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Tramp with head stuck in bin in Aberdeen was 'looking for Godot' 0
pinxit 01.10.12 6:14pm
Culling badgers with TB "will only drive them underground" 2
AReader 01.10.12 6:08pm
Milliband will call for Labour and Tories to be renamed ‘Jets’ and ‘Sharks’

In his conference speech on Tuesday afternoon, leader of the opposition Ed Milliband will propose a renaming of the main parties. ‘We’ll be the Jets,’ said Milliband, ‘and the Conservatives...

DustyBinLaden 01.10.12 5:21pm
Jeremy Forrest to receive posthumous Jim'll Fix It badge 1
charlies_hat 01.10.12 4:12pm
"Incompetent" serial killer struck off

Disgraced former serial killer, Ian Moore, has been struck off the Psychopath Register after admitting to a catalogue of errors stretching back nearly twenty years. Moore, who qualified as a serial...

jamsieoconnor 01.10.12 4:09pm
Nasa's Curiosity rover sends back picture of Seagull

The Curiosity team from NASA has been surprised by the appearance of live seagull in one of the photos sent back from the surface of Mars. It seems that the feckless fowl followed the mission from...

robertsonal 01.10.12 4:06pm
Inagaddadavida 'momentary dyslexia' admit Imron Madmin

vertical 01.10.12 4:01pm

of strange lights in the sky over the Vatican have been put down to a the biggist meteorite shower the world has ever seen,lasting over 3 hours.On seeing the magnificent spectacle a frighted Pope was...

Dave Grigger 01.10.12 4:00pm
Dave Grigger
Jimmy Saville

to be dug up and reburied after prankster grave digger admits puting him in upside down with a gravestone reading kiss my ass...

Dave Grigger 01.10.12 3:39pm
Dave Grigger
Gareth Malone to form Taliban Choir

In an attempt to end over 30 years of violence and war in Aghanistan, the perkily posh, quirky choir master, Malone, 37, has reportedly made initial contact with Taliban commanders in Helmand...

Don1 01.10.12 12:18pm
custard cream
Litter bin confounds Aberdeen man

Firefighters were called out to rescue a man whose head was stuck in a public litter bin in Justice Street, Aberdeen. Emergency services were alerted on Sunday evening by a passer by who noticed a...

custard cream 01.10.12 12:16pm
custard cream
Dear Mr John O Farrel,

Id just like to say thanks for the special limited edition Newsbiscuit Bible you sent me,its fantastic,your fantastic to I have all your recoards.Ive read all the Old Testament like you...

Jackaline Hyde 01.10.12 12:07pm
Run away girl complains about teacher's paperwork burden

Megan Stammers, the teenage girl who ran away with her Maths teacher, has admitted that life with the 30 year old hadn’t proved to be quite as she had imagined. ‘I thought it was gonna be dead...

Stan 01.10.12 12:04pm
Dickens or Shakespeare
Weightlifter with OCD struggles to complete clean and jerk 1
LittleSpender 01.10.12 11:44am
“He died doing what he loved best”, says climber’s dad, “flying into a mountain” 6
Tripod 01.10.12 11:28am
Police probe Sussex girls snatch ....

can't believe I've got to this first - thanks Phoenix nights ....

misterjingles 01.10.12 10:25am
I Was A 13 Year Old Virgin - Jim Fixed That Though

tut - have 5...

01.10.12 10:14am
Jimmy Savilles coffin to be raised to 90 degrees and to face Scarborough Crown 0
burnmybridges 01.10.12 10:03am
Esther Ranzten regrets not fingering Jimmy Saville.

Hows that then...

burnmybridges 01.10.12 9:11am
Shouts of U S Ohhhhhhh, heard from Medinah 0
simonjmr 01.10.12 8:56am
Pope’s ex-butler pleads ‘lock me up’ after Vatican threatens ‘almighty kicking’

Former papal butler Paolo Gabriele has broken down in an Italian court and begged to be locked up, after receiving threats from the Vatican to “make that scene from Reservoir Dogs look like Harvest...

DustyBinLaden 01.10.12 8:54am
Donald Trump’s comb-over hunted to extinction... 0
Tripod 01.10.12 7:40am
Ryanair charging extra “for getting on plane”... 3
Tripod 01.10.12 7:05am
Maths teacher tries to prove that 30 into 15 will go after Geography secondment. 0
fernandomando 30.09.12 11:13pm
Dear Jim, could you fix my hymen.

More allegations against dead stars later...

MADJEZ 30.09.12 9:56pm
Missing Schoolgirl seeks anonymity

Megan Stammers today announced that she'd applied to change her surname by deed poll. Although on reflection she said that swapping "Stammers" for "Swallows" could be perceived as a retrograde step...

misterjingles 30.09.12 8:29pm
Greenland to host Winter Olympics

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) today announced that Greenland has been successful in securing the 2020 Winter Olympics. Jacqes Rogge, the president of the IOC said ‘Greenland has...

Alfred Noakes 30.09.12 8:13pm
Alfred Noakes
Katie Price and Robert Downey Jr's love child makes it to X-Factor live show 0
30.09.12 7:59pm
Clegg: coalition is ‘a worthwhile exercise’

In an exclusive frank interview given to both Andrew Marr and Dermot Murnaghan about the virtues of marriage, Nick Clegg said the Tory-LibDem marriage is a worthwhile exercise because it proves...

Reg Herring 30.09.12 6:52pm
Reg Herring
George Michael cancels Australian tour dates for fear of going down under 0
Queen of Tarts 30.09.12 5:34pm
Queen of Tarts