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Royal Wedding day gaff avoided as set date narrowly misses Hitlers birthday 5
Basil_B 4 years

Organisers of next years Royal Wedding breathed a huge sigh of relief today after the realisation that the date set for next year had narrowly missed ex tyrant and german dictator Adolf Hitlers...

North Korea accuses South Korea of stealing its ammunition with a giant magnet. 0
dominic_mcg 4 years
The secret of a successful relationship... 0
Doylem 4 years

Arthur and Martha only ever had one serious argument. Unfortunately it lasted for twenty years, and centred on what the fuck he was going to do with his fucking life, apart from sitting around the...

Kim Jong-il still angry at Times online subscription charge 0
Milo Shame 4 years

Close sources inside the military regime have revealed tonight that Kim Jong-il continues to fume that the Times is charging for its online version and that the missile attack on the contested island...

From the school of hard knocks to the university of life... 0
Doylem 4 years

No wonder kids want to leave school as soon as they can. They’ve all seen those James Bond films on TV, where the villain tells Bond “We've got to kill you, because you know too much”. Then,...

North Korea: Political Collectiveness "Gone Mad". More soon. 0
FormerlyAlOPecia 4 years
X Factor winner to "ruin perfectly good song" in bid to reach Christmas number 1 3
ruthless1 4 years
Stefan Kuntz comes out and declares that 12
arrghgarry 4 years

he was the Grandson of WW2 Nazi criminal Samuel Kunz and the family had to change their name because of the embarrassment the name brought...

Koreans admit place names are really onomatopoeic rubber band sounds. 0
the coarse whisperer 4 years
Net migration to be reduced to "tens of thousands"... by expelling Birmingham 0
jm 4 years
Vatican Pope's comments on condoms a success as HIV epidemic 'halted', says UN 0
simonjmr 4 years
Voyeur Drowns Attempting to Reach Dogger Bank 2
De-scribe 4 years
Manufacturers 'baffled' by popularity of new 'Country Fresh' feminine deodorant 18
rickwestwell 4 years
DiCaprio flies again after air scare – one of his films was the in-flight movie. 0
Ian Searle 4 years


Johnson threatens Strauss with a lot of short pitch stuff for first Ashes test. 0
Basil_B 4 years

Apparently he's going to run into bowl at Strauss but instead of letting the ball go he's going to shout in his face ' I want people to buy in to the fact your a pomme twat Strauss'. He will then...

Growing fears Korean stand-off will lead to nuclear war and ruin royal wedding 0
Oxbridge 4 years
Pyongyang writing press releases in the style of Newsbiscuit 2
Erlang 4 years

North Korea's military says: "The South Korean enemy, despite our repeated warnings, committed reckless military provocations of firing artillery shells into our maritime territory near Yeonpyeong...

Shock news: mistake found on internet... 1
Doylem 4 years

WebWatch, the organisation that monitors the internet for errors, has found one. Jerry Linebacker, WebWatch’s CEO, takes up the story. “We’ve all grown accustomed to regarding the internet as a...

Phatom Flan Flinger revealed to be Ben Collins 8
drstrangelug 4 years
Irish built Titanic needs no bailout claims pressured captain 0
simonjmr 4 years

April 10: 08:00 Four days into maiden voyage from Southampton to New York, April 10: 09:00 All fine progressing steadily, April 10: 10:00 All fine: Game of croquet with the Parker- Stevensons,...

Queen cancels Easter to make way for Royal Wedding 0
brownpaperreporter 4 years

I am the head of the church you know...

Jesus dismayed that water into water is more profitable. 0
Erlang 4 years
World of Warcraft to bail out EVE Online 2
drstrangelug 4 years

Following a collapse in the tritanium market leading to a depressed station node industry , EVE Online has requested 6 billion gold pieces from World of Warcraft...

Germany to bail out Ireland in exchange for Blarney Stone 0
Ostsee 4 years
Irish nostalgic for days of potato famine. 4
MADJEZ 4 years
Dappy of N-Dubz to front revamped Antiques Roadshow 0
ruthless1 4 years

Dappy of N-Dubz is to be the new face of a revamped Antiques Roadshow titled "Old Stuff and S***", focusing on pre 2005 mobile phones...

Teenage Pregnancy Rates Fall Dramatically Following the Release of Black Ops 4
ruthless1 4 years
Isle of Wight on alert after renewed tension between Southampton and Portsmouth 2
Duncan Biscuit 4 years
Somali pirate Cap'n overwhelmed by 7,500 applicants for 2 vacancies 8
Golgo13 4 years

In previous years, Somali pirate ship captain, Ibrahim Abdikarim would have had to appoint head-hunters to scour the seven seas for new hostages, but with economic woes and looming public sector job...

Royal wedding galvanises holiday trade... 1
Doylem 4 years

Travel agents are reporting unprecedented interest in foreign holidays for the last week of April next year. A spokesman for Thomas Cook watched in amazement as flights and packages filled up within...