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Liverpool Players to Debate “New Philosophy”

Liverpool manager Kenny Dalglish, disappointed by his team’s recent poor form,, has arranged a seminar for the players to discuss their need for a “new philosophy”. His brow creased in a...

Iggy Pop-Barker 02.04.12 11:54am
Midfield Diamond
FSA to investigate misuse of Derivatives on statirical website 0
3zincold 02.04.12 11:35am
Cameron set to Direct Belgrano sinking epic " A Night to be on Holiday" 0
Scronnyglonkle 02.04.12 11:25am
Dumfries & Galloway Council to drop Galloway form its name after Bradford spring 0
Scronnyglonkle 02.04.12 11:18am
Cameron forgets to remember

Prime Minister David Cameron took time out from his Easter holiday today to mark the 30th anniversary of the start of the Falklands War. "Today is a day for commemoration and reflection: a day to...

medici2471 02.04.12 11:10am
New Anemia Monopoly set "does not contain Iron" 0
seymour totti 02.04.12 10:55am
seymour totti
Tory MP Discovered In Middle Of Writers' Room......

..Checking for anti-Tory chatter, or just 'dogging'?...

Jesse Bigg 02.04.12 10:36am
Jesse Bigg
Nation celebrates that the word "Yomp" never caught on 0
Tomfinger 02.04.12 10:25am
U.S. Coast Guard rescues British Round the World Yacht Race Pedalo 0
Scronnyglonkle 02.04.12 10:22am
Miliband Launches new Labour Troll campaign 0
Scronnyglonkle 02.04.12 10:18am
Noel Edmonds Troll is revealed as Cheggers

Noel Edmonds Facebook Troll has been outed as none other than his former “go to guy” Keith “Cheggers” Chegwin., Police initially thought the hit had on Mr. Edmonds had been ordered by rogue...

Scronnyglonkle 02.04.12 10:12am
Yoda and Black Eyed Peas leader "Will he is" in eternal introduction spiral

"May I introduce myself Master? at your service!", "Welcome Will he is", "", Welcome "Will he is", "" etc More soon...

simonjmr 02.04.12 9:55am
Moonpig disappointed in international sales of Falklands Anniversary range 0
pere floza 02.04.12 9:50am
pere floza
Poultry farm chicken deaths "natural causes" and no fowl play suspected 0
simonjmr 02.04.12 9:20am
Daily Mail to use foriegn workers to open Readers Letters

"It's an outrage", says one reader...

Scronnyglonkle 02.04.12 9:05am
Tony Smith from Derby emails his mum complaining about new internet snooping law 0
bonjonelson 02.04.12 9:03am
Facebook troll confronts Noel Edmonds

A student who created a ‘Somebody please kill Noel Edmonds’ group on Facebook has met the star face-to-face, and persuaded him to join his cause. Noel Edmonds agreed to meet the psychology...

02.04.12 9:03am
pere floza
leading bathroom cleaner manufacturer challenges sports masseur..

apparently she Mister Muscle! (missed a muscle)...

Leopold Gasket 02.04.12 8:51am
leading mortgage provider challenged over unhealthy kitchen..

told the Dettol do you good! (the debt will do you good)...

Leopold Gasket 02.04.12 8:49am
As April 5th deadline looms Briton's begin panic hosing 3
ronseal 02.04.12 7:44am
Met Office advises, "Don't eat it", in snow warning 'Yellow Alert'. 0
HenroPlod 02.04.12 7:01am
Chinese Delegation Arrives To Discuss Possibility Of UK Becoming "China's Bitch"

Emboldened by continued rapid economic growth and new found political muscle, a group of Chinese officials on a visit to London have revealed that China is no longer satisfied with Britain being its...

Textbook 02.04.12 6:55am
Al OPecia
Cameron assures the nation - "UK Gaffe reserves are adequate"

In response to opposition questions about the alarming rate at which gaffe reserves are being used up Prime Minister Cameron sought to calm the situation. He pointed out that his front bench included...

weematt 02.04.12 6:00am
Apple to sue god...

The Vatican is seeking legal advice after lawyers from Apple served a writ demanding that the Adam and Eve bit of the bible be removed as it infringed on the Apple global patent. Apple is also...

Theodore Sprangshaft 01.04.12 11:21pm
Unlucky Man Has All His Christmases Come At Once

"To have all your Christmases come at once" has long been an expression which means to experience an event of extreme luck or happiness. However, Nito Chivukuvuku would say otherwise. Native to an...

Textbook 01.04.12 11:15pm
Cloakroom attendant follows up bad joke with another: "I'll get your coat" 0
kga6 01.04.12 9:17pm
Abramovich to Take Over at Chelsea

In a shock move Roman Abramovich, Chelsea’s billionaire owner, has appointed himself manager. He said: “I know what I am looking for in a manager: a proven winner, an astute tactician, and above...

Iggy Pop-Barker 01.04.12 8:45pm
Gay man disappointed by pub's open mike night 0
medici2471 01.04.12 7:45pm
George Zimmerman really said that due to a bad cold he was "sucking Tune"

works better as an excuse than "fucking goon" which is allegedly a term of affection according to his friend. Floridans are now known for expressions of affection before they shoot you. Have a nice...

Iscariot 01.04.12 7:37pm
Harry turns down another big top job

Harry Redknapp has turned down another job offer. He refuses to be part of a circus...

GillsImp 01.04.12 7:27pm