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Lloyd Grossman still entering C-list celebrity houses when they are shopping

recent CCTV shows...

gaijintendo 07.01.12 2:08pm
Taliban unveil plans to unveil women 0
Dumbnews 07.01.12 12:27pm
I'll have an R.I.P please Bob. 5
MADJEZ 07.01.12 12:01pm
BBC World Service to carry ads for small arms

“It’s not a change from the World Service’s original remit - our job is to embody the freedoms enjoyed by Britain, and alongside democracy and social harmony is the freedom to trade in...

nickb 07.01.12 11:24am
Olympic organisers unveil plans for “synchronised dying”

Contingency plans for the unplanned death of Mrs Thatcher at exactly the same time as the Olympic games have been unveiled. “One of the main challenges is around transport”, said Locog...

nickb 07.01.12 11:11am
Angry Pringles eater flips his lid 0
kga6 07.01.12 10:10am
Tragedy in New Zealand as accident on 'futuristic' transport system kills 11 2
MT Bucket 07.01.12 10:01am
Stallone assures movie fans 'I do all my own CGI'

Evergreen action hero Sylvester Stallone is taking Hollywood back to the '80s with his latest blockbuster, promising fans he'll perform all his own CGI. Movie fans have long bemoaned the lack of...

07.01.12 9:07am
John Ffitch-Rucker
Ed Miliband's Plan fails Building Control inspection. More soon. 0
Al OPecia 07.01.12 7:47am
Al OPecia
2500 'sat nav summit' delegates found in lake 2
Perks 07.01.12 1:28am
Cash-strapped Britain could go ‘gay for pay’ warns Cameron

The Prime Minister has warned pro-Europeans within the coalition that greater financial integration into the Eurozone would destabilise the pink pound and force the nation to go ‘gay for pay’....

jp1885 07.01.12 12:44am
The All New Jeni B
I.Q. of Intelligent Design’s Creator Pegged at 78

After a series of exhaustive tests, researchers at the U.S. Department of Education have found that the “higher being” responsible for Intelligent Design (ID) has an IQ of 78. This number falls...

Bill Britton 07.01.12 12:32am
Al OPecia
WWF protest trade in endangered species as Rooney tipped for possible transfer 0
MT Bucket 06.01.12 10:58pm
MT Bucket
Government to extend "Right to Die" legislation to anyone over 45 0
MT Bucket 06.01.12 10:47pm
MT Bucket
Official supports Khan / Peterson rematch because he "needs a new car" 0
MT Bucket 06.01.12 10:43pm
MT Bucket
Coalition Government think they are starring in a new series of "Ashes to Ashes" 0
MT Bucket 06.01.12 10:35pm
MT Bucket
Men tell 474 diet lies a year

Scientists have claimed that men tell an average of 474 diet lies a year to their spouses and partners on being asked "Does this dress make me look fat?" or "Is my ass big?", In other news,...

06.01.12 10:31pm
Cameron: Thatcher film "copied all my policies" 0
MT Bucket 06.01.12 10:31pm
MT Bucket
Government continues 80's revival by extending "Right to Buy" 0
MT Bucket 06.01.12 10:25pm
MT Bucket
Barry Manilow appears in French children's fashion shoot

La Redoute has been left red faced after failing to airbrush a naked, salivating Barry Manilow from a photoshoot., "If he'd been at least trying to wear some of the range being photographed, we'd...

06.01.12 10:25pm
Government looks to flog last of family silver by extending 'Right to Buy' 0
MT Bucket 06.01.12 10:23pm
MT Bucket
Fugitive Lib Dem backer found and convicted for aiding and abetting fraud 0
MT Bucket 06.01.12 10:13pm
MT Bucket
Olympic ticket sales banned from finals after a false start 0
MT Bucket 06.01.12 10:11pm
MT Bucket
Northern UK claims Thatcher film "too soon": less chance of a safe conviction 0
MT Bucket 06.01.12 10:09pm
MT Bucket
Government confused at which Pension agreement the NUT & NASUWT objects to 0
MT Bucket 06.01.12 10:01pm
MT Bucket
WBA claims mystery man at Khan / Peterson ringside was an "industry lobbyist" 0
MT Bucket 06.01.12 9:58pm
MT Bucket
Washington DC Boxing Commission says "the clue's in our name" 0
MT Bucket 06.01.12 9:56pm
MT Bucket
David Cameron is morphing into Richard Nixon.

First the hairline, then the credibility gap, now the rapidly developing jowls and profuse sweating. More invited...

miked10270 06.01.12 9:51pm
Jesse Bigg
Man finally loses resolve to break all New Year's resolutions 0
Nick McCarr 06.01.12 9:41pm
Nick McCarr
Cameron To Encourage Hordes Of Locals To Tramp Round Their Hospital......

.To ensure that it complies with the hygiene rules. 'Hmm, am I missing something?'...

Jesse Bigg 06.01.12 9:36pm
Jesse Bigg