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John Major resigns from MCC, Newsbiscuit expose cited as cause 0
simonjmr 15.12.11 10:19am
Single Mother apologises for crashing entire internet with Bieber tweet.

A young single mother from Hounslow, West London has apologised after yesterday's mass internet disruption, blamed on a tweet she posted early yesterday morning claiming that Justin Bieber was gay....

bonjonelson 15.12.11 10:16am
Cameron 'targets' problem families with a team of sharp-shooters 0
Perks 15.12.11 10:08am
Yeah yeah, Cameron tells Sarkozy, but YOU haven't seen MY wife's fandango 0
Oxbridge 15.12.11 9:45am
EU less 0
simonjmr 15.12.11 9:43am
Cameron to make EU law 'work for us'

David Cameron has today announced he will move a step closer to re-building relationships with Europe and his coalition partners, by embracing EU citizens' right to live in any other EU country. From...

Perks 15.12.11 9:35am
Hadron Collider discovers Professor Higgins' B.O. Song

"Why can't the English learn how to shower?"...

Son of Barnabas 15.12.11 9:26am
Son of Barnabas
Experts indifference to climate change shocks experts 0
Dumbnews 15.12.11 4:20am
Students turn to prostitution in shift away from media studies, claim UCAS 2
medici2471 15.12.11 1:35am
Iraq war ends with final level civilian slain 1
irregular apple 15.12.11 1:30am
Obama leads Weapons of Mass Destruction out of Iraq 0
irregular apple 15.12.11 1:29am
irregular apple
Obama hails end of Iraqi oil reserve syphon

Troops arrive home to individual Hummers...

irregular apple 15.12.11 1:25am
irregular apple
Thomas Cook shares rise sharply on appointment as 2012 tour operator to Royals 1
medici2471 15.12.11 1:16am
Shock for Emin as Saatchi gallery's cleaner makes bed.

Visitors to the Saatchi Gallery this morning were surprised to discover Emin's bed, formerly strewn with dirty pantyhose, condoms, fag packets and empty vodka bottles, transformed into a neat and...

Boutros 15.12.11 1:13am
malgor 15.12.11 12:31am
Belfast Zoo recieves breeding pair of ocelots, but no-one gives a fuck. 5
bonjonelson 15.12.11 12:16am
Teen actually laughs out loud before typing LOL

LOL out loud?...

Nick McCarr 15.12.11 12:05am
Child obesity levels for primary school leavers off the scale 0
irregular apple 14.12.11 11:58pm
irregular apple
Trillion-frames per second camera to look for any sign of Cameron's Euro regret 0
MT Bucket 14.12.11 11:57pm
MT Bucket
Police kettle Chipping Norton residents "to protect Britain" 0
MT Bucket 14.12.11 11:54pm
MT Bucket
Ray Winstone to play 'straight talking' Cameron in EU First Blood film 0
irregular apple 14.12.11 11:51pm
irregular apple
Cameron gets 'bulldog spirit' tattoo on back and Millwall season ticket 0
MT Bucket 14.12.11 11:49pm
MT Bucket
Coalition announces modern apprenticeship in unemployment 0
irregular apple 14.12.11 11:48pm
irregular apple
Unemployment is named as Britain's greatest growth industry sector 0
MT Bucket 14.12.11 11:39pm
MT Bucket
Rooney 'personal pictures' turn out to be stills from BBC's 'Life on Earth' 0
MT Bucket 14.12.11 11:38pm
MT Bucket
Lib Dems hold minute's silence to mark madman's rampage in Brussels last Friday. 0
MT Bucket 14.12.11 11:31pm
MT Bucket
George Osbourne claims high winds "Plan A to stimulate building industry" 0
MT Bucket 14.12.11 11:29pm
MT Bucket
Vicar arrested after bodies discovered buried in Church grounds

Investigators in Devon have charged Axminster vicar Simon Peters with 214 counts of murder after a gruesome discovery of bodies buried in the grounds of his Church. The corpses appear to have been...

bonjonelson 14.12.11 11:13pm
The All New Jeni B
Man celebrates 50 year relationship with Ibuprofen

Love affair still strong, partner rarely has a headache...

irregular apple 14.12.11 11:12pm
irregular apple
Man City squad dress up as the poor at annual xmas bash

second hand clothing gave squad the sheikhs...

irregular apple 14.12.11 11:08pm
irregular apple