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Burlusconi to quit Italy and set up new political party in Libya

"I want nothing to do with countries where democratically elected leaders are simply thrown out of office."...

grottymonty 14.11.11 12:49pm
Nintendo target fatties with Wii-Unfit

After complaints that exercise games are too demanding, enter Wii Unfit which dispenses with leaping round the lounge waving a plastic bat because it's uniquely controlled by brainwaves. You just...

vertical 14.11.11 12:46pm
Colonel Gaddafi found: Working as a Fatima Whitbread lookalike. 2
whickerman 14.11.11 12:25pm
Worlds rarest comic to be sold at auction.

The Worlds rarest and oldest comic will go under the hammer today at a much anticipated auction in London., After years of investigation, researchers tracked Roy Winterly 102, to a nursing home in...

DavidBlame 14.11.11 11:52am
OFCOM condemns Channel5 for showing The Great Escape “too early”

2,500 calls were made to the regulator following the screening of The Great Escape last Sunday evening Every call was a husband in either shock or blind panic. Colin Jones is a prime example...

brownpaperreporter 14.11.11 11:48am
Newspaper security fear for jobs as Leverson asks 'who guards The Guardian?' 0
Perks 14.11.11 10:48am
‘The Only Way is Essex’ film crew still searching for Effing Forest 0
Duncan Biscuit 14.11.11 10:41am
Duncan Biscuit
Greek Bonds rally sharply as new Prime Minister Mr Flushthelotofos takes charge!

Markets rallied strongly Monday as fears of the Greek debt contagion saga abated following news that Greek prime minister Mr Flushthelotofos moved decively to appoint experienced minsters to key...

Mr Pineapple Lumps 14.11.11 9:57am
Jarrow March update (day 4)

Geordie boy band ‘3.14’ waiting for marchers to arrive at the 2nd burger van...

Gerontius 14.11.11 9:43am
Elastoplast Manufacturers campaign for more cuts.

Full story soon...

DavidBlame 14.11.11 9:40am
'i' says 'positive' discrimination is a 'real' problem 1
kga6 14.11.11 9:39am
Dunstable Town council takes drastic action on a weighty problem.

Dunstable Town council has announced it is to take drastic action to reduce the growing problem of obesity inflicting the town. From the 1st of January all fast food restaurants and takeaways will be...

godly1966 14.11.11 8:35am
Pub profits soar as ban on 'verbal' bear baiting is lifted

Publicans are witnessing a return to profitability, thanks to the ban on bear baiting being lifted. Pub landlords have long blamed the ban for a decline in custom, but new guidelines have brought the...

14.11.11 8:18am
Al OPecia
Scots scientist admits deep frying Mars probe. More soon. 1
dominic_mcg 13.11.11 9:45pm
Church forgets Remembrance Sunday

'What, with all the tents outside and the dean leaving, the fact that we needed to hold a Remembrance Sunday service completely slipped my mind' said Dr Richard Chartres, the Bishop of London. More...

Immunis 13.11.11 9:42pm
Naming rights to Mike Ashley won by consortium of Newcastle Fans 3
reforse 13.11.11 9:29pm
Pensioner, 69, has sex swap on NHS and immediately extends life expectancy.

Donna, formerly Donald from Marblethorpe, was also expected to reclaim 5 extra years of pension backpay...

Bryan with a Y 13.11.11 7:28pm
Tech giants race to create solutions to problems that don't exist 1
Dumbnews 13.11.11 7:27pm
Italians deny pandering to comedians as Monty Python forms government

Monty Python is to form the next Italian government after a frantic weekend of negotiation and remininceses by officials. "It's been a tough weekend", said a spokesman, "but I think we have the...

apepper 13.11.11 7:27pm
Barbie sacked by Mattel following claim that Kaye Bray is a role model 0
medici2471 13.11.11 4:38pm
Job Centre Plus renamed SportDirect.Jobs as both share the same customers

Full details to follow...

Bryan with a Y 13.11.11 3:43pm
Bryan with a Y
Cameleon shows his true colours and admits he never believed in Karma.

He didn't want to come and go either....

Bryan with a Y 13.11.11 1:08pm
Bryan with a Y
Police on look out for ‘heartless’ metal thieves

Police in LA are investigating the disappearance of an Emerald City man who they fear may have been the target of local metal thieves., The man, believed to live in an apartment above the Rainbow...

Gerontius 13.11.11 12:41pm
Old Unmentionables getting smaller in number

"Yes, every year takes away some of our old brigade it's true," says Les Squair, former Major in the Latrines Regiment - or Old Unmentionables as they have always been known. Les and what's left of...

Drylaw 13.11.11 12:26pm
Scots Hail England as new World and European Champions

In line with their insistence that they became World Champions in 1967 by beating the then holders England, Scottish Football fans were united in hailing England as both World and European winners...

Mathna 13.11.11 11:51am
BBC cuts - 2010 Remembrance Day broadcast repeated 0
medici2471 13.11.11 11:47am
Afghan Poppy Exports up on last year 0
Drylaw 13.11.11 11:46am
Smart car downgraded to dumb after failing tests 1
Dumbnews 13.11.11 10:22am
Nick McCarr
Movember participant's moustache survives close shave 0
kga6 13.11.11 9:22am
Isle of Wight leaves single British currency. Residents stockpile shiny pebbles. 2
dominic_mcg 13.11.11 8:51am