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X Factor viewing figures proof 17 million people can be fooled, all the time 2
brownpaperreporter 4 years
Barnsley Council launches online chewing gum recycling scheme : E-Buy Gum 1
simonjmr 4 years
Daily Mail blames madrases for declining standards of suicide bombing. 0
the coarse whisperer 4 years
Confused students confess : "thought Camilla was a pinata" 0
simonjmr 4 years
'Poke the Duchess with a Stick' now UK Top Christmas Party Game of 2010 3
pinxit 4 years
A suicide bomber is for Christmas, not for life 0
brownpaperreporter 4 years
'Embarrassing' Britain should be humanely destroyed, says rest of world 1
Oxbridge 4 years

The 196 sovereign nations of the world, meeting in congress at the UN in New York, have agreed that Britain's excruciatingy embarrassing conduct is now intolerable and that, seeing as it is no longer...

Incompetent Stockholm suicide bomber to only be offered 2 virgins. 5
MADJEZ 4 years
Cable & Clegg to release Christmas single 6
Bismarck 4 years

In a bid to defuse the furore caused by the tuition fees vote, Vince & Dave are to release a Christmas single to appeal to the student vote. The single is a remake of the Christine Lavin hit...

Two new rappers 0
Bismarck 4 years

In a bid to regain the student vote, the LibDem leadership has re-branded themselves, Vince.C. Able and Nick. C.Legg. For the opposition Ed Balls says he already has a stupid name so will not be...

Shane Warne Explores Uninhabited Bush 0
De-scribe 4 years
Business news 0
Bismarck 4 years

the stick used to poke Camilla is set to become a millionaire due to invention of 'Poke the Duchess with a stick', the fastest selling game of all time. The stick, speaking through Max Clifford, made...

Father Christmas attacked during tuition fees protest 1
jp1885 4 years

Somerset police have admitted that protesting students ‘made contact’ with Father Christmas and his wife after the festive couple found themselves caught up in a protest against the proposed rise...

Royal revelations pt 1. 0
Bismarck 4 years

In a document leaked from the palace, it has emerged that at the very moment 'that' photo was taken, Charles was just winning his game of 'Pin the tail on the Duchess'...

Camilla blow-up doll best-seller, thanks to having “no realistic orifices”... 0
Doylem 4 years
The Camilla pinata rapidly enters the must have Xmas gift list for students 0
simonjmr 4 years

More soon By the way the photo of a shocked Camilla the other night looked like Charles had taken out his blow up doll for the night...

Rappers looking for new vocal tic 0
simonjmr 4 years

Rap artists throughout the world are looking for a new vocal tic after has started using "Dirty bit" in all his songs,. This follows years of Busta Rhymes incorporating "Flipmode" and...

'Poke the Duchess with a Stick' now UK Top Sexual Innuendo of 2010 0
pinxit 4 years
Cable leaks on Clegg and Cameron 0
4ty2 4 years

to be published under "the 3rd man - the sequel"...

Desperate West Ham to sign Chilean miners in bid to escape relegation 1
Duncan Biscuit 4 years
Psychotic luggage manufacturer may have a case to answer 0
MrChigleysAunt 4 years
Public Should Not Be Alarmed At Mention of Birth Of Jesus At Christmas 0
IABP 4 years

News agencies and the TV media broke with their normal transmissions to run a government annoncement that the public should not be unduly concerned by the mention of the birth of Jesus during their...

Manchester slaps transfer demand on City 0
Duncan Biscuit 4 years
Man who says he never watches X Factor says he always knew Max Cardle would win 0
Duncan Biscuit 4 years
Elizabeth Hurley calls ‘Over’ 0
Duncan Biscuit 4 years
Landmark Legal Case 1
Bismarck 4 years

In the first known case of it's kind, a stick is suing the Metropolitan police for Post Traumatic Stress after it was used to poke Camilla.'The Police should have protected the royals better 'he said...

Julian Assange to appear on 'a very special' Noel's House Party Christmas Gotcha 7
Golgo13 4 years

After over a decade off our screens, the BBC have announced what is surely the coup of the Christmas TV season by luring Noel Edmonds back to Crinkley Bottom for a very special edition of Noel's...

face of Mohammed seen in suicide bombers smoke blast 0
4ty2 4 years

American doors showing Jesus don't stand a chance against the powerfull display of Mohammed going up in smoke. Originallt the swedish authorities were thinking he was lead astray from the student...

Clegg: “We’re not prepared to abandon our principles... unless you ask nicely”. 0
Doylem 4 years
There were ugly scenes in Surbiton this morning 0
Bismarck 4 years

a passenger was stopped from getting on the local disability bus. 'I might look a bit different from the rest of them' he said 'but I know my rights'. The driver had refused him entry on the grounds...