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Hurricane Savile causes devastation to BBC offices in North London. 0
MADJEZ 30.10.12 10:04pm
Iron Maiden's 'Eddie' chosen as 'new face' of Weight Watchers

'Eddie the Head', Iron Maiden's perennial mascot, has been chosen to front a new campaign by Weight Watchers. With a BMI of minus nine and cheek bones to die for, Eddie has long been the envy of...

Runestone Cowboy 30.10.12 9:58pm
Rod Hull and Emu held in separate cells as Savile crackdown continues 4
allmyownstunts 30.10.12 9:56pm
Jersey Shore cancelled.

No, not the show...

Maverick 30.10.12 9:19pm
Sub-Saharan Africans launch disaster emergency appeal for New York City 0
Mandy Lifeboat 30.10.12 8:31pm
Mandy Lifeboat
Chocoholic on Orlando holiday looks forward to swimming with endorphines 0
Smart Alex 30.10.12 7:19pm
Smart Alex
Right wing Tories in preparation for tomorrows Thatcher Day celebrations

Hardline Tories are readying themselves to celebrate Thatcher day or has it has become affectionately known "The Iron Lady day" on 31st October. Plans are also underfoot for parliament to create a...

simonjmr 30.10.12 4:36pm
Hurricane Sandy blamed on Iron Maiden as New Yorkers "Run To The Hills" 0
seymour totti 30.10.12 4:36pm
seymour totti
Tourist disappointed to miss Hadrian's Wall on visit to North Umbria 0
Smart Alex 30.10.12 4:01pm
Smart Alex
Jimmy Savile to replace Guy Fawkes as the wizened old face of bonfire night...

Jimmy Savile will be burned in effigy every November 5th. “We feel the time is right to break with tradition, and establish a new one”, said Maria Gladwell, Minister for Bread and Circuses. “As...

Tripod 30.10.12 3:15pm
custard cream
Canadians to use a coordinated Dyson Airblade session to push Sandy back to US

At 8pm tonight Canadian authorities have arranged for all Dyson Airblades to be pointed towards the superstorm Sandy and switched on in a effort to blow the storm back towards the USA. The Canadian...

simonjmr 30.10.12 3:07pm
Radio 4 denies plotting a 'Michael Morpurgo-free' day for 2013 3
dvo4fun 30.10.12 2:28pm
Branson to be sold by Virgin

Virgin group have today announced that they will be seeking buyers for their charismatic entrepreneurial chief executive Richard Branson. A spokesperson for Virgin said "We have come to realise that...

simonjmr 30.10.12 2:24pm
Admiralty Arch sold to Spain and renamed Armada Arch 0
custard cream 30.10.12 2:14pm
custard cream
Met to sell Scotland Yard in move to Stamford Bridge 0
medici2471 30.10.12 2:11pm
Jimmy Savile voted most this year's most popular Halloween fancy dress figure 3
custard cream 30.10.12 1:32pm
Saville police confirm child's letter was only the start of it

More to follow...

Sheepback 30.10.12 12:58pm
Sandy to be declared most popular name in August 2013 US baby boom 0
Nowherefast 30.10.12 12:57pm
Severe flooding after mass evacuations along east coast of USA. 1
sigmund 30.10.12 12:56pm
UK viewers braced for years of US TV dramas referencing 10/30 0
Nowherefast 30.10.12 12:53pm
Abu Hamza to appear in Broadway Musical

Lawyers acting on behalf of Abu Hamza  (AbHam) have spotted a loophole in his extradition papers that allow anyone extradited to the US the opportunity to audition for a Broadway show within the...

Sheepback 30.10.12 12:45pm
Isle Of Wight braced for Zephr Mandy 0
TerribleTim 30.10.12 12:33pm
Scotland Yard to lease TARDIS from BBC 0
Nowherefast 30.10.12 12:33pm
New York "One hell of a State" says Mayor 0
charlies_hat 30.10.12 12:30pm
Drought warning issued for New York area 1
simonjmr 30.10.12 12:23pm
Met Police to sell New Scotland Yard and move to shared office space in Wapping 0
Mandy Lifeboat 30.10.12 12:09pm
Mandy Lifeboat
Hurricane Sandy was caused by "Blowhard" Romney

An awful lot of hot air...

Rowly 30.10.12 11:50am
Romney pledges "superstorms to be contained to the south" should he be elected 0
simonjmr 30.10.12 11:46am
Kevin Costner to imitate "Waterworld" and have gills fitted after "Frankenstorm"

Mr Costner feels that the fitting of genetically engineered gills will give him an advantage over his rivals in a future where much of the US is flooded. "Its life imitating art" said Costner's...

simonjmr 30.10.12 11:41am
custard cream
FA announce new award - Racist of The Month

John Terry still in the lead with ref Clattenburg bringing up late October challenge...

custard cream 30.10.12 11:41am
custard cream