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Palace Claims 'Small Boobs' Triumph After Kate Middleton Fashion Coup

Buckingham Palace claimed today that the age of huge bosoms is finished, after the Duchess of Cambridge stormed the world of fashion with a sensational 'New Look'. Miss Middleton, who proudly got...

15.09.12 10:53am
Land-owners demand cull to halt spread of ramblers

Britain’s farmers are facing an ‘unending tide’ of ramblers, hell-bent on cluttering up the countryside. That’s why many land-owners are calling on the government to sanction a cull, or at...

15.09.12 10:46am
Ricky Hatton's dad to take on both Klitschko brothers. More soon. 0
dominic_mcg 15.09.12 10:14am
There was mass disbelief at the old Baily today

after God was found guilty of child neglect and telling fibs.After a 6 months trial you could have heard a pin drop,several pins infact in a pact number one court this morning as renowned QC for the...

Nag Hammadi 15.09.12 9:47am
Nag Hammadi

disabled underdeveloped,uneducated, underachiever Mr We Willy Harris,sues Newsbiscuit founder and hedonistic billionairre playboy John O Barrel,over claims he was wrongly discriminated against and...

We Willy Harris 15.09.12 9:15am
Nag Hammadi
Sun Page 3: Cute Kate from Cambridge says....

the paparazzi should leave the royal family alone...

Alfred Noakes 15.09.12 9:08am
Otto Jespersen
Wayne Rooney might well be able to kick a ball about

but proves he's just a Liverpudlian poof by wearing gloves, on a sports field, in the middle of March...

ramblesid 15.09.12 9:06am
Otto Jespersen
French confused by UK 'bum in, tits out' media policy 0
Squudge 15.09.12 8:41am
"He's in the billiards room!" frustrated military shouts after Taliban 0
Skylarking 15.09.12 8:31am
Sleeping man's recurrent vision of pickled cabbage was Wurst Nightmare 11
ronseal 15.09.12 8:14am
Fatwa Issued Against Ricky Gervais

The Catholic church has issued it's version of a Fatwa against roly-poly writer and comedian Ricky Gervais after a serious of attacks and "tweets" deriding the religion and its followers. The...

HIGNFY 15.09.12 8:00am
Cable to tie workers' hands 0
Sir Lupus 14.09.12 10:26pm
Sir Lupus
Washer dryer guilty of theft, says jury.

Mrs Ann Townsend of Battersea has been awarded custody of her clothes after a jury found in her favour. The defendent, a white Zanussi ZKG7169 washer dryer, was found guilty on two specimen charges...

Boutros 14.09.12 10:10pm
Boris more popular than Thatcher - according to T-shirt sales

or according to a survey reported in the guardian, Boris Johnson is Britain's most respected politician. I'm lost for words - although pleased to live in Scotland...

Sir Lupus 14.09.12 8:25pm
Sir Lupus
"All Muslims Are Thieves, Liars and Twats" Movie put on hold says Gervais 4
HIGNFY 14.09.12 6:55pm
US complain about Islamic extremists' videos 0
Sinnick 14.09.12 5:02pm
Royal threat to sue brings French magazine Closer close to closure 0
custard cream 14.09.12 4:48pm
custard cream
Legal Action as Royals Attempt 'Cover Up' 0
kjo36 14.09.12 4:34pm
Paralympic medal mayhem as wheelchair athlete tests positive for WD40. 1
ianrbland 14.09.12 4:04pm
William expresses feelings over topless Kate photos in French letter. 0
Queen of Tarts 14.09.12 4:03pm
Queen of Tarts
After successes with cheese and pretzels, Kraft/Cadbury launch "Teapots" 0
Nails UK 14.09.12 3:50pm
Nails UK
French magazine building hit by helicopter missile.

more later...

Joe Reynolds 14.09.12 3:48pm
Joe Reynolds
Film makers claim "3D Footage of Suicide Bomber Ground Breaking" 0
kjo36 14.09.12 3:40pm
Rumours abound as Prince Philip takes up photography

more later...

Joe Reynolds 14.09.12 3:25pm
Joe Reynolds
Prince in a stew over wife's dumplings

more later...

Joe Reynolds 14.09.12 3:19pm
Joe Reynolds
Topless girl ‘definitely Kate’ insist Lincolnshire couple

A Lincolnshire couple who claimed they took a photo of a lion while on holiday in Essex earlier this month, insist that this time the grainy images of a young female caught sunbathing topless in a...

Gerontius 14.09.12 2:59pm
Islamists attack Sudan: "because it contains letters U, S and A"

- about as logical as the other stuff they're doing...

Sinnick 14.09.12 2:55pm
Kate ribbed 0
medici2471 14.09.12 2:21pm
Kate Boobs

- see, I could almost be a Sun caption writer !...

Sinnick 14.09.12 1:42pm
British media making a mountain out of a molehill, claims Closer 0
medici2471 14.09.12 1:40pm