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Pensioner, 69, has sex swap on NHS and immediately extends life expectancy.

Donna, formerly Donald from Marblethorpe, was also expected to reclaim 5 extra years of pension backpay...

Bryan with a Y 13.11.11 7:28pm
Tech giants race to create solutions to problems that don't exist 1
Dumbnews 13.11.11 7:27pm
Italians deny pandering to comedians as Monty Python forms government

Monty Python is to form the next Italian government after a frantic weekend of negotiation and remininceses by officials. "It's been a tough weekend", said a spokesman, "but I think we have the...

apepper 13.11.11 7:27pm
Barbie sacked by Mattel following claim that Kaye Bray is a role model 0
medici2471 13.11.11 4:38pm
Job Centre Plus renamed SportDirect.Jobs as both share the same customers

Full details to follow...

Bryan with a Y 13.11.11 3:43pm
Bryan with a Y
Cameleon shows his true colours and admits he never believed in Karma.

He didn't want to come and go either....

Bryan with a Y 13.11.11 1:08pm
Bryan with a Y
Police on look out for ‘heartless’ metal thieves

Police in LA are investigating the disappearance of an Emerald City man who they fear may have been the target of local metal thieves., The man, believed to live in an apartment above the Rainbow...

Gerontius 13.11.11 12:41pm
Old Unmentionables getting smaller in number

"Yes, every year takes away some of our old brigade it's true," says Les Squair, former Major in the Latrines Regiment - or Old Unmentionables as they have always been known. Les and what's left of...

Drylaw 13.11.11 12:26pm
Scots Hail England as new World and European Champions

In line with their insistence that they became World Champions in 1967 by beating the then holders England, Scottish Football fans were united in hailing England as both World and European winners...

Mathna 13.11.11 11:51am
BBC cuts - 2010 Remembrance Day broadcast repeated 0
medici2471 13.11.11 11:47am
Afghan Poppy Exports up on last year 0
Drylaw 13.11.11 11:46am
Smart car downgraded to dumb after failing tests 1
Dumbnews 13.11.11 10:22am
Nick McCarr
Movember participant's moustache survives close shave 0
kga6 13.11.11 9:22am
Isle of Wight leaves single British currency. Residents stockpile shiny pebbles. 2
dominic_mcg 13.11.11 8:51am
Libyan pest control reopens as NATO lift No-Fly Zone 2
Perks 13.11.11 12:05am
Survey shows most wives prefer to stay home and whinge about not going on

holiday to an actual holiday...

Nick McCarr 12.11.11 11:58pm
Berlusconi's last decree before resignation, all lamp-posts removed. More Soon 0
reforse 12.11.11 9:39pm
Liverpool to replace Syria in Arab League.

At last a chance of winning a league,say's Dalglish following his failure to win 10,000 leagues under the Sea...

Zen 12.11.11 9:39pm
Papasmurf leads early betting for next Greek PM

With Papandreou recently resigned and Papademos taking control of a temporary government of unity. William Hill are saying that the early money for Greece's next elected Prime Minister is going on...

Immunis 12.11.11 9:05pm
Derby residents confiscate Christmas lights to prevent November switch on

A group of residents from the city of Derby have today admitted to confiscating the city's Christmas lights to prevent the planned November 19th switch on. The date, a full 36 days before Christmas,...

kga6 12.11.11 7:43pm
John Terry calls Fabregas a 'foriegn C**t' as spanish becomes the new black 1
Perks 12.11.11 5:46pm
Britains 'Next Still Life Model' signs promotion deal for Tesco *Finest range.

The 'Meat&2Veg' range to be in shops before Christmas...

Bryan with a Y 12.11.11 5:45pm
Testicle bite woman's relief, "It's been hanging over me for a long time" 5
medici2471 12.11.11 5:22pm
geordie crusada
Pyramid Closed For Maintenance

The Great Pyramid in Egypt was closed Friday, 11/11/11, because it was in need of maintenance. There were concerns that some groups would try to perform magic rituals there due to the unusual date,...

moggies 12.11.11 4:57pm
Coronation Street shock as Gary Barlow revealed as Ken's illegitimate son.

Boring X-Factor anecdotes give secret away...

Bryan with a Y 12.11.11 4:17pm
Bryan with a Y
Vodafone to pay 'token tax bill' on 30th November

Her Majesty's Revenue & Customs have settled a long standing grumble with off-shore tax avoidance and mobile telephone merchants Vodafone. HMRCs David Hartnett has agreed that Vodaphone will pay...

dvo4fun 12.11.11 4:17pm
No more live football coverage, as Premier League sanction Syria 0
Perks 12.11.11 4:03pm
Minister urges public sector workers ‘not to comb hair’ as token strike gesture 0
Clarky 12.11.11 3:58pm
Union urges '15-minute government' 0
roybland 12.11.11 2:47pm
Drug dealing dwarf spared jail as only top bunks available.

Bashful prosecution lawyers were left feeling rather dopey yesterday following the sentence handed down. The grumpy judge was less than happy that one member of the jury kept sneezing throughout the...

Bryan with a Y 12.11.11 2:39pm
Bryan with a Y