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Tory Island Inhabitants Call Present Tory Party A Disgrace To Horse Thieving

"That lot of Tories in London are a bunch of sneaky, under-the-counter horse thieves. Whereas, our ancestors were the real deal."...

Jesse Bigg 07.04.12 4:19pm
Jesse Bigg
Andrew Lansley to be kept behind screen as ban comes into force 0
Mandy Lifeboat 07.04.12 4:16pm
Mandy Lifeboat
Cameron & Osborne, Jointly Presented With "Wreck Of The Hesperus" Painting....

.For services not rendered...

Jesse Bigg 07.04.12 3:47pm
Jesse Bigg
PM under fire in 'Cash for Cameron for Cameron' scandal

Fresh controversy has erupted around the Prime Minister in the wake of the 'Cash for Cameron' scandal, following allegations that David Cameron misused Conservative Party funds donated to gain access...

captainthomas 07.04.12 3:16pm
Vertically Challenged Giant
Apro to launch feel good product: Soya milk of human kindness. More soon. 2
dominic_mcg 07.04.12 3:12pm
Storm the Bastille app could 'revolutionise business'

Working from his shabby office in a run down part of Paris, France, a little known inventor called Les Miserables has created a flash mob application that could revolutionise business in France. It...

ronseal 07.04.12 3:00pm
Al Qaeda suicide drowner disorientates boat race 0
rustytruss 07.04.12 2:51pm
Cardinal urges Christians to scare the shit out of non-believers

Britain's most senior Roman Catholic Church cleric has called for Christians to wear a cross every day to scare the shit out of non-believers. In his Easter Sunday sermon, Cardinal Keith O'Brien...

roybland 07.04.12 2:33pm
Experts prove that Shakespeare was a Scot...

Experts in Edinburgh have announced that they have conclusive proof that England's national bard was in fact a Scot. Using a revolutionary tecnique called 'anagrammatical drift', by which the letters...

Theoldcrow 07.04.12 2:20pm
Experts prove that Shakespeare was a Scot...

Experts in Edinburgh have announced that they have conclusive proof that England's national bard was in fact a Scot. Using a revolutionary tecnique called 'anagrammatical drift', by which the letters...

Theoldcrow 07.04.12 2:18pm
Foreign News: Last Two Private Employees in Greece Buckling under Tax Stress

Nikko Daralas and Loukas Gojas, the last two employees in the Greek private sector, have complained that workers can no longer cope with the increasing tax burden. Nikko, 32 from Kritinia (Rhodes,...

ud5 07.04.12 1:25pm
Government to make it easier for giant pandas to adopt

The Government has announced plans to speed up the adoption process to enable cubless giant pandas to adopt more easily. Prime Minister David Cameron vowed to tackle the ‘absurd barriers to...

ianslat 07.04.12 1:06pm

On relectionm this was shit. Post in haste, repent at leisure...

button 07.04.12 12:30pm
UEFA say new football for Euro2012 "...modelled on Garth Crooks' head"

more later. One for the 'Final Score' footer fans there...

dvo4fun 07.04.12 12:18pm
Greggs to sell Ambient Cross Buns. 0
weematt 07.04.12 11:40am
Sliced hot cross bun loaf hailed as the best thing since sliced bread 0
simonjmr 07.04.12 11:07am
Why people hate me for being beautiful, by David Cameron

On a recent trip to a restaurant with friends I was delighted when a man came over and gave £250,000 to me to support my political party. ‘This is from the executives at HSBC – they want to...

Vertically Challenged Giant 07.04.12 10:50am
iPhone 5 Will Walk Your Dog

On the stroke of one minute past midnight today, Apple's iPhone 5 launched to much pomp and fanfare, and to the sound of a million anoraks being hastily zipped up. The brand spanking new phone allows...

The Galah 07.04.12 10:44am
The Galah
James Cameron ‘astonished’ to learn there really was a ‘Titanic’

Director of long films James Cameron has spoken of his ‘astonishment’ at learning there really was a ship called the Titanic, which also sank after hitting an iceberg. Cameron wrote and directed...

07.04.12 10:43am
Romans to outsource crucifixion service

State Governor Pontious Pilate has announced bold plans to transform the Judean Crucifixion Service. By transferring Centurion staff into a new private-public partnership with Serco/G4S he claims...

Mandy Lifeboat 07.04.12 9:12am
GCHQ snooping on email and web surfing was our idea says Google patent lawsuit

A tiny insignificant european principality called Britain could face the mighty Google in court, after inadvertently falling foul of one of the software giant's patents. The trouble happened after...

ronseal 07.04.12 7:27am
Diana Ross:SLAMS N Korea's Supreme Leader . 'BOY! I AM the Supreme's leader!'

A close source also revealed further action would be taken if North Korea's official leader's personal anthem is changed to 'I'm in the middle of a chain reaction' from the classic Orville legendary...

Imaginary Monster or am I 07.04.12 3:08am
Imaginary Monster or am I
David Cameron causes panic in Dixons

In light of a recent scare concerning a virus effecting apple computers the government has released a statement urging the public to 'stock up Macs' incase the virus does hit., The statement that...

MrG123 06.04.12 7:41pm
Marshall amp creator goes all the way to hell/heaven

ok, so you have to say it quickly...

charlies_hat 06.04.12 7:40pm
Bell Ringers Banned by Local Church Have Been Awarded No-Bell Prize 1
GillsImp 06.04.12 7:34pm
Light Bulbs Easier to Carry Says Farmers 0
GillsImp 06.04.12 6:54pm
Airline pilots who throw up at end of flight may have a terminal illness. 3
weematt 06.04.12 6:33pm
Stourbridge man claims he has "lucky teeth" 0
nickb 06.04.12 6:27pm
Olympic cycling ticket row. Hoy and dad to ride tandem with baby seat 2
weematt 06.04.12 6:25pm
Fern Britton Lookalike denies being a Plant 0
GillsImp 06.04.12 6:02pm