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WD & HO Wills to sponsor new Tobaccalaureate exams 0
Son of Barnabas 28.07.11 12:05pm
Son of Barnabas
Marvel Comics Announces Death Of Stan Lee

Superhero comic veterans have experienced the deaths of all sorts of key characters such as Superman, Batman, Captain America and recently the Human Torch. Invariably the shock of these storylines is...

Textbook 28.07.11 1:47pm
Son of Barnabas
Ally McCoist concedes defeat in Scottish title race as Celtic take 2 point lead

Football in July?...

grottymonty 29.07.11 8:21am
Experimental rejuvenation treatment still trying to iron out the wrinkles 3
beau-jolly 28.07.11 12:28pm
Dick Everyman
George W Bush to advise Norwegians on Anti-Terrorism strategy

From a spokesman for the Prime Minister, "We have spoken to the President and he has made some valuable suggestions, based on his impressive success rate in fighting terrorism post 9/11. Suspending...

Tom55 28.07.11 9:31am
Research: smacking naughty children makes behaviour worse...

Smacking their parents far more rewarding...

be reasonable 28.07.11 8:57am
be reasonable
"Big Brother" banned from Google Plus for pseudonym

Privacy advocates were celebrating today when it was announced that the notorious spy "Big Brother" had been banned from Google's new social network for using a pseudonym. Google initially changed...

Andrew 28.07.11 8:30am
Belgrade newspaper claims Winehouse died a week before, on stage 0
brownpaperreporter 28.07.11 8:12am
BBC is not, is not, not, over manned, manned, manned, chorus 100 spokespeople 0
ronseal 28.07.11 7:34am
Kandahar turban bomber fails to get into heaven...

‘the man has no head for heights,’ says Allah...

be reasonable 28.07.11 9:01am
be reasonable
Ed Miliband has Operation to cure rare form of Apnea that caused others to fall 8
guffaw 29.07.11 4:08am
Silvio Berlusconi 'Ecstatic' as Credit Agency raises Italy's status to 'DD' 3
pinxit 29.07.11 9:59am
Lord Sugar Regrets Wasting Perfect Porn Star Name On A Business Career 3
Textbook 28.07.11 8:36am
UK recognises Anders Behring Breivik as new Norwegian Head of State. More soon. 0
Al OPecia 27.07.11 10:59pm
Al OPecia
Public sector worker sends the gold-plating on his pension to 'Cash4Gold.' 0
Corrigan 27.07.11 10:41pm
Showbiz agent at Amy WInehouse funeral inconsolable at loss of business cards

An awful, numbing sense of loss descended on Barry Osbourne at Amy Winehouse's funeral service yesterday, after he discovered he'd left his business cards at home. For the ambitious music business...

ronseal 01.08.11 4:05pm
Breivik's Lawyer Begs Him To Reconsider "I Thought It Would Be Funny" Defence

More soon. (I really do feel sorry for that poor lawyer. Imagine it being your job to get that guy the most lenient sentence you can.)...

Textbook 27.07.11 8:19pm
MOD cuts latest: Land mines to be replaced by loose Lego bricks.

Further news of restricted budgets has emerged from the MOD today. Mr Ivor Smith, an MOD spokesman announced that "whilst aware that there is an operational requirement to secure areas whilst not...

Al OPecia 28.07.11 7:12am
be reasonable
1 year to the minute nation will be joined in watching ...Eastenders and Corrie.

I can already here the complaints of 'why have they moved Eastenders just for the athletics' More Soon...

MADJEZ 27.07.11 6:15pm
Britain hopeful of Poohsticks Gold at Olympics.

More Soon. With thanks to thackaray for the idea...

MADJEZ 27.07.11 6:13pm
Schama: Game of "Poohsticks" invented when Winnie ran out of toilet paper 0
thackaray 27.07.11 5:52pm
We've no new ideas admits Apple boss

Shares in Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) plummeted today after the firm's boss Steve Jobs admitted there are no new products on the horizon. In a statement issued to the NASDAQ exchange in New York, Jobs...

Mrblacker 27.07.11 5:51pm
Lonely astronaut seeks down to earth gal 2
Dumbnews 28.07.11 12:58am
Boon for BNP as NOTW 'Fake-Sheik' claims jobseekers allowance. 0
Corrigan 27.07.11 4:02pm
Digital hacker steals Crimewatch reconstruction 0
Dick Everyman 27.07.11 3:19pm
Dick Everyman
L'Oreal shares in free fall, PhotoShop shares go ballistic. 0
DiY 27.07.11 2:49pm
David Dimbleby qualifies for 2012 Olympics discuss 2
Dick Everyman 27.07.11 3:06pm
Dick Everyman
Katie Price predicts she’ll have 12 husbands...

five of her own...

be reasonable 27.07.11 1:47pm
be reasonable
"Words are not for hurting," A. A. Gill is told by his mother. 0
Corrigan 27.07.11 1:04pm
Shock at Credit Today awards as ‘Big John’ wins alternative lender of the year

There was a huge upset at the 2011 Credit Today awards as, widely expected to retain the title won in 2010, lost out to self-styled independent businessman ‘Big John’ from Liverpool....

Vertically Challenged Giant 27.07.11 10:33pm