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Universities to start offering degree programs in Mobile phone plans 0
Dumbnews 14.12.11 4:50am
Skeptics doubt claim that Canada was member of Kyoto Protocol

New claims that Canada was once a member of Kyoto Protocol have been greeted with widespread skepticism. Writing in the non-peer-reviewed journal Tin Hat Wearers Monthly, Screaming "Lord"...

DorsetBoy 14.12.11 2:36am
Cameron now worth 86 pence. 0
Boutros 14.12.11 12:57am
Jose Manuel Barroso in plea for Britons to be "more European".

David William Donald Cameron and Edward Samuel Miliband both say they are committed to the UK not being on the edge of Europe, though physically we are., However Nicholas William Peter Clegg...

virtuallywill 14.12.11 12:56am
Jonny Wilkinson retires to spend time on his new condom and shaving business 4
charlies_hat 13.12.11 11:26pm
Nick McCarr
People flock to Edinburgh Zoo to view pair of kiddies pyjama cases 0
Smart Alex 13.12.11 11:14pm
Smart Alex
Frozen Planet team forced to admit incidental music 'added in after filming'

Daily Mail angry that readers might be given the impression that large numbers of smal orchestras inhabit the polar regions...

Smart Alex 13.12.11 10:59pm
Smart Alex
Huhne: "Playing 'Billy No Mates' is not fun or effective; we Lib Dems know!" 0
MT Bucket 13.12.11 10:23pm
MT Bucket
Vicar faces jail for arranging sham marriage between Lib Dems and Tories. 0
MT Bucket 13.12.11 10:19pm
MT Bucket
Reports of Super-Black Hole forming on earth actually Eric Pickles yawning. 0
MT Bucket 13.12.11 10:15pm
MT Bucket
Readers Wives poised for christmas chart topper.

Or have I pre-ordered the wrong single?...

VictorMeldrew 13.12.11 10:14pm
Large Hadron Collider to search for theoretical 'Tory Compassion' particle. 0
MT Bucket 13.12.11 10:13pm
MT Bucket
Bond to drive 'second-hand 2004 Ford Focus', Skyfall producers reveal

The producers of the new James Bond film, Skyfall, which is scheduled for release next summer, have revealed that the suave double agent will be driving a second-hand 2004 Ford Focus as he fights...

Quillie 13.12.11 10:10pm
Latest Facebook app judges which of your friends you should dump

Facebook has claimed that their latest app can accurately predict which of your friends you will fall out with, to an accuracy of a week and a half. The social media site also claims that the reason...

13.12.11 9:34pm
Clegg says Britain should shut up and stay with its abusive EU partners 0
ronseal 13.12.11 9:03pm
Puss in Boots abandons London pantomime for Tinseltown

Devastated producers of a pantomime that was forced to shut before the curtain had even risen say they have been flooded with messages of support from the local community. The much-loved show...

PReady 13.12.11 8:17pm
Brian Cox wins lab bet by coining 'cosmic treacle' phrase for Higgs boson effect

Walks off with £42 pot...

Scroat 13.12.11 6:03pm
Starbucks expands operations in Italy with exotic english names for drinks 10
Dumbnews 13.12.11 5:38pm
CERN collision success tempered by loss of no-claims bonus. 0
reforse 13.12.11 5:33pm
"I WAS the back," mumbles Clegg pathetically 0
Drylaw 13.12.11 5:14pm

do I get the prize ?...

Sinnick 13.12.11 5:03pm
Avoid leaving carbon footprints by driving, claim American experts 1
bonjonelson 13.12.11 4:59pm
Offset a large carbon footprint by recycling a few bottles, says study 0
Dumbnews 13.12.11 4:49pm
Attenborough:”So what?...

the BBC has been faking political impartiality for years”...

John Ffitch-Rucker 13.12.11 4:45pm
Missing Higgs Boson has been identified as “Canoe man” John Darwin

His wife, today confirmed that John, Theorizing that one could time travel within his own life insurance policy, led an elite group of fellow canoeists into the centre of Geneva to develop a...

Newsquelch 13.12.11 3:43pm
Jose Manuel Barroso in plea for Britons to be "more European".

David William Donald Cameron and Edward Samuel Miliband both say they are committed to the UK not being on the edge of Europe, though physically we are. However Nicholas William Peter Clegg disagrees...

virtuallywill 13.12.11 3:32pm
Higgs Boson's mum says he is not the God particle, he's a very naughty boy. 0
Perks 13.12.11 3:04pm
As Physicists find 'Higgs Boson', Biologists near discovery of 'Terrorist Cell'

As physicists from around the world gather at CERN to see if they can find the particle responsible for the beginning of the universe, Biologists at Oxford University are just excited to find they...

Perks 13.12.11 2:51pm
It wasn't the Boson after all; just one of his mates. 1
malgor 13.12.11 2:43pm
Vertically Challenged Giant
Sun has surprising lead story after misreading "Higg's boson" as "Higg's bo

The Sun has surprised commentators by having a 8 page splash about the discovery of Higg's boson. According to insiders, the Sun's science reporter (Sharon, 19, from Brentwood) misread some of the...

apepper 13.12.11 2:12pm