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Duchy of Cornwall: Keep clam and carry on 0
Screenie 03.11.11 5:20pm
Papandreou to be appointed Head of IMF. More soon. 0
Al OPecia 03.11.11 5:01pm
Al OPecia
Papandreou to release cover version of Clash hit. More soon. 0
Al OPecia 03.11.11 5:00pm
Al OPecia
Aceptance of Papandreou's resignation to be decided by referendum 0
button 03.11.11 4:57pm
Euro in need to replace this years Pudsayathon, confirm BBC 0
simonjmr 03.11.11 4:52pm
Huge list of demands made for Neanderthal apology.

In the wake of recent news that British Homo Sapiens may have contributed directly to the eradication of Neanderthals in the Torquay area, demands have been made to the British Prime Minister for a...

Patrick Tobin 03.11.11 4:17pm
Patrick Tobin
Eurozone no longer able to abzorba the Greek. More soon. 5
Al OPecia 03.11.11 3:55pm
Great Excitement North Of Watford Gap.....

.As 'Twitchers' spot a rare sighting of a Tory Minister., "Eee, if only he hadn't left his purse down south," said one local...

Jesse Bigg 03.11.11 3:53pm
Wizard's sleeve worlds least valuable record cover 0
simonjmr 03.11.11 3:52pm
Midwife shortage thought to be due to dodgy wiring 2
Screenie 03.11.11 3:44pm
Scots Advised To Improve Their Diet And 'Go English' .......

..From Haggis to Spotted Dick?...

Jesse Bigg 03.11.11 3:34pm
Jesse Bigg
OK, give us a billion and you can keep the bloody marbles 0
antharrison 03.11.11 3:26pm
Boycott Now Focus of Cricket Clean Up Campaign

Stalwart England batsman and Test match pundit Geoff Boycott is coming under increasing pressure as the game's bosses have begun examining footage of his old days at the crease. Records show that...

Drylaw 03.11.11 3:21pm
Wood to become a non rolling stone.. 1
reddoctorspanky 03.11.11 3:13pm
"It's fine, you can stay" message causes St Pauls protesters to move on.

Protesters were stunned to be told by St Pauls clergy, "You're not being annoying at all, in fact we quite like you. You've helped us rediscover our Christian beliefs and we are almost delighted...

Boutros 03.11.11 3:10pm
. 4
Dickens or Shakespeare 03.11.11 3:02pm
Racist Newcastle twitterati "locked up in a single cell". More soon. 1
Al OPecia 03.11.11 2:58pm
Clearasil inventor imprisoned for 'spot-fixing' 0
grumblechops 03.11.11 2:26pm
Royal Mail apologises for late arrival of postcard from Torquay...

"40,000 years - we’ve beaten the old record by 2 years!” said a delighted spokesman., He went on, “after all that time, the writing was a bit faded, but we could just make out ‘Dear Aunt...

John Ffitch-Rucker 03.11.11 2:10pm
John Ffitch-Rucker
Occupy LSX to become PLC

Occupy LSX has officially announced today that it has been registered as a PLC, and will start trading shares from Monday. The move comes as the protest company has been given until the new year to...

Perks 03.11.11 1:40pm
Climate Change probably my fault claims pensioner

Retired caretaker Ian Powell, 68, of Ilkley has declared that all his efforts to stop global warming are futile and wasteful: "Every day just gets harder and harder since the Kyoto Protocol" said the...

tedweasel 03.11.11 1:28pm
Vertically Challenged Giant
Novelty christmas gift suggestion no.1- Pavlov's Clock

sends insomniacs to sleep at the sound of the alarm...

medici2471 03.11.11 12:54pm
Stock Traders upbeat as Daniel Craig & Sam Mendes announce exciting new Bond 3
charlies_hat 03.11.11 12:53pm
New Bond film rumoured to have a plot, even actors according to some sources. 2
Ostsee 03.11.11 12:47pm
Coalition front bench members have shrunk, claims Angela Eagle

not too tall either!...

witless 03.11.11 12:46pm
"Slap It On" Cameron Goes All Out At Euro Crisis Meeting......

To maintain a stiff upper face...

Jesse Bigg 03.11.11 12:43pm
Charity to start collecting charity bags for charity

A Bristol based charity is appealing to members of the public to support its planned collections of charity bags for charity. ‘Every household in the country must have loads of old, unwanted...

ianslat 03.11.11 12:42pm
Gillette issues profit warning: 'Movember' blamed for 'sluggish' growths

The male grooming industry warned that it faced cuts last night, after the charity 'Movember' revealed a record number of men had committed to month-long moustaches. Company spokesman Giles Nathan...

Runestone Cowboy 03.11.11 12:37pm
Runestone Cowboy
Prince Phil the Greek offers wise words "Bloody foreigners!" 0
reddoctorspanky 03.11.11 12:17pm
Mike Tyson sends message of full support to Julian Assange 4
dvo4fun 03.11.11 12:07pm