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Greeks not taking Euro crisis seriously as Chaka Demus & Pliers become PM

"Tease Me" More soon...

simonjmr 10.11.11 3:40pm
3000 illiterate chavs riot at SportsDirect Arena, expecting 'Lonsdale ' bargains

Statement expected soon...

Bryan with a Y 10.11.11 3:33pm
Bryan with a Y
New Mel Gibson movie to be called "The Man without a Career" 0
Iamthestig 10.11.11 3:00pm
"You can't have any of this" austerity Christmas catalogue launches in Italy 0
Iamthestig 10.11.11 2:58pm
Long Term Unemployed to attend compulsory book club.

A pilot scheme in London is having a marked effect on unemployment figures, as part of David Cameron’s ‘Big Society’ project claimants receiving jobseekers allowance for more than 18 months are...

DavidBlame 10.11.11 2:56pm
Zorba Piddlelyovertheacropolis appointed to ask France for some more money. 0
Ostsee 10.11.11 2:47pm
'Whites Only' program discovered on John Terry's washing machine.

Further allegations of racism were made today following covert operations by an undercover freelance journalist hiding in the Chelsea and England foootballer's utility room. Having spent almost two...

spoole2112 10.11.11 2:31pm
Greece pleads with Zeus to save what dignity it has left

Yesterday Greek politicians admitted to summoning a pantheon of ancient Gods to deal with their ongoing economic crisis. Prime Minister George Papandreou admitted: “We didn’t want it to come to...

sambo 10.11.11 1:50pm
Vertically Challenged Giant
James Murdoch to star as arch-villain in new Bond film 'SKY FALL' 1
pinxit 10.11.11 1:15pm
Earth on collision course with gigantic poppy.

Astronomers across the world have raised the alarm over what appears to be a high probability of the Earth colliding with an unusual celestial object. NASA spokesman, Dr Sam McFlynn, said today "we...

Al OPecia 10.11.11 12:55pm
Mike Ashley's son renamed Starbuck McDonald to fund school fees 0
charlies_hat 10.11.11 12:52pm
Murdoch attacked by Scots MP in Committee room: Commons Latest

"Yer a fuckin' liar so ye are," shouted Greenock Labour MP Lex Begbie today in the hallowed forum of a Commons Committee room as James Murdoch sat calmly batting away members' questions on phone...

Drylaw 10.11.11 12:43pm
Liam Fox tipped to be the next Home Secretary

after Adam Werrity starts an Immigration consultancy...

Tammy Flugh 10.11.11 12:39pm
Audit Commission says a bank scam has cost taxpayers an estimated £1 trillion 0
Duncan Biscuit 10.11.11 12:31pm
Duncan Biscuit
Owners of elephant kept in Peterborough to be charged with cruelty 0
Duncan Biscuit 10.11.11 12:30pm
Duncan Biscuit
Sacha Baron Cohen announces current series of ‘Berlusconi’ will be the last

Comedian Sacha Baron Cohen has confirmed that he is set to ‘retire’ his long-running Silvio Berlusconi character at the end of the current series. Silvio is Cohen’s oldest surviving character,...

Vertically Challenged Giant 10.11.11 12:12pm
Vocoder technology adds gravitas to young 'wannabe' MPs

The world of politics is an alluring one to most young people - a glamorous world, full of fame, second homes and undisclosed incomes. To make it in this world there are certain skills required - a...

10.11.11 12:05pm
National treasures to be kept under lock and key at the Tower of London

Bad news for Stephen Fry, Jools Holland and Paul McCartney. More soon...

simonjmr 10.11.11 11:46am
Murdoch unaware of "wide hacking" but knew of "specific hacking" 0
simonjmr 10.11.11 11:42am
Export of Spearmint Rhino to West Africa as Western black rhino declared extinct

"Every little bit helps to re-establish Spearmint Rhino in West AFrica" More soon...

simonjmr 10.11.11 11:38am
James Murdoch prepares escape-proof bag and agoraphobic cat

In preparing for his appearance before a Westminster committee, News International chairman, James Murdoch has procured an armoured bag and found a cat with a morbid fear of the outdoors. "I feel...

apepper 10.11.11 11:19am
OXO shareholders lose everything as stock market crumbles. More soon. 3
dominic_mcg 10.11.11 11:10am
Nick McCarr
Student Protests deemed 'massive let down' by Police

Scotland Yard has released a statement this morning stating their huge disappointment over the student protests. Over 4000 police officers were present yesterday with authority to deploy 'baton...

ndbrown123 10.11.11 10:49am
Poppy Appeal bosses plan "most ambitious guilt trip ever"

Poppy appeal bosses were today locked in behind-closed-door meetings, rumoured to be planning their most contrived, yet undeniably righteous, guilt-trip publicity stunt ever, say sources, as the...

Mr Target 10.11.11 10:44am
Oscar statue quits as Acadamy Award 0
simonjmr 10.11.11 9:51am
Rick Perry told to 'go home to Texas', but he 'can't remember where it is...Oops 0
JD 10.11.11 9:35am
'Judge me on my music,' says Bieber. 'Er, on second thoughts...' 0
Oxbridge 10.11.11 9:34am
Mother uncomfortable with watching violent movies buys new armchair 1
Nick McCarr 10.11.11 9:26am
Dawn French weight loss - house prices unaffected says Mail 0
nickb 10.11.11 8:59am
Mike Ashley to be renamed "Cunty McFuckface." 0
SingingHinny 10.11.11 12:31am