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Scientific community baffled by failing Sat Navs 19
hero2zero 4 years

Four failing Sat Navs have baffled scientists, two have displayed the symptoms of Tourettes Syndrome, one has developed a stutter and another has problems in pronouncing its Rs. One, fitted to a...

Osbourne denies planning big cuts, she says she'll only give Ozzy a trim. 0
Ian Searle 4 years
Jehovah’s Witness outsourcing scheme a ‘huge success’ say sect leaders 1
Skylarking 4 years

An experiment by the Jehovah’s Witnesses to outsource their Outreach and Evangelism programme to a series of call centres in Manila has "succeeded beyond everyone’s wildest expectations"...

Maths visionary Mandelbrot dies over and over again 5
roybland 4 years

and more soon...

French petrol pumps running dry... 4
be reasonable 4 years

"Use Chardonnay, it tastes the same", says Bruni., "My dog likes a nice Beaune", says Sarkozy...

Government to offer Sterilisation Bribe to the Affluent, says Minister 0
IABP 4 years

Ahead of the Spending Review the government has revealed it's had a re-think on Child Benefit for the 'don't really need it' brigade. A revised plan means they will now offer a sterilisation bribe to...

Animal Charity Recognises Brian May: 'The Hair was the Giveaway' they said 0
IABP 4 years
Katie Price to get a lead role in 'Harry Potter and the Wizard's Sleeve' 0
wallster 4 years
Chile Mine Rescue to be dramatised by Hollywood... 4
be reasonable 4 years

Working titles include 'a beautiful mine', starring Russell Crowe, and 'Shaft', starring Brad Pitt and Brendan Cole. More soon...

Kim Jong Ill advised to undergo reconstructive brain surgery 0
Dumbnews 4 years
Man warned about abstains from masturbating 0
arrghgarry 4 years
3 peers behind the curtains face Bailiffs 0
Kazytc 4 years

Three peers are facing suspension from the House of Lords, for wrongly claimed expenses., Peering from behind their curtains, despite being in hiding in their homes, as bailiffs swooped on all three...

New Dehli first Minister Sheila Dikshit, complains after her name is misprounced 0
arrghgarry 4 years

by a New Zealand TV reporter Paul Henry .It is clear as a call centres voice, my name is pronounced Diksit,her brother Thikas was not too happy either...

Kelly Osbourne to sue transvestite that turned up in her place 0
arrghgarry 4 years

at awards bash,

Margaret Thatchers state funeral to be taken throught Kent, Barnsley and 0
arrghgarry 4 years

Durham ,it`s what she would have wanted says carol and mark...

The Pros`s and Con`s of a being a Footballer by Wayne Rooney 0
arrghgarry 4 years
Angry parents ban PDF files from school computers 1
dicky37 4 years

[More soon]...

In congress Prince Charles in Chaos 0
Kazytc 4 years

The US, magazine, 'Vanity Fair', have conducted an interview, with Prince Charles, during which, Prince Charles, audaciously tried to promote his 'Green Manifesto': 'Harmony: A New Way Of Looking At...

New aircraft carriers to join benefit cheats task force 0
roybland 4 years
Parliament rejects calls for VSA, liar’s scoreboard in Commons 0
hero2zero 4 years

“Blue skize,” a government funded think tank has issued a report, prompted by the recent expenses scandal calling for Voice Stress Analysis lie detector equipment to be installed in the commons,...

X factor's Wagner unmasked as Robert Downey jr in a fat suit 0
simonjmr 4 years
Apple announce fourteen white iPhone 4 models for Eskimos 1
roybland 4 years
British aid worker abducted in Somalia "not yet killed by Americans" 0
MrChigleysAunt 4 years
Home Affairs Select Committee appointed to consider Rochdale case 0
MrChigleysAunt 4 years

Following the horrific events of Saturday night, when two men drove a car into revellers outside a Rochdale nightclub, a Home Affairs Select Committee has been appointed to investigate the...

Anglican bishop defects to Rome for "better weather". More soon. 0
dominic_mcg 4 years
'Three strikes and you're off Benefits' could make France Benefitless by 2011. 4
IABP 4 years

plus sous peu...

'No man but a blockhead and a Newsbiscuiteer ever wrote, except for money' 0
roybland 4 years
BBC and Virgin launch "Radio Dave" 5
Sinnick 4 years

In a surprise move, the BBC Worldwide and Virgin Media have issued a joint announcement of a new FM radio station - "Radio Dave". This novel station, which broadcasts on a very powerful signal at...

FIFA unable to say if officials’ conduct has crossed the line 1
Duncan Biscuit 4 years
Michael Eavis cancels Glastonbury 2012 as 'just not convenient' 0
roybland 4 years