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BBC Trust to be rebranded BBC Doubt 2
Scroat 29.10.12 4:09pm
Patten fights on with £500m anti-paedo defence review

Beleaguered chairman, Chris Patten, faced down his critics today and launched a £500m package of measures, promising to revolutionise the BBC's entire approach to anti-paedophile broadcasting....

29.10.12 4:04pm
The Jim’ll Fix It letter that didn’t make it on air.

Dear Jim I love the work Esther Rantzen is doing with those poor children who suffer abuse on a regular basis. Therefore please could you fix it for me to visit the Childline offices? Thanks ...

Sheepback 29.10.12 2:46pm
Supermodels to be deployed to famine hotspots to teach "Eating with little" 0
simonjmr 29.10.12 2:33pm
Huge boost for nanovinegar and nanosalt on chips

Scientists have demonstrated methods that could see the flavour of chips enhanced 1,000 fold by the development of nanosalt and nanovinegar molecules. Initial experiments in tuber flavour...

simonjmr 29.10.12 2:29pm
Sheep-rustling can wait while police probe Savile’s Scottish hideaway...

Three carloads of police officers swooped on Jimmy Savile’s isolated hideaway, Allt Na Reigh, in Glencoe, which has joined 10, Rillington Place, Notting Hill and 25, Cromwell Road in Gloucester...

Tripod 29.10.12 1:56pm
Rolf Harris wobble board version of Good Morning Little Schoolgirl impounded 0
Drylaw 29.10.12 1:21pm
Liverpool's Suarez adopts long blond wig and cigar in bid to increase popularity 0
Drylaw 29.10.12 1:05pm
BBC boss: “We won’t hide behind smokescreen. We can’t find one big enough"... 0
Tripod 29.10.12 1:00pm
Danish porn star prevented from entering UK with diseased wood. More soon. 0
dominic_mcg 29.10.12 12:51pm
Richard III: Leicester Cathedral burial cancelled after child abuse allegations 0
simonjmr 29.10.12 12:45pm
John Travolta has unexpected No 1 hit after the superstorm

Stranded at the drive in, branded a fool, what will they say Monday at school?, Sandy, can't you see, I'm in misery. We made a start, now we're apart, there's nothin' left for me. Love has flown,...

simonjmr 29.10.12 11:44am
After recent events, makers of Peperami pull launch of new range ad campaign...

pinxit 29.10.12 11:34am
Sofa found outside DFS store

A sofa discovered in the home of an elderly couple in the West Midlands is believed to the only known case of a DFS sofa being sighted outside a DFS store. The sofa - described by witnesses as a...

roybland 29.10.12 11:28am
Ghostbusters to exorcise Broadcasting House of cigar-smoking apparition

The BBC has called in a team of psychic investigators after youngsters attending a live-screening of Rastamouse claimed the lecherous cigar-smoking ghost of an elderly man had really put the willies...

Gary Stanton 29.10.12 11:28am
Hurricane Sandy to appear in Greece. More soon. 0
dominic_mcg 29.10.12 11:01am
Viewers disappointed in “predictable” ending of second episode of Savilegate

Fans of televised mysteries were left feeling deflated after police announced the arrest of Gary Glitter on sex charges. ‘It was all a bit obvious really – nowhere near as good as the pilot...

Yikes 29.10.12 9:52am
Wayne Rooney stalked girls with Savile: “Is your granny at home?"... 0
Tripod 29.10.12 9:34am
BBC Style Guide (winter 2012)

Please use this updated style guide immediately. Please place the previous style guide in the shredder, if there is room. New words [i]Savilate[/i] – the licking of lips as a 70s presenter sees...

Yikes 29.10.12 9:22am
custard cream
Golfer attacked by novelty timepieces survives by putting the clocks back 0
LittleSpender 29.10.12 9:22am
Mercedes questioned over theft of expensive high-powered black man 0
tedweasel 29.10.12 8:48am
Logo overhauled as Penguin merge with Random House to form 'Pedomouse' 0
Idiot 29.10.12 8:43am
Jimmy Savile Watched Me Masturbate!

., ., ., ., ., A 55 year old Northampton man, known only as Mr X, but whose real name is Tony Michaels, (47) of 23 Acacia Avenue, Northampton, claims that Savile(34)leered at him from the TV, as...

arthurminnit 29.10.12 7:07am
There is unrest in the forest, there is trouble with the trees....

There is unrest in the forest,, There is trouble with the trees,, For the maples want more sunlight, And the oaks ignore their pleas. The trouble with the maples,, (And they're quite convinced...

custard cream 29.10.12 5:01am
Scientists set to reveal identity of Michael Jackson's 'Man in The Mirror'

Scientists at the Michael Jackson Research Institute (MJRI) based in Gary, Indiana will reveal the identity of the 'Man in The Mirror' within 'the next few days'. MJRI Director Prof. Cleveland...

custard cream 28.10.12 10:16pm
custard cream
Celebrities ‘too scared to die’ in wake of Savile affair

The days of death being the ‘de rigor’ method of future proofing a celebrities’ legacy seem to be over, with many famous people now avoiding death like the plague. ‘It used to be that the...

Yikes 28.10.12 10:09pm
custard cream
Pub landlord hides seven bodies on premises over busy weekend

Gary Philpott was sentenced to six months imprisonment at Leeds Crown Court after admitting he failed to notify authorities of seven deaths on the premises of his Hunslet public house, the...

Paddy Berzinski 28.10.12 7:44pm
Paddy Berzinski
Supermarkets to serve petrol from the Deli

Supermarket giants, ASDA, Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Morrisons have announced a unified switch in the way that fuel is sold to customers. From March 2013 petrol and diesel will only be available...

Dick Everyman 28.10.12 6:25pm
Stockport cyclist returns winning medal following drugs confession

Anthony Harrison, 51, from Stockport has returned his winning medal from the Manchester Wheelers 10-mile time trial in 1980 following his confession for the use of a Fishermasn's Friend lozenge...

antharrison 28.10.12 6:21pm
Lamborghini Driver Found To Have a Really Big Penis.

Local super=car nut Tony Michaels (43) was exposed yesterday as a "big car" driver who actually also has a large manhood., "People alwayth think i am compenthating for thomething by dwiving a big...

arthurminnit 28.10.12 6:07pm