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'Heartless' man allowed to rejoin society 0
Christopher Frost 02.08.11 2:42pm
Christopher Frost
Hollywood exec "we're not running out ideas"; Aliens vs Balamory script approved 0
thackaray 02.08.11 1:51pm
'Total Whiteout' voted top TV gameshow by Inuit viewers 3
jp1885 03.08.11 10:31am
Britain poised to celebrate POETS day

This week’s POETS (Piss Off Early, Tomorrow’s Saturday) extravaganza is set to be the biggest ever say experts, with a staggering nine-tenths of the population of Great Britain planning to finish...

jp1885 03.08.11 9:22am
Sun chiefs realise web site had been breached after story praised boffins 0
ronseal 02.08.11 12:57pm
New Software Deletes Browsing History Automatically

when the comouter detects your wife's car arriving home...

Textbook 12.09.11 6:51pm
Brian Sewell surprise victim of Sun website hack 5
MrChigleysAunt 03.08.11 3:12pm
Over a third of school pupils in the bottom 50% says government. More soon. 1
dominic_mcg 02.08.11 1:50pm
Lepers banned from Durham pub 'for wearing bells'

A group of medieval lepers were humiliated today after being banned from a Durham pub for wearing bells. The lepers, part of a reenactment society who were due to perform at the village fete, were...

21.08.11 7:46am
'Prison Turns Out To Be Pretty Shit' Says Idiots Mum

thesplodge 02.08.11 11:10am
New advertoilet technology broadcasts just in time Number twomarketing messages

British businesses are wasting a massive opportunity to pester a key demographic with advertising messages - even though their target audience is at its most vulnerable. This tragic waste could be...

ronseal 02.08.11 11:31am
Last remaining cop not featured on TV makes Big Brother Bid

PC Andrew Jenkins feels isolated amongst his colleagues as he is the only remaining police officer in the country not to feature in a fly on the wall documentary. “Thanks to brilliant and...

button 02.08.11 8:09pm
Newcastle statement says Barton transfer listed for behaving like a Joey 0
charlies_hat 02.08.11 9:58am
Attempt To Make Ramadan More Fun Disapproved By Establishment

Islamic spiritual leader "Wacky" Wael Alshammari, known for his unconventional sermons, has been in trouble with Saudi authorities before. "Koran? More like BORE-an, am I right? You know why they...

Textbook 02.08.11 9:28am
New ‘tea-kitty’ tax hits council employees

Chancellor George Osborne has today announced a proposal for a tax on local government tea-kitties. Speaking during an official visit to a Yachting conference in the South of France he said, “We...

Dick Everyman 02.08.11 9:18am
Dick Everyman
Newsbiscuit Accused Of Search Engine Baiting (Bieber Gaga Free Games Twilight)

People, who could be teenaged Asian lesbians for all we know, have accused Newsbiscuit, described by its owner as the funniest website ever, of stuffing its articles with hot sexy phrases so as to...

Textbook 04.08.11 9:57am
Obama Caught Reading Bush's Old Copy Of "Being President For Dummies" 0
Textbook 02.08.11 5:24am
Boehner And Obama Fail Where It Counts

With the matter of reaching an agreement on America's debt restructuring settled, Boehner and Obama now have an even trickier task ahead of them, one which many critics fear will prove impossible and...

Textbook 02.08.11 2:40am
WORLD EVENTS PATIENTLY AWAIT END TO BBC STRIKE World events avoided happening and formed an orderly queue last night as the strike affecting BBC journalists continued...

Peter749400 02.08.11 3:41pm
Jenson Button angry at cruel hoax of shit Head & Shoulders ad. 0
MADJEZ 01.08.11 9:38pm
Syria: Bashar's Latest Tyranny

Bashar, the president of Syria, is already in the annals of infamy for his recent atrocities against the people he is supposed to care for. But a new development shows there is no birdge he will not...

Textbook 01.08.11 9:05pm
Roger Waters Concert Takes Unexpected Detour

The former Pink Floyd leader's hugely successful solo tour of the complete The Wall album went in an unexpected direction last night when halfway through the rousing highlight, We May As Well Pretend...

Textbook 01.08.11 9:00pm
New Lybian Rebel Embassy Staff Drive Around London in Pick up Truck

Hague nervous about being invited for a chat...

Dun Dunkin 01.08.11 8:53pm
Dun Dunkin
Obama And Boehner Reach Debt Agreement

but still no progress on agreeing David Bowie's best album. The situation is not helped by Tea Party radicals insisting that Tin Machine was not as bad as everyone says...

Textbook 01.08.11 8:39pm
Factory tour of General Motors sucked, says Obama

based on the Queen joke recently...

Dumbnews 01.08.11 8:14pm
Local man still waiting for that sudden moment when life takes a quick turn 0
Dumbnews 01.08.11 8:11pm
Indian restaurant ban for diner ‘not in the right spirit’

A man who had been banned from his local Indian restaurant for wandering into the kitchen instead of staying in his seat has been allowed back in. Mr. Alexander Graham was initially asked to get out...

Midfield Diamond 01.08.11 6:11pm
Midfield Diamond
Government looks for another Royal Wedding

"Ideally we'd like 2 a year to keep people's minds off the economy."...

Dun Dunkin 01.08.11 4:49pm
Dun Dunkin
Government warns untested nasal tanning product could result in brown nosing. 0
dominic_mcg 01.08.11 4:49pm
Hungarian wheel-changing Grand Prix interupted by 'too much driving'

complain top mechanics. More later...

dvo4fun 01.08.11 5:31pm