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Vince Cable praised for his skill, control and passion... 2
victory V 4 years

shame he was only dancing...

Jesus accused of using ghost writers in Xmas cash in book The Bible 2
ronseal 4 years

Jesus is the least celeb accused of using ghost writers to produce his first blockbuster novel., New allegations have been made that Jesus's best selling book The Bible was not actually written by...

Airports to fine government for snow blocked roads. 1
LaserComet 4 years
Counterfeit gold trader found gilty 1
riesler 4 years
75% of practising Catholics want to see the Pope and Justin Bieber get it on 1
Malcum eggs 4 years
Veggie addicts go cold tofu. 3
Trickster 4 years
Wombles' Creator, Elisabeth Beresford, Moves From Overground To Underground 2
IABP 4 years
Shortage of 'Bah Humbugs' relieved. Plentiful supply found in Home Counties. 0
DiY 4 years
Only nine months until Christmas advertising begins... 0
victory V 4 years

More (all too) soon...

Family sectioned after admitting they find Will ferrell funny. 0
Malcum eggs 4 years
Vince Cable shocked to discover Murdoch is his 'secret santa' 2
surdoux 4 years
Queen makes festive pitch for England job 0
allmyownstunts 4 years
Brian Hanrahan latest: God counted him out and he counted him in again 3
ronseal 4 years

. Apologies to Gerontious for the one liner...

Rerun of On the Buses starts Boxing Day 2
Bismarck 4 years
World's oldest advertising slogan uncovered, "If anyone can, Ghengis Khan" 1
bonjonelson 4 years

Merry xmas...

Elderly gentleman dressed in red suit arrested in child's bedroom in Ipswich. 0
dogwheels 4 years
e-bay mainframe crashes after 'poor year' for present givers this xmas. 0
dogwheels 4 years
Occupants of Clarence house confirm " It`s wonderful life" was based on them. 0
Malcum eggs 4 years
Cable confident "Strictly Come Dancing" will now make people take him seriously 4
MC One R 4 years
Eastwood to star in film about duck who wins Le Mans 24 Hour Rally. 0
FormerlyAlOPecia 4 years

As a racing hydrophobic Clint...

Ad Agency sacked over 'understandable' perfume advert 2
Mrblacker 4 years

The world of advertising's coming to terms with the dismissal of leading agency Ardaby Wanklyn Chilvers after they produced what's described as 'the most understandable perfume advert ever'. Their...

Celebrities save Africa again through 'Face to Feet' unwanted skin scheme. 3
SingingHinny 4 years

Following Madonna’s rehousing scheme, American celebrities have once again leapt to the aid of third world children, after several leading names pledged to send their excess and unwanted skin to...

North Korea opens fire on Santa after he crosses 1mm of their air space. 0
Ian Searle 4 years
Pope Phiddie Kiddler dismayed to be introduced by James Naughtie. 0
FormerlyAlOPecia 4 years
Iran 'surprised and delighted' Saudi is their secret satan. 0
the coarse whisperer 4 years
Jesus admits when he comes back it could cause a bit of a logistical nightmare 8
Malcum eggs 4 years
Revolutionary Queens speech 0
Bismarck 4 years

In a revolutionary speech tomorrow, the Queen will translate the Popes message from the original German. 'We couldn't think of a better person to do it' said a Vatican spokesman...

Alan Lord Sugar was fired from his position as media consultant 0
Bismarck 4 years

to the Vatican today after it emerged that the unintelligible Popes message was recorded on an Amstrad cassette recorder...

Shock revelation-play the popes Xmas message backwards 0
Bismarck 4 years

and you still can't understand a word...

Geordie wants to post one liner but ,fears someone will gerron to us. 0
Malcum eggs 4 years