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Daily Mail to be fitted with bile overflow, directly into Thames. More soon. 0
Al OPecia 02.09.11 10:43pm
Al OPecia
Nick Clegg throws hat in ring as next Libyan President. More soon. 0
Al OPecia 02.09.11 10:42pm
Al OPecia
Research shows typing opinions into a website makes them facts 0
Dumbnews 02.09.11 8:14pm
Outrage! Radio 4's Any Questions is being chaired this week by a woman...

whose surname isn't Dimbleby. Surely some sort of copyright infringement...

Awkward Facts 03.09.11 7:33am
NASA Plan To Tackle Space Junk with Jet Propelled Giant Mexican Woman Robot 1
thisisall1word 02.09.11 4:35pm
Woolly rhino “still a bit vague” 1
beau-jolly 03.09.11 7:49am
September to be two months earlier in a radical shake up of the year

Whitehall And Met Office Mandarins have today announced that in a move to ensure "good" weather during the summer months, that April and September will moved. April will now take the place of June...

simonjmr 02.09.11 3:21pm
Michael Gove's old teachers gang up to kick the shit out of him. 0
antharrison 02.09.11 3:09pm
Liz Hurley wins bet for turning fat Aussie into suave twat

more beige slacks later...

grottymonty 02.09.11 2:35pm
Keira and Kate stand together: 'On average we have the perfect figure'. 0
martin2381 02.09.11 2:33pm
Nicorette to launch mentholated patches. 1
nickb 02.09.11 6:29pm
Kate Moss admits her career is wearing a bit thin 1
Qoxiivi 03.09.11 7:51am
NHS management changes to be scrapped in favour of anarcho collectivism

Following the recent review of the Conservative reforms of the NHS funding structure, the Department of Health has confirmed that the new system will be based loosely on the early Spanish Anarchist...

grottymonty 02.09.11 2:04pm
Study says endlessly repeating the phrase 'engaging content' isn't very engaging 0
ronseal 02.09.11 1:43pm
e.e.cummings grandson banned from internet writer's forum.

g.g.cummings, grandson of e.e.cummings, has again been suspended from an internet writer's forum. His 'work' has continually been rejected because of it's odd typography, erratic punctuation and...

rebel not taken 02.09.11 11:16am
German holiday industry in panic after leading towel manufacturer goes bust 0
brownpaperreporter 02.09.11 7:54am
Non ce our fault say L’Oreal

The makers of L’Oreal anti-ageing beauty cream have recalled all remaining stocks from the shelves after some users of the product complained they had become targets for paedophiles and child sex...

Gerontius 02.09.11 1:53pm
New Torchwood scripts to be titled Doctor Who in hope to generate interest 0
simonjmr 02.09.11 6:50am
Oprah to send millions of self-help books to starving Somalians 0
Dumbnews 02.09.11 5:30am
Concern over salt levels in salt

Following revelations that many popular foods such as bread contain too much sodium, scientists have discovered that a popular household food - salt - actually contains levels of salt well in excess...

rickwestwell 02.09.11 1:46pm
Mel Gibson now gets what women want, designer handbags 0
Dumbnews 02.09.11 2:22am
From Refried Beans to Used Bog Roll

Witness this, a common scene in the Mexican cantina – a man suddenly convulses and spews his food all over the terracotta tiling. ‘Jesus! Jesus! What’s wrong?’ asks his concerned wife....

Glib Hemingway 01.09.11 11:33pm
"Chocks Away! And so are your jobs"

In terms reminiscent of Norman Tebbit's advice to the unemployed in the 1980s, RAF pilots have effectively been told to park their planes and get on their bikes. "Of course we've had regular...

dvo4fun 04.09.11 10:41am
Frankie Boyle sent to Libya as Scotland's Goodwill Ambassador. More Soon. 1
Al OPecia 03.09.11 7:57am
FTSE in turmoil as stock market dice "misplaced". More soon. 1
Al OPecia 01.09.11 11:25pm
Mussolini's lost uniform found in Gaddafi's bedroom. More soon. 0
Al OPecia 01.09.11 7:44pm
Al OPecia
Gadiffi: We Fight On To The Last Drop Of Your Blood

"we will fight to the end," said Colonel Gadaffi speaking from his luxury bunker just outside Harare. " Rise up and cleanse Tripoli of the rats, and let me know how it went but don't 'phone after...

Wheelright 01.09.11 7:09pm
Jimmy Carr's "Laughter Therapy Tour" cures audiences all over the UK 1
JohnA 02.09.11 2:35pm
Fractious Twins Snatched And Taken Into Care By Hertfordshire Social Services

Fears are growing over the whereabouts of twin Irish imps, John and Edward Grimes, after they were sensationally snatched from a house in Boreham Wood, Herts, earlier this morning by Hertfordshire...

Duff 01.09.11 5:07pm
Libya launches new book series "Where's Gaddafi?". More soon. 0
Al OPecia 01.09.11 5:06pm
Al OPecia