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Fears of a copycat killer after 'Strongbow Cannibal' strikes in Herefordshire 1
jp1885 3 years
Israelis commandos mistook Gaza vessel for P & O cruise liner 2
Gary Stanton 3 years

Israel has this morning apologised for its attack on a vessel bound for Gaza claiming that they, in all honesty, believed it was a cruise-liner belonging to P&O. An official statement said that...

Stonewall's fund raising poster "It's better to give than receive" criticised 0
simonjmr 3 years
Ryan Air announces return to profit but with lengthy coach journey the other end 0
Duncan Biscuit 3 years
Bouncers who beat up M5 convoy members used inappropriate restraint techniques 0
Des Custard 3 years

It has emerged that a squadron of night club bouncers from the Ratass nightclub in central Birmingham who beat up at least ten middle aged people near junction 7 of the M5 motorway yesterday were...

Cameron to discard cloak of secrecy, Clegg to recycle kagoule of transparency 1
Duncan Biscuit 3 years

Laws fails to lift the shirt of extravagance...

Stupid people to be added to Dangerous Dogs banned list 0
Duncan Biscuit 3 years
Jim Carrey hospitalised following facial subsidence. More soon. 0
QorbeQ 3 years
Sweeping changes made to council litter-clearing method statement. More soon. 1
QorbeQ 3 years
Coalition spat as figures show Cable is given more pocket money than Clegg 0
Duncan Biscuit 3 years
Brutal aid workers attack peaceful commandos 2
ED209 3 years

World leaders today united to condemn the 'brutal and unprovoked' attack on Israel's peace-loving and gentle commandos by rabid and ferocious aid workers hell-bent on breaching the entirely justified...

Let's Get History Right Says Gove 12
Doctor Moptop 3 years

The Tory Party has appointed historian Niall Ferguson to overhaul the history syllabus in schools. Michael Gove, the progressively popular Education Secretary said, "We've been teaching kids liberal...

Redneck Rocker Ted Nugent Target Of Moose Assasins 0
rfreed 3 years

Local Alaskan law enforcement agencies were shocked recently to learn of a plot by local moose to do in redneck rocker Ted Nugent during a concert here. The normally quiet, vegetarian moose have been...

Environmentalists divided over plans by BP to plug oil leak with Blue Whale 0
Ludicity 3 years
Teenage girl discovered with arm growing from head 0
Des Custard 3 years

Doctors at London’s Royal Free Hospital have today confirmed the case of a 14 year old girl whose left arm is growing from the side of her head. Leanne Gomez, from Highgate in North London, was...

Penis extensions add no value to your man, says Mail on Sunday 3
Des Custard 3 years

Anyone considering extending their man rather than moving should think again, according to a new report in the Mail on Sunday. While an extension can add value to a house and transform a neglected...

Another Bender in the Royal Household 2
Doctor Moptop 3 years

The Duchess of York told chat show queens Oprah and Oprah Winfrey she had been drinking before she offered access to her ex-husband. "I was completely smashed," said the clearly emotional red-head....

Plot to slow-cook marinated fish on barbeque foiled 0
StoopyDeGunt 3 years
Hollywood Star condemns Gaza violence 0
virtuallywill 3 years

Early Learning Center is awarded Academy status. 2
Ian Searle 3 years
National Audit Office called in to check salaries at the Audit Commission. 0
deskpilot3 3 years
BP engineers seek solution to oil leak on Yahoo Answers 0
Dumbnews 3 years
UK Foils Hooligans 0
Doctor Moptop 3 years

Secret plans to clothe all known football hooligans in self-basting, silver shell suits have been leaked. Around half a dozen hooligans have already been intercepted trying to get into South Africa....

Obama angrily tells news conference, "Look, I am not superman" 0
Dumbnews 3 years
DFS promises to try to offer 'attractive' furniture, in future. 0
PluckyMunky 3 years

'It is cheap, we know, but it is also fucking horrible' says CEO. Gerald Ratner brought in as consultant...

Simon Cowell To Be Presented With Special BAFTA Hidden in Flaming Paper Bag 0
thisisall1word 3 years

childish image attached

Fresh Fears That BP Oil Spill Could Hit Democratic States Within Fortnight 0
thisisall1word 3 years
Very obese people asked to volunteer to plug oil hole 0
PluckyMunky 3 years

BP offers new slogan: 'Fat for oil'...

Soul of English cricket destroyed as Test Match Special team receive no cakes 0
brownpaperreporter 3 years
New report claims that beer is good for you...or does it? 0
Duff 3 years

It has been claimed that new research published today is sending mixed messages, and has the health and piss-artist communities in a spin. Doctors and winos alike are reeling as the paper, the result...