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Government to fast track police chiefs as well as trains to Birmingham

Protests in Middle England as plans to demolish most of the villages in Midsommer are revealed...

Ian Searle 31.01.13 1:41pm
Ian Searle
Majority of Cherry Blossom workers speak Polish

More to follow...

apepper 31.01.13 1:30pm
PM announces 400 football hooligans to be sent to Egypt 0
Scronnyglonkle 31.01.13 1:13pm
Beach find 'is not Eric Pickles', says whale vomit expert. 0
Boutros 31.01.13 12:34pm
87% of Britons unimpressed by pointless polls... 3
Tripod 31.01.13 12:34pm
Lens Cap
Reduction in health and safety signs leaves the deaf vulnerable 0
One Line Only 31.01.13 12:06pm
One Line Only
Government welcomes Falkland Island Council’s “Yes” vote for nuclear site.

Ed Davey, Secretary for Energy and Climate Change, today welcomed the news that the Falkland Islands wished to be considered as the site of the long term storage facility for the UK’s nuclear waste...

BillyBitzer 31.01.13 10:20am
Dick Everyman
Tesco barcodes "29% zebra"

More to follow...

apepper 31.01.13 10:14am
Fears Grow for Missing Maze Designer 5
SJM 31.01.13 9:36am
Not Amused
Fruit growers accused of "cherry picking" 3
nickb 31.01.13 9:28am
Not Amused
British Man in Successful Deckchair Erecting Attempt.

In a major boost to national pride, a Camber Sands man has become the first Englishman to successfully put up a deckchair in 120 years. Paul Toomey, 55, a self-employed brick layer, made the record...

SJM 31.01.13 12:36am
Tesco chickenburgers made from Lithuanian meat contained 29% swan 0
bonjonelson 30.01.13 11:48pm
Blackberry say new BB10 handset is their first handset 'designed to work'

Research In Motion, makers of the Blackberry Smartphone, have announced they are finally catching up with rivals Samsung and Apple with the BB10, a handset they say has been ‘designed to work’....

Perks 30.01.13 10:56pm
Vertically Challenged Giant
Jesus Compares Self to Chris Brown

Having already secured cultural infamy through such acts as befriending lepers, demanding a prostitute wash his feet (without even paying for her services), staging elaborate public exorcisms, and...

@spinal_bap 30.01.13 10:43pm
J Vine
Clapped-out fridge to appear on Question Time

A clapped-out fridge has been invited by the BBC to appear on Question Time. The unprecedented move to invite a white goods representative onto the show, is in response to BNP leader Nick Griffin's...

roybland 30.01.13 10:42pm
British tadpole breeding industry admits change is inevitable 0
SJM 30.01.13 10:40pm
Revised Scotland referendum question agreed; 'Shuid Scootlund be t'ower lund?' 3
custard cream 30.01.13 10:21pm
Big fall in scrap metal prices 0
roybland 30.01.13 10:13pm
OFT finds no evidence of fuel price rigging or bowel movements of bears in woods 1
custard cream 30.01.13 10:07pm
Daily Express report - illegal Polish horsemeat claimed social security benefits 0
custard cream 30.01.13 8:52pm
custard cream
Isle of Wight announce new High Speed Rail to hold up shower curtain. 0
AdrianJ 30.01.13 8:38pm
Govt. announces plans to bury nuclear waste in HS2 foundations 0
custard cream 30.01.13 8:24pm
custard cream
Cameron speech in Algeria promises UK referendum on Africa

another day, another country,another speech...

custard cream 30.01.13 8:22pm
custard cream
Scottish Referendum Question In Full

Would it bely you to disagree with the assertion that you wouldn't disagree with Scotland not becoming separate from the United Kingdom of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland?...

apepper 30.01.13 8:00pm
Scandal of Christmas trees sleeping rough on pavements.

Thousands of Christmas trees made homeless just a few days into the new year are still sleeping rough on pavements. The shocking fact is that it's mostly the middle class who put them there - the...

Boutros 30.01.13 7:50pm
By-passed villagers “dismayed” about lack of opportunity to moan about HS2

Residents of the chocolate box village of Aynton in Berkshire are stunned and shocked by the Transport Secretary’s decision not to route the controversial High Speed 2 rail link close to their...

nickb 30.01.13 7:46pm
Ticketmaster hires GPs to design 'simpler' CAPTCHA code range 1
pinxit 30.01.13 6:54pm
Women in Boardroom debate: Cable wants answers and a cup of tea, love. 0
ginty 30.01.13 5:48pm
Chipping Norton children traumatized by Government austerity measures

Angry residents of the Cotswold town of Chipping Norton have voiced their concerns to David Cameron that the Government’s austerity measures are having a direct effect on their children’s welfare...

Dick Everyman 30.01.13 4:59pm
Dick Everyman
Prince Charles asks how Tube can be profitable with so many empty carriages 0
One Line Only 30.01.13 4:51pm
One Line Only