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Boyle criticised over plans to replace Mark Rylance with Mark Lawrenson.

No context, but he is just awful...

SingingHinny 08.07.12 10:10am
God For Andy! England and Saint George!

Once more unto the breach dear friend, once more;, Or close up the court with our English dead!, For he today that shares blood with thee, shall be thy brother on the BBC.., And gentlemen of...

08.07.12 10:02am
Hobos' convention to be renamed "P in the Park". More soon. 0
dominic_mcg 08.07.12 9:54am
Number of bishops who want to become women grows.

The number of bishops who want to become women has grown “exponentially” according to a new survey. It’s understood as many as fifty, including titular bishops, have expressed an interest. ...

nickb 08.07.12 9:27am
Rebecca Adlington fastest in practice at Silverstone 2
Duncan Biscuit 08.07.12 9:09am
'Typically British' Grand Prix descends into an F1 embarrassment

Fans have criticised the Formula 1 British Grand Prix today, after Sunday’s race descended into a farce. The issues actually began on Saturday where those with tickets were refused entry by...

Perks 08.07.12 8:58am
Shrödinger's cat urged to think "outside the box" 1
Smart Alex 08.07.12 8:32am
Cameron wondering if he can blame the last Labour government for the Jet Stream 1
roybland 08.07.12 8:22am
New iPhone app joins up global sempahore network

A new app for the iphone called ‘I-Flag’ is set to revolutionise the lives of semaphore speakers, according to its developer. Designed to enable communication beyond the limit of the human...

grumblechops 08.07.12 8:11am
Walsall man forecasts rain for the next two weeks

A retired Walsall man who is an amateur weather forecaster predicts that it will rain for the next two weeks. Bill Watson,68, has astonished neighbours with the accuracy of his forecasts over...

roybland 08.07.12 7:29am
Cameron wondering how he can blame the Gulf Stream on the last Labour government 2
roybland 08.07.12 6:59am
Murray sidesteps British / Scottish issue – “I represent Adidas”

.. another example of "the Joke" in the wild ....

Yikes 07.07.12 10:42pm
Gordon Brown wishes Andy Murray luck in “staying British”

using them all up while I still can :)...

Yikes 07.07.12 10:37pm
Brit with vowel problem wins Wimbledon final

Marray (English) wins the mens doubles...

Iscariot 07.07.12 10:17pm

withdrawn to avoid embarrasement of fifth consecutive no stars no comment post. bye...

Mandy Lifeboat 07.07.12 10:10pm
Shades of Grey Paint Boss Baffled by Customer Demand

Colin Grey, managing director of Bradford paint manufacturer Shades of Grey, has found the firm’s latest catalogue to be surprisingly popular. “Naturally we’re very proud of our range of...

Iggy Pop-Barker 07.07.12 9:26pm
Iggy Pop-Barker
Shades of Grey Paint Boss Baffled by Customer Demand

Colin Grey, managing director of Bradford paint manufacturer Shades of Grey, has found the firm’s latest catalogue to be surprisingly popular. “Naturally we’re very proud of our range of...

Iggy Pop-Barker 07.07.12 9:25pm
Iggy Pop-Barker
Following seafood dinner, Martin Luther King tells reporters, "I had a bream" 2
Smart Alex 07.07.12 6:25pm
Foreigner wins Wimbledon.

A humourless foreign man (insert name as appropriate) from a beautiful mountainous land populated by surly, insular people will win the Wimbledon tennis championship tomorrow. The man, famous for...

Thor 07.07.12 4:55pm
George Osborne working on a Mona Lisa smile

Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne is practising a Mona Lisa smile to court popularity after a series of U-turns following his March Budget. Osborne's recent clash with Ed Balls at Prime...

roybland 07.07.12 4:19pm
Agronomists puzzled by surge in sales of Defra manual, Fifty Grades of Hay 1
V Riddoch 07.07.12 4:02pm
Scottish Independence to be decided on Centre Court 1
Ironduke 07.07.12 2:52pm
Olympic torch bearers issued with new 'British Summer' clothing.

After complaints from runners and their Police escorts about doing the relay in shorts and t-shirts Olympic organisers have been forced to issue more suitable clothing....

MADJEZ 07.07.12 2:27pm
Isle of Wight councillors to get Psion Organisers. 0
nickb 07.07.12 1:01pm
Accusations of dumbing down as Olympics introduce "It's a knockout" events

Sebastian Coe has defended the decision of the UK Olympic board to insist that athletic finalists dress as national vegetables for their races. Speaking in a moose costume, Lord Coe explained: "We...

apepper 07.07.12 12:57pm
Santander British Grand Prix - Sponsored by the EU bailout fund. 0
MADJEZ 07.07.12 11:49am
"I love Barclays tattooed on Diamond's penis" claim

A leaked expenses slip this week revealed that former Barclays chief Bob Diamond had the tattoo job done at an exclusive City parlour. Friends and former colleagues were keeping a low profile today,...

Scroat 07.07.12 11:19am
Commercial space launch delayed by row over cabin crew support tights.

Female cabin crew working for Richard Branson have refused to wear support tights in space, prompting fears that the first commercial space flights could be delayed for months if not years. ...

nickb 07.07.12 10:31am
F1 Dilemma: Will McLaren Switch Button From Wets To 'Jets'?

McLaren engineers played a surprise 'ace' this morning and revealed that Jenson Button could be on revolutionary 'Jet Ski' tyres for Sunday's British Grand Prix. With waterlogged Silverstone awash...

07.07.12 10:28am
C4 Wales launches "Strictly" rival "Cwm Dancing". More soon. 0
Al OPecia 07.07.12 10:09am
Al OPecia