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Liberal Democrats forced to admit 'Saint Nick' Clegg does not exist.

As another generation of children face their first Christmas with the knowledge that Father Christmas is a mythical made up person, Lib Dems up and down the country face a bombshell of their own. It...

Perks 19.12.11 10:37am
Chinese Maritime Shipping Bonds downgraded to junk 3
DorsetBoy 19.12.11 10:35am
Oversubscribed Middlesbrough school credits ‘satisfactory’ Ofsted report

A school in Middlesbrough that previously failed to attract average pupils has been deluged with applications for the 2012/13 school year. Joan Mydil, Head Teacher at Lusitania Comprehensive, says...

Gong of Fur 19.12.11 10:34am
Ant and Dec to host Jong-il exit show 0
charlies_hat 19.12.11 10:11am
Neville Chamberlain posthumously sacked due to Hitler photo 3
charlies_hat 19.12.11 10:04am
Six rescued in Yorkshire airlift, 8 million still stranded 1
Duncan Biscuit 19.12.11 9:53am
Shock at hearing he had a"'pretty girl's name" proves too much for Korean leader

.. (Sorry, has someone done this one already?)...

Username 19.12.11 9:51am
Saddam Hussein reviews He-man

I catched my son watching cartoon called He-man other day. I watch it and I get disgust, it just American propaganda lies to turn all my dear fellow Iraqis against me so they not vote for me at next...

Michael Cargill 19.12.11 9:44am
Michael Cargill
Kim Jong-il heart attack

triggered by realisation that all his savings are in Euros...

John Ffitch-Rucker 19.12.11 9:43am
John Ffitch-Rucker
FSA to advise IMF & ECB on lending to people who can’t afford the repayments 1
Duncan Biscuit 19.12.11 9:38am
John Ffitch-Rucker
Osborne to argue for split between Tories and more risky Clegg 0
Duncan Biscuit 19.12.11 9:23am
Duncan Biscuit
Sudden death of isolated, unloved euro announced on Brussels TV 0
Duncan Biscuit 19.12.11 9:22am
Duncan Biscuit
Summer rioters point out MPs got their plasma TVs for free as well 0
Duncan Biscuit 19.12.11 9:22am
Duncan Biscuit
Koreans divided over Kim Jong-Il’s legacy 0
Duncan Biscuit 19.12.11 9:21am
Duncan Biscuit
Vaclav Havel Czechs out 0
Oxbridge 19.12.11 9:16am
S&P's R&D face Q&A on M&S's M&A of B&Q. (TBC ASAP) 0
Username 19.12.11 9:02am
Lists of the year's best lists to be released tomorrow 0
Nick McCarr 19.12.11 8:34am
Nick McCarr
Simon Cowell proclaimed new President of North Korea. More soon.

Al OPecia 19.12.11 8:26am
Al OPecia
Kim Jong-un renamed Kim Jong-well to reassure grieving nation 0
irregular apple 19.12.11 7:45am
irregular apple
Tributes pour in to Kim Jung-Dead 0
ronseal 19.12.11 7:43am
Kim Jong-il dies of embarrassment at having girl's name

More to follow...

apepper 19.12.11 7:36am
Hans Blix has the last laugh as Kim Jong-il is killed whilst wrestling a shark 0
irregular apple 19.12.11 7:34am
irregular apple
Kim Jong Il bows out as 5 time North Korean 'Strictly Come Dancing' champion 0
irregular apple 19.12.11 7:30am
irregular apple
Global sales of platform shoes down as Kim Jong-il dies 0
irregular apple 19.12.11 7:25am
irregular apple
Kim Jong-Il dies, Kim Jong-Un succeeds, Kim Jong-Aggie tidies up 0
Perks 19.12.11 6:15am
Kim Jong-un to start his new Korea

I'm sure there'll be plenty more to come...

Psycadelic Squirrel 19.12.11 4:36am
Psycadelic Squirrel
Kim Jong very Ill

And ronery. So very ronery...

DorsetBoy 19.12.11 4:02am
French Government demands independent review of World War 2 result.

Sarkozy claims brave French resistance fighters got the result while British soldiers sat around moaning about the weather. And the food. And the beer. And the locals...

deskpilot3 19.12.11 2:30am
Rare and 'seminal' manuscript by Sigmund Freud to be sold at Mothebys 0
Username 18.12.11 11:29pm
Hairdresser prepares Christmas dinner with all the trimmings 4
medici2471 18.12.11 11:26pm