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Arab League urges Syria stop shooting civilians.."Bombing much more effective" 0
hansens-scar 18.11.11 1:20pm
Ex MI5 chief Manningham-Buller sends out for pizza during Lords debate 0
hansens-scar 18.11.11 1:15pm
Blatter holding out for 'golden handshake' claim critics 0
Screenie 18.11.11 1:04pm
Research shows Britain's pubs 'full of technocrats'

There may be hope for the ailing UK economy, after researchers found that Britain’s pubs are ‘chock full’ of technocrats. ‘After the resounding success of the new governments in Italy and...

The Paper Ostrich 18.11.11 12:48pm
Fears grow as Domestos forces Yakult over to the Dark Side 0
grottymonty 18.11.11 12:42pm
Am-Dram society rallies after crossbow atrocity

Swaffham and District Amateur Dramatic Society confirmed today that this year’s performance of Aladdin will go ahead as planned, despite last Thursday’s crossbow rampage by Wishee Washee which...

allmyownstunts 18.11.11 12:33pm
St Paul’s first letter to the occupiers

Love is patient but I'm losing mine, so I’d love it if you’d all piss off now...

button 18.11.11 12:06pm
Probiotic protesters occupy St Thomas' hospital. 1
button 18.11.11 11:49am
Oxfam commends Nigerian princes for their generosity

Oxfam has publicly given thanks to generous Nigerian princes insistent on sharing vast sums of wealth via online transactions with European professionals. "It's nice to see Africa giving a bit back...

Shandy 18.11.11 11:26am
Beijing: China To "Have Rhthym" By 2025 0
Textbook 18.11.11 11:17am
ASA condemns 'child with serious head injuries' logo for Bears In Need 9
Runestone Cowboy 18.11.11 11:14am
Lech Walesa the main prize at this years Smash Hits Pole winners party 0
Iamthestig 18.11.11 11:03am
Latest range of Military weapons to be bio-degradable 0
Iamthestig 18.11.11 11:00am
Osborne gaff: Virgin '747 Big Ones' payment isn't £millions but two used Jumbos 0
dvo4fun 18.11.11 10:58am
MoD admits £564m of technical advice did not give more bangs for its bucks 0
Duncan Biscuit 18.11.11 10:41am
Duncan Biscuit
Cameron decides against German accent to tell Merkel ‘For you, the euro is over’ 0
Duncan Biscuit 18.11.11 10:41am
Duncan Biscuit
Merkel talks moved to Leipzig after Cameron buys Easyjet ticket to Berlin 0
Duncan Biscuit 18.11.11 10:40am
Duncan Biscuit
What wood doesn't float ?

one from the archives...

medici2471 18.11.11 10:02am
BBC to scrap MOTD in favour of FIFA2012

In a shock move today BBC officials announced that they will no longer be showing Match of the Day in its current format and will replace the football show with technology from EA Sports'...

acwanaut 18.11.11 9:57am
John Terry's Fashion Prediction for Spring 2012 : "Blind Is The New Black" 0
Mathna 18.11.11 9:51am
Sepp Blatter opposed to racism "in principle"

FIFA chairman Sepp Blatter has clarified his position on racism in football; "Obviously, it's wrong in principle, but a handshake soon sorts it out." Asked about corruption in football, Blatter...

apepper 18.11.11 6:21am
Middle East Peace Solution Approaches

Obama has attained one of the proudest victories of his presidency and raised hopes for a peaceful reconciliation between, Israeli and Palestinian factions after persuasing Hamas leader Khaled...

Textbook 18.11.11 3:16am
Nick Clegg to repeal second law of thermodynamics

As part of his campaign to abolish bad and unnecessary legislation, Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has announced plans to abolish the second law of thermodynamics – the law that states the...

Ludicity 18.11.11 2:12am
Nail clipping and soil open sandwich is 'cheapest meal' 7
18.11.11 1:25am
Ken Clarke to trial the "Blatter" approach with rapists and violent offenders

A spokesman at the daily briefing at the Ministry of Justice outlined the new plan this morning. "A firm handshake from the perpetrator of a crime should make the victim feel much better and less...

grottymonty 18.11.11 1:24am
Somerset shoppers disgusted at Tesco oversight

People from all over Somerset have been flocking to a branch of Tesco’s in Burnham on Sea after the remains of a dead bird were found decomposing in a bag of pre-packed salad., Queues waiting to...

Gerontius 18.11.11 1:22am
Hard-up RSPCA hands control to technocat 3
18.11.11 12:05am
Traffic Chaos in Geneva as Large Hadron Collision Blocks Road Junction

‘We had previously scratched some paint in an underground car park and had a minor incident on the ring road a few weeks back but this was a biggy, we are incredibly excited by the results.’ Said...

Immunis 17.11.11 11:48pm
US debt crisis sees govt. conspiracies budget slashed - or does it?

The global financial crisis has had an unforeseen impact in the USA, forcing President Obama to cancel spending on concealing fake space missions, high-profile assassinations and alien abductions....

Vertically Challenged Giant 17.11.11 11:24pm
Football race row latest: England captain should be whiter than white

After the announcement that Luis Suarez will be charged with racist abuse by the FA, Chelsea and England captain John Terry has been speaking out about his own ongoing case. ‘As captain of my...

Vertically Challenged Giant 17.11.11 11:24pm
Vertically Challenged Giant