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Pharmaceutical shares go 'crazy' as Dyson tackles 'Windmills of the Mind'


Username 02.12.11 2:49am
Rivers of Bloody Bigotry

The comparatively sheltered world of academic anthropology is tonight still recovering from the bombshell that was dropped on it a few days ago by a leading British university., “The University of...

Username 02.12.11 2:35am
Man who likes French loaves announces 'Baguettes - I've had a few...

But then again too few to mention'...

Smart Alex 02.12.11 1:32am
Smart Alex
Fahrenheit 451 renamed as Fahrenheit 647 due to Kindle's higher combustion point 5
Immunis 02.12.11 1:23am
Dyslexic orders laptop; ends up with chihuahua 0
Smart Alex 02.12.11 1:22am
Smart Alex
Market News: Fruit Softening, Apples Falling, Mangos 3 for £1 0
Immunis 02.12.11 1:20am
Clarkson "One Show" appearance apology: "Rather 'jowly', poor teeth"

more later...

dvo4fun 02.12.11 12:22am
Dopey not big and not clever 0
Smart Alex 01.12.11 11:08pm
Smart Alex
Police corruption trial accidentally falls down stairs on way to Court. 0
Al OPecia 01.12.11 10:30pm
Al OPecia
The Queens Christmas message to be replaced with a circular letter

Ones family has had a couple of weddings, William looked regal and Kate was divine, although her sister's arse caused a bit of a stir. Andrew got into a spot of bother. I nearly called on the SAS to...

simonjmr 01.12.11 9:21pm
Catholic church admits cover-up of cover-ups was "covered up" 0
Nick McCarr 01.12.11 9:02pm
Nick McCarr
Director Of New Thatcher Film, Inflicts Big Cuts On Cast Numbers......

.And abandons film locations in and around Liverpool...

Jesse Bigg 01.12.11 8:59pm
Jesse Bigg
Christmas present wrapping clerk quits: "fed up with all the red tape"

and the paperwork...

Mr Target 01.12.11 8:37pm
Mr Target
New risk from fish pedicures

Health experts today issued new warnings about the risks involved with fish pedicures. Garra Rufa fish have become an attraction at a number of salons throughout the country, where they are used to...

Major Clanger 01.12.11 7:44pm
Major Clanger
"Chugger Aid" pledges to protect financially challenged charity collectors

With the UK in the depths of an unprecedented economic recession it is easy to forget the plight of the thousands of “Chuggers” who are unable to maintain a glamorous lifestyle. Although keeping...

antharrison 01.12.11 7:40pm
Alan Bleasdale pens ‘gritty southern drama’ about public sector strikes

Screenwriter Alan Bleasdale, famous for his gritty Northern dramas, has announced that he has started work on a new project highlighting the plight of public sector workers in yesterday’s strike....

ianslat 01.12.11 7:36pm
European finance ministers agree Osborne bail-out plan

37,000 feet above Switzerland. No parachute...

antharrison 01.12.11 7:19pm
Sarkozy backs German ties but draws the line at Lederhosen. More soon. 0
dominic_mcg 01.12.11 7:19pm
Reich Marshal Goebbels acquitted at retrial. "Evidence somehow gone missing"

Less believable stuff later...

dvo4fun 01.12.11 7:07pm
Thousands of public sectors workers get back to normal by phoning in sick 3
Duncan Biscuit 01.12.11 6:59pm
'Striking' teachers mostly plain or downright ugly...

according to eye-witnesses...

John Ffitch-Rucker 01.12.11 6:15pm
Shakespeare lost use of both hands suggests new 'no-holds bard' biography

[More soon]...

dicky37 01.12.11 5:50pm
Lynne White trial collapse review delay pending outcome of Clarkson referral 0
medici2471 01.12.11 5:06pm
Unison calls for more public sector unemployment in motor related industry 0
medici2471 01.12.11 4:53pm
'Only Connect' costume department very stretched. 4
Griffin 01.12.11 4:44pm
John Ffitch-Rucker
Jeremy Clarkson - What Would Dennis Have Said?

Jeremy Clarkson's recent comments about the way to deal with the public sector unions (It's the only language they understand, guv'nor) made me think of the wonderful Dear Bill letters that used to...

Cymraeg 01.12.11 3:27pm
People watching Clarkson on TV angered by Clarkson-like behaviour. 2
John Ffitch-Rucker 01.12.11 12:54pm
Cold sufferers ditch tissues for 'willfully complex' Dyson Noseblade

As the winter cold season takes hold, congested consumers are embracing a 'breakthrough' from Dyson, which makes affordable decongestants seem primitively simple. Harnessing the power of twin...

01.12.11 12:23pm
Sky Sports News mourns the death of, the death of, Gary Speed

The story that refused to hang itself? No more soon please. Too Cryptic? There must be a sub about the press's overaction? It's not like he was Diana "Gary Speed was Diana questions Daily Mail?"...

ironbridgeboy 01.12.11 12:03pm
Burglary case adjourned while judge examines WMD claims

A Doncaster man in court on multiple charges of burglary has had his case adjourned for at least 18 months. This is while the judge looks in to claims that he was acting on ‘credible evidence’...

Vertically Challenged Giant 01.12.11 11:24am