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Microsoft scandal - "gullible" missed out of Word dictionary

Users of the latest version of Microsoft Word have spotted problems with the Word spell checker; the common word "gullible" was missed out. One user complained; "If 'gullible' is missing, what's...

apepper 01.01.13 8:36pm
Bob and Jeff, Red Lion regulars, decide to go to the toilet together...

Bob Arkwright and Jeff Green, stalwarts of the Red Lion in Heckmondwyke, decided, last Friday, to break the habit of a lifetime and go to the toilet together. “Women do it all the time”, said...

Tripod 01.01.13 8:30pm
Smart TV's offer bigger choice of dumb programmes 0
nickb 01.01.13 6:36pm
Smoker advises people who suggest he quits for New Year to fuck off

More after this cough....

Nowherefast 01.01.13 3:14pm
Footballers get help from acting coach to “dive more convincingly”...

When players run into the opposition’s penalty box, they seem more intent on falling over and winning a penalty than putting the ball in the back of the net. Worse, they’re diving so very...

Tripod 01.01.13 3:14pm
Public condemn IDS as 'not fit for purpose'

Members of the public have attacked the way politicians are funded, saying it has led to a ‘sorry story of dependency, wasted taxpayer’s money and encouraged fraud’., Talking down the pub with...

Gerontius 01.01.13 3:09pm
Vitimine deficit isolated

Researchers link vitamin deficiency to shortage of consonants in youth and modern media...

hero2zero 01.01.13 1:57pm
Man wearing 'camouflage jacket' in Sainsbury's inspires new jungle wear

After a trip to a branch of Sainsbury's in 'colonial Kidderminster', a tribal leader from a Jungle in Botswana has pledged to offer his people a form of anti-camouflage similar to that seen on a...

Perks 01.01.13 1:44pm
Man’s disappointment as fag packet contains no tumour

Norfolk Trading Standards has received a complaint from a Norwich consumer following the discovery of 20 cigarettes in a packet he purchased from his local NISA store. Matthew Arlington had expected...

Dick Everyman 01.01.13 1:27pm
Porn Director claims copyright over Tom Daleys "Come Dive With Me" 0
misterjingles 01.01.13 12:42pm
Salle De Loo....

New Year greeting in Scotland?...

Jesse Bigg 01.01.13 12:09pm
Hungover Britain’s one big regret: that the Mayans got it wrong... 1
Tripod 01.01.13 11:35am
Tess Goes
Gatwick ready for M23 rebels. UN agrees Democratic Republic of Crawley sanctions

More soon New year resolution of only posting funny stuff already broken ...

Not Amused 01.01.13 11:18am
Not Amused
Walking Backwards Protest Marches In Many Parts Of UK.....

Due to groups of people not wanting to leave 2012., "We Love 2012!"."2012 is our home!" "Stuff 2013!"...

Jesse Bigg 01.01.13 10:11am
Jesse Bigg
Livingstone CBE defects to Blair

Palace officials were left red-faced this week as the fallout from the announcement of the New Years Honour's List continued to spread. After the controversy surrounding the refusal of Ken...

News X.X.I.V 01.01.13 9:36am
Iain Duncan Smith wrongly conscripted to Israel Defence Force 1
custard cream 01.01.13 6:52am
Tess Goes
Obama does deal to keep 'Fiscal' Cliff out of US charts 0
MADJEZ 01.01.13 3:56am
Pub Landlord loses £30k on Cross Channel Ferry slot machines

Message in bottle found to be in Dire Straits, all washed up...

Tess Goes 31.12.12 10:32pm
custard cream
2013 outlook grim as government "assumed the World would end"

The financial output for 2013 is worse than analysts had originally thought as the Chancellor of the Exchequer has admitted that they were assuming the World would come to an end in late 2012. "Our...

apepper 31.12.12 9:58pm
Britain Resolves To Stop Swearing For 2013

It's well documented that swearing has been an integral feature of British life since time immemorial, but all that looks set to change, as native Britons appear to have collectively decided that...

Paddy Berzinski 31.12.12 8:05pm
Paddy Berzinski
Hillary Clinton has clot removed - Bill ordered out of hospital 3
custard cream 31.12.12 7:22pm
Tess Goes
New cunt-hood honour created especially for Tony Blair 4
pere floza 31.12.12 7:11pm
Livingstone reveals ‘turning down CBE was my greatest honour’

Former politician Ken Livingstone has announced with quiet dignity on national radio that he ‘jumped at the chance’ to turn down a CBE. Livingstone explained that he didn’t think politicians...

31.12.12 6:59pm
Jeremy Lloyd awarded an Allo All-O-BE... 0
Ian Searle 31.12.12 6:34pm
Ian Searle
US fiscal cliff lottery guarantees millions of paupers in New Years Eve Lottery 0
Ian Searle 31.12.12 6:26pm
Ian Searle
Prostitute to see in New Year with a bang 1
Bourbon 31.12.12 6:23pm
Tess Goes
Gordon Brown to guest star in Mrs Brown's Boys 2
custard cream 31.12.12 6:09pm
Tess Goes
Last of The Summer Wine cast trapped in constant Yesterday +1 loop 0
custard cream 31.12.12 5:21pm
custard cream
Albert Taindeath refuses knighthood

More soon. Go on, you know you want to...

beau-jolly 31.12.12 4:59pm
Poundland sale sees store paying customers to take goods away 0
custard cream 31.12.12 3:48pm
custard cream