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‘Badger Baiting Live’ cancelled by Radio Bosses

For 45 years, it has been a ratings hit for Radio 4, but last night the head of the channel’s light entertainment division finally called an end to ‘Badger Baiting Live’. The show that each...

Immunis 29.02.12 6:49pm
. 5
Vertically Challenged Giant 29.02.12 6:19pm
Vertically Challenged Giant
Number 10 gets shirty as Argentina throws (British) toys out the pram

David Cameron has issued a YouTube video response following news that Argentina PM, Cristina Kirchner, has urged an embargo on British goods. "We get our shit from China anyway, losers!", he drawls...

kga6 29.02.12 6:16pm
New edition of Illustrated OED to define 'Prick' with photo of Chris Huhne. 0
Al McHogan 29.02.12 4:36pm
Al McHogan
Politics fans protest as sponsor names Parliament The Tesco Cradle of Democracy

Democracy fans up and down the country are up in arms after Parliament chairman John Bercow announced a sponsorship deal which will see Britain's most famous venue renamed. Some traditionalists have...

ronseal 29.02.12 3:58pm
Met Police besieged by BMW loan requests

more soon. [Have you got one in dark blue?]Hmm, I may come back to this...

dvo4fun 29.02.12 3:49pm
James Murdoch returned to Met while horse heads for States in News Corp mix-up 0
Haywood Manley 29.02.12 3:40pm
Haywood Manley
Erectile dysfunction cream inventor finding it hard.

"Having spent millions researching and testing my wonder drug, explains Bill Smedley, whose cream is clinically proven to solve male erectile problems, "I am gutted by the lack of success of my...

Boutros 29.02.12 3:38pm
Hoops McCann
Tory minister concedes that being paid for doing fuck-all is actually ok 0
Haywood Manley 29.02.12 3:26pm
Haywood Manley
Kleptomaniac performer steals the show 0
Psycadelic Squirrel 29.02.12 3:15pm
Psycadelic Squirrel
Erotic magician accused of "dirty tricks" 0
grumblechops 29.02.12 3:13pm
Bribes allegation latest: "I took one for the team" says retired cop Andy Hayman 0
dvo4fun 29.02.12 3:05pm
New study confirms Crowne Plaza hotels as shit

No joke here, I just had a really bad experience in one last Friday then saw an advert at the top of the Writers Room!...

JonnyJP 29.02.12 1:27pm
Prostitutes 'getting brainier' report finds

Sex workers are getting brainier, a survey has found. 'Many prostitutes are now comfortable discussing the latest developments in hip- replacement, biochemistry, or the philosophy of mind,' the...

roybland 29.02.12 1:06pm
News International launch mobile phone

Free samples of the News International mobile phone are being handed out to thousands of celebrities. "It's our way of giving something back.", explained a spokesman...

apepper 29.02.12 12:52pm
Unrest in the US as Afghans 'accidently' burn copies of Domino's pizza menu 3
charlies_hat 29.02.12 11:43am
Argentinians coming to terms with threatened shortage of digestive biscuits.

Opposition to import ban crumbles...

Al McHogan 29.02.12 11:40am
Al McHogan
Technology giants collaborate to create the new Apple and Blackberry "Crumble"

In a shock move, the two biggest sellers in the mobile smartphone market have got together to create what is thought to be the most daring advancement in communications since the invention of...

Babydaddy 29.02.12 11:25am
Profits at Farne Islands Tours take a tern for the worse 0
yussle 29.02.12 11:11am
Unite's Ken McCluskey auditions for new series of Life on Mars 0
medici2471 29.02.12 11:11am
Compassion 'key' to elderly care, say Commission on Stating the Bleeding Obvious

More soon....

Haywood Manley 29.02.12 10:51am
Haywood Manley
Former cast members of The Bill to make pension claim 0
Duncan Biscuit 29.02.12 9:52am
Duncan Biscuit
BA's profits climb 0
Duncan Biscuit 29.02.12 9:51am
Duncan Biscuit
Industrial action during Olympics might include a go-slow 0
Duncan Biscuit 29.02.12 9:47am
Duncan Biscuit
Commission says old are let down, yes, they are, very, yes, it’s not right, no 0
Duncan Biscuit 29.02.12 9:47am
Duncan Biscuit
Mother pleads with daughter to quit Costa job

The family whose daughter has been caught up in the latest Costa cruise ship disaster, only weeks after their son was evacuated from the Costa Concordia which capsized off the Italian coast, has...

Stan 29.02.12 8:46am
Desert Island still stifled by class system, says survey by Man Friday 0
ronseal 29.02.12 8:44am
Desert Isand economy has never been more postive, says study by Robinson Crusoe 0
ronseal 29.02.12 8:43am
Leveson: Met Police "Misunderstood implementation of Freedom of Information Act" 0
dvo4fun 29.02.12 8:43am
Sales of Raspberry Pi crumble 0
charlies_hat 29.02.12 8:40am