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De-scribe 4 years

If you are prepared to fund me taking a year off travelling the world and taking limitless quantities of drugs, drink and prostitutes, please place random letters and words after this message. Thank...

Government set to unveil 'Beauty Tax' 1
dogwheels 4 years

The coalition government has outlined its latest initiative to reduce the deficit by introducing a tax on good-looking people. Treasury economists have outlined a formula to define 'beauty' and...

Pizza delivery: “fax us your order... if it’s thin-crust we’ll fax it back”... 0
Doylem 4 years
Mickle/muckle exchange rate “too approximate” say investors... 1
Doylem 4 years
Britain’s favourite recreational activity found to be fondling iPhone... 1
Doylem 4 years
Drama at London Zoo as snow leopards disappear after thaw out. 5
Basil_B 4 years
Sharm El Sheikh to be renamed 'Shame, El Shark' 3
4 years
Tense UN climate talks reach agreement on next venue 1
dogwheels 4 years

Diplomats from countries around the world have finally reached a deal on where the next UN climate change summit will be held, ending days of tense negotiation. The next round of talks will now be...

Cancun Climate Summit latest: “We're in full agreement. The wine is excellent”.. 0
Doylem 4 years
“A good day to bury bap news”, says baker, as face of Mohammed is found on roll. 0
Doylem 4 years
Face of Mohammed found on pita bread. Baker executed... 1
Doylem 4 years
Face of Mohammed on pita bread “a good likeness”. Infidel executed... 0
Doylem 4 years
Richard Holbrooke "critically ill" - Clinton blames Julian Assange. More noose. 0
Izziere 4 years
Charles grounded after returning parents car dented & covered in paint. 5
MADJEZ 4 years

'But Mummy it was a load of rowdy students'...

Photographers Clash With Police 0
scriven 4 years

***This articles makes a little bit more sense if you look at the pictures, hope you enjoy*** Press photographers took to the streets this week in another round of riots against the lack of...

Dangerous Sports Society announces ‘Paint portrait of Mohammed’ competition… 6
Doylem 4 years
Max Clifford to represent sprouts... 0
Doylem 4 years
North exceeds expectations in muck/brass proximity quotient... 0
Doylem 4 years
Mis-understanding with control tower causes pilot to land on road 0
Basil_B 4 years

New Pilot Roger Vang described the moments of confusion which led him to land on the A449 in Warwickshire two miles from the airfield he was supposed to land on., 'Everything seemed to be going ok...

Dave Gilmour's son proves he's just another prick in the wall. 7
wallster 4 years

[url=]What a knob head.[/url]...

Stephen Hawking “restored to factory settings”… 10
Doylem 4 years
Wikileaks Assange to play Captain Hook in Christmas panto 0
dogwheels 4 years

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange has signed up to star as Captain Hook in a pantomime production of Peter Pan this Christmas. The Australian, who is currently being investigated by several...

Pink Floyd son admits he don't need 'no education' but could afford it anyway 0
ronseal 4 years

One of rock music's most mysterious double negatives has finally been explained after Dave Gilmour's son was seen rioting at the prospective of 'no education'. "When dad sang we don't need no...

Bill Gates reveals plan to defeat malaria by bundling crap version with Windows 5
rickwestwell 4 years

Bill Gates, the non-executive chairman of Microsoft who has now dedicated his life to charitable causes, has unveiled a radical new plan for his latest philanthropic project, the worldwide...

Liu Xiaobo thanks everyone for getting him an extra five years solitary and 1
Malcum eggs 4 years
cambridge university to introduce advanced history course 1
4ty2 4 years

on how to recognise a cenotaph whilst under the influence of drugs. Emergency crash courses are available to rich parents who's children might still go on protest ralleys in London against the...

Jordan not sure which one is her husband, says publicist. More soon. 0
dominic_mcg 4 years
Hot water cannons prepared as Police switch tactics from 'Kettle' to 'Cafetière' 2
pinxit 4 years
student protestes still try to get into prison via clearence or kettle procedure 0
4ty2 4 years

trying to bypass expensive tuition fees by getting into prison and get free access to studying either under the human rights act or as part of the rehabilitation program. As the state can't afford to...

thousands of student protesters failed to get degree 0
4ty2 4 years

for taking part in the practical degree cours in "how to change a political decision process" but at least some got a bage of honour in making it to the front page...