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Daily Mail complains Olympic Games contains 'too many races' 1
Perks 24.01.12 7:35pm
Portsmouth FC now financially too dodgy for Mafia investor 4
Immunis 24.01.12 6:54pm
Embarrassment for Cameron as Rosie Redknapp revealed to be Tory donor 1
button 24.01.12 6:44pm
Midfield Diamond
Rosie the Dog takes charge at Pompey - 'Ruff times are rover' 1
Drylaw 24.01.12 6:26pm
Northern lights will reduce Scotland's carbon footprint. 0
Ostsee 24.01.12 4:00pm
Gervais hails 'mong' ruling a 'Major victory for cunts everywhere' Gervais, who has been campaigning against other peoples feelings for years...

gaijintendo 24.01.12 2:45pm
Housewife Mabel Blenkinsop receives Oscar nomination for 'The Ironing Lady' 0
JETFAB 24.01.12 2:01pm
Blue Peter presenter recaptured after 18 day chase through Antarctica 3
Immunis 24.01.12 1:37pm
Obese Community Irate over launch of Cancer Barbie.

"It's just not fair", said a spokesperson from Obesity UK. "Little girls with cancer will be able to play with a bald Cancer Barbie, so why shouldn't little girls who suffer from obesity be able to...

jenkins 24.01.12 1:35pm
4th Emergency Service downgraded by Standard & Poor to BB

Alcoholics Anonymous also likely to be reappraised...

Nails UK 24.01.12 1:21pm
Mandy Lifeboat
Redknapp's lawyer proves legitimate payment of £200k to 'Brian Griffin' 0
charlies_hat 24.01.12 12:42pm
Aretha Franklin cancels wedding.'He wouldn't say a little prayer' 0
JETFAB 24.01.12 12:23pm
'More than just a gym' admits that it is, in fact, just a gym

A fitness gym in Doncaster which used the slogan 'Barry's - More Than Just A Gym' had been forced to concede that a gym is exactly what it is. The admission came after Doncaster resident Ron Troves...

Bravenewmalden 24.01.12 11:47am
“Might be a tummy bug” results in Civil Servant's sixth Monday off sick

Civil Service offices across the country are considering a massive deep-cleaning and health inspection as mysterious illnesses strike down many office workers on yet another Monday morning. 38 year...

kimllfixit 24.01.12 11:25am
Noel Gallagher slams NME award as "not sufficiently 'ighbrow" 0
Al McHogan 24.01.12 11:00am
Al McHogan
Tories Promise "No Bonuses and Wage Cut" for "Greedy" Jodrell Bankers 1
thisisall1word 24.01.12 10:57am
Al McHogan
snow globes to help in NHS shake-up 0
victimms 24.01.12 10:52am
Drug mules to be shown sentencing leniency if their ass has been exploited 0
charlies_hat 24.01.12 10:38am
Outcry as Hare Krishna’s perform setlist of all-new material at Oxford St show

Longstanding fans of the Hare Krishna sect – famous for their 1969 top 20 hit ‘Hare Krishna Mantra' – were in uproar yesterday as the group used their first show in two years - at London's...

Skylarking 23.01.12 10:30pm
Finger cuts off Paul Daniels

Surgeons were baffled today by reports that Paul Daniels finger had finally had enough of the association and had cut him off. The finger, interviewed at a secret location stated, " I did 60 odd...

Mister F 23.01.12 10:00pm
BBC announce series of 'StarTazering Live' with Brian Cox

Phone vote for suitable contestants...

charlies_hat 23.01.12 8:12pm
Ministers vote to increase benefits of the doubt for MPs 0
kga6 23.01.12 6:40pm
Newt Gingrich's Sudden Rise Explained

as it is confirmed that the Rpublican stalwart has threatened to release a swimsuit calendar should he lose the nomination race...

Textbook 23.01.12 5:29pm
Public unconcerned over erectile dysfunction in Westminster 0
tedweasel 23.01.12 2:57pm
“Mamma Mia may be secret undercover vehicle for Abba songs” say top scientists

A group of scientists and codebreakers from Oxford University has shocked the theatrical community by suggesting that the hit film and musical Mamma Mia may be based entirely on songs written and...

antharrison 23.01.12 1:49pm
Local outrage as Ventnor University plans to offer degrees in IT

The Isle of Wight's third largest university has caused shockwaves again by announcing a new range if qualifications to "better reflect the world around us". Local resident Albert Sidebottom raged,...

grottymonty 23.01.12 12:32pm
After short-lived solo career, Paul Daniels' finger rejoins rest of entertainer 0
Clarky 23.01.12 11:13am
Arab League of Gentlemen to send monitors to Royston Vasey 1
Duncan Biscuit 23.01.12 9:36am
Blackberry’s management reorganisation delayed 24 hours by technical problems 0
Duncan Biscuit 23.01.12 9:34am
Duncan Biscuit
Balotelli’s Lancashire clog dancing ‘coming along nicely’ say City 0
Duncan Biscuit 23.01.12 9:34am
Duncan Biscuit