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Belief in Sarah Palin early sign of onset of Alzheimer's. More, er, um...... 0
Al OPecia 28.10.11 9:47pm
Al OPecia
Royal line of males have no hair...

Except for Harry but well . you know....

brd888 28.10.11 8:33pm
Giggling Medieval Punishment "Laughing Stock"

A hopeful inventor who presented a giggling version of a 500 year old punishment system was branded a laughing stock by investment Dragons. "Oot's complotloy croozy", explained a furious Duncan...

apepper 28.10.11 7:22pm
Canon fired

St Paul's Canon,Dr Giles Fraser, has left his job over the Occupy London protesters...

apepper 28.10.11 7:11pm
Guilty Vincent feels he's been stabbed in Tabak 0
Perks 28.10.11 6:43pm
Cameron Admits He's A Fake Tan Phoney.......

..Trying hard to hide his impetigo...

Jesse Bigg 28.10.11 5:52pm
Jesse Bigg
Billie Piper's pregnancy written into play: The Lena Zavaroni story. More soon. 1
dominic_mcg 28.10.11 5:37pm
Grayson Perry delighted at new succession rules "All bases covered". More soon. 1
Al OPecia 28.10.11 5:36pm
Number of paces royal wives walk behind their husbands slashed from ten to eight 1
allmyownstunts 28.10.11 5:34pm
Al OPecia
Louis Walsh takes charge of new X-Factor contestant category "Benefit Cheats". 0
Al OPecia 28.10.11 5:22pm
Al OPecia
Sarkozy 'trampled' at European summit

French President Nicolas Sarkozy was airlifted to hospital yesterday after being found sticking to the shoe of Prime Minister David Cameron. “One minute he was there when we had the photo shoot,...

Scroat 28.10.11 4:30pm
Royal Succession chaos caused by Prince Harry/Abu Hamza same sex union

The revised Royal succession rules have been thrown into chaos by Prince Harry's controversial decision to enter a same sex union with Islamic militant Abu Hamza. Prince Harry is currently third in...

apepper 28.10.11 4:23pm
Cornish pensioner walks out of bingo in ‘lateral protest’ against Stratford play

A Truro pensioner stormed out of a bingo club in protest against the explicit scenes of sex and violence in the controversial Marat/Sade play. ‘Why go to the bother of travelling all the way to...

Clarky 28.10.11 4:09pm
New film reveals all Stephen Fry's works written by Shakespeare.

Well, the good bits at least...

John Ffitch-Rucker 28.10.11 3:25pm
John Ffitch-Rucker
Good looking female royals to get priority in throne succession. More soon. 2
dominic_mcg 28.10.11 2:37pm
Royal Succession laws change, future regent to be selected on new ITV show.

Future potential Kings and Queens will have to prove their abilities and win public respect and telephone votes in a TV talent knock-out competition. Simon Cowell's Syco Ltd has announced an...

bonjonelson 28.10.11 1:25pm
Bored Occupy London protesters now struggling to Occupy Themselves

[More soon]...

dicky37 28.10.11 1:13pm
Former Dale Farm residents sue themselves over shoddy barricades

Travellers who have recently moved on from the illegal Dale Farm site are back in the news, as it emerges they are now engaged in a bitter dispute with themselves. The row is over the standard of...

Vertically Challenged Giant 28.10.11 12:58pm
Vertically Challenged Giant
David Cameron has Limo of a sense of humour

UK Prime Minister David Cameron, has revealed that he has a bizarre sense of humour today, as it has been revealed that he has made a ruling, to his cabinet ministers, that they are to take the tube...

Kazytc 28.10.11 12:41pm
New evidence that Kate needed her head examining before joining Royal family 1
medici2471 28.10.11 12:30pm
Mp's wife pays for kitten snatch 2
Screenie 28.10.11 12:29pm
MPs wife sentenced for grabbing mistress's pussy. 1
MADJEZ 28.10.11 12:29pm
MP Hemming's Cox Pussy Snatch Shock

the trial continues...

medici2471 28.10.11 12:20pm
Women get equal succession to throne with men, still complain seat left up. 0
MADJEZ 28.10.11 11:56am
Man City to use Tevez as world’s most expensive door stop

Manchester City F.C. said Thursday it has no intention of selling sometimes footballer Carlos Tevez to Corinthians in the January transfer window, instead opting to trigger a contract clause that...

Tim Collins 28.10.11 11:49am
Section of Saddam Hussein's 'buttock' fails to sell at Derby auction

'This was no surprise', explained auctioneer Jane Wilderson, 'It was not a full representation of the man. He was a complete ass.'...

Screenie 28.10.11 11:46am
All members of the Royle family now given equal right to sit in the armchair 0
Screenie 28.10.11 11:40am
iPhone voice recognition issue prompts renewed calls for Scots to learn English 2
butagirl 28.10.11 11:38am
Police powerless over recent bank robberies, as pay rises are in the contracts 0
Ian Searle 28.10.11 11:31am
Ian Searle
China poised to turn off the TV and hide behind sofa as EU come knocking 0
button 28.10.11 11:30am