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Vladamir Putin announces divorce ahead of Russian vote on gay marriage. 3
raudus 08.06.13 12:05am
Ref Minor
Government think tank bursts leaving cabinet deep in thought. 1
weematt 07.06.13 11:55pm
sredni vashta
Fears for coalition as Nick and Dave go to ballet together 0
sydalg 07.06.13 11:39pm
Underground Solar Panels To Compete With Indoor Wind Turbines 0
Titus 07.06.13 10:18pm
Think tanks now expect austerity to outlast posterity 0
weematt 07.06.13 10:08pm
Arrested Trappist loudly demands right to silence 0
sydalg 07.06.13 7:02pm
Half of UK population "will die in the future"

At least half of the current UK population will die of something fatal at some point in the future, a stark new medical report has suggested. Eternal Life Research Group Plc., which commissioned the...

jamsieoconnor 07.06.13 7:01pm
Ed Miliband promises a cap on life expectancy

In an increasingly desperate attempt to prove his credibility with right wing voters, Ed Miliband has promised to limit the lengths that people will go to avoid death. Buoyed by the recent...

Wrenfoe 07.06.13 6:57pm
BBC Announces New Dragon for Dragons Den Series

Today the BBC have announced the latest replacement Dragon for its prime time series Dragons Den. Simon Brown, unemployed bricklayer from Newcastle will be the latest Dragon seeking to invest in...

Deimos 07.06.13 6:54pm
Teachers to troops initiative rejected by armed forces

Government plans to fast track teachers into the armed forces have been attacked by military leaders as 'Short sighted and dangerous.' The scheme, which will see secondary school geography teachers...

antharrison 07.06.13 6:21pm
Epidemic of sexual inadequacy prompts calls for panda cull 2
cinquecento 07.06.13 5:49pm
"Can I be a groom of Christ?" asks monk after same sex marriage bill 6
Dick Everyman 07.06.13 3:53pm
Domino pizza drone crashes. Potato wedges in rotor? 0
weematt 07.06.13 2:55pm
Army introduce waterboarding and beasting to schools

Army officers who have retrained as teachers have introduced new levels of discipline to schools, it was revealed today. At schools across the country, waterboarding is now accepted as a suitable...

John Wiltshire 07.06.13 1:24pm
25 years after first attempt, The Queen gatecrashes the BBC News

"Who's laughing now Sue Lawley?"

Kramaring 07.06.13 1:21pm
Camberwick Green to get massive inshore windfarm windfall

Residents of Camberwick Green are celebrating on the news that Windy Miller's mill is to supply power to the national grid. As a result, the village hopes to benefit from a substantial inshore...

Boutros 07.06.13 12:45pm
Dara O'Briain to present all BBC Television shows by 2015

After an organisational review the BBC have unveiled a plan to install baldy misshapen Irish comedy wag Dara O'Briain as presenter of almost every single programme on the BBC within 2 years. ...

theinvisiblecitychannels 07.06.13 12:31pm
Queen to open up Prince Philip 1
Scronnyglonkle 07.06.13 12:06pm
German vicar finds egg missing from box - preaches elf eier and damnation

Hat tip to Dick Everyman...

Smart Alex 07.06.13 11:57am
pere floza
Dignitas introduce budget pay-as-you-go service. 0
sredni vashta 07.06.13 11:34am
sredni vashta
Shaving brush industry welcomes the badger cull. 5
Ian Searle 07.06.13 10:52am
Midfield Diamond
70th Anniversary re-run of Dambusters raid causes severe flooding in Germany

Reports from Germany following the raid in 1943 stated there was little impact from the destruction of 4 dams in Germany.,...

rgk 07.06.13 8:50am
Hard up Nigella viewer 'putting one in the food bank' 0
pere floza 07.06.13 8:42am
pere floza
Republicans Splitting along 'Panty' Lines

In the U.S., it's not what you say, it's how you say it. So says pretty, popular Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly, who takes no pronunciation prisoners -- not even when the topic, 'women's issues', makes...

Lindy Moone 07.06.13 8:17am
Lindy Moone
Credit for closing down hospitals claimed by new financial terror group, the PFI 0
ronseal 07.06.13 7:32am
New music biz reality show will "Search for a Spiv"

A new talent show that reflects the true nature of the music business is to be launched on IT this summer. In concentrating on managers, rather than entertainers, the Search for a Spiv show is...

ronseal 07.06.13 6:58am
Ankara impresses Damascus : Axis of Evil membership fast-tracked 1
FlashArry 07.06.13 5:34am
Dick Everyman
Useless drivers to get 'U' plates The Department of transport has released plans to shake up the driver categories on UK roads. The 'L' plate for learners (red for danger) will...

camz 07.06.13 2:52am
Helpline service 'thoughtless and cruel' say bereaved relatives

A telephone company is being sued in the civil courts for causing the death of an elderly man when his call to customer services was answered immediately by a human being. According to a relative of...

Arthur 07.06.13 1:10am
Sperm bank asks customers not to leave donations on doorstep overnight 1
sydalg 06.06.13 11:27pm