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Fans of Australian rum gather in Watford for the Bundaberg conference 0
johnnydobbo 10.06.13 8:42am
BBC weatherman reprimanded for 'insufficient glee' when reporting bad weather. 1
FOAD 10.06.13 8:09am
Innovative NewsBiscuit double sided ticker tape claimed to be twice as funny. 0
weematt 10.06.13 7:54am
Accuweather Pro offers better weather to $15/month subscibers

The leading metrology website can now offer better weather to subscribers prepared to pay $15/month for its premium service. 'A mere $15 each month means that the gloomy prediction...

antharrison 10.06.13 7:39am
Woman who threw eggs at Cowell...

had hidden supplies of milk, flour sugar, butter and salt. Police think she planned to batter him to death...

FOAD 10.06.13 7:35am
Lindy Moone
MP Traps Journalists With 'Sting' Operation By Falsely Pretending To Be Corrupt 5
Titus 10.06.13 7:09am
Britons have nothing to fear from large floating "Death Star"

Having quelled fears about internet snooping by GCHQ, William Hague made it clear that voters should not be worried by the partially constructed space station seen in the night sky above Slough. A...

Wrenfoe 10.06.13 7:01am
Man Complains After He Hacks Into GCHQ And Finds GCHQ Has Hacked His Emails 3
Titus 09.06.13 9:59pm
Vatican pledges to cut down on sainthood emissions

The Pope has responded to demands from environmentalists to stop what they call the “runaway canonisation spree” that has characterised Vatican policy in recent years. He has promised to limit...

sydalg 09.06.13 9:48pm
Sperm bank bailout "will milk taxpayers dry", economists warn 0
sydalg 09.06.13 9:34pm
Sperm Bank Crisis Latest: Government Resolve “Holding Firm”

The continuing fall in the sperm count in the Urethrazone has in recent days led to panic withdrawals as deposits dry up. Labour Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls has taken the lead in denouncing...

Iggy Pop-Barker 09.06.13 9:27pm
Iggy Pop-Barker
Jamie Oliver develops new range of Freezers - Bish-bash Bosch 0
Smart Alex 09.06.13 9:21pm
Smart Alex
Airfix aims to crack US market with new Drone and Afghan Wedding kit 5
pere floza 09.06.13 8:12pm
Man with addiction to unnecessary amputations says it has cost an arm and a leg 0
Ian Searle 09.06.13 8:11pm
Ian Searle
Shopper detained by supermarket security for not having up to date Nectar card 0
Ian Searle 09.06.13 8:09pm
Ian Searle
Lard to be renamed L'Ard in major image makeover 0
sydalg 09.06.13 8:07pm
US, China deny responsibility for “funny smell” coming from the internet

“I was just Skyping my nephew in Australia, and something weird happened,” recalls Jane Smyth, a teacher from Surrey. “We both started to detect this really odd smell from our wireless routers...

nickb 09.06.13 8:07pm
GCHQ Facebook page taken down after not enough likes 0
nickb 09.06.13 7:56pm
Tim Yeo denies his new “Yeo Sushi” Commons restaurant breaks parliamentary rules 0
nickb 09.06.13 7:55pm
MP "only" grooming NOT coaching

Fighting allegations that he helped private companies influence Parliament, Tim Yeo insists that it was he who seduced them not the other way around. The Conservative MP made it clear that any...

Wrenfoe 09.06.13 4:14pm
Man who ate scrabble set hopes to pass words soon. 3
weematt 09.06.13 3:46pm
UK has nothing to fear from GCHQ - Hague

"Apart from Jennifer Sutton of Common View, Cardiff - wow, that was an [i]interesting[/i] phone call."...

apepper 09.06.13 2:56pm
Young Armed Robber Threatens To Use His Pa's Sword To Obtain Money 4
Titus 09.06.13 1:37pm
Al OPecia
Satirical News Site “Definitely Not Hacked” by Beautiful and Talented GCHQ Staff

‘Absolutely no evidence’ exists that online satirical publication Newsbiscuit is being hijacked by clever and charming spies at GCHQ, said Foreign Secretary William Hague today. Mr Hague was...

Ablative Fabsolute 09.06.13 1:14pm
Ablative Fabsolute
Death kills Time in pub; Time heals all wounds.

Witnesses claim, 'It's a miracle!'...

Lindy Moone 09.06.13 12:52pm
Lindy Moone
Last single man on Death Row gets married

In the three years since being sentenced to death for killing his mother, it sometimes looked as if 37-year-old Ricky Bray was going to be left on the shelf as his fellow convicts awaiting lethal...

sydalg 09.06.13 12:44pm
Lindy Moone
Mirror Kills Boy

But more children are harmed over-exposure to the [i]Sun[/i]. And those who trespass on railway lines are endangered by the [i]Express[/i]. Even more common are reports like "Child abused by...

Titus 09.06.13 12:31pm
Mr Target
Dentist pulls own tooth, feels 'thumb pain'. 11
Lindy Moone 09.06.13 12:26pm
Lindy Moone
Anti sex education campaigners claim porn teachers will cherry pick schools 0
Not Amused 09.06.13 12:19pm
Not Amused
Mr and Mrs Glock in incredibly polite divorce.

9mm of goodwill everywhere...

Maverick 09.06.13 11:48am
Paddy Berzinski