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Government tell apprentice scheme heads ‘You’re fired’ 0
Duncan Biscuit 19.01.12 8:46am
Duncan Biscuit
Willy Wonka signs LA Galaxy deal 0
Duncan Biscuit 19.01.12 8:46am
Duncan Biscuit
NHS bill faces lengthy wait before being put into operation 0
charlies_hat 19.01.12 7:47am
Missing John Muscle case latest, DNA traces found in neighbour's pipework. 0
Immunis 19.01.12 6:41am
Spy rock uncovered! The Ruskies get their quarry

It was given away by wearing a tuxedo...

Psycadelic Squirrel 19.01.12 4:52am
Psycadelic Squirrel
New London Airport may be built on the site of Boris Johnson's [f**king!] ego

more [billions]later. Hurrah...

dvo4fun 19.01.12 12:48am
A child named Fellatio

A couple from Somerset have sparked controversy after naming their newborn son Fellatio. Explaining the thought process behind their decision, the child's mother told reporters: 'Initially, my...

Christopher Frost 18.01.12 10:31pm
Michael Gove ‘Likely to just get flowers’ for Queen after yacht idea rejected

After seeing his suggestion of celebrating the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee by building a new royal yacht, at a cost to the taxpayer of £60m, rejected, Michael Gove has admitted that there is now...

Vertically Challenged Giant 18.01.12 9:38pm
Ken Livingstone sentenced to 21 years in captivity on Boris Island

Ken Livingstone sentenced to 21 years in captivity on Boris Island...

Mandy Lifeboat 18.01.12 9:33pm
Luton revealed as Occupy protest camp

Following a high court decision to evict the Occupy London protesters from outside St Paul’s Cathedral, media outlets were surprised when residents of the Bedfordshire town of Luton vowed to...

Long Distance Clara 18.01.12 9:03pm
Visitors enjoy boost to self-esteem at zoo for obese animals

A West Midland zoo is witnessing record numbers of visitors, after deciding to fatten up all its animals with cakes. Solihull zoological park is the first sanctuary for obese animals, and members of...

18.01.12 8:55pm
Jabba the hut to come out of retirement for 2012 Olympic Basketball 0
simonjmr 18.01.12 7:41pm
Flashers to face stiff penalties 0
Major Clanger 18.01.12 7:21pm
Major Clanger
Internet to become literate by 2013.

Just as semi-literate bookstore Waterstones, citing a need for "a more versatile and practical spelling in the digital world of URLs and email addresses" loses an apostrophe, enlightened Internet...

Boutros 18.01.12 7:19pm
Major Clanger
Cameron to urge the poor to stop breathing

In an attempt to meet the Kyoto protocol targets on CO2 emissions, David Cameron will call on the poor to stop wasting oxygen and creating unnecessary carbon dioxide. "These people are nothing but a...

grottymonty 18.01.12 7:16pm
Major Clanger
'PC' meteorologist forecasts tricky driving in "Academically Challenged" fog. 7
dvo4fun 18.01.12 7:11pm
Major Clanger
Wogan accused of ripping off dyslexics with high interest loans. More soon. 15
dominic_mcg 18.01.12 7:09pm
Major Clanger
There is a large amount of poop in my butt, Please advise. 2
Dumbnews 18.01.12 7:05pm
Major Clanger
CRB check to include compulsory test on the works of Julia Donaldson

Home Secretary Theresa May has announced that childcare professionals wishing to apply for a CRB check must also ‘demonstrate sufficient knowledge’ on the works of popular author and Children's...

jp1885 18.01.12 7:03pm
Major Clanger
Prostitutes deny palming off clients with inferior service during the recession

More coming oh yes oh yes, yes yes...

Scroat 18.01.12 6:59pm
Major Clanger
12 Dead due to Wikipedia blackout, final toll not yet known

Now in its 13th hour, The blackout of the [url=]English Wikipedia[/url] is proving to have catastrophic consequences. The first victim at 05:00 (GMT) was delivery driver Alex...

Dan Strait 18.01.12 6:58pm
Dan Strait
Parrot sellers in anti-piracy protest

Purveyors of parrots are protesting against proposed anti-piracy laws...

apepper 18.01.12 6:36pm
Boris Island: book now for this latest must-visit holiday destination

Any takers?...

Clarky 18.01.12 6:35pm
Top Gear defend 'cerebral palsy motor skills' special 4
charlies_hat 18.01.12 4:13pm
And the band played 'Nearer My Giglio to Thee' 0
Psycadelic Squirrel 18.01.12 4:03pm
Psycadelic Squirrel
Bullied Children Advised To Recite Poetry At Bullies. 1
sredni vashta 18.01.12 1:36pm
Employee suspended for saying ‘Happy New Year’ after Firm’s 12 Day deadline

After automatically saying “Happy New Year” to everyone he had spoken to for the first time since 31st December, office worker Jon Knowles thought nothing of greeting his first caller of the day...

Stan 18.01.12 12:58pm
Maths Doc invents bullshit formula for getting bullshit formulas into the news

After years of attention-hungry maths boffins having hit-and-miss success getting nonsense formulas for 'most depressing day of the year', 'female beauty' and 'Christmas happiness' into the mass...

Golgo13 18.01.12 12:56pm
Standards Laboratory re-calibrates Labour leader as Nanoband

Pico, atto, femto And no, they are not lost Marx Brothers...

DorsetBoy 18.01.12 12:55pm
Elgar Country declares independence

In the latest surprise move for the devolution of the UK, Elgar Country otherwise known as the apple orchards near Malvern has declared independence from the UK crown and government. Though not all...

Immunis 18.01.12 12:54pm