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Spelling error creates new prime time BBC philosophy series - Causality

Starring an obese, highly educated and philosophical monk, to be known as the deep fat friar...

ianrbland 26.03.12 9:48am
James Cameron finds ingenious way to sink to new depths after Avatar 0
Skylarking 26.03.12 9:43am
Hotdogs found to be more canine than Crufts

A shocking discovery made at Korean restaurant chain "Pup you Like" found their take away Hotdogs to contain over 80% dog matter. An unnamed source from the company said "All our meat is of the...

Scronnyglonkle 26.03.12 9:26am
Dementia Research Receives Welcome Funding Boost

Care Services Minister, Alan Rogers, today announced £66m additional funding for dementia research. "This is the third tranch of funding for this important condition," said Mr Rogers, "and there is...

custard cream 26.03.12 9:23am
custard cream
Cameron to host supporter suppers in deep sea sub

The Prime Minister's Office today confirmed that Mr Cameron is taking the unusual step of hosting suppers for party supporters in a deep sea submarine at the bottom of the Mariana Trench in the...

custard cream 26.03.12 9:18am
custard cream
Extreme clinic survey "testing the limits of my patients" says Doctor. 0
ianrbland 26.03.12 9:16am
Four million UK families to be offered bare-knuckle fighting classes

The government is to offer four million families in the UK free bare-knuckle fighting classes to improve their domestic violence and conflict skills. The initiative comes after a report from the...

roybland 26.03.12 9:02am
Dermatology clinics to get spot checks. More later... 3
ianrbland 26.03.12 8:49am
Pizza “Saltier than the Atlantic” - Pizza industry reacts

Leading Pizza chains are to fight back to counter the publicity gained by “Saltier than the Atlantic” chain Adam & Eve. A pizza from this restaurant chain has been described as “saltier...

weematt 26.03.12 8:39am
Channel 4 Announce David Cameron to appear on "Come Dine With Me"

A spokesman says fee er sorry donation yet to be agreed...

Scronnyglonkle 26.03.12 7:58am
Scottish Historian's Discovery....

."Salle de loo", originally a New Year greeting in Edinburgh...

Jesse Bigg 26.03.12 7:31am
Jesse Bigg
Cameron: Peter Cruddas "a single rogue treasurer"

more later...

dvo4fun 26.03.12 7:26am
Personal tax statements to include item, "£1.37 - sending you this statement"

Actually I suspect that what I'm going to find is that most of what I pay in tax is spent propping up the members' bar...

Smart Alex 26.03.12 7:20am
Smart Alex
David Walliams auditions for BGT at Simon Cowell's home.

More stalking news later!...

victimms 26.03.12 7:13am
L'Oreal introduce new hair product for straightening the mind 0
Dumbnews 26.03.12 2:16am
Extreme stationery salesman 'pushes the envelope' 1
Smart Alex 26.03.12 1:54am
£250K dinners 'solution to national debt' claims Cameron

David Cameron is about to engage in a marathon lunch-in, and has ordered his secretary to arrange a packed series of dinner engagements for the PM. A single evening could raise £2.5million a night...

Boutros 26.03.12 1:18am
NB writers high five each other at first proper Tory Sleaze scandal... 1
JohnA 25.03.12 10:44pm
Sunday Times reveals lunch with Clegg "£3.87, or £4.56 if you go supersize". 2
Al OPecia 25.03.12 9:20pm
'Come Dine with Me' featuring David Cameron not available on Freeview 4
Mandy Lifeboat 25.03.12 8:22pm
Psycadelic Squirrel
Chaos as Army petrol deliveries avoid roadside Shells 3
charlies_hat 25.03.12 8:18pm
Psycadelic Squirrel
Isle of Wight to get Stevie Wonder 0
roybland 25.03.12 7:28pm
Queen unveils new Jubilee zeitgeist medal - the CBA

I was going to make this into a longer story but I couldn't be...

Nails UK 25.03.12 7:27pm
Mandy Lifeboat
Raise income from unwanted items at 0
Nails UK 25.03.12 7:25pm
Nails UK
Cameron to offer luncheon vouchers for elderly at No 10. 1
wilkieone 25.03.12 7:22pm
Nails UK
Berlusconi offers to mentor Cameron & Co. on ethical finance

more later...

dvo4fun 25.03.12 5:59pm
Binge drinkers react angrily to increased cost of Binge.

Binge, the popular alcoholic beverage, is to increase in price by 30%. Its manufacturers say the increase has been forced on them by government attempts to encourage responsible drinking. “Binge...

nickb 25.03.12 5:14pm
Indian call centres try to 'block calls' from 87 year old pensioner

UK call centres all over India have sent requests to their phone providers to block calls from Edith Matthews, 87, from Hewish. She has been persistently ‘cold calling’ them for a chat after an...

Perks 25.03.12 4:54pm
Runestone Cowboy
Pensioner receives replacement bus service instead of new hip and knee 0
markbuontempo 25.03.12 4:30pm
Obama furious when he recieves invoice for meeting with Cameron. 2
Ian Searle 25.03.12 4:12pm