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Cameron's school sport plans could produce Nietzschean Übermenschen experts warn

David Cameron's plans for two hours of competitive sport a day in primary schools could produce a race of Nietzschean Supermen,' child psychologists warn. 'Within a generation,' said educational...

roybland 13.08.12 3:24pm
Fears that London's post Olympic friendliness is fading fast

Fears are growing in the wake of the Olympics that the capital's much-praised feel good factor and friendliness, said to have been in evidence everywhere in the city during the past fortnight, is...

Duff 13.08.12 3:05pm
'Six inches does the job,' says poll 1
Hooch 13.08.12 2:52pm
Two solid weeks of TV watching credited for Team GB Gold medal haul

"I earned everyone of those medals, through blood, sweat, beer and scratchings" said 45 year old Dave Berrywood. "Without my Olympian endeavour I'm sure we would only have won half of those medals,...

simonjmr 13.08.12 1:58pm
Australia finally to be tried for war crimes

Early this morning the United Nations finally charged Australia for war crimes, crimes against humanity and serious grouchiness because of lack of Olympic golds, and Team GB successes. The UN motion...

simonjmr 13.08.12 1:53pm
Fans disappointed by lack of chair shots in Olympic Wrestling Final

The Olympic wrestling gold medal matches was competed in the spirit of sportsmanship, involved no cheating and the better man won, much to the annoyance of wrestling fans around the globe....

Hooch 13.08.12 1:42pm
Vatican hails drop in choirboy STD rates as vindication of new condom policy 0
pere floza 13.08.12 1:02pm
pere floza
8000 illegal immigrants deported from Heathrow today, claims UK Border Agency. 0
dominic_mcg 13.08.12 12:51pm
Sales of KFC Spicy Bingo Wings soar following Olympics closing ceremony

wallster 13.08.12 12:38pm
First positive drug test sees 2 year ban given to George Michael

If only they were performance enhancing...

Perks 13.08.12 11:54am
Olympic Motto committee say 'My Generation' an inspired choice to close games

. (even if performed by 60-somethings)...

Midfield Diamond 13.08.12 11:52am
Midfield Diamond
2012 Legacy say missiles now defused: will remain as 'roof garden furniture' 0
pinxit 13.08.12 10:41am
Olympics so successful some people start taking Boris Johnson seriously 0
Oxbridge 13.08.12 10:15am
Boris Johnson entombed and buried under Olympic Park as part of Games Legacy 0
Iamthestig 13.08.12 9:36am
Calls for official inquiry as Scotland hosts Highland Games again. More soon. 0
dominic_mcg 13.08.12 8:49am
Brits go back to talking about the weather. More soon. 0
dominic_mcg 13.08.12 8:47am
Tîm Cymru's time will come

After a fortnight of Team GB this and Team GB that, Huw Edwards will tonight breath a sigh of relief and yearn for the day when the era of Tîm Cymru will be ushered in...

Miss Hegas 13.08.12 8:46am
Outrage as French athletes discover gold medals actually chocolate coins 0
quango 13.08.12 8:41am
Athletes wonder if there are any other ceremonies open tonight

As Russell Brand rode into the stadium, athletes could no longer hide the fact the mood had died and started shouting over the music to suggest they go somewhere else. Other athletes shouted that the...

Gålgö13 13.08.12 8:41am
Relief for satirists as Team GB footballers cock it up

As the curtain closed on an outstandingly successful London Olympics, Britain's spoof news writers, starved of ready targets by a brilliant home performance, have expressed relief that at least the...

Oxbridge 13.08.12 8:21am
Carshalton man claims new record for collecting Sunday papers

Inspired by the feats of the world’s elite athletes, a Carshalton man has shaved a full minute off his PB for collecting the Sunday papers. Michael Owen Sanders, who acquired his name by deed...

Des Custard 13.08.12 6:17am
Psycadelic Squirrel
Mo Farah treble as he finishes Olympic Park to West Ham route in under an hour 0
Yikes 12.08.12 10:50pm
PM to replace entire Cabinet with Team GB gold medal winners

In a desperate bid to wrestle a few popularity points from bitter rivals Boris Johnson and Ed Milliband, Prime Minister David Cameron has revealed his next Cabinet reshuffle will involve replacing...

Reg Herring 12.08.12 10:48pm
Boris fails to achieve Rio 2016 qualifying standard in Rythmic Bombastics 0
dvo4fun 12.08.12 10:42pm
Lennon out-performs McCartney [again] 2
dvo4fun 12.08.12 10:20pm
We want the 'old you' back - an open letter to Britain

Dear Britain. Firstly thank you and well done on a spectacular Olympic Games. You have done yourselves proud. You have delivered what many are calling the greatest games of all times. You have...

Perks 12.08.12 9:10pm
Revealed-names of Radio 1,2,3 and 4 based on 'number of syllables' in content. 0
writinginbsl 12.08.12 8:44pm
Fathers for justice infiltrate closing ceremony dressed as Batman & Robin. 0
MADJEZ 12.08.12 8:40pm
Olympic closing ceremony sponsored by CASH-4-GOLD. 1
MADJEZ 12.08.12 8:04pm
Britain to host next Olympics after failing to pass baton to Rio. 9
Boutros 12.08.12 7:55pm