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Archbishop embarrassed to find Devil is former employee of God.

After stating that he would fight to stamp out the devil the head of the church has been forced to back down after personnel files showed a link between the dark one and the creator of heaven and...

MADJEZ 26.07.13 11:22am
Survey finds majority to people 'inspired to watch London Olympics' 0
custard cream 26.07.13 10:38am
custard cream
War of words escalates as Wonga chief declares jihad on Archbishop of Canterbury 0
custard cream 26.07.13 10:37am
custard cream
Church tries to teach right from wonga 4
sponge finger 26.07.13 9:03am
Hobbits to be culled

Not content with banning Elijah Wood movies, the New Zealand "Parks & Wildlife Commission" plan to exterminate the Halfling pest once and for all. First introduced to the country hidden in the...

Wrenfoe 26.07.13 8:45am
Wonga condemns high price levied by church for 30 silver coins 0
Backup Brian 26.07.13 8:23am
Backup Brian
Moneylender Uses Whip-Of-Cords To Chase Priests Out Of Church

Denies this is revenge for the Dean of St Paul's allowing the Occupy protesters to disrupt City trading...

Titus 26.07.13 7:37am
Titus offers to "save souls"

The British online company plans to diversify and offer unsecured 'high cost salvation'. Boss, Errol Damelin, welcomed the Most Reverend Justin Welby's recent decision to offer payday loans but...

Wrenfoe 26.07.13 7:24am
George Zimmerman receives Lee Harvey Oswald Award from NRA 4
sydalg 26.07.13 12:35am
Fears for Royal baby after Prince Harry spotted reading 'Richard III' 3
sydalg 26.07.13 12:31am
C of E confirms strategy to defeat to be Lent for 40 days 1
topfotogmw 25.07.13 11:12pm
Archbishop denies planning 'Wonga Wonga" parties 4
CulchaVulcha 25.07.13 10:09pm
Literary world in turmoil as Roger Galbraith claims he wrote Harry Potter books 0
blacklesbianandproudofit 25.07.13 9:29pm
Dyslexic gardener orders three sweet peas for his lounge (Neat-O) 1
Midfield Diamond 25.07.13 9:12pm
"Wongs of Praise" planned by BBC 0
CulchaVulcha 25.07.13 6:37pm
'Refuse to pay our loans back and I'll give you arse cancer', warns God

The Church of England's plans to 'take down' payday lender Wonga by offering people a 'cheaper alternative', will come with its downsides, admitted the the Archbishop of Canterbury today. The...

Jesus H 25.07.13 6:32pm
Jesus H
Second hand racist for sale 50 million pounds ono. Call Anfield 101010

That's won nothing, won nothing, won nothing...

godly1966 25.07.13 6:18pm
Spelling Bees face extinction due to threat from word processors 1
Ian Searle 25.07.13 6:12pm
Church to compete Lockheed Martin out of the arms trade 1
tomholder 25.07.13 6:11pm
"We're going to drive you out of business" Catholic Church warns Cash 4 Gold 1
Skylarking 25.07.13 6:07pm
helloooo one star

<looks scared>...

Squudge 25.07.13 5:37pm
Rare aphid could harm lathyrus odoratus - sweet pea threat. 0
CulchaVulcha 25.07.13 5:37pm
Struggling young actors turning to football for route to Hollywood

Following the huge success of soccer hard-man turned brooding Hollywood star Vinnie Jones, Ken Loach’s corpulent muse Eric Cantona and housewives’ favourite David Ginola, young actors are...

Curbie Firetank 25.07.13 5:26pm
Wonga to start religion

Money lending website,, is to start their own religion to compete with the Church of England. Jonty Hurwitz Wonga's founder, the newly named High Elder of Grainger Town, Newcastle issued a...

apepper 25.07.13 5:16pm
Royal baby was to be named after place of conception Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgoger..

Royal insiders have revealed that William & Kate wanted to name their son after a local village in Anglesey where the Duke is stationed as an air-sea rescue pilot. The couple enjoy nights...

MADJEZ 25.07.13 2:37pm
New 50p Note Created In Order To Carry Barabara Cartland's Portait

In a further bid to increase the number of outstanding female writers depicted on British bank notes, this will be eventually supplemented by a new 20p note showing Jade Goody, and a 5p note bearing...

Titus 25.07.13 2:03pm
For sale: Sweet's Anglo-Saxon Primer, woad and mead stains, hence 3p 0
sydalg 25.07.13 1:31pm
Thorntons unveil new Luxury 3 Piece sweet 0
Scronnyglonkle 25.07.13 11:45am
Royal couple finally admit...

"Actually, we named him after George from Rainbow, Aleksandr Orlov Meerkat, and King Louis from The Jungle Book". Hat tips to Madjez and Ref Minor...

Smart Alex 25.07.13 10:50am
Mr Target
Wonga fights back, offering repayment extensions into the afterlife.

More later. Much more, and much later...

raudus 25.07.13 10:33am