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Richard the Third to undergo DNA test- Prince Harry posted overseas 0
Ironduke 12.09.12 11:31pm
Desperate Gaelic academics search for word for 'not second'

Language experts in a remote area of Britain are frantically hunting for a word to describe 'a man who does not come second'. Throughout the language's 600 year history no such word has ever been...

12.09.12 11:01pm
Millets of Leicester - ‘now is the winter of our discount tents.'

Please don’t hit me...

sigmund 12.09.12 9:33pm
PDF files given their own wing in new software prison. 1
DustyBinLaden 12.09.12 8:54pm
Elderly rock stars to feature on next series of Antiques Road Trip 0
antharrison 12.09.12 8:31pm
Apple to sue Ai Weiwei over copyright infringement of its new satnav app title 0
DustyBinLaden 12.09.12 6:59pm
Krays deny any link to King Richard III disposal in municipal car park 0
custard cream 12.09.12 6:58pm
custard cream
Clegg branded ‘immature’ by homophobic bigot

Someone who has wasted his entire adult life earning a living going round saying a bunch of mumbo jumbo fairy stories are true said Deputy PM Nick Clegg is immature because he called homophobics...

Reg Herring 12.09.12 6:52pm
custard cream
Scousers guilty of Libyan bombing, says The Sun. More soon. 0
dominic_mcg 12.09.12 5:31pm
Ben Drew barred from M&S because "There is no Plan B" 0
Queen of Tarts 12.09.12 5:22pm
Queen of Tarts
Will wants 2 children with Kate. Not saying how many he'd like with Pippa. 0
Queen of Tarts 12.09.12 5:18pm
Queen of Tarts
More and more lions walking on hind legs - zoologists say it could be rampant 1
Smart Alex 12.09.12 4:31pm
The All New Jeni B
Banker Pride In Shock £7.6b Gay Pride Takeover Bid 0
12.09.12 4:20pm
'Hillsborough latest'-Sun reports paper cup thefts

Following today's publication of the report from the Hillsborough Independent Committee, The Sun newspaper has announced it has uncovered 'systematic and routine' theft of the plastic cups from it's...

Perks 12.09.12 3:45pm
Bare me a son: Prince warns Duchess 1
Old Hat 12.09.12 3:44pm
Lord Carey " Bigot Better Than Fence Sitting Homo Lover" 0
kjo36 12.09.12 3:39pm
Facebook’s Big Bang

Facebook have today announced the launch of a new feature to their social media platform. The worlds leading social media application has developed the new capability due to extensive research...

Andy Heath 12.09.12 3:31pm
Andy Heath
Jokes about Murray being Scottish 'definitely British' 0
Oxbridge 12.09.12 3:30pm
Cameron to make tough decision

David Cameron has announced that he is on the verge of making a tough decision. “The central role of government is to make the tough decisions. Then, when you get a lot of people angry and upset...

Andy Heath 12.09.12 3:28pm
Andy Heath
Archaeologist pleads for a hearse 2
medici2471 12.09.12 2:29pm
Queen of Tarts
Southerners already thinking of putting the central heating on says shock report 1
ronseal 12.09.12 2:25pm
Queen of Tarts
Graddau GCSE Iaith Gymraeg diwygiedig ar gyfer myfyrwyr yn Lloegr 3
charlies_hat 12.09.12 2:01pm
Max Ingrave 5
wallster 12.09.12 1:56pm
William admits, most men would like to. 0
medici2471 12.09.12 1:18pm
Royal Family Dismayed Re Their New E-Mail Address....... 2
Jesse Bigg 12.09.12 1:09pm
Jesse Bigg
BBC News24 admits 8/10 tickertape typists is mostly illiterit

and aint bovvered nyver. Hmm 'tickertape typists' - a gd song title, he mused...

vertical 12.09.12 12:42pm
Victorious Andy Murray now 'on course' to become TV pundit

US Open tennis champion Andy Murray is reported to be overjoyed at the prospect of ending his days on a TV commentary panel. The Scot came off court in New York almost guaranteed a spot discussing...

Darkbill 2.0 12.09.12 12:23pm
Darkbill 2.0
‘Thatcher death t-shirts should be banned’ says Dorset roofer’s bereaved family 0
Midfield Diamond 12.09.12 12:23pm
Midfield Diamond
"Who's Mrs Thatcher?"

Asks Mrs Thatcher...

Lucy4 12.09.12 12:22pm
New 2" by 3" TV screen gives armchair football fans the stadium experience

As football fans are forced out of stadiums a new invention promises to give armchair fans the live stadium experience. For one reason or another, there are now thousands of men who can't afford to...

ronseal 12.09.12 12:16pm
Midfield Diamond