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Gaddafi caught by charity volunteer with clipboard

Reports just in from Tripoli suggest that fugitive warlord, and occasional drag queen, Colonel Gaddafi has finally been apprehended. It seems that a volunteer for a well known charity trapped Gaddafi...

Psycadelic Squirrel 01.09.11 2:46pm
Psycadelic Squirrel
Unfrozen Libya cash to be used immediately, do not refreeze

More soon?...

Psycadelic Squirrel 01.09.11 3:51am
Psycadelic Squirrel
Gender pay-gap as high as 10 pairs of Jimmy Choo and a Gucci belt says watchdog 0
antharrison 31.08.11 11:58pm
World's top-paid CEOs pledge to cut acronyms and buzzwords by 10% 0
Dumbnews 31.08.11 10:41pm
Dublin councillors bitterly regret inaugral 'Potatina' festival

A disasterous attempt to attract tourists to Ireland's capital has led to a bitter feud between city councillors. While some claim that the 'potatina' festival had been a fun mash up, most believe...

07.09.11 12:10pm
Vertically Challenged Giant
Phone hack enquiry covered up over risk of discovering D. Kelly's phone records

With the phone hacking going back to the murder of Wells and Chapman and Dowler in 2002 it was feared that the public became aware that by 2003, the time that David Kelly went missing, the phone...

4ty2 31.08.11 7:36pm
RAF to deliver bags of cash to Libya. Lord Archer offers logistical experience.

More bungs soon...

dvo4fun 31.08.11 7:09pm
ISS Crew To Stage Hide-And-Seek Tournament

The crew of the International Space Station will take part in a hide-and-seek tournament on 9 September, national space agencies have confirmed. Following the decision to delay the return of three...

Tourmaline 31.08.11 7:11pm
Legal news latest. More travellers will have to travel more soon.

More soon. Anybody seen my coat?...

dvo4fun 31.08.11 7:05pm
Red faces in Whitehall as Al-Megrahi mistakenly renamed "Royal Abdelbaset". 0
Le Creuset Fiend 31.08.11 6:06pm
Le Creuset Fiend
New outsourced social media service launched for the digitally diffident

Self effacing people who don't take themselves too seriously are being marginalised in the new aggressively shallow digital economy, says a report from Convenient Research. [Ohh bollocks, I'll come...

ronseal 31.08.11 6:35pm
Saadi Gaddafi's surrender hijacked by last-minute Spurs bid 0
exigo 31.08.11 5:27pm
Jedward have until Saturday to surrender 0
Doug Sourboyes 31.08.11 1:32pm
Doug Sourboyes
Sweet smell of success for Portaloo campaigners

A Glastonbury Portaloo toilet cabin thought to have been used by some of the world’s leading rock stars has been saved from demolition following a successful on-line campaign by public toilet...

Gerontius 01.09.11 11:56am
German city of Bonn taxes prostitutes with meter, clients by the millimetre.

Griffin 31.08.11 12:42pm
Traveller eviction starts badly as Pete Ikey serves notice from council. 0
MADJEZ 31.08.11 12:31pm
Di Canio shock as striker refuses to take a dive

Following his team's defeat in the Carling Cup last night, Swindon manager Paolo di Canio is shocked that English footballers will not go down theatrically under the slightest challenge. The...

Midfield Diamond 31.08.11 12:08pm
Midfield Diamond
Concerns over Carbon Offsetting as forest envelops Brixton

It is thought an area the size of Wales is turning into forest every three days...

gaijintendo 01.09.11 7:21am
Meltdown at Panini as deadline day gets underway 0
simonjmr 31.08.11 9:41am
Hurricane Irene not all bad news say the Weinmann's of Long Island

Whilst much ot the Eastern Seaboard were counting the cost and beginning the clear up, Herb and Ida Weinmann returned to their home following the evacuation to discover the storm had left them a new...

grottymonty 31.08.11 1:09pm
"Coolest summer on record" claim not true, says Henry Winkler. More soon. 0
dominic_mcg 31.08.11 8:49am
Cameron unhappy at not selling Cable before transfer window closed. More soon. 0
dominic_mcg 31.08.11 8:48am
We would have found Gaddafi by now claims former editor of the Sport. More soon. 0
dominic_mcg 31.08.11 8:46am
Wenger buys 4 new Defenders from Landrover. More soon. 1
dominic_mcg 31.08.11 9:32am
International Break arranged to allow Fantasy Football Leagues to update. 0
Drylaw 31.08.11 7:53am
Wootton Bassett sad about no longer being sad 0
roybland 31.08.11 7:00am
Chiswick organist gives woman vibrato.

A Chiswick organist has been accused of performing vibrato on an elderly woman in a church vestry. Turnham Green resident Humphrey Nonce was allegedly seen with 69 year old Doris Clunge sitting on...

rebel not taken 31.08.11 12:47am
rebel not taken
New Facebook feature automatically "likes" all your top friend's posts 0
Dumbnews 30.08.11 11:51pm
JayZ now has 100 problems 0
bonjonelson 30.08.11 11:07pm
UK's summer 'coolest since 1993', say style gurus

Britain's fashionistas have given a cautious 'thumbs up' to the possibility of a return to growth in the nation's cool index. Following several years of modish depression, the 'green shorts of...

rickwestwell 31.08.11 9:21pm