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Senior South Yorkshire Police “made officers rewrite their Christmas Cards”

Messages inside greetings cards received by friends of members of South Yorkshire police were dictated by senior officers, a new report published today shows. A study by the University of Leeds...

nickb 24.10.12 8:25am
Duncan Biscuit
New Argos catalogue features 75 stores and nothing else 0
Duncan Biscuit 24.10.12 8:21am
Duncan Biscuit
Calls for BBC Trust to be renamed 0
Duncan Biscuit 24.10.12 8:18am
Duncan Biscuit
BNP launch children’s Christmas box set for aspiring despots

The British National Party has unveiled its Christmas 2013 gift-set compendium. The ideal present for this year's aspiring despots. - My little Nazi: A tasteful third reich plastic figure,...

antharrison 24.10.12 7:09am
Armstrong Admits Taking Life Enhancing Drugs to Prevent Cancer

Seven times Tour De France champion Lance Armstrong today confessed to taking a series of sophisticated medicated drugs to ward off testicular cancer. The cycling champion publicly admitted to...

Alfred Noakes 24.10.12 12:43am
Apple iPads, Two Sizes Fits All

Good news to all you iPad lovers. Apple is about to release a smaller version of the iPad called the MINiPad. The MINiPad will have the same sleek curves as the larger MAXiPad, but will be radiant,...

24.10.12 12:12am
Internet provider launches new website to request support when Internet is down 0
Dumbnews 23.10.12 10:23pm
Birmingham to be even more of a dump warns council 0
Mandy Lifeboat 23.10.12 7:48pm
Mandy Lifeboat
Savile 'enjoyed girls Snickers more than Marathons' claims fun run organiser 5
charlies_hat 23.10.12 7:27pm
BBC apologises for poor impression of Savile. So does Mike Yarwood. More soon. 0
dominic_mcg 23.10.12 7:20pm
Lance Armstrong ordered to cycle backwards 7 times around France

More punishments soon...

seymour totti 23.10.12 4:23pm
Commons culture committee lobby for Rum Tum Tugger as next DG of BBC 0
Nowherefast 23.10.12 4:21pm
Egg mayonnaise fed up with people telling it "You're on a roll" 2
nickb 23.10.12 4:04pm
'We're in it together' policy blown as Osborne caught with pants down

After inadvertently wearing a live microphone in a BBC toilet, Chancellor George Osborne found himself at the centre of another embarrassing gaffe when his private phone conversation was leaked to...

pinxit 23.10.12 3:59pm
2013 Tour de France dope test lottery ‘will be a rollover’

Excited organisers of France’s annual cycling-and-pretending-not-to-take-drugs lottery have announced that 2013's draw will be ‘a rollover’. With Lance Armstrong personally injecting an extra...

23.10.12 3:33pm
Test card girl life support switched off. 2
nickb 23.10.12 3:29pm
President Obama claims, 'American navy now so advanced, we don't need ships' 0
custard cream 23.10.12 3:13pm
custard cream
BBC DG confirms he is getting a grip by changing his name to James Murdoch 0
custard cream 23.10.12 3:04pm
custard cream
BBC DG confirms he is getting a grip and that 'deputy heads will roll' 0
custard cream 23.10.12 3:03pm
custard cream
Minister insists badger cull, 'not a black and white' issue 0
custard cream 23.10.12 2:57pm
custard cream
Tribute to the analogue signal

As the analogue signal gets switched off, an affectionate tribute - to the tune of 'Caravans' sung by Barbara Dickson: The early light is breaking, Ceefax page 101 is waiting, And I think I'm...

custard cream 23.10.12 2:52pm
custard cream
Taliban will head up BBC inquiries to ensure fair play and sense of balance. 2
Boutros 23.10.12 1:26pm
Cull postponed till 20.13 so badgers won’t miss Autumnwatch... 0
Tripod 23.10.12 1:07pm
John Terry to wear anti-racism gag 2
Ironduke 23.10.12 1:04pm
Dick Everyman
Lemming wins lottery - laughs all the way to the bank 0
Smart Alex 23.10.12 12:57pm
Smart Alex
Unwell former gambling addict still no better 1
Smart Alex 23.10.12 12:56pm
Knighthoods to be subject to annual moral recertification process 3
cinquecento 23.10.12 12:52pm
Cheap holiday industry in disarray after Ceefax shutdown 0
johnnydobbo 23.10.12 12:51pm
In a dramatic role-reversal, abused women finger BBC staff... 0
Tripod 23.10.12 12:11pm
BBC's Dr Who has been spotted taking young women into a phonebox for 50 years. 0
bonjonelson 23.10.12 11:49am