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Use of petrol in bombs shows dissident republicans are extremely well-funded 0
Duncan Biscuit 3 years
Pineapples in the dock as apples and pine trees launch false advertising suit 0
la maga 3 years
Cameron fights 'Nanny State' by monitoring pocket money spending 0
la maga 3 years
London liberal finally admits UK headed in wrong direction as opera funding cut 0
la maga 3 years
US Military 'Will not withdraw from Afghanistan before climax' 0
la maga 3 years
Final chapter in Blair's Journey bio to include account of his admission to Hell 4
StoopyDeGunt 3 years

Tony Blair has added the final chapter that completes his account of his personal journey - with an account of his admission to hell...

Jeremy Kyle made redundant, the smarmy tosser.... 3
Sharpehunter 3 years

The recent crack down on benefit fraud has led to a serious decrease in daytime viewing figures. The subsequent loss in advertising revenue and related cut backs means Jeremy Kyle the smug self...

Apple unphased by predicted autumnal explosion of Blackberries 0
SingingHinny 3 years
Bear with head trapped in jar admits he was "faking it to get on television" 2
rickwestwell 3 years
Stephen Fry looking forward to communal baths at Norwich FC. 1
MADJEZ 3 years
50 year old man drunkenly boasts he has the body of a teenager 0
arrghgarry 3 years

in his garage...

Come to the Gulf's safe and pristine beaches, no oil and even less Americans 0
Ostsee 3 years
Publisher launches Shagging 9-2-5: the trade mag for when sex is 'just a job' 0
StoopyDeGunt 3 years

A new trade magazine for the sex industry aims to become the bible for the pimps, hookers and the johns who are the unsung heroes of one of British industry's few success stories in the recession.,...

Plans to "Outsource" the administration of Justice under way 0
hero2zero 3 years

The proposed plan, which is expected to begin with Speed Cameras is still under consideration will allow private companies to become judge, jury and executioner. It is expected that the TV rites...

Poorly installed burglar alarm makes Daily Mail reader 'prisoner in my own home' 0
la maga 3 years
Frank Spencer killed the Black Panther movement 0
BlackAndroid 3 years

The once respected Black Beret is regarded nothing more than a piece of comical headwear, what once symbolised political struggle and black power against the oppression of US government has been...

President Obama shows Miami beaches now clean of BP oil 0
brownpaperreporter 3 years

Graham buttsniff R.I.P.Crossroads 0
Ding dang doo 3 years

Sad news today on the set of Crossroads the once popular tea time show that died of death some 300 years ago when Sandy stood up from his wheel chair!!! The eagerly awaited return of the once...

President Zardari caught in flood of syphoned off aid money. 1
ramblesnake 3 years

More aid forecast soon...

Lonely heart admits 'Poor sense of humour' on dating profile, Universe implodes 0
la maga 3 years
World Health Organisation concerned about lack of deadly pandemics. 1
3 years

The World Health Organisation has today announced it's concern over the severe lack of any serious, life threatening pandemics since the Swine Flu fiasco ended some time ago. Margaret Chan, the...

Patrick Moore reveals genitals in protest over Beebs scheduling of Sky at Night 1
Basil_B 3 years

Veteran Astronomer and TV Presenter Patrick Moore shocked viewers by unzipping his trousers and pulling out his genitals as a demonstration against the scheduling of his show the Sky at Night in...

Desert Island Discs guest drowns in ocean of nostalgia and sentimentality 0
roybland 3 years
People who wear sunglasses remain unsophisticated, study finds 0
roybland 3 years

People who wear sunglasses remain just the same unsophisticated and boring nobodies they were before they donned their sunglasses, a study by the University of Brighton has found. ‘We studied a...

Reliance on solar power could lead to wars over sunlight, warns expert 10
StoopyDeGunt 3 years

As Britain and other industrialised nations become increasingly hooked on solar energy, our reliance on the sun may have fatal consequences, an expert has warned. At his book launch, he laid out the...

Undead hordes 'not bothered' by government plans to privatise provision of air 0
la maga 3 years
Man arrested for sexually abusing a shark. 0
Basil_B 3 years

Apparently Police are not accepting the man's defence that he mis-read a job advertisement for a shark tagger...

Obama approves mosque in NY..... and then dropping a 110 story building on it. 1
MADJEZ 3 years

More religious conflict no doubt soon...

Postman to sue BP for causing bad back after they post huge losses. 0
Basil_B 3 years
English Countryside to be bought by Disney. 1
FormerlyAlOPecia 3 years

I just wish that this wasn't true...