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Later on BBC1, It's a Knob-Out! 0
Scroat 05.12.12 6:40pm
Reformed Page 3's Pippa from Bolton says Stuart Hall “Ain't yet guilty"

..not a single word more DVO.. that's a promise....

05.12.12 5:59pm
Media in frenzy as someone admits responsibility for something. More soon. 0
Gaz 05.12.12 5:48pm
Stuart Hall arrest: Tabloid editors in mad dash for 'It's a Knockout' rape puns

.. and that's all I'll say about the matter (out of respect for dvo's tsunami concerns)...

Nowherefast 05.12.12 5:42pm
Osborne introduces "OAP celebrity rapist tax", country's debt gone within weeks. 0
Gaz 05.12.12 5:25pm
Tony Blackburn asks "Who do I have to rape to get back in the limelight?" 0
Gaz 05.12.12 5:23pm
New Blah blah blah Bill ‘could save a lot of parliamentary time’ 0
malgor 05.12.12 5:23pm
BBC to launch "it's a kock-out"

Hahaha Stuart hall...

Bourbon 05.12.12 5:04pm
Stuart Hall

no more later - withdrawn in face of anticipated tsunami...

dvo4fun 05.12.12 5:04pm
Detorri 'caught by mistake' claims accidental informant

I'd just been listening to George Osborne's Autumn report', said a fellow rider that had supposedly tipped off the British horse racing authority, 'and all I said was, Frankly the tories must be on...

Screenie 05.12.12 4:40pm
Spice factor could stir royal baby succession nightmare

British constitutional watchdogs have suddenly woken up to the potential for a 'nightmare scenario' arising out of Kate Middleton's close friendship with Victoria Beckham. Suppose the Duchess of...

05.12.12 3:34pm
Sex tourist "disappointed" with Aldi's 3 Bird Roast 1
simonjmr 05.12.12 3:27pm
Dick Everyman
Jacob Marley released without charge in Scrooge probe

Jacob Marley, who was arrested earlier this week as part of Operation Dickens, will face no charges over his links with disgraced businessman Ebenezer Scrooge, police confirmed today. Operation...

Nails UK 05.12.12 2:52pm
Nails UK
Police decide to release naked pensioner

Mr Herbert Strange 79 without charge after he was found in Croyden town centre on a busy Saturday morning. After they relised Herbert was the UKs most stupidist pensioner.Police say Mr Stranges...

Thubs Swirlim 05.12.12 2:32pm
Heston plans "homeopathic cream tea"

He has made skyscrapers out of jammy dodgers and giant dachshunds out of Fray Bentos pie mix. His famed Spaghetti Junction was the first ever recipe to feature on a local weather report, after...

nickb 05.12.12 1:51pm
Dick Everyman
Out now at all good cinemas rated X.

NIGHTMARE AT WOOD LANE a digitaly remastered film of Nightmare on Elm street,with the head of Jimmy Saville cleverly superimposed onto Freddy Kruger., Also showing NIGHTMARE AT WOODLANE TWO, JIMMYS...

Thubs Swirlim 05.12.12 1:29pm
Vertically Challenged Giant
Suspicion falls on good causes as Euromillions prize goes unclaimed.

Stevenage police are investigating a theory that the missing £64-Million lottery ticket was stolen by good causes, which stand to benefit from a massive windfall once the deadline for claiming the...

Boutros 05.12.12 1:05pm
Benefit claimants “must fight to the death”, says Osborne...

As part of his austerity measures, aimed at cutting the welfare bill, Chancellor George Osborne announced today that benefit claimants will have to fight “to the death” in a series of brutal and...

Tripod 05.12.12 12:57pm
No miracle cure for George Osborne's smugness, PM warns. 0
bonjonelson 05.12.12 12:44pm
Abramovich's draws up manager's contract for royal baby. 0
Gaz 05.12.12 12:32pm
Chancellors Autumn statement "Turning colder with a chance of snow ..." 0
Kramaring 05.12.12 12:24pm
Bidding war for live coverage of Royal birth begins

Following the announcement that the Duchess of Cambridge is expecting her first child the major broadcasters have begun a bidding war for live coverage of the delivery of the future monarch. Sky,...

gregle 05.12.12 11:59am
Osborne shock - sperm banks need permanent quantitative easing

probably bin dun ages back but hey ho....

05.12.12 11:57am
Elderly mortality rates increase linked to BBC Crimewatch

In a new report released by the Office for National Statistics it is revealed that one of the leading causes of death for people aged over 80 years is viewing Crimewatch. According to an ONS...

Dick Everyman 05.12.12 11:50am
Dick Everyman
Greece bribed its way to top of corruption table

So claimed fellow contenders Bulgaria and Italy. In a shock final result, it would seem a last minute bung of German finance swung the result for the Greeks, and now cries of foul, are falling on...

Erlang 05.12.12 11:42am
Osborne mini-budget defies science by taking blood from a stone. 0
Gaz 05.12.12 11:36am
Will's shock @ pregnancy news "... aren't all Princesses sick after breakfast?" 5
dvo4fun 05.12.12 10:02am
Midfield Diamond
Gay men unimpressed with fracking

Gay men have declared fracking to be ‘a bit meh’, and have chosen not to include it in their lexicon of naughty experimental sex. ‘Me and my boyfriend giggled all the way to the hardware store...

DustyBinLaden 05.12.12 7:55am
Nation celebrates at news that future King's penis functions properly. 2
05.12.12 7:26am
Kate pregnancy due to ‘goal keeping error’

The much followed Windsor / Middleton fixture has finally ended in a 1-0 home victory after what commentators are calling a sloppy goalkeeping error. After an extended warm-up, the match officially...

Yikes 05.12.12 4:26am