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Research shows most online ads are clicked by mistake or spambots 0
Dumbnews 3 years
Clegg reveals Con-Dem focus on "opportunity of poverty" 0
AJT 3 years

More to follow...

Only cartoon characters will present BBC weather as they only have 3 fingers. 3
Ostsee 3 years

Up your telly soon...

New ‘stalker only’ dating site promises ‘nobody goes unnoticed’ 0
BlackAndroid 3 years
Boris Johnson admitted to A&E to have bike removed from his arse. 2
Basil_B 3 years

'I know Boris was enjoying riding his bike but this is just wrong' explained John Reilly spokesman for the London Mayor. ' Boris did say he would stop at nothing to publicise the bike and todays...

Government savings boosted after Home Office moved into the conservatory 1
SingingHinny 3 years
Maternity nurses pay negoiations "laboured" claim union 0
simonjmr 3 years
Apple release app that lets you do everything a PC can do, called Windows 0
Dumbnews 3 years
Minister for Agriculture criticised for 'ploughing same old furrows'. 0
SingingHinny 3 years
Pakistan aid worker tells of “worst disaster” – 62 all out, England 55/1 4
ironbridgeboy 3 years

hoping rain will stop play...

NASA to rekindle public interest in shuttle launches by staging new disaster 6
Barrel o Biscuits 3 years

Space boffins at NASA were celebrating last night after the US space agency announced a radical plan to arrest the decline in funding that has threatened the department's survival, by staging another...

Coffee nation attacks Banana Republic and Poundland 2
simonjmr 3 years

Ill advised war on two fronts underway. What was originally a local dispute has now escalated throughout the high street, the aggressive behaviour of Coffee Nation this morning has meant that years...

Assertion therapy rethink after patient calls 'Spade' a 'sharp diggy thing'. 0
SingingHinny 3 years
Use of blood, sweat and tears 'purely metaphorical' says Vimto spokesman 3
QorbeQ 3 years
Rise in stationery sales after W.H.O. state importance of staple diet. 3
SingingHinny 3 years
Artist takes burglary to new art form 0
Robic 3 years

Terry Dix, arrested this week while attempting to break into a flat in Stepney, today tried to defend his actions as a new form of street art. Caught 'red arsed' protruding from a lower floor...

Man taken down a peg or two 'distraught' at being hung out to dry. 3
SingingHinny 3 years
Climate change shrunk woolly mammoths, hand wash only. 0
Erlang 3 years

Vole DNA to be scutinised...

Gary Glitter pledges profits from autobiography to Barnardo's 3
lazarus 3 years
BBC order all weather presenters to wear mittens 0
hero2zero 3 years

The announcement follows the recent hand-gesture scandal during presentation by weatherman Thomasz Schafernaker on the BBC News Channel!...

Big Brother compound flooded. Fortunately all housemates drown 1
brownpaperreporter 3 years
Thousands of holidays ruined by Kiss – often the wife’s sister to blame... 1
ironbridgeboy 3 years

more or less never...

Tottenham-Michael Jackson parallels 'still too weak', says Ministry of Comedy 2
Oxbridge 3 years

The Ministry of Comedy has officially ruled that no jokes will be allowed that imply any similarities between Tottenham Hotspur and the late Michael Jackson for at least one week, after the first leg...

Universities to replace clearing system with online auctions. More soon. 1
dominic_mcg 3 years
MacDonalds lobby Govt over definitions of '100%', 'beef' and 'food' 1
SingingHinny 3 years
Israeli soldier who took prisoner abuse photos "criticised for taking photos" 2
rickwestwell 3 years
Isle of White to get microwaves and deep fat fryers by 2015 1
ironbridgeboy 3 years

other consumer electrical goods to follow by 2020...

Phworr - loads of lovely girls pass A’levels 3
Oxbridge 3 years

[in anticipation of Tuesday] Up and down the country, thousands of pretty teenage girls lived out the traditional British summer coming of age ceremony yesterday by looking happy and radiant for the...

Clegg initiative: Boris Johnson and Lord Tebbit named 'Social Mobility Tsars'. 2
pinxit 3 years

'On yer bikes.'...

Confusion reigns as Clegg tells press, ervy vole should count.. 0
Sharpehunter 3 years

"It was a slip of the tongue, I meant to say VOTE and said Vole by mistake!" "It is no different to the BBC Newsreader the other week who said Sheffield Shitty instead of Sheffield City"...