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Cameron Denies Tory Party Name Change... 0
Jesse Bigg 4 years

.to 'Trash and Sod Them Party.' 'No 90% bonus tax on our bankers. Eh?'...

Cameron jails rioting students. Ken Clark immediately frees them. 0
Jammydodgers 4 years

"If we can't even afford to teach them, we certainly can't afford to lock them up!" says the Justice secretary!...

Davros to sue Steven Hawkin for character infringement 0
Bismarck 4 years

more later...

Stool threatens war after being overlooked for Nobel peace prize ... 0
Kramaring 4 years
FIA's "Anything goes" rule sees new Hooded-Claw-Renault Team 0
Alixir 4 years

The FIA rule makers today controversially committed to "Anything goes" for the 2011 season in an attempt to make the sport more exciting. The move, initially part of the turn-around on the Masa...

Chinese bloke gets Nobel Prize for Woodwork 0
ramblesnake 4 years

Nice chair...

Warning “not to panic buy” petrol creates panic throughout Scotland… 0
Doylem 4 years

“Next time we’ll try reverse psychology”, said spokesman ruefully…...

US geneticists engineer world's first one-legged bison, creating unison 0
dicky37 4 years

[More soon]...

Camilla now frigid “unless bedroom is full of rioting students”… 0
Doylem 4 years
Empty chair collects Nobel Peace Prize on behalf of occasional table… 0
Doylem 4 years
Fanni to play for Liverpool... 20
Dexter 4 years

There's no need to say anymore, is there?...

Rich people “legally obliged” to be victims of crime 0
brownpaperreporter 4 years

The latest reader’s poll published in Harper’s Bazaar show that an overwhelming percentage of readers feel it is their duty to be mugged and burgled. Some of the key comments included “Yah, if...

Prince Philip sacks driver over failure of 'Operation Diana'. 4
wallster 4 years

Charles and Camilla arrive safely back at palace...

'Too Many Pointless Awards' says 2010 Sprout Eater of the Year Winner 14
IABP 4 years
1 in 17 Police riot squad members suffers from some form of dyslexia. 2
wallster 4 years


Pardew’s first mistake: swapping Andy Carroll for six magic beans… 1
Doylem 4 years
West Ham and Wolves concede that they will not win Premiership in 2011 0
simonjmr 4 years
300 live re-enactment passes off to media excitement 0
Erlang 4 years

His helmet was stifling, it narrowed his vision. And he must see far. His shield was heavy. It threw him off balance. And his target is far away...

Legal History Made as Pardew Signs UK's First Ironic Contract 0
De-scribe 4 years

British Legal History was made to day as the newly appointed Newcastle United manager Alan Pardew signed a 5 and a half year contract which is believed to be the first of its kind to contain...

Council Removes CCTV cameras on the basis that “God sees everything” 0
oakhaven 4 years

Crawley Borough Council revealed today that it planned to remove all CCTV cameras from supermarkets and shopping centres, opting instead to rely on the omniscience and omnipresence of the creator of...

Charity launches , Sponsor a 'squeezed' student appeal. 0
Erlang 4 years

Freeload appeals to you to sponsor a student in England for less than two pounds a day and help reduce the number of students looking like twonks on TV. Testimonial- Polly T., I started sponsoring...

Imprisoned Chinese dissident Liu Xiaobo to attend Nobel prize ceremony via Skype 0
Dumbnews 4 years
Formula 1 to introduce 'movable wings' for 2011 season 0
riesler 4 years

Coalition announces national day of mourning for Weatherfield victims 0
dannyboy206 4 years

More to follow...

Gunshot sensors deployed in Birmingham 4
Gerontius 4 years

Sensors used to detect fatal gunshot wounds carried out on members of the public are to be deployed by police forces throughout the West Midlands, The sensors - which consist of a pair of...

Royal Car Attack - car humanely destroyed 0
brownpaperreporter 4 years

[url=]killer cars[/url]...

Lib-Dems Organise own Protests over University Fees Controversy 0
Nick Wright 4 years

Rank and file Lib-Dem members launched their own noisy protests today, speaking out angrily against those who, during this week’s student protests, acted inexcusably, evoking street violence and...

Osbourne given thumbs down after interview with primary school kids 0
Basil_B 4 years

Chancellor of the exchequer George Osbourne was given a unanimous thumbs down today after a move to ingratiate himself with school children around the country back fired after an interview he gave to...

Prince Charles praises street theatre group 'Yobbo' 5
Bismarck 4 years

Prince Charles praised street theatre group Yobbo this evening 'Camilla and I did so enjoy taking part' he said 'we are both big fans of the X Factor'...

Cilla 'living the Scouse lie' for years 2
R R 4 years

Light entertainment legend yesterday revealed the truth about her early years, and the lifetime of ‘living a lie’ that she now wants the public to know about. In an exclusive interview with...