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Amanda Holden escapes from car crash, she's not a judge on this years X-Factor 1
Ian Searle 08.09.11 7:33pm
New archaeological find confirms Helen of Troy had a big jeroboam-shaped head 0
Qoxiivi 08.09.11 3:33pm
Childrens' songbooks pulped after "Big Cock Randy Mountain" error 1
nickb 08.09.11 3:36pm
Comment: Why my first four marriages are the ideal preparation for a fifth

If you’ve applied for a job and the company is weighing you up against the other candidates, what do they look for? Potential? A nice suit? A certain [i]je ne sais quoi[/i] they’re prepared to...

Genghis Cohen 08.09.11 5:45pm
mr blue
Saab owners will just have to be content with a Volvo next time. 1
Griffin 09.09.11 12:36pm
Future Of Premium Rate Phone-In Competitions Under Threat

It's being widely reported that Ofcom is finally about to move to stop the tawdry and shameful phone-in competitions that litter our TV screens everywhere. Even as recently as yesterday evening and...

Duff 08.09.11 5:02pm
Britisch Blood banks filing for Bankrupcy

following the sensitive application of equal right legislation as they cannot any more refuse the blood from homosexuals or from people with high risk sexual behaviour. Scientists came up with the...

4ty2 08.09.11 1:29pm
Waitrose deny racial stereotyping with new Scottish grocery service: 'Ocado Noo' 3
f0zz 08.09.11 4:58pm
Hallmark Cards launch "Happy 9.11!" range

More tasteful cards soon...

dvo4fun 09.09.11 10:00pm
The All New Jeni B
Emma Watson to finally put out

Millions of males celebrated today as Emma Watson announced her decision to finally put out to the country she’s been shamelessly flirting with for several years. The news comes as a welcome...

Qoxiivi 08.09.11 12:45pm
It really is that bad - Robert Peston released back on to the 6 o'clock news

It was confirmed yesterday that the UK economy really is in a state much worse than predicted by the Treasury earlier in the year as the BBC release annoying tosspot Robert Peston back on to our TV...

grottymonty 09.09.11 11:42am
Japanese PoW survivors back Andy Murray's refusal to play tennis in the wet

A group of second world war survivors from the Japanese "Death camps" in the Burmese jungle have united with Andy Murray and have urged US tennis officials to disallow playing whilst it remains "A...

antharrison 08.09.11 12:43pm
Vertically Challenged Giant
Republican Presidential Debate Degenerates Into Beatboxing Competition 1
Textbook 08.09.11 12:31pm
Islamabad to be renamed Islamagood in push to improve the image of Islam


virtuallywill 10.09.11 9:47am
Coleen Rooney has unsightly lump removed - Wayne's whereabouts being sought. 0
08.09.11 11:49am
Honour Killings 'important part of our cultural heritage' says community leader

Expanded Version:NiB length. Iqbal Yusuf, a community representative, has spoken out about Honour Killings. "I couldn't get a paid job but do voluntary youth work instead. Being a 'detached worker'...

dvo4fun 08.09.11 11:36am
Return of Downturn Abbey confirms double dip recession says Economist... 0
ItsReevesy 08.09.11 11:34am
Gay blood donations showing higher Homoglobin levels than expected 0
charlies_hat 08.09.11 11:20am
Luton man admitted to asylum after being found "having conversations with brands 0
ronseal 08.09.11 10:39am
Dench Not Cast In Latest TV Period Drama Shock

In a move that's sent shock waves running through the acting community, the BBC has announced that its next period drama, yet another remake of [i]Martin Chuzzlewit[/i], will not have Dame Judi Dench...

Duff 08.09.11 12:58pm
Gay blood ban lifted. Slightly cheerful blood ban to be lifted soon. 0
martin2381 08.09.11 10:01am
National Trust concerned over new homes. 'It may reduce the value of our land' 1
martin2381 08.09.11 10:18am
Gaddafi rues the appointment of Mark Thatcher as North African route consultant 2
simonjmr 08.09.11 11:17am
Zebadee storms out of BBC after insulting 'inconvenient embarrassment' snub.

The Zebadee - nicknamed 'slinky' due to his distinctive artificial limb – became the first double amputee appear on children's television show. He bounced out of the BBC after BBC journalist Rob...

Ian Searle 08.09.11 8:58am
Ian Searle
Satnav error blamed as Gaddafi convoy appears in Norwich 4
jp1885 08.09.11 7:03pm
The All New Jeni B
Calls for urgent rethink of plan to replace 999 with +44 999 0
Duncan Biscuit 08.09.11 8:53am
Duncan Biscuit
Gvt cuts forces West Lothian question to be decided by ‘Red or Black?’ 0
Duncan Biscuit 08.09.11 8:49am
Duncan Biscuit
Plaid Cymru ‘needs urgent makeover’ says fashion commentators 0
Duncan Biscuit 08.09.11 8:48am
Duncan Biscuit
Sushi sales now outstripping those of genuine cold vomit 1
Duncan Biscuit 08.09.11 11:19am
PJ Harvey thanks her parents for not naming her Billie Jean Harvey 0
Duncan Biscuit 08.09.11 8:47am
Duncan Biscuit