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Dom Joly unmasked as Gaddafi ‘prankster’ amid fears for his mental health 1
donkey_walloppa 4 years

It has today been revealed that former comedian Dom Joly was behind footage which emerged yesterday afternoon, purportedly showing Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi touring the city of Tripoli in a...

Gadaffi's plus 1 for Royal Wedding Questioned 0
virtuallywill 4 years

Playground equipment manufacturer see sales slide 1
virtuallywill 4 years

see-saw sales slump...

Cameron slams Oxbridge over black admissions “I’ve got one in my cabinet” 0
virtuallywill 4 years

and some others are well tanned...

Boy scouts now more likely to have first sexual experience with a girl 4
jp1885 4 years

Boy scouts are more likely to have their first sexual experience with a member of the opposite gender than any time in the last 104 years as, for the first time in its history; more girls joined the...

BNP to support "alternative beating system" 0
virtuallywill 4 years

Thug Life later...

Ging Gang Goolie's replaced by The Beaver Song, as girl scouts now in majority 3
rickwestwell 4 years
Bipolar ordeal ‘helped’ by intense media coverage says Zeta-Jones 1
jp1885 4 years
Sirk in Quystem will lead to VA Shote Vock! 2
BewsNiscuit 4 years

From your teft-handed lypist - please lake mallowances and sexcuse pelling! 30 nameless voters decided nast light to practice their vight to rote as tany mimes as possible during the rorthcoming...

"I'm Bi-Winning, Not Bi-Polar" claims Zeta Jones 2
Johnny_Mack347 4 years

In a move to capitalise on the headlines that have followed Catherine Zeta Jones' admission of being a Bi-polar sufferer, she has quickly moved to launch a state wide one woman stand up show entitled...

Bisexual man smashes GPS after it repeatedly badgers him to "continue straight" 9
Nick McCarr 4 years
Revealed: NATO plan to kidnap Gadaffi and replace him with 'twin' Bono 1
SteveCut 4 years

Royal wedding chaos as Kate Middleton arrested for wearing veil 4
Scroat 4 years

Well someone had to...

Gaddafi surrenders after well planned 'ambush' by Gillian Duffy 3
thackaray 4 years

After several weeks of fighting in Libya, Col. Moammar Gaddafi, stood down and placed himself in the custody of Gillian Duffy saying "No more please, I can't handle the constant barracking! It's...

Gadaffi blames his distorted vision of reality on his knock-off Ray-Bans 0
Dumbnews 4 years
MG – “Putting character back into motoring” - 2 32
SteveCut 4 years

MG are back! The now Chinese-owned company has started production of the new MG6 model at Longbridge. The car has been designed in the UK and will be assembled in Longbridge from Chinese manufactured...

Stop putting the ball in my court, says Federer 0
Dumbnews 4 years
Cameron tells Cable "Foxtrot off". More soon. 0
FormerlyAlOPecia 4 years
Static Caravan Sales Rocket 0
numerounachica 4 years

Main Buyers Seem To Be Gypsies,says Salesman...

Kriss Akabusi and Jane Couch invited to host Cambridge debating society 0
Pinhead 4 years
Unilever and Proctor & Gamble fined over price fixing cartel in washing powder 0
Waggys Dog 4 years

..both firms accused of money laundering...

Oxo factory thieves take stock 0
suepersonic 4 years
Following the success of his Bejing National Stadium, the Artist and Architect 0
4 years

Ai Weiwei has been approached by The Chinese Ministry of Transportation and Communications to draw up and co-ordinate the building of Highways in China. Known for his forthright views which have...

Isle of Wight opens ‘Codgerworld’ – Britain’s first play barn for the elderly 10
jp1885 4 years

Holidaymakers of a certain age are in for a treat this summer, following the grand opening of ‘Codgerworld’ - Britain’s first play barn for the elderly – a few miles outside Sandown: the...

Charlie Drake increasingly irrelevant to Youth Culture. 0
4 years
Concerns over 'skill fade' at MOD Main Building 3
Pinhead 4 years

Defence chiefs are worried that during the current austerity measures and having to do 'more with less', they are slowing losing their well honed abilities to piss public money up the wall on...

Honey production in France collapses as bee keepers stung into inaction. 2
Griffin 4 years
Prince William's crew astonished at wedding invite 1
Ironduke 4 years

"Good crivens and lorks a'mighty, we never thought the likes of us would get asked up to Lunnon, all fancy clothes and sandwiches wi' no crusts mi'lady" said Flight Lieutenant Amos Nance., "Oi mean...

Lady Gaga's publicity agent insists No Gag order in place 0
Ironduke 4 years
Doughnut factory goes bankrupt. Administrators report big hole in accounts. 0
Basil_B 4 years