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Justice Minister: Prisoners to get a mentor on release "to help them vote Tory" 0
dvo4fun 20.11.12 8:47am
Judicial review targets 'time wasting' PM

More time wasting soon...

Queen of Tarts 19.11.12 11:51pm
Queen of Tarts
Princess Diana's chauffeur to replace Martin Clunes as new face of Churchill 4
custard cream 19.11.12 11:46pm
Vertically Challenged Giant
Survey finds astronomy 'over the heads of most people' 6
custard cream 19.11.12 11:45pm
Queen of Tarts
Energy boss admits to making hay while the sun shines

Energy bosses have reacted to criticism from consumer groups today following the news that they have posted record profits despite the underlying cost of fuel reducing over the past 3 months. ...

Sheepback 19.11.12 8:49pm
Mitt Romney is sitting at home going 'Just think, that could've been me'

Former presidential candidate Mitt Romney is reported to spend most of his time sitting at home in a darkened room in front of the television muttering,'Just think, that could have been me out there...

roybland 19.11.12 8:34pm
Enemy animal herder revealed as shepherd spy 0
custard cream 19.11.12 8:09pm
custard cream
S.London cops win national indoor games competition again

Officers from Mottingham in S London are celebrating their fifth yearly win in succession at the national police indoor games championship, held in Birmingham.  They won in all categories except for...

nickb 19.11.12 8:06pm
Border Cauli most intelligent vegetable say farmers 3
Dick Everyman 19.11.12 6:37pm
“Sparrow nest soup now sadly unavailable” moans Jamie Oliver 2
19.11.12 6:23pm
Amazon warehouse arson attack wipes out stocks of Kindle Fire 1
custard cream 19.11.12 6:08pm
Cameron vows to alternate his use of Olympic & World War 2 analogies

more soon. pass the sick-bag...

dvo4fun 19.11.12 6:03pm
custard cream
Israel still refusing to negotiate with Gazza

Israel has once again taken a tough stance on Gazza and has defied calls for co-operation by world leaders and the UN. A spokesman for the government of Israel told reporters, ‘Gazza is a clear...

fernandomando 19.11.12 5:58pm
Paul Gascoine bewildered by Israeli attacks: Says "I never played for West Ham!" 0
Nowherefast 19.11.12 5:13pm
Lord McAlpine to sue himself after inadvertently tweeting his own name 3
Nowherefast 19.11.12 2:46pm
Birdwatcher in despair at size of UK bird population

Birdwatcher Roy Philips (58) was today in despair on learning that the UK bird population stands at an estimated 166 million nesting birds. 'I'll never do it now,' Mr Philips said. 'At my age I'll...

roybland 19.11.12 2:36pm
Isle of Wight launch new smart phone.

Two tin cans and a bit of string...

godly1966 19.11.12 2:04pm
Plan to speed up judicial reviews ‘will take years to implement’ warn barristers

David Cameron’s plans to reduce the time limits for legal challenges against unpopular Tory policies have ‘hit a snag’ from the outset, with law firm Leagles Of Leicester submitting the first a...

malgor 19.11.12 1:58pm
Intelligence of primates questioned. Church head to be examined. 0
weematt 19.11.12 1:23pm
Old MacDonald has a smart farm, with an A.I., A.I. hoe. 0
weematt 19.11.12 1:20pm
FIFA 2012 now available with free racist chanting. 0
godly1966 19.11.12 1:19pm
Scientist claims Artificial Intelligence is now a reality. 0
weematt 19.11.12 1:08pm
Hamas orders girls in Gaza Strip to get dressed 1
medici2471 19.11.12 12:53pm
Jonny Shlep
Local Gaza residents committee hopping mad about proposed new Starbucks site

A Gaza Residents pressure group is confident they still have time to appeal against the planning permission for another Starbucks, which was rushed through by Gaza District Council on Friday. The...

ronseal 19.11.12 12:45pm
Lord Vader to sue twitter users over “false accusations”

Lord Vader, keeper of the dark side, today announced he has been talking to his lawyers about suing over 10,000 users of the social network site Twitter for claims he may have inappropriately touched...

bilstonjay 19.11.12 12:22pm
Welsh Government to be given Symbolic Income Tax Powers

In what is seen as a largely symbolic gesture, the Silk Commission has suggested giving the Welsh Assembly power to set its own income tax. The changes would make the Welsh government responsible...

Old Hat 19.11.12 11:06am
Old Hat
Interflora withdraw sponsorship for Palestinian uprisings 0
medici2471 19.11.12 10:57am
Lord McAlpine strongly denies the accusations

Lord McAlpine is currently suing celebrities who twittered online rumours and accusations that during the 1980’s and late 1970’s he was a Conservative. His solicitor has stated that his client...

Harris-Jackson69 19.11.12 10:50am
Apple and Intel work on processors for public conveniences : INTEL iGENTS 0
simonjmr 19.11.12 10:25am
Wales to get powers to legalise marijuana

Following the vote this month by two US states to legalise marijuana, an influential report on devolution says Welsh ministers ought to have new powers to make the drug legal in Wales. The Silk...

roybland 19.11.12 10:12am