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MP Eric Joyce leads protest against minimum price alcohol 0
custard cream 15.03.13 8:31pm
custard cream
Rapacious creatures to be culled in UK

The government today outlined plans for a cull of the most damaging creatures in the country. Following plans to curb bovine TB with a badger cull and strategic killing of deer to protect woodland...

johnnydobbo 15.03.13 8:11pm
Sir Ranulph Fiennes to head Top Gear expedition

The expedition aims to be the first ever to reach the South Pole in out door electric wheelchairs. Sir Ran is expected to lead the presenters, Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond on the...

hero2zero 15.03.13 7:36pm
PG Tips chimps come out of retirement for red arse day. More soon. 0
dominic_mcg 15.03.13 7:04pm
Monday 8pm BBC2 Master Baker "cooking doesn't get any harder than this" 1
godly1966 15.03.13 6:37pm
Alcoholic, unable to raise a morning glory settles for a semillon 3
brownpaperreporter 15.03.13 5:40pm
HOROSCOPE by Colin the Cosmic Cockerel.

HOROSCOPE, By Colin the Cosmic Cockerel. ARIES. You will be run over by a golf buggy driven by a blind alcoholic 96 year old and killed. TAURUS. An eagle will take your pet cat. GEMINI. Your...

godly1966 15.03.13 5:32pm
Traces of camel toe found in Primark leggings

A police investigation was launched last night after it emerged that thousands of pairs of Primark leggings contain traces of camel toe. The revelation came after numerous sightings were reported at...

ipumpedthebutcherforbeef 15.03.13 5:23pm
Not Amused
Warwickshire bike riders go to Leamington Spa, for the course. 0
bonjonelson 15.03.13 4:54pm
Cameron considers Joyce job. He could organise a punch up in a buddhist temple. 0
Not Amused 15.03.13 4:15pm
Not Amused
Motoring: the Kia "Global Terrorism" range reviewed

Following the appearance of the “Kia Provo” at a motor show in Italy, we are proud to present an exclusive review of the entire 2013 Kia range. Kia Provo, The hatchback of the range is at first...

Sir Lupus 15.03.13 3:34pm
Sir Lupus
Facebook and YouTube to merge into f-You 0
Dumbnews 15.03.13 3:33pm
Imelda strikes blow for feministas

The late Imelda Marcos yesterday stood up for feminists everywhere by proclaiming that all profits from the new Andrew Lloyd Webber musical, Imelda, based on her selfless devotion to her country,...

chrisfgerard 15.03.13 3:11pm
Victims Of Illegal Phone Hacking Call For Such Law-breaking To Be Made Illegal. 0
Titus 15.03.13 3:10pm
Educated people have common sense

they can spot a common person from a mile away...

camz 15.03.13 2:44pm
China modernization drive to start with old Chinese sayings 0
Dumbnews 15.03.13 2:14pm
Samsung to introduce virtual phone

Following the success of their Galaxy S4, which works by looking and waving at the thing, Samsung president, Mr Shif-Tee, has announced that their next phone will be virtual, as you don't need to...

John Wiltshire 15.03.13 2:00pm
Rootin Tootin
Chaparral admits to being high for most of the late sixties and early seventies. 0
Ian Searle 15.03.13 1:51pm
Ian Searle
Traces of Hoss found in Bonanza repeat. 0
Ian Searle 15.03.13 1:48pm
Ian Searle
John McCririck to sue God for removing him from Cheltenham coverage 0
Ian Searle 15.03.13 1:45pm
Ian Searle
N rm n C ier h s d d 1
John Wiltshire 15.03.13 1:40pm
Mr Target
The Sun's guide to the new Pope

The new Pope is a catholic - just like the old one. His real name is Jorge but catholics call him Francis the First for short. He lives in a big house in Rome. [u]Likes[/u] Big hats, Waving from...

Terry 15.03.13 1:23pm
John Wiltshire
William Buyers inundated with permission requests during Red Nose Day

Mr William Buyers of Halifax has reacted with fury to a huge number of emails, phone calls and texts as a result of the BBC's Red Nose day appeal. "I'm all for the cause, but at the end of every item...

apepper 15.03.13 1:17pm
Samsung recalls Galaxy S4 as cross eyed users confuse device 0
custard cream 15.03.13 1:16pm
custard cream
Residents of Limbo alarmed at rise in refugee numbers 0
custard cream 15.03.13 1:11pm
custard cream
In full: the Pope’s plans to counter allegations of child abuse...

With the Catholic church embroiled in allegations of child abuse and sexual impropriety, Pope Francis has vowed to make this his first priority. ‘For too long we have swept these crimes under the...

Tripod 15.03.13 12:24pm
Lib Dems New Green Transport Solution

"We want to get rid of all those nasty diesel buses and phase in the walking bus instead" said a spokesman today. "Children use them all the time and we think adults should too. You would wait at a...

Flash! Aa-aaaa! 15.03.13 11:45am
Flash! Aa-aaaa!
'Swapping Points for Prison' - The Chris Huhne prison diary.

Following his conviction for perverting the course of justice, Chris Huhne has decided to keep a diary of his stay at Her Majesty's pleasure. Please be warned the following contains scenes of naivety...

Perks 15.03.13 11:30am
Not Amused
Algerian Carpenter Realises He Only Has Fine Sandpaper Left ...

searches casbar for the coarse...

Titus 15.03.13 11:28am
Huhne settling in nicely as he knits pullover for cellmate 0
sydalg 15.03.13 11:25am