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Sam Cameron happy with the Reader's husband photo shoot in the Sunday Times 0
simonjmr 21.11.11 11:10am
New Italian premiere Mario Monti vows to make Neutrinos run on time

[my first attempt at satire] After announcing his new cabinet, which includes no elected politicians, Mario Monti got to work in reassuring the public and markets of their focus in restoring...

jemb 21.11.11 11:07am
CERN gets 3 points and a £60 fine. soon More. 5
Al OPecia 21.11.11 10:22am
World's lightest material found in old 'Men Behaving Badly' script 7
Smart Alex 21.11.11 10:20am
Weather presenters could be struck off for misleading forecasts

"Climate modelling? You'd learn more from watching a bunch of cows." MetWatch's Sonja Redmond is no fan of forecasters but agrees predicting rain with cows in say, Tooting, could be problematic. Met...

vertical 21.11.11 9:45am
OPERA tells CERN "I didn't see that one coming" 0
Sinnick 21.11.11 9:34am
Building blow-down test in Motherwell successful; rest of Scotland to follow 0
kga6 21.11.11 7:12am
Sweet and sour pet rock leaves bitter aftertaste

A visit to their local Chinese restaurant has left one British couple reeling in shock. In an incident that may serve as a cautionary tale for all pet lovers, the Brownleys believe they unwittingly...

Flexicon 21.11.11 12:50am
. 8
dvo4fun 20.11.11 7:20pm
Northern Rock sold, Northern Soul ‘offers invited’ 0
Duncan Biscuit 20.11.11 5:39pm
Duncan Biscuit
‘You mean it’s not Dr Pepper?’ says Sacramento policeman 0
Duncan Biscuit 20.11.11 5:39pm
Duncan Biscuit
Libyan gvt, says Saif Gaddafi will get a fair trial, then he’ll be executed 0
Duncan Biscuit 20.11.11 5:38pm
Duncan Biscuit
BBC apologise for Friday's repeat of Children in Need 2010 0
medici2471 20.11.11 4:52pm
Cauliflower ear found in cauliflower cheese 2
nickb 20.11.11 4:25pm
Neil Tennant Gets 'Right To Buy'

Neil Tennant of the Pet Shop Boys has finally been granted the right to buy. Previously Tennant had only been able to rent himself, but after a protracted legal battle he can now change his name to...

mpaterson 20.11.11 4:04pm
Hove man upset that the Inland Revenue 'still get you' at the seaside 2
Smart Alex 20.11.11 3:08pm
Smart Alex
Fair, posthumous, trial pledge for Gaddafi son

Libyan authorities have vowed that Colonel Gaddafi's son, Saif al-Islam, will receive a fair and open trial. "We welcome foreign doctors to attend the autopsy.", said a spokesman...

apepper 20.11.11 3:04pm
Time Travellers evicted from Londinium Farm 2
bonjonelson 20.11.11 2:53pm
Basil D'olivera dies at 80. At least he had a good innings! 0
Smart Alex 20.11.11 2:40pm
Smart Alex
Demi Moore and Karcher split. "He was all washed up" 1
dvo4fun 20.11.11 2:32pm
Newt Gingrich Steals Christmas 0
mpaterson 20.11.11 2:15pm
Lenin's body set for world tour to mark revolution centenary.

Moscow mausoleum to house "guest remains" during absence. One of the most important figures of the 20th century will embark on a world tour of personal appearances in 2017. But Vladmir Illich Lenin...

nickb 20.11.11 11:11am
Saif Gadaffi loses game of hide and seek

More later...

victimms 20.11.11 10:45am
Bishops; "God should consider his position"

18 bishops have written an open letter calling for God to resign. "He's sending such mixed messages; I don't know whether to support gay marriages - it feels wrong, but I'd like the wedding presents....

apepper 20.11.11 10:04am
God releases new 10 commandments for modern tablets 0
Dumbnews 20.11.11 4:50am
Children in Need Record Smashed, CD Broken and Podcast Deleted

I'll get my coat...

Immunis 20.11.11 12:29am
Berlusconi "to play the Dame in Aladdin"

The Redditch Players pantomime has been given an added boost this year by the surprise booking of the Italian ex-Premier. Production Manager Leon Stirling takes up the story. "We were looking for...

FlashArry 19.11.11 11:04pm
Navigation chaos as Saville tomb alters Magnetic North

“We’d always though the variation in magnetic North was a natural occurrence caused by the shifting mass of molten Iron at the Earth’s core” said an expert from the Royal Observatory. “but...

Newsquelch 19.11.11 10:54pm
UN to interview Einstein about possibility of time travel. More soon. 0
dominic_mcg 19.11.11 8:04pm
Doctors should no longer 'declare patients dead'

Following an increase in the death rate among people forced into poverty, the government has announced plans to take the responsibility of declaring people dead out of doctors' hands, and give it to...

Perks 19.11.11 7:15pm