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British Airways lay on extra flights for celebrities

As thousands of celebrities from the 1970s suddenly feel the need for a long holiday in somewhere without an extradition treaty, British Airways have had to introduce extra flights...

apepper 26.10.12 2:33pm
"Silvio's mother says Silvio's packing, he's gonna be leaving today..."

I'm sure I've done this one a year ago !...

charlies_hat 26.10.12 2:28pm
McCrirrick ‘misguided’ to believe his age would be in his top ten worst features

McCrirrick (72) was seen storming into the reception area of the Channel 4 headquarters wearing only his Y-fronts and demanding to speak to the Regional Controller of Ageism. When told that such a...

Newsquelch 26.10.12 2:26pm
Man gets stuck in temporal loop while attempting to put his clocks back

Residents of the small fishing village of Kilkeel in County Down are getting ready to hold their annual "Dim Jim Week" festival in celebration of one of their community having serious difficulty with...

jamsieoconnor 26.10.12 2:07pm
Ch4 Docudrama to follow the lives of 12 people who won't turn their clocks back

Channel 4 have announced a new fly-on-the-wall live TV event to be aired this Autumn, entitled [i]"No Turning Back"[/i], which will give audiences the chance to follow 12 volunteers as they attempt...

The Bogs 26.10.12 2:03pm
Dancing in the streets as double dip recession ends...

“With the economy rising 1% in the three months to September, the years of austerity are over”, said chancellor George Osborne to a cheering crowd, from an upstairs window at number 11 Downing...

Tripod 26.10.12 1:51pm
Samsung / Apple UK judgment in full.

On 9th July 2012 the High Court of Justice of England and Wales ruled that Samsung Electronic (UK) Limited’s Galaxy Tablet Computer, namely the Galaxy Tab 10.1, Tab 8.9 and Tab 7.7 do not infringe...

Boutros 26.10.12 1:28pm
'Out of control' Mars Rover building sandcastles.

Nasa scientists have lost control over Curiosity since it started to use its $50million robotic arm to skim pebbles across an ancient Martian sea. Earlier it dug a series of holes in the sand and...

Boutros 26.10.12 1:20pm
‘Keeping British Summer Time will help us achieve mediocrity’ says Virgin Trains

Virgin Trains has announced that it hopes to see an overnight improvement in its dire performance simply by refusing to adjust its business operation back to Greenwich Mean Time this weekend. ...

DustyBinLaden 26.10.12 12:42pm
President Assad had fingers crossed behind his back when announcing ceasefire

Reports suggest....

Sheepback 26.10.12 12:27pm
Warning for Owen Paterson as badger crisis deepens

Members of the Badger Liberation Front warned of severe repercussions if Owen Paterson continues with his ethnic cleansing in the Badgers Democratic Republic of Gloucestershire. Speaking in a...

Sheepback 26.10.12 11:52am
John Terry to front 'Kick Slogan T Shirts Out of Football' Campaign 0
custard cream 26.10.12 11:46am
custard cream
Frankel's online virginity offer goes viral 0
26.10.12 11:13am
Brazilian woman sells virginity on-line to sushi lover 0
philthefunk 26.10.12 10:05am
Future Homes Commission Promotes Virtual Houses

Britain’s housing crisis could be solved if residents could be persuaded to live in 'virtual homes' according to The Royal Institute of British Architects Future Homes Commission (FHC). "We all...

custard cream 26.10.12 9:49am
custard cream
NHS IVF service to offer “Free-range eggs”

The NHS announced today that it was to trial a premium IVF service which guarantees better quality, and more responsibly sourced, eggs. Egg donors are to be screened prior to donation, and for their...

Nails UK 26.10.12 9:44am
Ann Widdicombe confirms that 'Jim didn't fix it for me for some reason' 0
philthefunk 26.10.12 9:40am
Cutbacks to Greenwich clock funding make pips 'squeak' 0
pinxit 26.10.12 9:34am
Nick Griffin backs racism t-shirt campaign

Following on from the ineffective ‘Kick Racism Out Of Football’ t-shirt campaign, BNP leader Nick Griffin is to launch a t-shirt campaign of his own, it emerged today. Insider sources, who did...

Reg Herring 26.10.12 9:22am
Reg Herring
Teaching standards leaving students unprepared for new teacher trainee tests 1
charlies_hat 26.10.12 9:21am
custard cream
Teacher Training Tests Toughened for alliterate teaching students 0
charlies_hat 26.10.12 9:17am
Football supporters to form breakaway 'Black Supporters Association' 0
custard cream 26.10.12 9:12am
custard cream
Russell Grant predicted to replace head of Italian Serious Risks Commission. 3
weematt 26.10.12 9:11am
Premiership stars boycott anti-homophobia campaign

Football was thrown into controversy yet again when all but five players in the Premiership refused to wear Football Association 'Nutmeg Homophobia Out Of The Game' T-shirts during warm-ups,...

pinxit 26.10.12 9:02am
ITV, HM Government, and ECHR agree on prisoners being given the vote in X Factor 0
Not Amused 26.10.12 9:00am
Not Amused
Ambivalent Marmite tweeter causes stocks to fall

Marmite’s manufacturers are said to be ‘extremely anxious’ to track down the person who said on Twitter that he was entirely ambivalent about their yeast extract spread. Since the...

Stan 26.10.12 8:28am
Savile shafted me too, says Louis Theroux 0
ronseal 26.10.12 8:26am
Jason Roberts would 'offer to shake John Terry's neck' in new pitch welcome 0
custard cream 26.10.12 8:25am
custard cream
Italian League : Seismologists 1, Horologists 0 0
Cinders 26.10.12 7:53am
Cheers! Osborne orders a gottle o geer over economic good news

Ventriloquist dummy lookalike George Osborne was jubilant today as the economy stopped going down the pan quite so fast and hopes his family’s experience in the wallpaper business will be...

Reg Herring 26.10.12 6:42am
Reg Herring