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TOTP2 renamed as BOTP1 0
antharrison 18.12.11 12:14am
S&P pleads to extend credit rating system by one letter as Cameron declared CUN 0
antharrison 18.12.11 12:13am
Global warming questioned as S&P rates January as BRR 0
antharrison 18.12.11 12:02am
Mystery body identified in Jerusalem; Christmas cancelled

Following forensic identification of a mystery body discovered in Jerusalem, the Pope has announced that Christmas is to be cancelled...

apepper 17.12.11 10:47pm
Mcfly finally does the double 0
simonjmr 17.12.11 10:04pm
SAS storm London Zoo - two gorillas killed, and all ostriches released unharmed 2
Smart Alex 17.12.11 9:15pm
ITV to show "humorous" sitcom


virtuallywill 17.12.11 7:51pm
SAS storm London Zoo - two gorillas killed, and all ostriches released unharmed

Oops - double post...

Smart Alex 17.12.11 7:42pm
Smart Alex
Three Kings Arrested At Heathrow Passport Control

Balthazar, Melchior and Kasper, members of the Saudi Royal family were today held by the UK boarder control agency for trying to enter the country under false pretences and also for gold smuggling....

Immunis 17.12.11 7:27pm
Priapic Dyslexic 'somewhat concerned about Large Hardon Collider' 0
Smart Alex 17.12.11 4:41pm
Smart Alex
Couple heartbroken after mistakingly putting god particle in the wheelie bin 1
irregular apple 17.12.11 3:33pm
New software can predict Simon Cowell insult 0
irregular apple 17.12.11 3:19pm
irregular apple
After earlier reporting that it did happen, BBC news now asks could it happen? 0
irregular apple 17.12.11 3:11pm
irregular apple
"Christmas comes but once a year"

Christmas comes but once a year, at least so the saying goes. Last year a group of scientists started an investigation into the impact of viagra for christmas. Latest data received suggested there...

Hugh Nose 17.12.11 1:07pm
Hugh Nose
Simon Cowell refutes claims that new software can predict pop song quality

Following news from researchers at the University of Bristol, which claims to have discovered algorithms to gauge a pop song's music chart potential, Simon Cowell has stood up for the integrity of...

kga6 17.12.11 12:11pm
UK Government to be privatised. More soon. 2
Al OPecia 17.12.11 10:44am
Badger militia group claims 3rd victim

The war against badgers took a backward step today as the Badger Rights Alliance (BRA) claimed it's 3rd victim in as many weeks. Clive Wormley a 48 year old cattle farmer from Staffordshire was...

wallster 17.12.11 10:07am
Motorway death crash driver: "Radio 2's 'Sally Traffic' is responsible"

Jason Thurrock, the driver blamed for the August M2 crash, spoke about it today. "Police and traffic reporters, 'specially that Sally Boazman from Radio Two, bang on about jams caused by...

dvo4fun 17.12.11 9:56am
Al OPecia
Some bloke who wrote some things dies. '24.7 News' editors delighted

More and more and more and more and 'cking more soon...

dvo4fun 17.12.11 9:35am
Norwich claim shortest yellow lines narrowly beating Nick Cleggs spine. 0
JETFAB 17.12.11 9:33am
Ed Miliband ‘not even taken seriously at home’

In a candid interview Ed Miliband’s wife, Justine Thornton, has admitted that the Labour leader isn’t even taken seriously by his own family, and is held in contempt by his two young sons,...

Vertically Challenged Giant 17.12.11 3:27am
Nick Clegg confirmed as World's smallest man by Guinness Book of Records 1
kga6 17.12.11 12:35am
Edinburgh Pandas to be Stuffed and Mounted 0
Immunis 17.12.11 12:13am
Canadian Government votes for Warmer Winters

After a heated debate about the Kyoto Protocol and Canada’s failure to adhere to the treaty, the government finally put the issue of global warming to an internal vote with the result that...

Immunis 17.12.11 12:09am
Hitchens beats CERN to discovery of God particle. 2
reforse 16.12.11 11:19pm
Kenny Dalglish presents first BBC Celeb Weathercast : "Mebbe snaw, mebbe naw" 3
Drylaw 16.12.11 11:06pm
Santa growing old but at least he still has his elf 1
Smart Alex 16.12.11 10:20pm
Clegg tells cheese eating surrender monkeys to calm the rhetoric 0
Iscariot 16.12.11 10:08pm
George Bush declines lead role in new "Mission-Impossible" 0
Dumbnews 16.12.11 8:44pm
Clegg urges French to see sense, then realises who he's talking to

Nick Clegg has withdrawn to rethink his Euro policy after realising he was trying to make the French see sense...

apepper 16.12.11 8:17pm