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Taxidermist brings catastrophe to industry award show. 0
Corrigan 29.07.11 3:21pm
Cyclist who hit car was texting, "i h8 ca" 0
Dumbnews 29.07.11 3:07pm
Winehouse tribute act dies on stage. 3
be reasonable 29.07.11 8:47pm
Al OPecia
BBC wins exclusive deal to broadcast first half of all gran prixes 0
antharrison 29.07.11 2:57pm
Perverted dwarf goes down for a short stretch. 2
be reasonable 01.08.11 4:02pm
News of the World exclusive: Mike Tindall does a "Caligula". More soon. 0
dominic_mcg 29.07.11 2:10pm
Fisher Price Chatterphones could all have been hacked, say police. More soon. 0
dominic_mcg 29.07.11 2:03pm
Voice of speaking clock sadly passes away after third stroke. More soon. 1
dominic_mcg 30.07.11 10:45am
Al OPecia
Ewok actor gets short sentence after performing sex act 'under cover of thimble' 0
pinxit 29.07.11 1:33pm
Piers Morgan allegations: 'it's as if somebody dislikes him,' say baffled police

Detectives say they are baffled by attempts to implicate Piers Morgan in the newspaper phone hacking scandal., “It’s almost as if there’s somebody out there who doesn’t like him,” said...

FraserWords 29.07.11 8:36pm
Salmon migrate 'because they are thick'

For years, it was one of the great mysteries of the natural world. Why do salmon of all kinds travel over such great distances and brave so many dangers to spawn in the exact place of their birth?...

Oxbridge 30.07.11 8:18pm
Ex-pat racist demands to be sent back where he came from

Yorshire moor soon...

beau-jolly 29.07.11 1:22pm
Stella Artois go upmarket with French-sounding 'Wifebeatre' - 2

Alcohol fans were celebrating today, as Stella Artois added a further sheen of acceptability to day-time drinking. Stella are keen to build on the success of 'Cidre', a french-sounding...

31.07.13 7:04pm
Clown's livelihoods in danger as Murdoch's pie thrower pleads guilty to assault. 0
flossie mcjava 29.07.11 12:07pm
flossie mcjava
Young Kalahari bushmen embarrassed by 'dad rain dancing'

For centuries, the Kung bushmen of southern Namibia have known what to do if a drought threatened their crops: dance in clockwise circles while improvising chants on a flat place at the edge of the...

Oxbridge 29.07.11 7:42pm
English teacher "shocked and appalled" at repetition of "shocked and appalled"

Bertrand Thesaurus, an English teacher at Bembridge Secondary Academy, Isle of Wight, said yesterday that he was "shocked and appalled" at the limited vocabulary used in recent reactions to news...

Son of Barnabas 29.07.11 11:43am
Son of Barnabas
Satan uses all forms of public transport, claims new book 'The Devil Rides Owt' 6
wallster 29.07.11 1:16pm
Norway deaths "nothing" compared to suicides after listening to Morrissey 2
bonjonelson 29.07.11 6:34pm
Mick Jagger admits he has an average sized penis,it just looked small in Keith

Richards large mouth...

guffaw 29.07.11 11:17pm
Truebiscuit: Caped Crusader in Salford

Once again, real life has trumped Newsbiscuit:, [url=]Caped crusader story[/url]...

Son of Barnabas 29.07.11 11:07am
Son of Barnabas
"Milk Powder man," is Marvel comics lowest ebb 0
Iamthestig 29.07.11 10:22am
Procter & Gamble to sponsor Red Arrows Ariel display 0
Dick Everyman 29.07.11 9:35am
Dick Everyman
India's drop in population blamed on Aunty Abortionists 0
Dick Everyman 29.07.11 7:41am
Dick Everyman
Transformers 4 To Adopt Unusual Marketing Campaign

Running out of ways to con audiences into accepting his latest insufferable miscellany of plot-free cacophony, Michael Bay has decided to try a different tack for the inevitable fourth installment in...

Textbook 29.07.11 3:34am
Millions panic as US debt crisis may force them to cook their own food 4
Dumbnews 29.07.11 8:33pm
Al OPecia
Comics Publishers Ordered To Alter Misleading Titles

The Fair Trading commission today ruled against comic publishing giants such as DC and Marvel and what it considers misleading product titles. "For example" said Justice Schwartz, "we have The...

Textbook 28.07.11 11:09pm
Sara Payne's 'phone linked to NotW hacking scandal 2
dvo4fun 29.07.11 11:56am
Speaking clock latest victim of phone hacking scandal

on the third stroke...

bonjonelson 28.07.11 9:40pm
United Utilities justify 50% price hike by rebranding to 'Watre' 0
28.07.11 9:24pm
MPs conspicuously silent about THEIR pension scheme arrangements... 0
deskpilot3 28.07.11 9:10pm