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It doesn't take long for Andrew Mitchell to cash in on his 'fame'...

pinxit 20.10.12 7:27pm
Colourful veteran ex-children's TV presenter charged with 'gross indecency' 

Following accusations that he regularly exposed himself on live television, veteran children's Saturday night '90's favourite Mr Blobby appeared at Bow Street magistrates court today....

pinxit 20.10.12 7:21pm
Health Lottery 'winner' disappointed to discover prize is trip to gum clinic 0
quango 20.10.12 4:39pm
Victorious Ed Balls climbs aboard Frankel bandwaggon

Chancellor-in-waiting, Ed Balls, slapped down £2 cash this afternoon to pay for a canny £1 each way bet on super-horse Frankel. And the great star duly obliged with his unmatched fourteenth win in...

20.10.12 3:45pm
“Strictly 2013” explore pairing Clare Balding with Frankel? 1
20.10.12 3:41pm
Dick Everyman
After night spent drinking in German pub, man wakes up with awful Hannover 1
pinxit 20.10.12 3:15pm
Banker found dead with épée in rectum. Police say he was 'ring-fenced'. 0
pinxit 20.10.12 2:56pm
'Thinking out of the box' to be discouraged, says Funeral Directors Union 0
pinxit 20.10.12 2:53pm
Miliband claims moral high ground on inter-city rail travel

Ed Miliband scaled Primrose Hill early today to claim Labour was the party of morally decent inter-city rail travel. Flanked by close family friends, PC Bob Blunt and WPC Ron Noblet, Mr Miliband...

20.10.12 1:03pm
Isle of Wight sofa company integrates ZX81 RAM-packs

Shanklin based furniture company Davies & Sons has launched a revolutionary new sofa which includes an integrated docking station for Sinclair ZX81 RAM-packs which now allow lounging sofa users...

antharrison 20.10.12 11:11am
Motorway police

taser drunken Irish coffin carrying gravedigger John O Farrell this morning,after he brought the M25 to a standstill.O Farrell a well known alcoholic part time gravedigger and failed comedian,was...

Flumpoflipperhomostripper 20.10.12 10:47am
Wardrobe malfunction expert celebrates return of Girls Aloud 0
20.10.12 10:37am
Ugly scenes at Klingon-themed wedding 0
LittleSpender 20.10.12 10:30am
Cockney penthouse dweller sued by Apple for referring to it as it his 'igh pad.

groan worthy, innit?...

weematt 20.10.12 10:25am
Boris defends closure of 17 London Fire Stations

'People can no longer afford fire'...

tedweasel 20.10.12 9:53am
Blaze destroys Lexington Airport

Witnesses describe Kentucky fried check-in...

Scroat 20.10.12 9:50am
Girls Aloud Reunion contravenes Geneva Convention says Red Cross. More soon. 0
dominic_mcg 20.10.12 9:49am
Check-in tickers miss Allah due to dodgy curry

Staff who failed to register a leading Muslim cleric as he boarded a flight to Iraq have been suspended say Etihad Airways., But union officials hit back ,saying staff had been forced to leave their...

Uncle Bertie 20.10.12 9:34am
Aussie company launches bungee jumps from Space

RipYaRing, an Australian extreme sports company is to offer bungee jumps from space following in the wake of free-fall parachutist Felix Baumgartner. Based in Cairns, the adventure capital of...

Dick Everyman 20.10.12 9:11am
Dick Everyman
'Red Devil catheter in club shop in time for Christmas' promises Gill

A spokesman for the Football Supporters Federation has warned that urine based bodily fluids amongst its 140,000 members are at an all-time low and that football clubs can not simply keep taking and...

Uncle Bertie 20.10.12 9:03am
"For the entree Monsieur, I suggest the Checkin" 0
dvo4fun 20.10.12 8:30am
Osborne pays fare after ticket inspector's "I know where you live mate" jibe 0
dvo4fun 20.10.12 8:13am
Plebs 1, Toffs 0... 1
Tripod 20.10.12 7:13am
Dick Everyman
‘We never visited because we hate The Carpenters’ say aliens

Aliens have confirmed that they’ve never landed on Earth because they can’t stomach easy listening music. ‘We buzzed a Lighthouse Family concert in Tunbridge Wells and thought “Has it really...

DustyBinLaden 20.10.12 6:59am
Justin Bieber Uses Cool Hip Hop Hand Motions to Talk About Dangers of Bullying

Justin Bieber led a seminar at Roosevelt High School in Long Island, NY this week, to discuss the dangers of bullying. Afterwards, Bieber was going to sign autographs but instead was hung from a...

20.10.12 3:50am
Government "looking for buyer" for massive haul of drugs seized in 2012,

A tired-looking government spokesperson today described the frustration felt in Westminster at the news of record drugs hauls in 2012., "I mean.. it's great and all.. but we just have big warehouses...

moanygit 20.10.12 3:41am
Eppur sono plebei...

overheard in Downing Street...

Awkward Facts 19.10.12 11:08pm
Awkward Facts
Smaller iPad, bigger iPhone: gadgets will converge, in 2014, to become ‘iFad’... 0
Tripod 19.10.12 9:48pm
Disatisfied consumers switch from uSwitch

Millions of online users of price comparison web site uSwitch are switching over to rival price comparison websites following price comparisons by other price comparison websites. Online polls...

Dick Everyman 19.10.12 9:37pm
Dick Everyman
Why did the airport traveller cross the road? To get to the check in.

Tenuous neat-o...

button 19.10.12 8:50pm