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Cameron Puts His Thick Makeup On Latest Economic Statistics.....

"Gee, Osborne, you're right, it's become a fat 1%."...

Jesse Bigg 25.10.12 6:39pm
Jesse Bigg
Pudsey arrested for making touching children's films. 0
wallster 25.10.12 5:22pm
Suspicions aroused by First Great Western weekend timetable

The Department of Transport has launched an investigation into First Great Western following allegations that they are attempting to massage their performance figures this weekend. A close...

Not Amused 25.10.12 4:40pm
Not Amused
Cher to be the face of 'the end of British Summer Time' 2
simonjmr 25.10.12 4:16pm
custard cream
iPad mini prototype ‘lost’ due to infinitesimal size

Embarrassed Apple executives have confessed that the only prototype of the iPad mini in existence has been misplaced, and can’t be found. Experts believe that because the tablet is the thinnest...

Connews 25.10.12 3:56pm
Cher anthem to close out British Summer Time 2012

The song is - 'If I Could Turn Back Time'...

custard cream 25.10.12 3:56pm
custard cream
Bus drivers demand £500 bonus for putting the clocks back

Bus chiefs and unions were locked in last-ditch talks today after they failed to agree a nationwide £500 package deal for drivers as compensation for putting the clocks back an hour this weekend. A...

25.10.12 3:22pm
Dr Raj Persaud claims rights to 7 Le Tour victories after Armstrong doping case 0
simonjmr 25.10.12 3:22pm
Police to investigate Savile in relation to Twycross Zoo elephant abuse case 0
simonjmr 25.10.12 2:55pm
Gritty cigar ash warning as hurricane Sandy hits Havana 1
custard cream 25.10.12 2:50pm
seymour totti
Barrack Obama to cast early vote for 2016 presidential elections 0
simonjmr 25.10.12 2:49pm
BBC 2 rebranded as "Dave -1" 1
seymour totti 25.10.12 2:24pm
custard cream
Duncan Smith: ‘we’re on a roll’ with Social Mobility

In a robust parliamentary speech, Iain Duncan Smith, one of the few Westminster MPs with a semi-detached surname, has hailed recent Government statistics as proof of an improving social mobility. ...

dvo4fun 25.10.12 2:21pm
No turning back for BBC over accusations of wandering hands 0
charlies_hat 25.10.12 1:30pm
Rediscovered Shakespeare play is early 'Carry On' script.

A recently unearthed manuscript believed to be by the great Bard himself has been identified by literary scholars as an early 'Carry On' comedy. The script is in rough draft and includes many title...

wallster 25.10.12 1:22pm
GMT rethink - 'Octuple Summer Time' urged for UK's health, economy

With new reports claiming nearly two-thirds of Britons are overweight or obese – making us the fattest country in Europe – health experts are suggesting that putting our clocks forward 8 hours...

ゴルゴ13 25.10.12 1:07pm
UKIP propose putting the clocks back to 1972 0
DustyBinLaden 25.10.12 1:00pm
Supermarket check outs to offer flashback services.

“Do you want cashback?” It’s a ritual question asked millions of times a week at supermarket checkouts. Now though, new technology means customers may soon be offered a flashback with their...

nickb 25.10.12 12:42pm
Man who buys sensitive face wash “has expressive eyelids” says girlfriend.

“Male grooming’s like a dirty word to a lot of men,” says Berenice Hall, a trainee nail therapist from Yeovil. “But my boyfriend Stan really does have a sensitive face, which makes him well...

nickb 25.10.12 12:41pm
Osborne declares UK ready for third dip. 0
weematt 25.10.12 12:32pm
5A What you'll be doing this weekend - kcab skcolc eht gnittup 2
simonjmr 25.10.12 12:07pm
The Nage
Government's 'bubble-suit' legislation to safeguard children

In a leak of new government plans the Daily Mail has revealed that children will be legally required to wear special bubble suits until the age of 18, in a bid to safeguard them at home, at school...

Dick Everyman 25.10.12 11:33am
Mystery of how millions of teenagers arrived to school on time solved 0
AReader 25.10.12 11:31am
Anti-smoking lobby demand to know why BBC permitted Savile on-screen cigar use 0
Nowherefast 25.10.12 11:26am
Rogue horologist agrees to confiscation and restitution 0
AReader 25.10.12 11:22am
Italian seismographers forecast non-stop earthquakes over all Italy

"just in case" //because of this non-sense: [url=][/url]...

gaijintendo 25.10.12 11:13am

Eric: "It's nice out isn't it?" Ernie: "Yes, but we'd better put them away." Edit: Oh, its' 'clocks' you say? Sorry ....

dvo4fun 25.10.12 10:44am

Well someone had to. Neat-o...

beau-jolly 25.10.12 10:30am
Hotel Coalition - you can check-in via the side gate

♪♫ [i](to the tune of 'Hotel California')[/i] On a dark Berkshire highway, cool wind in his hair, Warm smell of ambition, rising up through the air, Up ahead in the distance, he saw a...

Squudge 25.10.12 10:02am
Interest in Women's football grows following compulsory shirt swapping 0
seymour totti 25.10.12 9:44am
seymour totti