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EXCLUSIVE: Shock pictures of Prince Harry with his clothes on.

After a brief scuffle with his bodyguard in a top secret Afghan hideaway referred to only as Bastion Camp, Prince Harry was pictured with his clothes on. The pictures were taken by the new PAP 10...

Lord Ward 16.09.12 9:50pm
Lord Ward
Daily Mail find 'excessive button pushing' causes cancer

A report commissioned by the Daily Mail has revealed that pushing a button more than 3 times in impatience may increase the risk of cancer. The button pushing phenomena is often seen at pedestrian...

Perks 16.09.12 9:50pm
Cunt publishes nude Kate Middleton portfolio

Cunt Magazine will tomorrow publish a 24 page colour centre-spread of nude Kate Middleton photographs. Editor in chief, Max Penis, issued a simultaneous statement, declaring that Cunt's huge...

16.09.12 9:15pm
Kate and Wills ‘to make porn video’

In line with celebrities of a similar standing who are just known for being celebrity media whores, such as Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian and Tulisa, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are all set to...

Reg Herring 16.09.12 7:29pm
Reg Herring
Eclipsed by Kate story, Camilla reveals she likes to keep a tidy garden. 5
DustyBinLaden 16.09.12 7:19pm
EDL and Militant Islam to play football match for rights to former Scout hut

The English Defence League’s Stephen Lennon and Militant Islam’s Abu Qatada have agreed to lead their teams onto the pitch in their first ever football match. To the winner, exclusive use of a...

DustyBinLaden 16.09.12 7:17pm
Theyll be free cakes

for all those who turn up tommorow,and a mixture of healthy herbal teas.Dont forget between 1 and 2 outside St Pauls,get there earlyer if possible to make sure you get your free cake...

psychedelic drip 16.09.12 6:54pm
Hatton takes Dad's belt 3
charlies_hat 16.09.12 6:34pm
Battle of Britain Memorial Flight Lancaster splatted in 'Paintball accident'

The RAF’s only airworthy Lancaster bomber was effectively ‘shot down’ yesterday, in a prank played by the pilot of a German Messerschmitt 109 fighter aircraft. Both aircraft had been performing...

dvo4fun 16.09.12 3:35pm
Explorers discover lost tribe of healthy looking vegetarians. More soon. 0
dominic_mcg 16.09.12 1:57pm
Muslim riots quelled with airplane drops of topless Kate pics

Fears that violent anti-Western protests would escalate have receded after the US air force successfully dropped millions of topless Kate Middleton pictures throughout the Muslim world. “God is...

Yikes 16.09.12 12:11pm
Government in talks with developers for paradise urban regeneration scheme

Controversial plans to include car park, pink hotel, boutique, swinging hot spot and tree museum...

Quercus Bundle 16.09.12 11:26am
Life in La La Land 'actually quite hard' say researchers

Contrary to popular belief, living in La La Land isn't as utopian as it's cracked up to be, according to Oxford University's Professor of Anthropology Tom More. Earlier this month, Communities...

roybland 16.09.12 9:22am
Dyslexic Weekly to print secret photos of Kate's ears. More soon. 1
dominic_mcg 15.09.12 10:55pm
Despite Critical Praise & Oscars Kathy Bates Still Has Her Knockers

HIGNFY 15.09.12 10:42pm
Muslims call for beheading of French editor.

"Ï can"t believe it", she says, "I only did it because I respect the profit!"...

Maverick 15.09.12 10:26pm
1 in 10 people afraid of becoming statistic

more to follow...

apepper 15.09.12 10:16pm
Sir Lupus
'Defining Britishness' is a 'quintessentially British' activity vote Britons

According to recent survey across Britain...

quango 15.09.12 8:55pm
Top Tory MPs win school sports day races for 10th successive year

Although MPs David Cameron and George Osborne like to 'Stay in shape' they have all expressed their delight at winning the parent's races at the exclusive private schools attended by their children....

antharrison 15.09.12 7:28pm
Eric Pickles always eats five a day: Holland's pies 'Delighted' 0
antharrison 15.09.12 7:00pm
"We were only trying to get naked pictures of Harry", claim Taliban 0
Ian Searle 15.09.12 3:44pm
Ian Searle
Burglars call for cuts in Uni tuition fees as student numbers fall

Disgruntled housebreakers are the latest group to join calls for the government to lower University tuition fees, after it emerged that student numbers are down and many of Britain's leading...

Sir Lupus 15.09.12 3:11pm
Sir Lupus
Taleban fighters retreat in horror after glimpsing Harry’s ginger pubes

Prince Harry is the toast of the Coalition forces after almost single-handedly repelling Taleban fighters in Afghanistan. Apparently the Talaban had already breached the outer perimeter fence and...

Yikes 15.09.12 2:07pm
Public outraged at Royal coverage

A sensational new survey out today reveals 87% of people around the World are fed up with the obscene amount of press coverage the British Royal family receives. “It makes you wonder if there...

Reg Herring 15.09.12 12:28pm
Reg Herring
Bloke with greying hair strings himself up with tie given to him by daughter. 8
ramblesid 15.09.12 11:57am
Man's work is massively improved by involvement of Todd from Marketing 1
ronseal 15.09.12 11:52am
Cameron to Legalise Slavery

Prime Minister David Cameron has announced plans to leagalise slavery and remove all rights from employees. Speaking on The World at One, the Prime Minister said “In the current financial climate,...

Quaz 15.09.12 11:35am
Palace Claims 'Small Boobs' Triumph After Kate Middleton Fashion Coup

Buckingham Palace claimed today that the age of huge bosoms is finished, after the Duchess of Cambridge stormed the world of fashion with a sensational 'New Look'. Miss Middleton, who proudly got...

15.09.12 10:53am
Land-owners demand cull to halt spread of ramblers

Britain’s farmers are facing an ‘unending tide’ of ramblers, hell-bent on cluttering up the countryside. That’s why many land-owners are calling on the government to sanction a cull, or at...

15.09.12 10:46am
Ricky Hatton's dad to take on both Klitschko brothers. More soon. 0
dominic_mcg 15.09.12 10:14am