03.12 8:05pm
Reaction to a Kleeneze catalogue could pinpoint exact moment middle age hits

Scientists claim they have managed to pinpoint the exact moment that middle age begins - simply by measuring reaction to a humble Kleeneze catalogue. "It's astonishingly accurate," explains...

UnfitMother 26.03.12 8:01pm
MPs to get tablets – starting with Sodium Pentothal 0
weematt 26.03.12 7:51pm
NHS to adopt Duckworth/Lewis method to assess cancer care for the elderly 0
Lucy4 26.03.12 7:21pm
British Airways to reintroduce Breakaway biscuit on shorthaul flights

Derek Mappington, a Blue Card Holder on British Airways today announced at a hastily convened press conference that he would be re-booking his holiday flight to the Algarve with British Airways after...

deluca 26.03.12 6:53pm
Simon Cowell Intruder Speaks About Her Ordeal

The woman who is alleged to have been an intruder in Simon Cowell's home this weekend has been speaking for the first time about her ordeal. "It was a total nightmare. I was caught short and was...

Quaz 26.03.12 6:34pm
Malteasers & Galaxy merge to form Revel Alliance!

Dearth Vader said to have put a Bounty on the organsation...

Scronnyglonkle 26.03.12 6:32pm
Harry Potter welcomes extra funding for dementor research. 0
John Ffitch-Rucker 26.03.12 5:35pm
John Ffitch-Rucker
Tory Donner Dinner Scandal

A chastened David Cameron has admitted to having three donner meals at Ten Downing Street and Chequers with significant Tory party contributers."It should not have happened, and it sends out...

Quaz 26.03.12 5:29pm
Firemen claim "using buckets will cost lives" as hosepipe ban looms. 0
bonjonelson 26.03.12 5:02pm
Cameron plumbs new depths.

More soon., There you go, Jesse. Enjoy...

John Ffitch-Rucker 26.03.12 4:09pm
John Ffitch-Rucker
Cruddas puts foot in it then develops a bluster. 0
weematt 26.03.12 3:57pm
"Bribes we wouldn't take anything as crude as bribes" - admits Camdine Cruddas 0
simonjmr 26.03.12 3:55pm
Coe's Olympics children's drug test kit goes on sale

Inspired by the much-loved traditional children's chemistry set, 'Coe's Kids Drug Test Kit for the 2012 London Olympics' is guaranteed to get every boy and girl interested in the Games. It's a...

roybland 26.03.12 3:35pm
Dementia UK to receive more money ... repeated later 1
timyarby 26.03.12 3:03pm
Dr. Who Bollards are dropped

Plans for Dr. Who-shaped bollards outside a primary school are rejected by parents who described them as 'scary'. The makers of the bollards said they remained "proud" of them. MD Mike Reepygran...

Exiled Royal 26.03.12 2:09pm
Exiled Royal
Dr. Who Bollards are dropped 0
Exiled Royal 26.03.12 2:08pm
Exiled Royal
Milliband sees through Government lack of transparency

PM Questions today David Milliband. "When is the Prime Minister going to come clean about those dinners? What about all this "transparency is the best disinfectant" talk?, Don't think we can't see...

weematt 26.03.12 1:53pm
Muamba makes full recovery.

In a joint hospital and club statement it was reported today that Bolton midfielder Fabrice Muamba has been able to "sit out of bed, eat and watch television". A spokesman for the London Chest...

Haywood Manley 26.03.12 1:53pm
Haywood Manley

2 people have done that already - must learn to check further back!...

Ian Searle 26.03.12 1:52pm
Ian Searle
Collapse of Staycation UK leaves thousands stranded at home

The collapse of holiday company Staycation UK has left thousands of Brits stranded in lounges, gardens and conservatories throughout the country. Brenda Nolan,46,from Dudley, said she and her family...

roybland 26.03.12 1:27pm