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Snob attacks 'snobby' attacks on snobs 0
Mandy Lifeboat 23.02.12 9:32pm
Mandy Lifeboat
America apologises to President Kharzai for burning Afghanistan 0
Mandy Lifeboat 23.02.12 9:31pm
Mandy Lifeboat
Scientists discover first non-psychiatric patient who finds Noel Fielding funny

Definitely a Nobel Prize for that...

JohnA 23.02.12 8:34pm
Clapitoil Secretcorns ... Political Correctness gone mad ?

.. Edited on the advice of a wiser head than mine...

Gourd Almighty 23.02.12 7:59pm
A million ex-private sector pensioners to have houses frozen for another year 2
Duncan Biscuit 23.02.12 7:33pm
Gourd Almighty
Somalis claim they have 'no choice' but to take part in Talk Like a Pirate Day 4
Haywood Manley 23.02.12 7:14pm
Haywood Manley
Vicar loses Sunday working case 1
Duncan Biscuit 23.02.12 6:16pm
Tributes continue to pour in for Whitney Houston...

"She made Amy Winehouse look like a pussy", muses one fan, a 13 year girl from New Jersey. More soon...

quango 23.02.12 5:56pm
Too many blockbuster remakes "stiffling" originality in porn films

The 2012 Awards season will climax in six weeks time when the Porn Industry OscHards are awarded, but an industry insider and Executive Producer for many adult movies, claims that remakes of...

simonjmr 23.02.12 4:41pm
Greece offers to bail out RBS 0
Duncan Biscuit 23.02.12 4:23pm
Duncan Biscuit
Porn industry’s embarrassing association with Richard Branson finally ended 0
Duncan Biscuit 23.02.12 4:23pm
Duncan Biscuit
Redhead Virgin playboy wins rights to domain name 0
Qoxiivi 23.02.12 4:17pm
Flat-screen television sets ‘destroying our natural habitat’, claim poltergeists

People intending to purchase a modern flat screen television or fancy new plasma screen should take a long hard look at themselves if they care in the slightest about having their family terrorised...

Gary Stanton 23.02.12 2:51pm
Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry to apply for academy status. 1
Ian Searle 23.02.12 2:40pm
Adele angry at TV Biz "suits" for interrupting her list of Music Biz "suits" 2
bonjonelson 23.02.12 2:28pm
Manchester City face complaint over 'You're not incredible' chants

Manchester City face complaint over 'You're not incredible' chants aimed at Porto striker Hulk I'm a massive fan of Lou Ferrigno and I love Kermit - to say they are my role models is an...

HenryMJUK 23.02.12 2:25pm
Hacked off investment bankers to pool their bonuses and build Death Star. 0
Ian Searle 23.02.12 12:44pm
Ian Searle
Customer surprised at legitimate feel of mobile phone unlocking shop. 0
dandare70 23.02.12 11:21am
Sunday Times readers demand Piers Morgan as new war correspondent 0
charlies_hat 23.02.12 10:45am
Gypsy moths evicted from butterfly farm 1
Runestone Cowboy 23.02.12 10:28am
James Corden to play baddy in new version of Girl, Interrupted 1
ronseal 23.02.12 10:23am
David Cameron pledges to 'crush' racism in football through the medium of rap

David Cameron, flanked by former players including Graeme Le Saux and John Barnes, praised the fantastic progress in overcoming racism in mainstream British sport. Mr Cameron and Barnes then went...

simonjmr 23.02.12 10:20am
“Big Rain” nickname for Manchester not Catching on

A new nickname for the city of Manchester has failed to spread into everyone’s daily slang. The name was started by Dennis Thorpe, who started to call the city of the Manchester “The Big Rain”...

paddyparkinson 23.02.12 9:54am
Lib-Dems to offer membership fee rebates after widespread policy mis-selling.

More Later...

ianrbland 23.02.12 9:38am
Barratt Homes owners to be officially classified as "Travellers" 0
yussle 23.02.12 9:35am
Florists slam cyclist road safety initiative 'Bad for business, bad for Britain' 0
dvo4fun 23.02.12 9:13am
Women window cleaners storm about glass ceiling

Hundreds of female window cleaners have complained about the glass ceiling in their industry; "Whoever thought of that needs their head testing.", complained Wendy Lean...

apepper 23.02.12 8:57am
Legumes arrested in nitrogen fixing scandal 7
Psycadelic Squirrel 23.02.12 8:49am
Probe into abortion claims

The Department of Health launches an inquiry into claims that doctors agreed to carry out abortions on the grounds the the baby was ginger. More soon...

ianrbland 23.02.12 8:40am
Silicon valley running out of things to do with the Internet 0
Dumbnews 23.02.12 3:04am