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Jimmy Carr apologises for getting caught 0
simonjmr 21.06.12 8:21am
Gove bans computers from schools!

The education minister has long been a advocate of the Luddite's approach to technology and has now banned the use of computers in schools. "They didn't have them when I was at school and they seem...

jollyroger 21.06.12 8:21am
Racist misogynists in shock as Chinese woman parallel parks space capsule

Already reeling from the news that China’s first female astronaut has perfectly shaped eyes and wears a spacesuit rather than an apron, the racist misogynist community were dumbfounded when Liu...

Yikes 21.06.12 8:00am
PM urges fans to "steal Jimmy Carr tickets"

Talking to reporters in Mexico the Prime Minister said "imagine you are saving up for a complicated tax avoidance scheme and you suddenly see Jimmy Carr is playing near you. The sensible thing would...

nickb 21.06.12 7:54am
Terry wears "Fuck off wogs" pants and gets £20 fine and a cuff round the ear.

UEFA take a strong stance on racism again...

grottymonty 21.06.12 7:53am
Audience laughs at just 1% of Jimmy Carr's jokes. More soon. 1
Al OPecia 21.06.12 7:35am
Jimmy Carr to star in Bergerac remake

One of the highlights in the BBC's new autumn schedule is the surprise return of Bergerac. Mark Taylor, Head of Commissioning, said, "It's great to have the off shore detective back on our screens,...

custard cream 21.06.12 7:35am
Jimmy Carr to relocate to Greece 0
bonjonelson 21.06.12 7:34am
Carr in coma after fall as medics give legal minimum care

Comedian Jimmy Carr has fallen face first into his own trail of bad will after literally falling down the stairs in his flat. Paramedics were called to the flat of Carr last night and preceded to...

kga6 21.06.12 7:34am
Troubled Youths To Be Sent To Bel Air For Rehabilitation

Despite what facts and figures may say we live in a cesspool of crime. In the modern age every child has committed some kind of crime be it murder or listening to Justin Bieber sans headphones. The...

Hooch 21.06.12 7:16am
Vertically Challenged Giant
Maxine no longer the UK's least popular Carr 0
charlies_hat 21.06.12 7:14am
PM backs Carr into corner

David Cameron has spoken out about comedian Jimmy Carr tax arrangement. "It's essential that Carr performs a U-turn."...

apepper 21.06.12 7:07am
Women Consume Porn Wrong

What is this 50 Shade of Grey business? In the last few weeks everywhere you look you see women reading this book, on the bus, in the café, in the loo [she hadn’t locked the door]. Well it’s the...

Hooch 21.06.12 12:55am
Watching Porn On Train Not The Same As Reading 50 Shades of Grey say Police 0
Hooch 21.06.12 12:36am
Industrial action escalates as doctors withhold sick notes (edited repost)

There has been an outcry from skiving workers all over Britain as doctors took the unprecedented step of refusing to supply medical certificates as part of their campaign to retain pension benefits....

Yikes 20.06.12 10:37pm
Hosni Mubarak suffering from locked-up syndrome. More soon. 0
dominic_mcg 20.06.12 9:27pm
Jimmy Carr changes name to Ken Dodd. 0
MADJEZ 20.06.12 9:26pm
Alexander III of Russia to appear in relaunch of ITV's 'Tsars in Their Eyes' 0
jimmydodger 20.06.12 9:04pm
Jimmy Carr spent tax savings in Ilfracombe. More soon. 0
Al OPecia 20.06.12 8:43pm
Al OPecia
Jim Carr to star in Bergerac remake

One of the highlights in the BBC's new autumn schedule is the surprise return of Bergerac. Mark Taylor, Head of Commissioning, said, "It's great to have the off shore detective back on our screens,...

custard cream 20.06.12 8:39pm
Al OPecia
BBC's "Play School" fails OFSTED inspection

Plans to revive the 70's children’s TV show "Play School" have been scrapped after it failed an inspection carried out by the Office for Standards in Education, Children's Services and Skills...

seymour totti 20.06.12 8:31pm
custard cream
Hodgson praises fan following Ukraine victory

England manager Roy Hodgson has credited part-time football enthusiast Michael Roe with single handedly winning Group D in EURO 2012., Window cleaner Roe, 65, masterminded England's success from his...

tedweasel 20.06.12 8:11pm
Iain Duncan-Smith "Poor people can rap their way out of poverty"

Ian Duncan-Smith has once again provoked controversy by arguing that all poor people can escape the poverty trap by rapping, and that he would be leading by example. "I'm the MP who's an MC!" He...

The Masked Frog 20.06.12 8:09pm
The Masked Frog
Concerns Deepen Over Worrying Disappearance Of Ben The Flowerpot Man

Children's TV favourite Ben the flowerpot man, one half of iconic duo Bill and Ben the flowerpot men, has stunned BBC top brass by going missing just days before the new series of the revamped once...

Duff 20.06.12 8:04pm
Jimmy Carr rues having agreed to guest present Have I Got News For You 0
Skylarking 20.06.12 7:53pm
Jimmy Carr puzzled as 40% of audience walk out. 0
Thor 20.06.12 6:29pm
Diplomatic tour in tatters as Aung San now 'hopelessly addicted' to Angry Birds 1
cinquecento 20.06.12 5:25pm
Ecuador embassy baffled at mystery dissappearance of diplomatic cables 3
bonjonelson 20.06.12 5:19pm
NHS puzzled by doctors written demands

The threatened doctors' strike looks set to continue as no-one can read their demands. "We've sent for a pharmacist to act as an interpreter, however my bet is that it'll turn out to be a virus...

apepper 20.06.12 5:13pm
Fifty Shades of Grey – The Musical

Theatre promoters in London’s west end have resorted to smacking bottoms in order to get bums on seats., The erotic ‘classic’ Fifty Shades of Grey is to be turned into a musical by Andrew...

Chris Hitchcock 20.06.12 4:20pm
Chris Hitchcock