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Cockneys not surprised by discovery of Richard The Third in car park 0
TerribleTim 04.02.13 12:27pm
Man City 'offered to take Chris Huhne's points' 0
Duncan Biscuit 04.02.13 12:11pm
Duncan Biscuit
Leicester University scientists confirm remains of Man City title hopes 0
Duncan Biscuit 04.02.13 12:03pm
Duncan Biscuit
Shakespeare vindicated as Richard III DNA sample shows no trace of a horse 0
Duncan Biscuit 04.02.13 12:03pm
Duncan Biscuit
Chris Huhne falls on 'sword of truth and the trusty shield of British fair play'

More disgraced Government ministers soon...

MADJEZ 04.02.13 11:48am
Bookies put Chris Huhne's' current partner favourite to take his jail sentence. 1
One Line Only 04.02.13 11:46am
Speed camera captures Chris Huhne’s political career “heading west”... 0
Tripod 04.02.13 11:45am
Richard III found in car park ignites calls for more public toilets 0
One Line Only 04.02.13 11:43am
One Line Only
Etch A Sketch inventor remembered until he is turned upside down and shaken 4
Ian Searle 04.02.13 11:02am
Ian Searle
Last of the Durex Sisters dies at the age of 93

The death has been announced of Berry Durex, the last surviving member of the celebrated wartime singing trio, the Durex Sisters. Paying tribute, Prime Minister David Cameron reminded reporters...

Stan 04.02.13 11:02am
Kabul street market cleared as fruit vendor discovers bunch of Talibananas 3
Dick Everyman 04.02.13 10:46am
Dick Everyman
Jeremy Kyle to announce Richard III DNA test 2
Psycadelic Squirrel 04.02.13 10:19am
Psycadelic Squirrel
Bic's in-house Riverdancers leave company in a bid for an Indy pen dance 2
One Line Only 04.02.13 9:59am
Muslim beheaded after 'lying hips' break Shakira law 0
One Line Only 04.02.13 9:54am
One Line Only
Sceptical Archaeologists Suspect Richard III Had His Twitter Account Hacked 0
Titus 04.02.13 9:26am
Man tasered at Buckingham Palace "was not Prince Charles this time" 0
AReader 04.02.13 9:11am
Myopic Wanker Vows To Focus On Job In Hand.

Sorry. Moment of madness...

Paddy Berzinski 04.02.13 9:06am
Etch-a-Sketch inventor dies aged 86 after being shaken up and down 0
AReader 04.02.13 9:01am
Laboratory Tests reveal car park find to be a hatchback - not a hunchback 0
Smart Alex 04.02.13 12:31am
Smart Alex
Dalai Lama signs for Bradford City

custard cream 03.02.13 11:58pm
Mario Balotelli pledges to donate salary to car dealers and girls with big tits 5
charlies_hat 03.02.13 9:40pm
West country oil slick caused by Tony Blair’s morning swim 0
sigmund 03.02.13 9:20pm
Children of Tory MP's defend voters right to elect other parties.

Adding it's the only language they understand, it sends a clear message.The children of Justice Secretary Chris Grayling admitted they had voted for people other than their own parents when they were...

Ian Searle 03.02.13 8:54pm
Ian Searle
Richard III investigation finds he did not have a disability pass for car park 0
custard cream 03.02.13 7:05pm
custard cream
Richard III DNA test results to be announced on Jeremy Kyle special 0
charlies_hat 03.02.13 7:01pm
Confusion reigns as traces of Rebecca found on ceremonial pork sword... 0
Tripod 03.02.13 6:17pm
Traces of pork DNA found on ceremonial sword

A sword used by militants to behead hostages was found to have traces of pork DNA on the blade said an Al Qaeda [s]spokesperson[/s] spokesman yesterday., Under Islamic law, Muslims are strictly...

Gerontius 03.02.13 5:10pm
Pen wielding maniac cut down to size by myth busting swordsperson

Panic broke out in Kent's Bluewater shopping mall last night when a man described by witnesses as "a mental" began threatening passers by with an uncapped gold nibbed Parker fountain pen. Shoppers...

Paddy Berzinski 03.02.13 4:33pm
Paddy Berzinski
TV Presenter Richard Bacon found face down in prison food 0
thackaray 03.02.13 3:55pm
Teacher finally concedes Shakespeare was not the Eminem of his day. More soon. 0
dominic_mcg 03.02.13 3:53pm