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Underpaid ex-bankers to start new careers as MPs 0
Sinnick 01.07.13 6:07am
City singles organize Straight Parade 0
Dumbnews 01.07.13 2:33am
Ian Brady should be force fed pickled eggs and Brussels sprouts - for ever

Social commentator Libby Freeman made the comment on an internet forum thread as a reaction against what she describes as: "An evil manipulative bastard who deserves everything he gets." The comment...

Paddy Berzinski 30.06.13 11:14pm
Paddy Berzinski
Wimbledon bosses admit 'lubing' tennis courts to assist Murray to final

More tomorrow.

Jesus H 30.06.13 10:29pm
Jesus H
Moaning man with 10 stone testicles told to "grow a pair"

A man with 10 stone testicles has split Britain down the middle. In one camp, he has plenty of admirers who appluad him, saying he's got "some balls". In the other camp, attitudes could not be more...

ronseal 30.06.13 10:15pm
North Koreans unaware of their stereotypes 1
Scronnyglonkle 30.06.13 10:08pm
Obama "humbled" by racist U.S. jails.

Having recently visited Nelson Mandela's Robben Island jail, President Obama was pleased to announce that the U.S. is still the world's leader in incarcerating ethnic minorities. Having already...

Wrenfoe 30.06.13 9:49pm
Lindy Moone
Menopausal Horde Tramples Inventor to Death

Professor Jorge Jorgensen, Icelandic co-inventor of the 'Hot and Cold Flush Extractor Cape', a device which will save millions of women from suffering and add limitless free power to the grid, was...

Lindy Moone 30.06.13 9:14pm
Lindy Moone
Stealth Bomber flypast goes unnoticed 4
Idiot 30.06.13 8:39pm
Eskimos sick and tired of having their noses rubbed in a racial stereotype 0
A.A.Arkwright 30.06.13 8:38pm
John Denver to play Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury 0
custard cream 30.06.13 8:12pm
custard cream
As Mandela hangs on whites consider using silver bullets. 0
MADJEZ 30.06.13 6:15pm
Traditional values still alive as Texas celebrates 500th execution

Texas cemented its place at the top of the leader board for number of executions per state on Wednesday, and the general atmosphere is one of joviality as Texans revel in their dominance of the...

Kirby Muxloe 30.06.13 6:06pm
Dick Everyman
Mandela delighted not to have missed Glastonbury. 0
Boutros 30.06.13 5:44pm
House Of Lords to get £100,000 new toilets for those all night sittings!

According to the Master of the Rolls...

Ian Searle 30.06.13 1:41pm
Ian Searle

Due to typo, elderly actress through to forth round., "I didn't know Dame Flora was still alive" said an old friend."She'll need more than a glass of Robinsons Lemon Barley to survive the next match...

Colin S 30.06.13 12:06pm
Colin S
Fun with small town America TN 38050

Not much is funnier than tiny town politicians. Maury City TN 38050----------By now Americans could use a laugh about someone else's budget insanity, but moslty the world will laugh at small town...

StevL 30.06.13 10:38am
Lindy Moone
World of cricket mourns the death of 'Nervous Nick' at 99

The world of cricket was today mourning the death of Nicholas Wilthsire, the cricketer renowned for being run out on 99 more times than any other in his career, including famously for England against...

blacklesbianandproudofit 30.06.13 9:26am
Historical re-enactment society to restage 80sbattle for control of Labour Party

The infamous battle of Coventry, between the puritanical Militant Tendency and the cavalier New Labour party, is to be restaged by a historical re-enactment society for the first time. MORE SOON...

ronseal 30.06.13 8:56am
Rolling Stones Major Career Breakthrough Likely After Glastonbury Success 0
Titus 30.06.13 6:51am
Orangemen say "No" to stereotype. 1
Al OPecia 30.06.13 6:41am
Iranian farmer stoned to death for animal husbandry. Goat in mourning. 0
Maverick 29.06.13 11:34pm
Britain's oldest hypochondriac dies aged 98

The hypochondriac community is in mourning today as their oldest member, Robert Henford, passed away. Friends say he had been feeling unwell for about 80 years or so. “He was always ahead of the...

sydalg 29.06.13 11:09pm
Brady Boasts: “I’ll top Blaine”

Ian Brady has been reported as bemoaning the media’s communication of his desire to starve himself. It was alleged yesterday, that Brady simply wants to emulate (and better) world-famous magician,...

Kirby Muxloe 29.06.13 11:00pm
Three parent baby ruling convinces all men into believing threesomes now legal 4
irreverendJ 29.06.13 10:46pm
Glastonbury crowd miss Stones set. Too busy Tweeting that they're at Glastonbury

Yes we know you're at f***ing Glastonbury .. Stop telling us and enjoy your four hundred quids worth !...

MADJEZ 29.06.13 10:46pm
Ulster Orangemen Shout "We Will Not Be Sterotyped - Never, Never, Never, Never! 3
Titus 29.06.13 10:42pm
Al OPecia
Tour de France bans cycling to make event a true test of drugs

The world’s most famous testing ground of performance enhancing drugs, the Tour de France, has announced that this year’s event will be totally cycling-free to finally level the playing field for...

Yikes 29.06.13 10:38pm
Tories to open negotiations with UKIP in Qatar. More soon. 0
Al OPecia 29.06.13 10:37pm
Al OPecia
New Government Initiative Cracks Down on Poundland Threat

Taking its cue from the US, the UK government has issued a public safety guide on how to deal with the recent surfeit of Poundland stores popping up all over the nation. The guide (reprinted here)...

Kirby Muxloe 29.06.13 10:34pm