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Black Smoke From Vatican Indicates Latest Batch Of Communion Wafers Over-Cooked 0
Textbook 14.03.13 3:55am
White smoke an indication of Vatican Pole smoking

Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio has narrowly beaten Polish Cardinal Arek Druc to be elected as the 266th Pope. “It was neck and neck for a while but in the end Jorge smoked that Pole” said ...

Gary Gonads 14.03.13 3:49am
Gary Gonads
New Argentinean Pope to Benedict XVI; “Hitler sends his regards” 0
Gary Gonads 14.03.13 2:55am
Gary Gonads
Former Nazi starts paying WW2 reparations; “it’s time to pay my Jews” 0
Gary Gonads 14.03.13 2:08am
Gary Gonads
Vatican under 10s Rugby League team gets 17 new locks – on their bedroom doors 0
Gary Gonads 14.03.13 2:00am
Gary Gonads
France is the first. Argentinian. God's having a laugh. 0
Not Amused 14.03.13 1:37am
Not Amused
New Argentinian Pope promises Nazi continuity due to his Odessa past 0
thackaray 14.03.13 1:18am
Entire royal family moving in together in bid to beat bedroom tax

The Queen announced today that, in a bid to avoid cuts in their civil list payments, the entire royal family will be vacating their various residences and moving in to Buckingham Palace by the end of...

Sir Lupus 14.03.13 12:42am
DLT gutted at being overlooked for papacy 'I have the right experience' 0
antharrison 13.03.13 11:59pm
Bernie Ecclestone responsible for 'Pope F1'.

The Vatican has revealed they sold the commercial rights to the Papacy to Bernie Ecclestone for an undisclosed sum last week. It gave him the final say over who would become the new Pope along with...

MADJEZ 13.03.13 11:51pm
Alcohol minimum pricing dropped to pave way for tax increase 1
Squudge 13.03.13 11:51pm
Tesco shocked to discover they've not bought actual Giraffes 2
Wainers 13.03.13 11:49pm
Boost to bucket industry as Justin Bieber releases new single

Millions of buckets have been sold in anticipation of a new single release by teenage favourite Justin Bieber...

apepper 13.03.13 11:26pm
Sir Lupus
Pope accuses Falkland Islanders of being undemocratic 0
Sinnick 13.03.13 11:16pm
Removed - can't top Squudge's Maradona effort on this subject 1
charlies_hat 13.03.13 10:36pm
Pope Frankie: "A Funny Thing Happened To Me On The Way To The Vatican"

No, titter ye not...

Titus 13.03.13 10:15pm
Royal Navy alerted as Pope moves Vatican to Malvinas

Rome facility to be rented to world's dictators as a place to park political dissidents where human rights groups would never think to look...

wwwiz 13.03.13 10:12pm
Cardinals decide not to get a Brazilian. 0
Maverick 13.03.13 10:09pm
Francis 1 to be tested for performance enhancing drugs. More soon. 0
Maverick 13.03.13 10:07pm
Sun tells Pope Frankie to 'stick it up your junta' 0
custard cream 13.03.13 9:57pm
custard cream
Falkland Islands To Be Excommunicated: Islanders Unfazed. 0
Titus 13.03.13 9:57pm
Leeds food outlet in whore’s meat scandal

In an escalation of the food origin crisis, a budget Leeds food outlet, Sutcliffe’s Diner, has been found to have sold whore’s meat as chicken. Regular Sutcliffe’s patron Gavin Smith was...

Yikes 13.03.13 9:48pm
New Pope Election Sees Catholic Faith Embrace Old White Man Community 0
thisisall1word 13.03.13 9:34pm
New Pope Controversy

Argentina's Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio, the new Pope, denies claims from his opponents that he called on the "Hand of God" to help secure the final vote in the papel conclave elections...

PlasticMonk 13.03.13 9:30pm
William Hill Slashes Odds On Next Pope Being Taliban.

"It's official folks, God hates the British!" Said one smug Paddy Power employee...

anhodika 13.03.13 9:24pm
Giraffe found to contain burger meat 0
jamesr 13.03.13 9:23pm
Vatican loses eBay star as buyer "still waiting for delivery of used pope"

The Vatican confirmed today it had suffered further humiliation in the eyes of the world by failing to deliver a "Pope - one divine owner, recently recovered " to Jonny Sweetman of Chessington,...

SuburbanDad 13.03.13 9:15pm
Vatican denies runner-up cover-up

Alarms bells were ringing all over the Catholic world tonight as rumours that Pope Francis 1st was actually the runner-up. Pope Francis - Looking...

camz 13.03.13 9:10pm
The Sun readies 'Hand of God' headline for Argentine Pope. 0
MADJEZ 13.03.13 8:42pm
Cardinals elect gigolo as new Pope 0
custard cream 13.03.13 8:36pm
custard cream