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Second underwear bomb as Rebekah Brooks pants on fire. 0
MADJEZ 11.05.12 11:36am
Osama Bin laden did corporate video for Abbey National 0
ronseal 11.05.12 10:54am
Explosive in pants bomb identified as 'chicken phall'.

More destroyed undergarments soon...

Thor 11.05.12 10:19am
Keep your head down Dave, pleads Rebekah

Mmmmore soon...

medici2471 11.05.12 10:16am
Town Hall future in doubt

The future of the iconic Town Hall chain was in doubt last night as its owners struggled to find investors ready to take on the troubled brand. Town Hall has been a mainstay of Britain’s urban...

Bravenewmalden 11.05.12 10:09am
Olympic fag lit

The official Olympic cigarette - a Rothmans - was ceremoniously lit in Athens yesterday, and the smoker will run threequarters of a mile with it before the next smoker gets a light off it, takes a...

nickb 11.05.12 8:59am
Queen to be a judge on "Civil Service's got talent". Less soon. 1
Maverick 11.05.12 8:28am
Orbital Tower unveiling fails as large sheet gets stuck. 0
weematt 11.05.12 8:15am
43,000 mile taxi journey still avoided going south of the river 0
Duncan Biscuit 11.05.12 7:59am
Duncan Biscuit
Marks & Spencer pants label ‘should have raised suspicions’ admits al-Qaeda 0
Duncan Biscuit 11.05.12 7:58am
Duncan Biscuit
Leveson promises Brooks more tits on the front pages 0
Duncan Biscuit 11.05.12 7:57am
Duncan Biscuit
Tight squeeze for Vidal Sassoon as coffin has short back and sides 0
charlies_hat 11.05.12 6:55am
Prince Charles predicts reign 4
Rootin Tootin 11.05.12 6:53am
Mitt Romney in re-make of "Beyond the Fringe". 0
Maverick 11.05.12 1:11am
Mr. Muscle banned from competing at London Olympics

The British Olympic Association say they have banned a leading bathroom and toilet cleanser from competing at the London 2012 Olympics after the cleaning fluid failed a random drugs test.,...

Nerys Hughes 11.05.12 12:24am
Help LordsTrust to re-house a peer

Safely tucked up in their riverside home, Britain's lords would appear to have an ideal existence. But their cosy habitat is now under threat, which is why we're asking you to help 'Re-house a Lord'....

10.05.12 11:29pm
Met Police claim 'only a handful' of off-duty Policemen on London demonstration 1
Mandy Lifeboat 10.05.12 11:24pm
Police retirement cuts threaten Spanish economy

Thousands of police officers marched on London to highlight concerns about the Winsor review of pay and conditions. PC Sam Mercer, 32, was one of them “I’ve been in the job 14 years, only the...

medici2471 10.05.12 10:35pm
nostra da mouse
Defence secretary cancels Second World War Fighter contract

In the largest government U-turn ever announced the defence secretary Philip Hammond said today that he was cancelling an order placed in 1940 for 200 Spitfire fighter planes. Dismissing objections...

A Wagonload Of Monkeys 10.05.12 10:03pm
Defence minister -new shock announcement

Responding to the leaked document which details the purchase of 100 trebuchets, for use by the Royal navy, the defence secretary was heard to say "Trebuchet? wasn't he a newsreader?...

Bismarck 10.05.12 9:58pm
Radio 2 accused of "pulling the wool over listeners ears"

Radio 2 bosses were slammed today for suggesting "2day" was ever going to be anything other than the same old crap rehashed yet again...

Bismarck 10.05.12 9:51pm
Police Federation bemoans lack of overtime for officers at protest march

Senior Police Officers have expressed dismay at the peaceful way in which protest marches were allowed to pass off in London, after it was revealed that no overtime payments were made to on-duty...

Underconstruction 10.05.12 9:50pm
Disgruntled foundry workers vote to strike while the iron is hot. More soon. 0
dominic_mcg 10.05.12 9:27pm
Coalition Government better at u-turns than Joint Strike Fighter 0
Mandy Lifeboat 10.05.12 9:01pm
Mandy Lifeboat
Public sector staff win parity. 100,000 Jobs off-shored to India. 0
MADJEZ 10.05.12 8:00pm
New shampoo launched "Dead and Smoulders". More soon. 0
Al OPecia 10.05.12 6:52pm
Al OPecia
Vidal Sassoon dyes. 3
Zen 10.05.12 5:50pm
nostra da mouse
Greeks demand debt forgiveness before handing over Olympic torch 0
wwwiz 10.05.12 4:49pm
Lynn Truss slips into a comma following colon and period problems. 5
charlies_hat 10.05.12 4:49pm
Tottenham awaits arrival of Olympic torch in time for 2012 riots 1
medici2471 10.05.12 4:23pm